21 Nude Festivals and Nudist Events in 2020

For a long time, the top nude event of the year was some kind of petanque or volleyball tournament, organized in the local naturist club. Members only. We can imagine that it was a lot of fun, having the whole club together for a day or maybe two, engaging in communal nude activities. On the other hand, those nudist events didn’t seem much different than any given Sunday at the club.


During the last years, nude events have broken out of their original settings. British Naturism was among the first to realize how cool a nudist event could be on a national level and several other naturist federations quickly followed. Today, in many cases we can hardly still talk about a nudist event, but rather of a nude festival. Nudists from all over the country and often even from all over the world gather for a couple of days of great activities, music, and social nudity.


With more and more nudist events and festivals being organized all over the world, it becomes harder for bloggers like ourselves to list them all. Which is something we can’t be happier about. Nude festivals are conquering the world! If you still have some empty spaces on your agenda, we’ll quickly fill them up for you!


UPDATE: Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, some of the following events may be canceled or postponed. Check the event’s website for accurate info!


Ngatuhoa Naturist Annual Summer Camp

Ngatuhoa Naturist Annual Summer Camp
A week of outdoor naturism in January? Yes, it’s definitely possible. In fact, January happens to be the best naturist month down under. If there’s one thing New Zealand is famous for (other than kiwis), it must be its magnificent nature. The summer camp of the Ngatuhoa Naturally group will offer you just that. Back to nature. Hiking, kayaking, waterfalls but also croquet, happy hours, and communal dinners. This is your chance to explore the best of natural New Zealand in your most natural way.

When: January 18th – 26th
Where: Ngatuhoa Lodge, Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park, New Zealand
More info: Ngatuhoa Naturally Website


Zipolite Nudist Festival

Zipolite Nudist Festival
What started as a small gathering for Mexican nudists has grown to be one of the largest and most international nudist festivals in the Americas. Last year the festival had about 5000 visitors, in 2020 the organizers expect 8000 naked nudists from around the world. The activity list is endless, ranging from morning yoga on the beach to communal dinners, volleyball tournaments, concerts, surfing classes, boat trips, dinners, and much more.
And… we will be there as well.
If you’re planning to attend, have a look at our guide about how to prepare for the Zipolite Nudist Festival.

When: January 31st – February 3rd, 2020
Where: Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico
More info: Zipolite Nudist Festival Facebook Page
Update: Read about our experience at the Zipolite Nudist Festival 2020


Pittsburgh Naked Mattress Factory Museum tour

Pittsburgh Mattress Factory Museum tour
Naturism has always been a way to become one with nature. Without artificial layers, we’ve learned to appreciate nature better. Lately, people are discovering that removing clothes can also help to become one with other segments of life. Art for example. Hence the uprise of nude museum visits. There will be several of those organized in 2020 but today we wanted to focus on the one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Not only because the Mattress Factory looks like a great place to enjoy art in the nude, but also because we support the visions of the Pittsburgh Area Naturists association.

When: February 22nd, 2020
Where: Mattress Factory Contemporary Art Museum, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
More info: Naked Mattress Factory Museum Tour


FBN Swim Event

FBN Swim Event

New Cambium intext 4

Another type of nude event which is often organized for naturists is, of course, the nude swim. We’ve picked out the nude swimming event of the Belgian Naturist Federation here because we’ve attended it twice and both times it has been lots of fun. More than 500 naturists from Belgium and the surrounding countries take over a large waterpark for an evening of swimming, relaxing, and sauna. By the way, some of Europe’s best aufgussmeisters (that’s the official term for what we call “sauna toreador”, you know, those people waving towels and spreading scents in the sauna) will be there as well! And also, it happens in what we call “the most beautiful city of Europe”, our home town Gent.

When: March 7th 2020
Where: Lago Rozebroeken, Gent, Belgium
More info: FBN Website


World Naked Bike Ride: Byron Bay

World Naked Bike Ride- Byron Bay
While we’re talking about common nude events, this one might be the most popular one of them all. World Naked Bike Rides already exist since 2003 and will be organized in more than 70 cities around the world in 2020. Chances are that you’ll find one nearby or in one of your favorite cities, but if you don’t know which one to choose, why not give Byron Bay a chance? It’s not the largest nude bike ride on earth, but we recently got inside info that it’s a very fun WNBR to attend and that it yearly attracts a lot of first-time nudists.

