Our Nude French Road Trip Part 1: The South-West

We are often asked about our favorite naturist destinations. Which place do we like the most for our nude vacations? It’s a question to which we honestly can’t give a solid answer. All places are so different and provide such a diversity in naturist experiences. Often we prefer to bend the question a little bit and talk about the country which definitely has the most options for naturists: France.


We had explored some of the naturist options in France before, but there are so many that we could just keep coming back for years and years and still find new nude places. In the summer of 2019, we were going to visit 12 naturist resorts in the south of the country. If we would do the same every year, it would take us about 25 years to visit all of them. In case no new ones would appear of course.



Long story short, France is a heaven for the nude traveler, and this summer we explored some of the best FKK campsites, naturist B&Bs and nude domains the country has to offer. In total we spent 1.5 months on this trip, so we decided to cut it in two for your convenience. This is part one, which will take you to the beautiful Dordogne region, the Mediterranean coast, and the Spanish border.
Welcome to France!


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Why going on a nude vacation in this part of France?

There’s probably no need to further convince you that France is one of the world’s top destinations for nude vacations. And especially for naturist road trips because the distance between naturist places can easily be covered in a couple of hours or less. But why specifically this part of France?


During this naturist road trip through the south-west of France, you’ll have the chance to discover some of the most wonderful regions of the country. There’s a little bit of everything all within one vacation. Also in terms of naturist campsites, you will get a nice variety between small family-run places in the middle of pure nature and larger campsites with many more activities and facilities.


This road trip will show you some of the best that France has to offer for the naturist traveler.
All set? Let’s go!

Terme d'Astor

Relaxing in the Dordogne: Naturist campsite Terme d’Astor

(Y)Our naked road trip through France starts in the famous Dordogne region. For a very simple reason. After some busy weeks or months at work and who knows how many hours in a car with bored kids in the backseat, we want you to relax. We want you to be able to take a couple of deep breaths and leave all the stress behind. Right now.


The Dordogne is easy to fall in love with. Rolling hills, historical villages, lots of nature, castles and chateaux, excellent wines, and great food. It’s France as it’s supposed to be. But the cherry on your relaxed nude vacation cake will definitely be naturist campsite Terme d’Astor. It’s one of the smoothest running naturist places we’ve ever been to. Everything just falls into place from the first minute.

Terme d'Astor

Terme d’Astor not only provides you a beautiful natural environment and lots of facilities among which the large swimming pool is definitely one of the highlights. There’s also a bunch of friendly staff who serve all your needs (and drinks). There’s a great atmosphere where naturists come together and a lovely restaurant where you’ll find the delicacies for which the Dordogne is that famous. If there’s one place in the region where you can relax to the fullest, it’s definitely Terme d’Astor.
Bookings at Terme d’Astor are preferably made via their website (www.termedastor.com), e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (+33 (0)5 53 63 24 52)

Le Clos Barrat

Nude in the Lot: Naturist Campsite Le Clos Barrat

Our next stop at less than an hour’s drive south will bring you to another wonderful naturist destination: naturist campsite Le Clos Barrat. Yolanda and Johan, the Belgian owners, have bought Le Clos Barrat when it was in bad management and for the last years, they’ve dedicated their hearts and souls and not to forget all their time in giving back Le Clos Barrat the status it deserves to have. A true naturist campsite in beautiful natural surroundings.

Le Clos Barrat

The main focus of Le Clos Barrat is to bring naturists together. This reflects in the many fun activities that are almost organized at a daily basis. But Le Clos Barrat is much more than that. If you’ve become relaxed at Terme d’Astor, here is where you’ll become completely zen. With the help of yoga sessions, Tibetan scales and massages.


Are you zen already? Then the Lot region is the perfect start to get a bit active during your naturist road trip. In the near region of Le Clos Barrat there are many hiking trails and also for those who prefer the bicycle there’s lots to discover near the typical small country roads.
Bookings at Le Clos Barrat are preferably made via their website (www.leclosbarrat.fr), e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (+33 (0)6 47 50 09 78)


A mix of France and Spain: Domaine Naturiste L’Eglantière

It’s hard to put naturist campsite L’Eglantière in a specific category. It’s definitely a natural place. The 50-hectare domain has no more than 120 camping spots so you can imagine how much forest and fields can be explored nude. There’s even direct access to the Gers river for a refreshing skinny dip.


L’Eglantière also definitely an active place. A team of animators can fill your itinerary from nine in the morning until late in the evening with aqua gym and line dancing and wine tasting and bands playing and who knows what else. Meanwhile, your kids are kept busy in the children’s club. The large domain is also excellent for hiking, without having to put your clothes on.
If you don’t mind clothes now and then, the nearby Pyrenees mountains will provide you the best hikes and most magnificent views of your holiday.


Most of all, L’Eglantière is a family place. In every sense of the word. It’s family-run, the staff works together as a family and it doesn’t take long before you feel part of a family as well. A cool naked family who organizes dinner nights and dance evenings. Basically the family you’ve always wished for.
Bookings at L’Eglantière are preferably made via their website (www.leglantiere.com), e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (+33 (0)5 62 39 88 00)

Le Clapotis

Maestra Banner

Nude at the French coast: Le Clapotis

A naturist road trip through France wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t visit the Mediterranean coast at one point. Lucky you, that’s exactly where we’re heading to next! We remain in the near proximity of the Spanish border, which means that you’ll get some of the best of both. Paella and tapas flushed down with French wine, we could have that every day of the year.


