Naturism in Brazil

Some people believe that every beach in Brazil is a nude beach. Others think that the erotic spirit of the Brazilians would never allow something like non-sexual social nudity.

As always, the answer can be found in the middle. Public nudity outside of clearly designated places is definitely a big NO in Brazil. Even topless sunbathing is forbidden at most beaches.

But naturism is definitely uprising in Brazil and the country has some amazing Atlantic nude beaches, some excellent naturist resorts and almost every state is home to a naturist club or association that organizes regular events.

From the hillside naturist resort Colina do Sol, to the splendid nude beaches of Praia do Pinho, Massarandupió, and Tambaba, to the clubs in the center of the Amazon jungle. Brazil definitely has something for every naturist traveler.

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Naked In the Amazon

Naked In the Amazon

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