When: March 7th – 8th 2020
Where: Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
More info: WNBR Byron Bay Facebook Page



2020 will already be the 9th year that NATCON is organized. It’s the only official naturist event in Asia and yearly it attracts visitors from all over the world. Technically it’s still the annual conference of the Thai Naturist federation, but it has grown much bigger than that with lots of fun activities during the weekend. It has also become a bit of a tradition that NATCON will give you the chance to experience nude activities that you’ll rarely find anywhere else in the world. Nude rock wall climbing or nude zip lining for example. If that’s on your bucket list, get your naked butt to Thailand in May!

When: May 1st – 3rd 2020
Where: The Canal Garden Resort, Thayang, Petchaburi, Thailand
More info: Thailand Naturist website


SW Skinny

SW Skinny
Oh boy, do we love skinny dipping! Ever since the first time we jumped naked into the sea, our bathing suits have been gathering dust somewhere in a box in the basement. If you feel the same, you might want to get to Cornwall in May for the great SW Skinny. Not only will you get the chance to swim nude in the Celtic Sea with lots of other (brave) naturists, but you’ll also be supporting a mental health charity. If you can’t wait until the National Skinny Dipping Day 2020, this is your perfect alternative.

When: May 17th, 2020
Where: Summerleaze Beach, Cornwall, UK
More info: SW Skinny website


Heartland Naturist Festival

Heartland Naturist Festival
For us, the start of the summer doesn’t only mean the start of the nudist season, but also the start of the festival season. How cool is it when two things you like come together? The first opportunity in this list to experience a festival nude will be happening in Kansas City, Missouri, and is called the Heartland Naturist Festival. Three days filled with larger than life games, yoga, hiking, water fights, DJs, and lots more.

When: July 2020 (dates to be confirmed)
Where: Kansas City, MO, USA
More info: Heartland Naturist Festival website


Running of the Nudes

running of the nudes
Just like the WNBR, the running of the nudes is technically not a nudist event but a protest. In this case against the yearly bullfighting festival in Pamplona, Spain. Nevertheless, it’s a unique opportunity to run naked or topless through the city and meanwhile support animal welfare. The running of the Nudes typically takes place one day before the bullfighting festival starts and takes you on an 800 meters traject from Santo Domingo all the way to the Plaza de Toros.

When: July 6th, 2020
Where: Pamplona, Navarre, Spain
More info: Running of the Nudes Wiki



This yearly returning festival in our nude events overview probably doesn’t need much of an introduction anymore. It’s the UK’s largest naturist festival which takes more than a week and includes everything you could expect from a festival. Nude Fest is always a guarantee for lots of activities and live bands and some good old nude fun.

When: July 6th – 13th 2020
Where: Thorney Lakes, Somerset, UK
More info: Nudefest website


World Bodypainting Festival

world bodypainting festival
We’ve previously mentioned that a nude museum visit is an excellent way to become one with art. But maybe there is an even better way. What if you could really become art? Bodypainting is a popular activity on many naturist events and the World Bodypainting Festival is the cherry on that cake. If you’d like to become a piece of art (in fact, we believe that you’re already a piece of art, but you know what we try to say) or if you want to see the work of the world’s most renowned body painters, you’ll have to go to Austria in July.

When: July 9th – 11th 2020
Where: Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
More info: World Bodypainting Festival Website


Maestra Banner

Blootgewoon! Festival

blootgewoon festival

This was a big newcomer in last year’s nude event list and this year the second edition of the Blootgewoon! Festival will be organized. Get ready for a weekend full of good food, great music, and friendly naturists. Activities include a variety of sports, swimming, sauna, lots of workshops, and a summer market. It’s also a great opportunity to discover Flevonatuur, the largest naturist resort in the Netherlands.

When: July 17th – 18th 2020
Where: Flevonatuur, Zeewolde, Netherlands
More info: Blootgewoon! website


Sentient Festival

Sentient Festival
Another not to miss nudist festival this summer will be happening in New York State, about halfway between New York City and Toronto. What used to be called the Northeast Naturist Festival has now rebranded to Sentient. The main focus will be on body positivity and body honor. We already knew that naturism helps us to better appreciate our body and now there’s even a complete festival about that. Activities range from exercise workshops and yoga to ecstatic dance, beer tasting or just relaxing in the jacuzzi.