Your home base for exploring this beautiful part of France is naturist campsite Le Clapotis. Here you wake up with a magnificent view over the lake, have a morning swim in the large pool, and head out to drive through wine fields to the typical local villages or to the most fun village of them all: Leucate Naturist Village! Relax on the large nude beach and don’t worry about putting on clothes to wander the streets back to your car. Some guests of Le Clapotis don’t even bother putting clothes on to drive from the campsite to Leucate.

Le Clapotis

After an exhausting day of getting rid of your tan lines, you’ll find yourself at the restaurant of Le Clapotis. Having some great pizza or salad or a typical rice dish. Chatting with Stéphane, the restaurant owner, or with some of the other guests and knowing that tomorrow you’ll probably do exactly the same. Unless the wind changes direction. Then you’ll find your nude self on a surfboard speeding over the lake.
Bookings at Le Clapotis are preferably made via their website (www.leclapotis.com), e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (+33 (0)5 33 09 20 92)

Sérignan Plage Nature

Naturist camping in style: Sérignan Plage Nature

All good things come to an end, they say. And so does unfortunately also your naturist road trip through the south-west of France. But we’re not going to let it end just like that, it’s going to end in style! We’re taking you to one of the most high-class naturist campsite in France: Sérignan Plage Nature!


From the moment you walk into Sérignan Plage Nature, you’ll notice that it’s different than most of the other naturist campsites you’ve ever visited. And then you still have to pass by the large modern swimming pool and you haven’t even set foot yet in the luxurious spa area. You haven’t even had dinner yet in one of the two classy restaurants. And you still have to splash your nude body in the Mediterranean sea. Yes, you heard it well, your nude body. Sérignan Plage has its own nude beach.

Sérignan Plage Nature

Sérignan Plage Nature is the best place to experience the whole nude Mediterranean package: Seafood, beach and lots of sun. Soak in the vitamin D which will keep a smile on your face for weeks to come.
Bookings at Sérignan Plage Nature are preferably made via their website (www.leserignannature.com), e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (+33 (0)4 67 32 09 61)


Optional: Cap d’Agde

We know, Cap d’Agde is still the world’s most famous nude village and it would be pretty lame of us to leave it out of this naturist road trip. Even after our recent experiences at the place. In the end, while you’re staying at Sérignan Plage Nature you’re less than a half-hour drive away from Cap d’Agde. But we have to set it as an optional destination because Cap is definitely not something for everyone.

Cap d'Agde

We’re not going to repeat the things we’ve seen at Cap d’Agde, just make sure to read up about the place before you decide to go. Or do like us and go for a day trip first. If you happen to like the place, you can always add it to your itinerary of next year’s naturist road trip through France.


Practical information for this naturist road trip through south-west France


During this road trip, we take you to several naturist campsites in different regions of south-east France. So bringing your own accommodation in the form of a tent, camper or mobile home is definitely an option and also the most economical one. Nevertheless, rental accommodations are available at every campsite. These come in the forms of rental tents, bungalows, or mobile homes. So if you like a bit more comfort or if traveling with a tent or camper is not a practical option, you can definitely take this road trip as well.

Tohapi Campings Naturiste


Most of the places we visit during this road trip are not easily accessible via public transport. In fact, most naturist places in France aren’t really. So having your own transportation is a must. If you aren’t coming by own transportation from home, it’s very much recommended to rent a car in the airport or train station when you arrive in France.


Our trip in this blog posts starts near Bordeaux and ends near Montpellier, both cities are connected to the French TGV (high-speed train) network and have airports with connections to all over Europe. So if you’re not driving yourself, these two cities are where you want to aim your arrival and departure. In which direction you take the nude road trip is of course completely up to you.



To complete this road trip in a comfortable way, we recommend that you spend about 3 to 4 weeks in total. If you have less time, it might be better to skip a place instead of rushing through them.


Naturist campsites in France are generally open from early May until the end of September. May can still be cold and rainy, from June to September you can normally expect great weather. The high season is typically from half of July to half of August. Prices go up and campsites get fully booked but you’ll also find the most variety of guests and entertainment.


The language

The French are known as patriots and it’s often said that they refuse to speak any other languages. Although we believe that this is largely a stereotype, it wouldn’t hurt to learn some basic French. In the end, by doing so you’ll definitely win the sympathy of the French.


Oui / Non : Yes / No
Merci : Thank You
S’il vous Plait: Please
Santé : Cheers
Où est la plage naturiste : Where’s the nude beach? For all other things you’d like to tell the French, Google Translate will help you.


This being said, at the naturist campsites there’s no real need to speak French. At all the places we visited during this road trip the staff speaks at least English, Dutch, and German. Often even some Spanish or Italian as well.


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    • weather wise, it’s best to do this trip between May/June and September.
      During May, June and September it will be relaxed, not too many people and activities. July and August are high season with lots of other naturists and things to do. Depends on what you prefer.
      We liked all the places we visited during this trip a lot!


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