9 tips for the first time nudie couple

We’ve been talking about how to take the first steps as a male nudist or as a female nudist, but the best way to start with nudism (at least to us because that’s how we started) is as a couple. Most probably one of the two will drop the idea “honey, what about going on a nude vacation this summer?”. The other half will then respond with a “Yay, I want this too” or a “I’m not so sure about that nudity” or even a “Where the hell did you get that ridiculous idea from?”. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you did your research about what nudism and naturism really is and know what you’re talking about, your better half might give nudism a chance.
Even better is of course (lucky us!!) if you stumble into the nude lifestyle as a couple.


1. Nudist resorts are not the place to be jealous

We like to protect what’s ours, it’s an animal instinct which few of us can get rid of. We see others as a possible threat to our relationship and we want to avoid that. Okay, this is a very reasonable thought and we do understand your concerns but we want you to forget everything about it. Really. Drop that thought. People will see you naked, people will see your partner naked and your partner will see other naked people. Seriously, live with it. This is a whole new world you’re stepping into and there is no place for jealousy when it comes to who sees who naked. It’s a big step, but you’ll have to take it if you want to feel comfortable.

2. Take care of each other

When we experience something new, something we like, we tend to switch into solitary mode. “Oh my god this is great, this is amazing, look at me!! All running around with my naked ass in the sun jumping from one pool into another!”. That’s amazing, we love that you love your new adventure, but remember that you got into this together. Don’t forget to check how your partner is doing and hold a hand if necessary. After all, you will remember this as a together thing and you don’t want the memory to be you doing naked water ballet while your boyfriend is sitting in a corner.


3. Let each other go

It’s not because you came here together and you’re taking care of each other that you have to be side by side the whole time. Although you’re into this together, that doesn’t mean that every single move has to be exactly the same. Give each other the necessary space to become comfortably naked and to enjoy this new experience on a personal level. When somebody asks if you are siamese twins, you know you have to leave some space.

4. Meet up

We have different interests when we get to nudie places. While Lins likes to bake in the sun, Nick prefers to spend most of the time in the shade. At a wellness, Lins prefers the saunas while Nick likes to spend his time in the hot tubs. That’s totally fine, we’ve said it in the previous point, there’s no reason to hold hands the whole time. Just make sure that you keep this a mutual experience. Meet up every hour or so at the bar for a beer or a wine and talk about what you’ve just done. “That infra red thing was great”… “what infra red?”… That’s how you learn new things.


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5. Do some nude sports

Yes, we know, it’s great to have your naked body being baked in the afternoon sun, it’s great to read a book while doing so and it might be even better seeing your friends on Facebook doing all those boring clothed things. But since there’s the two of you, why not do something fun together. Truth has to be said, the sport options at many nudist places are often limited to jeu de boule. But even that, when it’s the two of you and you’re both naked (and you have a bottle of rum) jeu de boule can be quite some fun. Luckily there are often even better sports to try, how about naked pingpong, naked tennis, naked volleyball or a naked run? Only after you’ve tried it, you’ll know how much fun it is.

6. Go to an adults only nude resort

Adults only resorts have a bad name. These days the words “naturist” and “nudist” are often used out of their context at places where sex is like…ehm… pretty much in your face. But there are others. Several nudist places have an adults only policy because either they are serving alcohol and don’t want to check everyone’s passport or they want their guests to have a child free holiday. Sometimes, as a couple, this is just what you need. You love your children to death, we all know that, but a weekend without them can be a wonder for your relationship. And that doesn’t mean that you want to have spectators while you’re celebrating your solitude.


7. Don’t go too far away

For many aspiring naturists or nudists, the first step has to be taken as far away from home as possible. Hawaii maybe? Or Thailand? Or the Caribbean?
Yes, you could do that and no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful time. But then the idea of nudism will always be related to something exotic. Why not pick a place closer to home? The nude beach at the end of the road may not be the best place to start, but pick a spot where you can get back to regularly. Your first time will be a great experience and you don’t want this to be a one time only thing.

8. Treat yourself

Your first steps into nudism are a big deal, they really are. A whole new world is opening and you’re about to getting a first taste of it. Congratulations. So one option is to drive all the way to that nude beach, stay there for a couple of hours and then drive all the way back. But why not make it a weekend? Why not go to a nudist resort? Or if you really want to go to the beach, get a nice hotel nearby so you can be naked on the beach, get dressed for the short ride (or not, if you dare) and get naked again in your hotel room and the day after you go back to the nude beach. Livin’ the lifestyle goddammit!


9. Towel, sunscreen and a good book

If you’re a regular reader of Naked Wanderings, you knew that this one was coming. Because it’s so important! Make sure to bring a towel to separate your sweaty behind from any kind of furniture, make sure to bring sunscreen because some parts of your body are not reacting to the sunshine as you’d like them to and for once in a while leave Netflix behind and get soaked into a good book!