When: July 28th – August 2nd, 2020
Where: Empire Haven Nudist Park, Moravia, NY, USA
More info: Sentient Festival website


Bare Oaks Volleyball Tournament

Bare Oaks Waterpark Day
The summer months are typically very much filled with activities at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort near Toronto. Every year there are bands playing, nude comedy, a nude golf tournament and… The big Bare Oaks Volleyball Tournament. One weekend in August will be completely about volleyball. Themes from around the country come down to Bare Oaks with their eye on the trophy. We’ve participated back in 2018 and had a blast. Although there’s definitely some high-quality volleyball to be seen, because of the different leagues it’s also fun for those who don’t see themselves as semi-professionals.

When: August 2020 (specific dates to be confirmed)
Where: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, Ontario, Canada
More info: Bare Oaks blog



If you thought that Woodstock back in the day was a great place to enjoy social nudity, you might want to get over to Lake Como Resort in Florida this summer. Our friends of the Florida Young Naturists are having their 11th End of Summer Bash and the theme this year is Noodstock. Their slogan is “3 days of peace and music”, we don’t have a single doubt about that. Talking about a great getaway for the junior nudist.

When: August 15th – 19th 2020
Where: Lake Como Resort, Lutz, FL, USA
More info: Noodstock Facebook Page



Nude yoga has appeared on the activities list of several of the previously mentioned nude events, but Naturalis is more than just yoga. It’s all about exploring. Exploring your body, your mind, your feelings, your movements, and your connections with other human beings. All of this through a weekend-full agenda of fun and sometimes also challenging activities. We participated in the 2019 edition of Naturalis and think that it shouldn’t be missed on this list. It’s also a great opportunity to discover the wonderful naturist camping Quinta Do Maral in Alentejo.

When: September 2020 (dates to be confirmed)
Where: Quinta do Maral, Marvão, Alentejo, Portugal
More info: Naturalis Facebook Page


BN Alton Towers Weekend

BN Alton Towers Weekend
Alton Towers, one of the largest theme parks in the UK, yearly receives members and guests of British Naturism for a weekend-long takeover of their waterpark. For the occasion also the enclosed hotel becomes clothing optional, so hundreds of guests can spend their time 100% in the nude. Novembers in Britain have never felt so warm.

When: November 20th – 22nd
Where: Alton Towers Resort, Alton, UK
More info: BN Events website


Yatan Rumi Naked Run “Maratón Nudista”

Yatan Rumi Naked Run Maratón Nudista
Naked runs are everywhere these days. Sometimes we even think that soon they might become more popular than clothed ones. Pretty obvious, when you think about it. We can’t imagine that there are many runners out there who’ve tried to run free in the nude and then decided to start wearing sweaty clothes again. Anyway, if there’s one nude run you really have to try, it’s the one in northern Argentina, organized at the Yatan Rumi naturist domain. This is the largest naturist space in the world and the run will take you past amazing mountain landscapes. This run has nothing to do with winning but everything with enjoying. During the weekend of the run, lots of other activities are organized.

When: Second Sunday of December 2020
Where: Naturist camping Yatan Rumi, Tanti, Cordoba, Argentina
More info: Yatan Rumi Facebook page


So, that sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Almost every month of 2020 there will be someplace around the world where you can drop your clothes and join a nudist festival or event with other national and international nudists. And remember what we said in the introduction: This is just a selection. Lots of nudist clubs and organizations are organizing nude events almost on a weekly basis.


But what if you don’t travel?
What if there are really no events happening near your place?
What if you’re a home nudist?
Don’t worry, you’ll also get the chance to join an international nudist event. Probably even some with the most participants in the world. And you can do so from your own home.


Naked Gardening day

Naked Gardening Day
For lots of people, naturism has everything to do with nature. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go nude hiking or visit a natural naturist resort. Your own garden is often perfect for getting back to nature. Another advantage of nude gardening is that no clothes have to be washed afterward, how great is that?
You can maintain your garden in the nude every day of the year (when the weather allows it), but the best day is of course on Naked Gardening Day. You might be working on your own, but you’ll know that there are thousands of others around the world doing the same.

