Yes, sometimes nudism can be a little awkward

We sometimes receive the question if we never find it awkward, the whole nudism thing. Because hey, you’re naked, the other people are naked, that must make for some embarrassing moments. We understand the way of thinking because it comes from a person who has never been socially nude before. For them every nude moment outside of the bedroom or bathroom which includes other persons must be something unexpected. Something embarrassing.
And our answer to that question is always pretty much the same.

“The first couple of times you’re naked among others it can be a little awkward. Because you’re not used to spend time with naked people and you’re not used to be naked yourself among others. That feeling typically goes away after 15 minutes or so and from then on you’ll be fine.”


That’s the truth, that’s exactly how it goes.
But some time ago we started thinking… In fact we have gotten into some awkward nude situations over the years, but in the end they all became good stories. Most of the time we tell them in the bar or among friends, but we would also like to share them with you as well.


Nude shopping in Croatia

A couple of years ago we went to one of those huge naturist villages in Croatia. Until then we had only been to smaller (3 campers and 5 tents kinda) naturist campsites but this time we were sold to the sign “private nude beach connected to the campsite”.

“So this means we don’t have to put on clothes to get to the beach? LET’S GO!”


The place was great, we could put our tent on the top of a grassy hill, there was indeed a gorgeous private nude beach, there were a gym, three restaurants, and a supermarket.


New Cambium intext 4
The first two or three times when we went to the supermarket (which was on the naturist campsite by the way) we were always dressed, at least with a towel. There were never a lot of people but one day we saw a lady doing her shopping topless.
The next day when we came from the nude beach we decided to get some wine. With the half-naked lady from the day before in mind, we decided not to go back to the tent to get some clothes. We were going to do our shopping in the nude.


That time there were a lot of people… And we were the ONLY ones nude.


Nude (?) dinner in Italy

A similar thing happened in Italy last summer.
We were staying at a very cozy family-run campsite in the hills north of Genova called Costalunga. Every evening the hosts prepared some typical dishes and those who wanted could stay for dinner. As we were in a quite desolated place with not many restaurants around, most of the guests actually did so.


The first night it got a bit chilly around dinner time and Lins had already put on some clothes. Nick, the strong man, decided that the weather was still alright and went nude to the dinner table.
Guess who else was naked… Indeed… Nobody.
It was a huge relief when the host family arrived at the table and they were also nude.


The nude close-up

On the same campsite in Italy, there was an English couple with the coolest camper ever. We had been looking at it for some time (they were our neighbors) and in the evening Nick went over to have a chat.
Apparently, the guy was very proud and gave a tour around his van.


It was one of those vans where the roof can go up and creates room for a bed. So somewhere half of the tour the guy climbed on the bed for further explanation. Because there’s not much place in a bed like those he had to get on hands and knees, face to the back and butt… well… only centimeters from Nick’s face.


The explanation kept going, but from then Nick wasn’t listening anymore. He was focusing not to touch any balls with his nose.


Maestra Banner

Nude sports

In ancient Greek times, sports were always practiced in the nude, so next to the efforts of the players the spectators could also enjoy watching their muscular bodies.
At naturist resorts, you can also enjoy watching naked sports… Except sometimes for the muscular part.


Maybe it’s us, but looking at naked people doing sports can seem a bit awkward. We do want to watch the game itself, but somehow our eyes keep going to all the wiggling, twisting, twitching naked body parts.


Don’t get too close in a nude queue

Do you know how annoying it is when you’re standing in a queue and the person behind you is just a little bit too close? You know, that with even the slightest move you make you’ll touch him or her?
Well, if that happens on a nudist resort the awkward feeling is taken to a whole other level.


This happened to Nick while queuing at the nude campsite’s bakery. It’s not that there were that many people waiting, but the guy behind Nick seemed to be very hungry.
It’s annoying if you can feel the t-shirt of the guy behind touching your arm, but if you can feel his chest hair touching your back… that’s just weird…


After all, you just have to see the fun of it.
Probably the most awkward thing that has ever happened to us was the time we ended up at a Brazilian swingers party. But even that one we survived without any mental or physical harm.


Have you been in any awkward situations?
How do you handle those?



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Photo credit: “A naked couple walk along as part of the 2007 Summer Solstice Parade” by Joe Mabel / CC BY-SA 3.0
Photo credit: “Streakers” by Alex Griffioen / CC BY 2.0
Photo credit: “Joao” by John W. / public domain

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17 thoughts on “Yes, sometimes nudism can be a little awkward”

  1. Great stories. Thanks for sharing.

    This one happened to us nearly 20 years ago on Secret Beach on Kauai. It is a fantastic nude beach with water falls and beautiful volcanic rock formations. It’s a must see if you’re on the island.

