Naturism in Bali

Being a Muslim country, Indonesia is definitely not the most obvious destination for a naturist vacation.

But the island Bali is slightly different. The majority of its population is Hindu, a religion that tends to be a bit more accepting.

The island is home to several resorts that allow social nudity. Most of them are male-only, except for Bali Au Naturel, which also caters to naturist couples.

Nude beaches are non-existing in Bali and public nudity is punished with quite long jail times. At the very popular beaches like Kuta and Seminyak, topless sunbathing is sometimes practiced by tourists and the authorities sometimes close an eye.

Renting a private villa is a very popular vacation option in Bali and these villas often come with a swimming pool and a large wall. Because of the warm weather year round, this is also definitely an option for spending some outdoor nudity in Bali.

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