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28 thoughts on “9 tips for the first time nudie couple”

  1. We laugh when we read articled like this one.
    Ya, we get it, you are just trying to help out with a bit of advice.
    Whats your next post going to be about, “Breathing” – “Blinking your eyes” – “How to go to the bathroom”?
    Getting Naked does not require any “Coaching” or “Instructions” at all.
    You just go to a nude beach or to a nude resort and you “Take your Clothes Off”, pretty simple.
    Why would you ever mention “Jealousy” lol.
    What the hell does that have to do with enjoying the Sun Nude?
    You seem to hint, that someone might be checking your wife?
    Based on the fact that most Nudists are really old and really really out of shape, the chances of that ever happening, are slim to none.
    Do you really think, that any one is going to be searching your post, to get advice from you, about going to a Nude Beach / Nude Resort?
    Once again, the chances of that, are slim to none!
    Just get Naked, that is the only Tip that any one ever needs to know.
    Its pretty frigging simple.
    Can hardly wait to read your tips on Walking.
    It should be, just some pretty earth shattering information. lol

    • Since you clearly don’t like this article and already have all the answers you need. Why read it? Why comment?
      Start your own blog!! No need to run these people down.

    • Clearly you have less idea about the nudist community than we do…
      The fact that we almost on a daily basis receive messages and e-mails from our readers asking for tips on how to start with nudism is reason enough for us to write articles like these. In fact, probably 90% of our inspiration for generic articles come from reader messages.

      Saying that most nudists are really old and really out of shape is not only very offensive, it’s also certainly not true. The majority of our audience is between 18 and 45 years old and we’re seeing an increase of younger people getting interested in nudism. Last Sunday, for example, we were at a nudist event in Mexico where the average age was around 30-35.

      And about jealousy, we’ve read your comment on our article “Nudism on Venus” which indicates that jealousy may be strange to you. But it certainly isn’t for everyone and it’s an important reason why couples are scared to engage in nudism and a big thing to overcome if they decide to give it a chance.

      We’re glad that nudism seems to be the most easy thing for you and always has been, but this is not the case for everyone. If you don’t agree with what we write, that’s completely fine, but there’s no need for breaking us or other nudists down.

      • Your article was great. I haven’t been a nudist very long and almost all of the items the talked about was there the first time me and my wife went to a nudist camp. Just wish I could have read this before we went. Thanks for the great article, PLEASE keep up the good articles.

    • Hey don’t bash. It seems like Nick and Lins have been around the world a few times and have a good idea of what people are concerned about. A lot of people have struggles with something as basic as taking off your clothing. This isn’t merely to explain how it is done, it is also to help people get past the worries and hang ups. To let people know how simple it really is and to help them avoid real troubles and perceived problems.

  2. Yup – I’m neither old or overweight, and a couple of weeks ago spent a fantastic weekend at a clothes-free festival with my wife and children. Average age was 25 apparently.

    It was our first experience of that sort, beyond just a few hours here and there at nude beaches.

    Nick and Lins – some of the points you’ve listed are vert true and especially helpful when it’s a new situation for everyone involved.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Glad that you actually have some people, looking for advice, from two worldly experts as yourselves.
    First off, we never replied to your post regarding “Nudism on Venus”??? …..what the hell, are you talking about? lol
    You also state: Saying that most nudists are really old and really out of shape is not only very offensive”, “it’s also certainly not true”.
    Why? are you Tender Snow Flakes always so easily Offended? and you get your Feelings Hurt by the Truth and the simple plain facts, all the time?
    By the way, to add some fuel to your fire, you should know, that we Voted for Trump, and Love everything that he has done to date, and everything that he is wanting to do and everything that he stands for.
    We are sure, that you sensitive little Snow Flakes are also offended by everything that Trump says and does.
    But who really cares.
    You are Offended, by us stating the Truth about the OLD FAT Nudists at every resort?
    Well…..we are Offended by people like you Two, who Travel around,and “Con” yourselves into Resorts for FREE…while Pretending to be helping the resorts attract even more Old and Out of Shape Paying Guests, to their properties.
    You write the exact same crap about each and every resort, and not one word of negativity about any of them?
    You write nothing factual, due to the resorts allowing you to Welsh and Mooch off of them, for Free, while every other couple is PAYING for the same privilege.
    That Offends us, but do you care?
    You got a Holiday for Free.
    Just as I don’t care, if your tender little Millennial feelings got Hurt, or you were Offended by the Truth.
    It cracks us up, that anyone would ever ask you or anyone else for advice, on how to get Naked or what to expect.
    Like are you kidding us?
    If someone is really sincere about doing something New, they will do so on their own, without someone else holding their hand and walking them the process in how to Breath or Walk.
    I call Bull Shit on the Males that write to you, asking questions, as they are all pleasuring them selves to pictures of others.
    Funny how none of the females ever write.
    Gee, we wonder why that is?
    Females for the most part, aren’t interested in Nudity, and if they are, they will explore on their own, without the help of anyone.
    If some one is actually serious, Trolling around on some site, is the last thing that any legitimate person, is ever going to do.
    Who appointed you Two the Experts on getting Naked?
    We just laugh when we read your advice and your articles, while you “Con” the owners of these various resorts, into allowing you to stay for FREE at their Resorts.
    We would respect your Opinions and your advice, if you were so much more Honest, when visiting the resorts.
    Start off, by not announcing in advance, that you are coming.
    Know one really knows who the hell you two are anyways, or even cares, so just do your own research on your own Dimes and on your own Dollars, without expecting or looking for anything in return.
    Just write your reviews after you have left the resorts, without ever letting on, that you are writing reviews about what you see and find, at each and every resort.
    We get offended by people that Use other people for their own Gain.
    That Offends us.
    You are so Full of It, if you deny, that most Nudist’s, are Old and insanely out of shape.
    You two are preaching to the choir here, and as they say, you can not Bull Shit – a Bull Shitter.
    Any Male writing to you two for advice, are never ever going to go to a Nude Resort in their entire lives.
    They are just leading you on, while Pleasuring themselves, and wasting your time, as you two are doing, to each and every resort that you stay at for Free.
    We are Offended by people, like you two, who USE the Nudist Lifestyle, to make a Buck, or to save a Buck, by using and abusing other peoples Kindness and Generosity.
    Yes you do Offend us, by using others.
    Can hardly wait for your posts on Breathing and Blinking .
    Just get Naked people, and go to a Nude Beach or go to a Nude Resort.
    You certainly don’t need anyones advice, just do it.
    Are people really that Frigging Stupid out there, that can not figure this out on their own?
    The Truth is not pretty, but it is the Truth.
    90% of all Nudists are OLD and FAT!
    The Resorts are all looking for ways to attract a lot more younger couples into the Lifestyle, but the younger crowd, does not want to be around all of these much much OLDER FAT couples at the Resorts.
    That is why Swinging and Swingers Resorts like Hedo and Desires or Hidden Beach etc, is so much more popular amongst the younger couples, as they can have Naked Fun while mixing with a much much more attractive and sexier crowd.
    By the way, most Nudists are Swingers, they just don’t want to admit it, at first.
    Using others and the Lifestyle, for your own gain, Offends us.
    Just saying.