    My wife and I and several others were enjoying the sun, surf and sand in the buff when a wedding party came down to have a ceremony on the beach. I’m talking bride, groom, wedding party, minister, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. It really was a big group. Not that they were super formal… it was a beach wedding in Hawaii and the bride was bare foot and the groom in shorts, but there we all were on the sidelines watching and none of us with a stitch on. And all of the wedding guests watching us. I’m not sure if the grandparents were ready to laugh or cry.

    All went fine. The couple was married. They took photos and then left the beach for the reception. I thought that they might end up jumping into the ocean for a quick skinny dip too but I’m sure Nana would be able to handle that.

    Funny but the only time I’m ever uncomfortable when I’m nude is when I’m around others who are clothed.

    Love the blog. Keep up the good work!

    • We had never heard about Secret Beach (We’ve never been to Hawaii) but when we google it, it seems to be known as an unofficial clothing optional beach… So at least the wedding party could have expected some nudies.
      But you’re totally right, being naked feels so natural and comfortable until you’re surrounded by a group of clothed people. Then you suddenly feel like the kid who misunderstood the theme of the party…

      Anyway, looking at the pics of Secret Beach I can totally understand why they wanted to do the wedding there (and why you chose that beach). It looks amazing!

      In the end you have a funny story to tell and maybe you’re even part of some wedding photos 🙂

  2. A few years ago my boyfriend and I went to a nudist campground for Halloween. We wanted to try something different and we’d heard they held great Halloween parties so it sounded like it could be fun. Going by pictures of other parties on the campground’s website I was under the impression that most people’s idea of a costume would be some light yet clever accessorizing. My boyfriend purchased a hat and tie and I purchased some elaborate costume jewelry. That was it.

    We arrived at the campgrounds the day of. It was quite busy and everyone was in some state of undress. The party wasn’t set to begin until 9 so after lounging around by the pool we decided to go back to our on-site motel room and take a nap before heading over.

    Around 9:30 I put on my jewelry, my boyfriend put on his hat/tie, and we made our way over. The party was quite loud and sounded exciting. We walked up to the event hall anxious to see what other people were dressed as. We were expecting to see lots of other nude bodies.

    We walked through the doors only to find 200+ people in full costume. Many of them were actually quite impressive in how elaborate they were. At that moment though I just felt so exposed. We were the only two in the whole room that were nude. As much as I kept trying to tell myself “none of these people care, they’ve seen it all and most of them were nude just a few hours ago” both my boyfriend and I felt incredibly awkward. We tried to make the most of it but we could only stand to stay for about 10 minutes. Nobody seemed to even notice us but I felt foolish and like I was breaking the rules.

    • Oh boy we can imagine how awkward that must have been. And when you think about it, it’s kinda strange. You know you’re at a nudist campground, you know these people embrace nudity and you feel perfectly comfortable spending the whole day in the buff among the others. But when everyone gets dressed you don’t want to be the only nudie. Very recognisable. This proves again that we are herd animals…

  3. It does feel strange when you’ve spent the whole day naked with lots of other nudists at a campsite and later on most of the others there have some clothing on while you are still naked. A few years ago we spent a long weekend camping at a nudist site, when they had an open weekend where they invited non-members to visit, in the hope that they could gain some new members.

    On the first evening they had a communal meal in a marquee with a band and dancing afterwards. We’d met some new people who we had got on well with and found out that we all planned to stay nude for the whole weekend, that was a major reason for visiting a nudist camp site, right?

    As the band started playing we realised that there were not many other people still naked, most had turned up for the meal naked but had since got some clothing from their tents. We were not sure if we were expected to wear something, it seemed an unnecessary thing to do as nudists! One of our new friends asked an organiser and she assured her that nudity was fine all weekend, so our group of new visitors did what we came for and stayed naked for 4 days, I think that we were the only ones.

    For some reason our group of friends found ourselves to be very popular dance partners for the club membership, we found it very amusing that clothed nudists wanted to dance with nude nudists and joined in with their fun. We found out later on that some of the club members had agreed to try to keep us dancing.

