7 Reasons why you want to be a nudie

“Why the hell do you want to spend your free time being naked in front of others?”
It’s a question we get rather often. What drives us to be nude in public? What do we love so much about nudist resorts, nude beaches, naturist campings and all those other places where we spend time in the nude? What’s so fun about swimming naked? And why does it have to be social? Do we enjoy seeing naked people and being seen naked? Does nudism have any advantages at all?
For every beginning nudist or those who are just curious in our naked way of life, here are some reasons why we enjoy the naturist lifestyle so much!



Naturism is all about respect. Respect for nature, for yourself and for others. This sounds very hippy like, but has some interesting advantages: people are polite and friendly and there’s little to no garbage around.

7 Reasons to Become a Nudist and start with naturism

Quiet and relaxed

Naturism is no mass recreation.
Ever been to a swimming pool during rush hour when you have to wait in line before you can swim a length? Never gonna happen in a naturist pool!


Naturists in general are relaxed people so on naturist campings you never hear screaming people or loud radios.
Naturist sites are most of the time on beautiful locations, far away from the road and nicely hidden.


Because we are living in a 24 hour economy many people suffer from stress. Naturism has proved to be de-stressing, firstly because of the nature and secondly because the naturist, literally has nothing to hide.


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In the “textile” world we measure people by what we have, what we wear and what work we do. We sometimes write off people we haven’t even met yet just because they wear this type or trousers or drive that type of car. And people judge us as well.


On a naturist site there are no class distinctions. Everyone is wearing the same (it’s like back in school where everyone had to wear the same uniform) and the cars are far away on the parking.



By going nude in the presence of others, including members of the opposite sex, you’ll lose every connection with the nudity taboo.


But it goes further than that, in a symbolic way, by taking over your clothes you take off everything that presses on you: society, work, complexes.
You can even see it as a sort of rebellion, we are bound to rules and laws our whole life and by getting naked we throw away all that is artificial and become one with nature.


Many women have a lot of stress about how to pack their body in the most beautiful way. That stress goes away by unpacking and releasing the body.

7 Reasons to Become a Nudist and start with naturism


Maybe all that nature and symbolism stuff doesn’t mean much to you…
Well, there are also practical advantages.
You don’t have to wear that sticky bath suit in and especially out of the water.
No more white asses and breasts, only equal tanning.
No more undressing in the (always way too small and wet) shower cabin.
Less clothes to pack when going on holiday and less clothes to wash when coming back.
Actually most things that you can do clothed can also be done naked. And it’s usually a lot more fun!


Open mind

By being naked, especially in the beginning, you’re out of your comfort zone. This means that your mind will turn off auto-pilot and start focusing on the details you’d otherwise miss.
Being out of your comfort zone also means that you’ll accept new ideas and new ways of thinking a lot easier.


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Self esteem

Being naked among others improves your self esteem… Sounds controversial, doesn’t it?
We spend a lot of time building our self esteem by making ourselves “beautiful”, putting on new clothes, pushing up boobs, flattening bellies, putting on make-up,… How can we build our self esteem by taking all that away and exposing ourselves with all of our flaws?


Because everyone else is exposing their flaws too.
Our idea of beauty is created by referring to what we see in our daily life. And we see (so called) beauty everywhere: in magazines, on tv, on Facebook and Instagram, perfect bodies everywhere. And everyone else is, just like you, carefully trying to hide every imperfection behind layers of clothes and make-up.
On a naturist site you rediscover the diversity of the human body. The people you compare with suddenly also have some love handles and their boobs are also influenced by gravity.


With this insight your self esteem improves enormously.


So, are you convinced to give it a shot?
If not, what’s holding you back?


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28 thoughts on “7 Reasons why you want to be a nudie”

  1. That is a great piece.very well written.concise and with humour. I agree 100% with everything here and ive been a nudist off and on for 25 yrs. Keep up the good writing. Thank you.

  2. I ran across your web site from a posting on the Nudity Daily News site and found it very informative and interesting. I reblogged it on my site. Thank you for taking the time to spread the word about the benefits of nudism/naturism.

    • Hanlans point beach is already a nudist beach isn’t it?
      I hope so because I’ve taken my clothes off every time I’ve been there ?

    • While I agree with your points on creating a nude section, I also don’t see the issue being taken with persons who choose not to go fully nude. It’s a clothing OPTIONAL beach. Therefore, no one should be forced to feel they need to take all of their clothing off. Now your solution would help the naturists who feel uncomfortable being nude on a CO beach but I just had to say that I feel some taking issue with people staying clothed need to understand that just because THEY choose to go nude, doesn’t mean others have to. As I said, clothing OPTIONAL.

