What’s with the whole nudism and sex thing?

It’s one of the most common misconceptions about naturism
We’re all perverts, loving to expose our “oh so holy” body parts to one another, having sex with everyone around, male, female it all doesn’t matter for us, threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, huge orgies.


And the response of the naturist community is strict: “Nudity and sex are two totally different things!”


Of course we support the naturist community, but somehow we get the feeling that they’re bringing the discussion from one extreme into another.
Sometimes they make naturists appear as asexual creatures.


“Naturism equals sex? Come on, we don’t do sex!”


This is probably one of the reasons why many men are scared as hell to have an erection the first time they go publicly nude.
What if they see that I do get attracted by other people?
What if I suddenly do get aroused in this place where sex is totally off topic?

nudists kissing on the beach

New Cambium intext 3
Yes, we do
So let’s put this straight first.
YES, we, nudists, do get excited from time to time.
If this gorgeous man or woman walks by our imagination also takes over from time to time. And at least we don’t have to undress them with our eyes anymore…


And YES, we do have sex.
But like everyone else we keep the sex for somewhere private.


Being naked doesn’t mean that your urges or morals change, and it’s not because we feel sexually attracted to someone that we’re not able to control ourselves anymore.
We don’t need clothes to prevent ourselves to act like wild animals.


It’s like going to a bar and you see this cute woman or man and you feel that you’re getting excited. That doesn’t mean that you’r going over take off all clothes and have sex.

Well it’s exactly the same thing for naturists. Except the taking off clothes part.

nudist couple on the beach
Where does this come from?
Why did people start to link nudity with sex?
Religion probably can take a big deal of the blame. Everywhere Christianity came the people had to do what Adam and Eve did before them.
“Use some leaves will you?”


But not only the Christians are to blame, in many Muslim countries it’s forbidden for women to show any part of skin because it might excite the men.
Oh boy, if they get excited by seeing a knee, wait until they discover the internet…


Maestra Banner
Talking about the internet, that bastard should also take part in the responsibility.
These days you see nudity everywhere online and nine out of ten times it will be related to sex.
Looking for a movie? BAM! Pop-up with a naked woman.
Playing poker online? BAM! Pop-up asking if you’d rather play strip poker.
Entering the word “nude” in Google images? Well, give it a shot! More than half of the pictures are porn.


In the past this was probably more understandable…
There was no internet, no porn movies and you actually had to enter a shop and ask for a porn magazine. And what did you get? Some photos of naked women.
If you wanted to see nudity back then, nudist spots were really the place to be.
But these days… come on!

nudist couple walking on the beach

So naturists have the same urges as anyone else, but there’s no sex on the naturist sites?
That’s indeed the point we’re making here, but it’s not exactly true.
There are indeed naturist sites where everything is allowed and where the focus is really on sex. For example in some places (especially countries where swinging is forbidden by law) naturism is just a cover for swinging.
A quite famous place where people are rather “liberal” is Cap d’Agde in France.


If you don’t want to get into an awkward situation, do some research before you go to a place. And if there are going to be late night parties, prepare for the worst.


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19 thoughts on “What’s with the whole nudism and sex thing?”

  1. Spot on guys. As always, the right tone, the right point of view and forget the rest :). Yes, naturists are human beings, have feelings and emotions, and get excited. It’s not because we are naked with others that we stop being who we are. Well done!

  2. Thank you for a great article. As a male nudist I have stressed about getting an erection in club settings often. I usually just cover up and roll over, but feel that I’m being looked at as some sort of pervert. I wish more would just realize it’s a completely natural thing that we males don’t have a lot of control of. We’re not always thinking sex, as most women think, sometimes it just feels good being naked.

    • Hello Jim, we doubt that if you cover up people will see you as a pervert. Every nudist knows that it’s something that can happen and that it’s completely natural. But politeness says that you shouldn’t be too proud of it.
      When people ask us about this, we often compare it with farting. It’s also a very natural thing, but when you feel it coming you walk away and let it go somewhere else.

      Also, for many (especially beginning) nudists, being nude among others is still a big step which they only take in a safe environment. Someone having an erection could send out the wrong signals and make for an awkward situation for everyone around. This is also something you probably like to avoid.

