The Famous Nudie

The list of known famous naturists is not large although it’s not hard to find many celebrities naked on the internet or in magazines. And few of us have encountered a celebrity on the local nude beach. One of the foundations of nudism is that everybody is the same. Without clothes you can’t see anymore if the person in front of you is in fact a hobo who comes to the club for the free showers and snacks or a CEO of a multinational company who asked her driver to drop her off at the corner of the street because she didn’t want to be seen coming out of her Bentley.
Impressions on first sight move away, you can only get to know people when you’re actually talking to them. That is of course, if you’re not Brad Pitt.


What would you do if you were relaxing next to the pool at your regular nudist club when suddenly Brad Pitt walked in, put his clothes in a locker and asks whether the seat next to you is free before putting down his naked butt?
In fact this scenario is not very likely to happen, because although some websites say that Brad Pitt is a nudist, the only quotes we could find about him talking about the subject are about being naked at home. Brad is a home nudist. Which is completely okay by the way.
But next time on the beach you could run into Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis or Heidi Klum.
Would you go over and introduce yourself?
Would you ask for a selfie before realising how stupid this question is?


We haven’t been fortunate enough to meet a celebrity at a nudist venue, but who knows maybe when we’re in the USA. We wonder how we would react.

The Famous Nudie: An Overview of Celebrity Nudists: Benjamin Franklin

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Naturist Presidents, scientists and writers

Some famous nudists we’re certainly not going to meet over there are any late presidents of the USA, but there are quite a few who did like the nudie life.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the nation and the face of the one hundred dollar bill, once wrote that he began every day with an air bath. Apparently that’s not the kind of bath we used to take when we were kids and afraid of the soap but what he did was hanging out in his room naked for about an hour while reading or writing. Benjamin was also an avid skinny dipper, just like Theodore Roosevelt who used to take his entire tennis group naked into the Potomac river. Also John Quincy Adams has been known to dive naked into that same river before starting another day of running the country. Others on the list are John F Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Nixon. Our man inside told us that even The Donald likes to let it all out in the White House, but that could be fake news.


Scientists have been doing research about the influence of nudism on the human wellbeing for years and history has shown that several of them engaged in the lifestyle as well. The most famous were probably Charles Richter, who gave his name to the earthquake measuring system and was known as a life long nudist and Alexander Graham Bell who invented that function for which the phone was actually built in the beginning: Calling.
Next to the famous blogging couple Nick & Lins, nudism seemed to be practiced among several other writers as well. Walt Whitman praised the joy of being so close to nature when he was naked and Mark Twain taught the world that modifying nudity is more obscene than the nudity itself. The list of other famous nudie writers also includes Robert Heinlein and Ernest Hemingway

The Famous Nudie: An Overview of Celebrity Nudists: Alanis Morissette

Nude movie and pop stars

In 2004, Hellen Mirren was awarded by British Naturism with the “Naturist of the Year” trophy and two years later she starred in the movie The Queen as… the Queen. Is this a coincidence? We don’t know, but we prefer to believe that she was preparing for her role. In any case, she thanked BN and her quote “I do believe in naturism and am my happiest on a nude beach with people of all ages and races!” went around the world. Many thanks for that Helen!
The diversity in nudism is prominent among movie stars. Brad Pitt, as we mentioned before, is a home nudist and so is Kevin Bacon who prefers to live naked around the house with his wife and kids, except “when the nanny is around”.
Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, rivals when it comes to women but sharing an interest in skinny dipping during their holidays can often be found on the Bahamas or Ibiza, but nudie movie stars who might ask you to watch their stuff when they turn around to get rid of those tan lines include Alicia Silverstone, Cameron Diaz, Christy Brinkley, Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis, among many others.


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In the music world there seems to be a lot of non-sexual nudity as well, Robbie Williams announced to consider himself a nudist and so do Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion and the late John Lennon of course. Christina Aguilera told People magazine that she and her husband practice “Naked Sundays”. Wasn’t this a tip we’ve given in one of our articles about how to start with nudism? We’re glad to have you as a reader Christina!
Another talent well worth the mention is Billy Connolly, the Scottish comedian who went bungee jumping in New Zealand butt naked. That’s on our bucket list too!