    It was a great way to make friends at the club through joining in their fun, we all got invited back for a free visit afterwards and we’ve returned a number of times since. They expect us to remain nude each time we go there now though, that is something we’re very happy to do 🙂

    • Indeed Nik and Louise, when you go to a new nudist place it can sometimes be good to find out what the rules are. Well maybe not rules, but the habits of the place. We know nudist places where people are nude as much as possible and everywhere possible and other places where people are just nude on the campsite and around the swimming pool but not in the restaurant or the bar. And then you can have these moments where suddenly everyone but you seems to be clothed.

      Most of the time everyone is fine with it though. It’s better that you remain nude the whole time than that you would remain clothed.

    • I’ve had similar situations at nudist clubs where the weather turned cooler and everyone else either wrapped in something or put on some clothes, except for me. I’m that type who, unless the weather turns cold enough to make parts of me turn blue, insists upon staying nude the whole time, and I did. I never felt uncomfortable or awkward, though, simply because I was amongst those who were nudists and dressed or covered only because of the weather…

  4. Wonderful stories especially the bakery one yuk having someone that close to you even when your clothed creeps me out.
    Positive is your stories of true events makes me feel more comfortable that what i feel is normal
    Interactions when naked always make me think”what if”

  5. I was at Hippie Hollow this summer enjoying a beautiful day. When I returned to my towel after a quick trip to the restroom I found three very clothed and very loud Asian tourists sitting not 15 feet from my towel. Not only were the dressed but they were wearing jackets and hats; in Texas, in August. They sat there talking very loudly in an Asian language for what felt like an eternity. I have no idea what they were saying. I did feel awkward and a little upset that they had intruded on my space when the park was almost completely empty.

  6. My wife and I frequently go to a wonderful naturist hotel in Greece. One of the stipulations is you must be clothed for dinner – though we are fine with that. What we find amusing is how people, having spent all day nude, really ‘dress to the nines’ to go for dinner.
    Back this summer – cant wait!

  7. About queuing: I am reminded of going to Club Orient when the beach bar announced a 2 for 1 drink special that would last for 20 mns, or so. A lot of people hopped into line.

    What struck me was how spaced from one another the people waiting in line were. 15 nude people waiting in line took up about as much space as 30 people would have taken if they were clothed. Everyone kept their business to themselves.

  8. My GF/SO and I have been naturists/nudists for about 25 years. We live in St. Petersburg Florida, which is about a 45 minute drive from Pasco County. Pasco county has well over 20 nudist/clothing optional resorts, communities, campgrounds, and day trips. This includes Caliente resort, Paradise Lakes resort, Lake Como, river boat, and I could go on. We have been members of Paradise Lakes, and Lake Como, we kept a trailer for a little over two years at Lake Como and a little over three years at Paradise Lakes. Just wanted to give a little background.
    My girlfriend is an abstract expressionist artist, and while we were living at Paradise Lakes, she was invited to do a mini art show on the pool deck one weekend day. I might note that my girlfriend is quite beautiful and built very well, I have posted pictures of Her on some of the naturist groups here on Facebook. Back to the story. She had set up her artwork on the pool deck and people were coming bye to look at the art and talk with her. When a younger gentleman walked up to see the art work, he looked up my girlfriend and immediately got erection. He kind of covered himself and walked away, but I think she was more embarrassed than he was.

  9. We are fortunate to live in Austin, Texas, home to Barton Springs and Hippy Hollow. Austin also happens to allow men and women to go top free anywhere in town. In reality, it’s at the lake that you see more topless women and nude men and women. The locals just take it in stride.

  10. wow well it was very strange and awkward was at a nudist beach ,at first I was by myself enjoying the sun and water then a guy with RV pulled up asked if I minded he liked the spot it was quiet ,so he started setting up him and his wife and 3 daughters I helped with the shade and portable cooler set up volley ball net ect .. glad to help fellow nudists great family the parents were in their mid 40’s daughters guessing the oldest 17 then 15,13 , I was then 26 mind you , I got to know the adults then started a game of volleyball mind you we all nude adults against kids I been around many family nudists had music going then standing around dad starts cooking then some of that hip hop music came on the girls started dancing, even mom but then the girls wanted me to dance I dont really dance they came pulled to dance what felt uncomfortable was they were going beyond dancing they were getting touchy and in my opinion to provocative, grinding or hump dancing on my it was crazy, like they were trying to arouse me on purpose and dad is oblivious I made an excuse that I was going to nearby store to get more ice and sodas and bring something that I know how to cook real good so I said I would be right back and never came back ,wow that was embarrassing and awkward even weird


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