  3. It’s about time somebody said something about this. I was beginning to think that some hard core nudists were getting so sexually snobbish that they were ready to suggest plastic surgery to permanently pixilate actual human genitals.

  4. Dear Nick&LIn,
    We here at ThailandNaturist.com – the official website for Naturist Association Thailand – enjoy your wonderings a lot and have shared a few. This one is about an issue that we had on our agenda for our annula NATCON which was held on 9 – 11 June this year.

    Unfortunately, we did not manage to get discussion on other subjects settled in time, so this will wait till another time.

    Naturism is new to Asia and we attract many first timers. For simplicity reasons, we repeat the mantra “naturism is not about sex”, “naturism is about being able to separate sex from nudity”. In more mature environments we admit that naturists like sex just as much as other people, we just keep it as a private thing.

    Where I feel the line in the sand is, is when the sexual element of being nude takes center stage and in particular when showing others your sexual activity becomes the main attraction with being nude.

    Your remark of going somewhere off and letting the fart go is therefore a brilliant image. I will use that in the future!

    • We like when you say “when the sexual element of being nude takes center stage”. That’s exactly where the line is/has to be drawn.
      For people who feel like that there are also opportunities, here in Europe there are many clubs where you can have sex in front of others, with your partner or with someone else. But that has nothing to do with nudism. Everyone is free to do what they prefer, as long as they do it in the right place!

      By the way, we’re glad that you’re a visitor of our website, we’re planning to come over to Asia to check out the nudist opportunities so we’ll certainly be in touch.

  5. I that my wsife would be abhorred to belong to a nudist colony. I’m not so I would have to hide it. Any thoughts or suggestions. It wouild be appreciated. Pete H.

    • Pete, don’t hide it. Get your wife to read a book about a family trying naturism for the first time, then explain that you want to try it. She may be horrified, or she may be more open than you expect, but either way you are being honest. There is nothing more destructive to a trust than big secrets. Imagine how bad it would be if she found out in five years time that you had been living a lie. Or worse still, you discovered she was open to naturism but you could not tell her you were a naturist without admitting to your lies.

  6. Religion in and of itself is not responsible for linking nudity with sex. Much of it is due to many not thoroughly reading and understanding the Bible. Below is a statement by Pope John Paul II:

    “Because God created it, the human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendor and its beauty…Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness…Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person…The human body is not in itself shameful …Shamelessness [just like shame and modesty] is a function of the interior of a person.’

    —Karol Cardinal Woytyla [Pope John Paul ll ]

    • Honestly, this post was written about two years ago and we didn’t know then what we know now.
      Some nudist resorts have excellent parties until the early hours where nothing happens that should not happen. You can completely ignore that line.

  7. I’m grateful for this article. This needed to be said. I don’t like the pretentious nudists that act like nudism and sex don’t coexist. A female friend and I were once reprimanded for dancing too closely during a party at a nudist resort, in a fashion that we would typically dance while clothed-no erection, kissing, or penetration, just typical bumping and grinding on the dancefloor. So we can walk around naked all day with things swinging or bouncing around on the volleyball court, but don’t dance too closely because other people may think it’s arousing? It’s rules like these that turn away younger nudists like us. We understand the need for a fine line that prevents open swinging, but we would like to at least be able to do everything that we normally do clothed. The modern young nudist has more of a liberal “live and let live” attitude. We could care less if we’re hanging out with swingers or pure nudists, as long as we’re having a good time and boundaries are respected. That is why the swinger optional resorts are thriving while the nudist resorts are struggling to gain new members. Young people don’t like to pay to go to places with lots of rules and be looked down on by a bunch of old people for not conforming to their traditional (outdated) rules. Just my two cents.

    • We believe that this depends very much from resort to resort. We’ve been to places where it’s seen as sexual if you’re putting sunscreen on your partner (not even on the private parts) but many other resorts do allow pretty much everything that’s allowed at a textile resort as well. Therefor advise people to read the rules and the website before visiting a certain place. On one hand it will prevent them to end up in a swingers resort but on the other hand we don’t want them to end up in one of those very old-fashioned places either.

      • Great way to put it. There is definitely a line between outright swinging and outright chastity.

        If it’s acceptable in a textile environment, then it should also be accepted in a naturist environment.


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