      • I shared your thoughts on this for a while, i.e. leave it as clothing optional and let folks do as they may, even though I was a little annoyed by gawkers. But my most recent experience was horrible. Droves of people who didn’t just gawk while enjoying the beach but rather came by only to gawk, giggle, point and comment. I mean groups of 5, 10 people, walking over from centre island for no other reason, essentially robbing you of the tranquility you went to find. Every two minutes another group showed up. This is not acceptable. something must be done or many will not feel comfortable there anymore and it will become like every other beach eventually.

        • We understand your annoyance Tony and we’ve had similar experiences when a group of people (often 16 year olds) walk clothed around the nude beach to “check out the merchandise”. This is very bothering. But we try to see things from a positive side. First of all, they get to see what nudism is, and maybe there will be one person in the group who thinks “hmmm, this looks like something I could enjoy”, and that would be a step forward.
          But they also get to see what a real human body looks like, they get to see real people in real sizes instead of porn models on the internet.
          We believe that it’s a sour apple we’ll have to bite through if we want to normalise nudity. The first gay couple who dared to walk hand in hand on the street has probably received a lot of gawks, giggles, pointing and comments too. If they didn’t went through, the gay community would not be what it is today…

  3. I have been a nudist since 1969. This is a great article. Our lifestyle is so misunderstood. I feel closer to my nudist friends than anyone.

  4. I have been a nudist most of my life, but have had a hard time finding friends to share it with. I live in Florida and wish to build an on line sharing social community. Any ideas would be appreciated. Let’s discard all clothes and be as God intended it to be.

    • Florida? I guess you must have experienced Cypress Cove. I loved it there. Have been twice, but living in the U.K. I don’t, of course, go there often.

  5. Lovely article; I’ve been a Naturist all my adult life and agree with everything you write. In particular as women get older and our bodies don’t resemble the media “ideal” any more, going naked is liberating.

  6. Yes, and there are many more reasons for me wanting to be a nudist too. I first became interested in this lifestyle in July 2014 after reading positive things on nudism. More reasons apart from these for me to want to be a nudist/naturist are: let the body breathe, I’ve been a nudist by heart for my whole life, nudity is natural, to be happier, it’s a lot of fun, be more environmental (or greener), nudism brings us closer together, not pretend I am someone else. The list goes on and on for me. I’m 25 years old and want to introduce a girlfriend to nudism (it’s hard to find one already a nudist), have that girlfriend join me in nudism, we can get married in the nude and me and a future wife have children of our own and raise the children as nudists.

    I have done some things naked at home and want to keep doing so. I have so many nudist goals in mind, apart from raising a nudist family and maybe marrying in the nude I also want to do other nudist things like swim naked (preferably in company), hike naked, World Naked Bike Rides, pose nude in photos and videos, take nude photos and videos of others naked, take communal baths and showers, nude recreation, naked partying, going outside in the rain as long as it’s warm naked, perhaps move to a nudist community and promote nudism.

    I am thinking of moving to a nudist community someday. I do not care how much my family may object to it because it’s my life not theirs. I am visiting some nudist communities first and then plan to decide to move to at least one of them. I would be interested to live in a nudist community where wearing clothes is a rarity. I can just move, in this case, to where it’s warm all year.

    I am interested in being a nudist for the rest of my life. And I want to help promote the nudist lifestyle too because it’s awesome.

  7. I have been telling this to people for years!! Great write up! People that I have spoken with that have taken the step to spend time textile free said they will it part of there regular and vacation time from now on.

  8. I am very hairy guy. like my back and buttocks are very hairy so is it okay still I want to be a nudist?!! I am embarrassed but I really want to be a nudist

    • Really… we’ve been nudists for a long time. just like most nudists we’ve seen everything. And we can assure you, we’ve seen people hairier than you. And it doesn’t matter at all.

  9. I am interested to become a nudist but I don’t know how to start. The thing is that I have issues with mu body imagine and overall I’m not that confident with my naked body. I want to learn how to be confident with myself so I can be a nudist. Any tips?

  10. 1 By going nude in the presence of others, including members of the opposite sex, you’ll lose every connection with the nudity taboo.

    2. You don’t have to wear that sticky bath suit in and especially out of the water.
    No more white asses and breasts, only equal tanning.

    3. Because everyone else is exposing their flaws too.

    These three reasons make me want to experience some social nudity but I will have to open my mind and to get it done. I would love to encourage my wife to join me. she is always cold. 🙁


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