When: May 2nd, 2020
More info: Naked Gardening Day Wiki


International Skinny Dip Day

international skinny dipping day
Although this is largely an American event, launched by AANR, its international fame is quickly growing. Around the world, people go skinny dipping during the International Skinny Dip Day and lots of skinny dip events are organized by local naturist clubs. Even if you don’t have your own swimming pool, take out the hose or get under the shower, close your eyes and imagine to be among all those other skinny dippers at right that moment.

When: July 11th, 2020
More info: International Skinny Dip Day Facebook Page


International nude day

international nude day
Some celebrate their birthday, others celebrate their name day, or Thanksgiving day or Christmas day or Saint Patrick’s day. If there’s one day we really want you to celebrate in 2020 it’s July 14th, the International Nude Day 2020. This is OUR holiday people! This is the day we’re not going to wear any kind of fabric and have an amazing nude time! This event also comes under the names National Nude Day, Nudity Day, and World Nude Day. Don’t mind the name, just get naked.

When: July 14th, 2020
More info: International Nude Day


Have we missed your favorite nude event for 2020 in this list? Feel free to add every event you’re organizing or participating in the comments section. This will be our inspiration for the list of 2021!

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18 thoughts on “21 Nude Festivals and Nudist Events in 2020”

  1. Great to see a couple of British events making your list, thanks.
    It should probably be pointed out that the BN alton towers weekend is for BN members only.

    However there are 2 other big festivals in the UK: freedom in late May, and NKD in August. Open to non members and details on the bnevents.co.uk website

    • Or you could see it as a good reason to become BN member 🙂

      NKD we already covered in last year’s event overview and freedom we didn’t know about (until now). We did try to create an overview of events around the world, so we try not to list too many events from the same country.

    • Hi, save from the WNBR all events seem to be organized on nude resorts. For a true nude event there is Nakukymppi (more info on http://www.nakukymppi.net) in Finland every year in june. The event is held in a small village and consist of a 10km run/walk totally naked, only shoes and hats are accepted.
      Next edition will be on 12 june 2020, I will try to attend !

    • That’s not even half of it. Believe it or not, we think that the UK is number one in Europe when it comes to organizing naturist events. But we had to leave some space in this blog post for the other countries as well 😉

  2. The WNBR is not, and has never been a nudist even. Some of the over 50 worldwide rides go to great lengths to distance themselves from nudism/naturism. It’s mostly cyclists protesting dependence on fossil fuels, and advocating cycling safety. A lot of political protest as well. While some nudists might be in a given ride, it’s bare as you dare. For the vast majority of riders it’s an annual thrill ride for a cause. You won’t find them at resorts or beaches.

    • That is very true. Neither is the running of the nudes, by the way. But both events do give nudists the chance to be naked in a place where they would otherwise not be allowed. And meanwhile supporting a cause.
      And honestly, we don’t think that there would still be so many WNBR if it wasn’t for nudists. Many of those rides these days are organized and/or funded by nudist groups.

  3. Hi everyone
    Just a heads up,
    The World Naked Bike Ride is happening down under in Melbourne Australia on March 15th 2020.
    The 2020 WNBR Melbourne ride will be it’s 15th of a fun ride through the streets of Melbourne’s central business district, and as we say ride as naked as you feel and “Dare to be Bare”
    Checkout our Twitter, Facebook and Webpage for more details
    RSVP Facebook or Stay up to date with our Newsletter.

  4. You missed the biggest one in the World! 🙂
    1) Mee(h)r erleben at Rosenfelder Strand at the Baltic Sea in Germany.
    It has taken place 12 times already and will be renamed in “FKK Sport-und Aktivtage” 2) Similarly, there are the “Sonnenseespiele Naturistenlauf”, they take place for the third time this year (with another name in the first year 2018).
    You should definately add them to your article (not just in 2021)! 🙂

  5. World Naked Hiking Day on summer solstice is a favorite of mine! It’s usually June 21, but since 2020 is Leap Year, summer solstice is June 20 this year, which is a Saturday.

  6. You’re correct, nude runs are everywhere. Need to publish more on the entire Nude Race Series that sponsors runs all over the world. I know of 3 that are held here in Florida every year. There are many more all over the world that should be publicized.


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