Even more famous nudists

If we believe the statistics, about five percent of the world population can be considered some kind of nudist, so we shouldn’t of course be surprised that there are many famous nudies out there as well. And we believe that there should be even more. Celebrities often suffer from a lot of stress, the media is constantly focusing on how they’re looking and sometimes their wish to be just like everyone else, just for a couple of hours, must be much bigger than ours. Great reasons to take the step into the nudie life!


Picture credit: The photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.

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30 thoughts on “The Famous Nudie”

  1. “you can only get to know people when you’re actually talking to them”

    This is so true ,but the fact is that a CEO would NEVER even consider talking to a hobo(i dunno what it even means,but i guess it means a bumb)
    And for sure ,ppl are not the same, naked or not.
    Honestly that saying is without the doubt the one i really hate when nudists say it.
    As for the celebs just wanting to be like everyone else ..well,you know what they say, you cant have it all.

    ps loved the Donald Trump and the fake news part lol ,almost 2am here and i laughed my ass off hah

    • “fact is that a CEO would NEVER even consider talking to a hobo”… That’s quite a misconception. Many of the rich and famous feel lonely because just being themselves creates a distance between them and others.
      And we admit, people are not literally exactly the same, but look at it this way: if you’re in a golf club or a karate club, due to the fact that everyone is wearing the same outfit, they are more the same than an hour ago at the grocery store. With nudism it’s the same thing.

      • As far as the CEO or the celebs and hobo go , well yea its true what u say , but certanly not cause of the hobo , that was kinda my point.
        Id find it really sad that a CEO/celeb wants to literally use a hobo to be able to have an actual human/emotional convo ,its like .. ur not good enough to be a friend in the real life cause u aint my level.. but here , you`ll do good.
        Yes karate golf store, true, but that aint real.. its faking that we are the same if we wear same ,thats the part that is bothering me.. i dont know, if someone can see happines in that..whatever.. i sure couldnt , cause theres no honesty in it, and if somebody cant/dont wanna/is ashamed to be a friend to a bumb in the real/outside world, if i was a bumb(maybe i am) i sure wouldnt want that guy/girl as a friend on a nude beach either (if i was a nudist hah)
        I dont know, maybe its just me being brought up in a communist country speaking , compared maybe how relations are in a capitalist world? I dont know.

      • The comparison of a well-dressed person carrying a briefcase to that of a fellow on the street with torn clothing, carrying a paper bag… is part of my lecture to Sociology Classes, enlightening young minds to think outside the box. Nudism is the great human equalizer

    • That’s the idea of the whole nudist thing. A CEO doesn’t know he’s talking to a hobo when there’s no clothing to judge them by 👍

      • What Keith said. I have to think that “Iceman” is just playing the troll. If you have been around nudism for any amount of time, you know this is true. How he seems to not get it is VERY telling.

  2. Another EXCELLENT article on
    Naturism. It brings naturism into the realm of normal. At a Thailand Naturist even we had one member who was a CEO of a major corporation and another who was a taxi driver both were Thai. It goes to show you being nude socially is very normal.

  3. I do not comletly agree with your statement. I’ve been to naked campsides in France for almost 20 years, and if a CEO drives his brand new BMW to his campspot with his huge white caravan, he will be treated diffrently. It doesn’t matter anymore if he’s naked or not. besides that, if you didn’t see that you make a point. Your first impression about someone can wait until after you learned who this person ectualy is.

    • That’s of course a fact. What we experience though, is that most CEO’s enjoy naturist sites because of the anonymity and few will try to stand out. Of course, there are always some who love to stand in the spot light, even on naturist places

    • I have been a nudist since 1969. I met my wife of 37 years at a clothing optional resort. I’ve owned several successful businesses including we currently own two of the finest clothing optional resorts in the World. I contend that the nudity is different for about three months. The great people who you meet will keep you returning for years. No one cares if you’re a CEO or a truck driver. When you make a friend it’s a genuine friend not someone you are obligated to be cordial to because of business connections or to be neighborly.

