The Nude Beaches of southern Kefalonia in Greece

If you want to wake up naked, get your breakfast naked, have a naked swim (yes, a skinny dip), relax and wander around naked, have some naked beers, in short, spend your holiday 24/7 naked on Kefalonia, you only have one option: Vassaliki Naturist Club. But if you have the opportunity to spend your holidays in Kefalonia, you might as well go explore the place as it has picturesque villages, green mountains, old castles, and … Read more

Review: Vassaliki Naturist Club in Kefalonia, Greece

Suppose you received an e-mail this morning from an old school friend, who tells you that he and his wife have this huge mansion on some Greek island. They invite you and about twenty of their other friends to come over for a couple of days to check it out. And by the way, don’t bring too many clothes… Well, Mark and Samantha, the owners of Vassaliki Naturist Club are not school friends of ours, … Read more

Getting naked on Ada Bojana island in Montenegro

We previously already reviewed the FKK camping on Ada Bojana island, and we weren’t exactly raving about it. Shortly summarized, we’ve been to way better places than this one. But that was just about the camping. The island and its large nude beach is something else, in a good way. In a very good way.   Along our way, through Croatia and Montenegro, we had heard about this place a couple of times and the … Read more

Review: FKK Campground in Ada Bojana, Montenegro

Talking about a culture shock… The difference with naturist campsite Full Monte, our previous stop in Montenegro could hardly be any bigger. Only the morning before we had packed our tent from the shady spot overlooking a flower garden and now we had arrived on… well, the best way to describe this campground is just “a field”. Maybe we had been spoiled at Full Monte, but our first impression of the FKK Campground on Ada … Read more

Getting naked around Herceg Novi in Montenegro

Why would someone want to do that? Well, even though Herceg Novi is not in the top five of must-go places in Montenegro, it’s actually a pretty nice place to be. Of course, it’s not comparable with the nearby village of Kotor, which attracts thousands of visitors each day and that’s the main reason why many people skip Herceg Novi. And truth to be said, if you’re driving from Kotor to Dubrovnik or the other … Read more

Review: Eco Camp Full Monte in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Eco… The hair in our necks comes straight up when we hear the word. In the last couple of years, vacation makers have been misusing this term to charge more money in order to make their guests feel less guilty about the long flight or car ride they took to get to their holiday destination. And there are no rules for calling a place “eco”. Many think that it’s enough to recycle some waste or … Read more

Croatia: The Clothing Optional Country

When we talk about having a nude holiday in Croatia, we easily think of Istria. The half-peninsula in the north of the country which is only a couple of hours drive from Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, and even Germany. Istria fulfills all of the naturist’s wishes, also those who like to do something more during their naked vacation than nude sunbathing. Huge FKK campings, nudist resorts, and nude beaches cover more or less the whole … Read more

Getting naked in the Dubrovnik Riviera, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city, a wonderful city. It’s not a big surprise that it’s a famous city trip destination for many Europeans. But in summer, tourists tend to flock here for longer vacations. Of course, Dubrovnik is not a Rome or Paris, where you could spend weeks if you wanted to, so people are looking for other opportunities outside of the city as well. The Dubrovnik Riviera is where they usually end up. It’s … Read more

Getting naked on Murter island, Croatia

When people talk about going on a nude vacation in Croatia, the name Murter island rarely falls. It’s not even a real island. Murter is a small peninsula about 50 kilometers north of Split and famous for… well… about nothing. Yet we found out on the website of Cronatur that the place features 4 nude beaches, which was reason enough for us to go have a look around. What we found were idyllic villages, blue skies … Read more

Review: Campground Baldarin in Cres, Croatia

Having a nakation at the end of the world, how does that sound? FKK naturist camping Baldarin is not exactly at the end of the world, but it’s on the end of Cres Island in Croatia, which more or less seems like the end of the world. But in a good way. Certainly in a good way! If there is a heaven for naturists it might as well be this place, if you like sunshine, … Read more