      • Thanks for sharing your experiences Wayne!
        It’s one of the things we love about nudism. We can talk for hours with a person without knowing their background. It gives us the opportunity to get to know people who we otherwise might not dare to approach.

  4. The big yin also rides his trike nude as seen on tv. Tour of Britain series and one set in the usa if my memory is correct.

  5. if either Alanis Morissette, Alicia Silverstone, Uma Thurman were naked at a nude (nudist) beach

    i would love to go introduce myself but i might get an erection or they might want to be alone

    if i fail to get permission before introducing myself celebrity might get angry all hell breaks loose

    • I don’t mind having an erection whilst being nude. It’s natural and 90% of the time I can’t control it. I think it’s a beautiful thing. Like a nipple.

  6. I wouldn’t have the foggiest clue who the person is. I hate Hollywood and don’t watch movies, don’t care for Pop or Hip-Hop Music and Generally speaking, anyone who acts like he or she should be celebrated above the rest of us turns me off. I am a life long nudist, not a Lemming. Treating nudism like it is some sort of Naughty pursuit is just immature I suppose.

  7. I have always said if you want to see nudism grow, get a celebrity spokesperson. I guarantee if Lady Gaga told her little monsters to create nude beaches in America, we’d get nude beaches.

  8. other celebrity nudists : French actress Ingrid Chauvin ; the late James Mason ; Emma Thompson ; Jennifer Lopez admits to enjoy naked breakfasts ; and , in her younger years , Angela Merkel used to practice FKK – British actor Ian Mc Kellen .
    Shakira loves to be naked in her home ; Jennifer Aniston ; Andie McDowell used to live nude in her youth , etc….

  9. Beneath all the fame most celebrities are just people like the rest of us, they understand and enjoy the comfort of nudity. My wife works nude at the resort where we are members and we are nude 90% of the time when at home.

  10. People really are the same and naturism is a great equaliser. I am a tradesman, and I chatted to another naturist in the pool at a naturist club recently. I later discovered he has a seat in the House of Lords.

  11. I inherited a trait from my very gregarious & friendly father who treats everyone that he meets on the same level regardless of “who they are”, and 99% of the time, it has served him well. I still recall when he worked for a BIG corporation in their aircraft hangar as a “maintenance man” (pulled the jet out when the executives were about to travel somewhere, he’d park their cars in the hangar while they were gone, made sure that everything worked properly in the hangar, etc.) and one weekend I rode up to the hangar with my Dad as the executives had a trip planned somewhere or other. A man arrived and my Dad immediately started joking around with him and having a conversation with him and was poking fun at/with him just as if he was a “regular guy” on his bowling team. My Dad introduced us, and we made small talk for a minute or two. AFTER the plane left, I asked my Dad “So, who is Mr. ____?” and he replied “Oh, he’s the CEO!!! I was FLOORED. But the man called my Dad by his first name and my Dad called him by his first name and they got along great over the years.
    But in my life I have also met a LOT of celebrities at charity events that we were a part of, and I’d also done a lot of “extra” work in TV and movies, and honestly ALL of the celebrities that I met really enjoyed it when I didn’t gush all over them and when my wife and I treated them like we’d treat anyone else. We’d joke with them, pick on them a little, and we’d try to make them laugh and enjoy their day with us. I’d hope that if I ever met a celebrity at a nude beach that I’d remember to treat them just like anyone else that I met on the nude beach? I think that they’d enjoy that.

    • It’s definitely true that many celebrities or businessmen really appreciate it when people handle them in an honest way and like an equal. It’s one of the reasons why movie stars often move to tiny villages where few people know them. So they can do normal stuff like shopping and going to the dentist without people raving about them being there.

  12. If you see a celebrity at a nude beach (or for that matter a restaurant, grocery … anywhere where they are “off duty”) the WORST thing you could do is gush about what a big fan you are, make a commotion and ask for an autograph. (Well, second worst – the worse worst would be to pull out a camera and act like an ass-paparazi).


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