    • Honestly, after reading your various comments, we couldn’t care less about what you find offensive, who you vote for, what you think about us or the fact that you clearly pick the wrong resorts if you find yourself surrounded by 90% old and fat people.
      And the fact that you can’t even remember your comment on our post “Nudism on Venus” doesn’t give you much more credit either. Have a look and be surprised about what you wrote about yourself and your wife: https://www.nakedwanderings.com/blog/2018/04/05/nudism-on-venus/

      If you think that we’re not genuine and that what we write is completely useless, that’s fine for us. Just stop passing by then.

  4. For the negative comments, or skeptics, critical of “going” and “doing” without clothing, please consider this: The Hedo crowd may accept you now and it might be great fun drinking, dancing and loosing your identity for awhile, but which culture of people do you want to associate with long-term? Eventually you will age beyond the sexy, young crowd at Hedo, or no longer be able to afford the trips (maybe) and when this happens, social Nudists will still be enjoying our broader, well-established communities with SOMETHING for everyone! ~ The modern ‘All Enclusive’ resort is not the tropical paradise island or coastal city 4 hours away by jet, it’s the community each of us helps build by volunteering once, twice or three times a year, or through buying a small lot and parking a trailer on it. Realistically, a strong community knows every person wants to live freely, learn much, experience love at each age of life and build a thing of lasting value rather than enjoying short-term pleasures and worrying who we might bump into by accident OR whether someone will unfairly judge us when they find out about our lifestyle.

  5. Regarding jealousy, I was at a Florida beach once and a couple with a two year old was about waist deep in the water when “the seventh wave hit them. The mother spun around with her back to the wave to protect the child and when it hit, it knocked her halter top down. He yelled at her to cover up and spun around with fists ready in case someone was close enough to see and punch for looking. Jealousy is a sickness.

  6. My wife and I are going camping next weekend…her first time nude. A very timely article as I was just thinking about how much togetherness versus how much space to give for her first visit. Thanks.

  7. I grew up in a ‘naturist’ family. Parents & 5 children, Each & every day at home we chose ourselves to be naked or clothed, everyone. From waking to going back to bed. All of our friends & visitors accepted our lifestyle choices. Yes there were some who were offended & decided not to come back, but that was their choice & they missed out knowing us. We kids grew up and through teen years & beyond we still had plenty of naked times together, friends came & went, some stayed & became naturists too. Now I am 67 years old & still naked ! My wife enjoys some time nude and our visitors & friends expect to see nakedness when they call around. We live and love in a way that we enjoy, a whole generation of people who are ‘clothed in their own skin naturally’ !

  8. Please let me never meet Vic and Cindy whether nude or not. After reading their longest contribution to this discussion I can well understand their choice of President. Well-intentioned advice on lifestyle for any group is of no real consequence or importance and does not need such a rant in response. People can make up their own minds whether such advice is useful, relevant, or not.

    • We have a policy at Naked Wanderings to approve every comment that isn’t spam… Sometimes we regret this… We hope we’ll never meet Vic and Cindy either.

      • Thank you nik and lyn
        I will be a first timer (with my wife) soon as the weather warms up. I really appreciate your loving concern in this matter as i am looking for all the information i can find. I dont understand why anyone would rant about this or what the president has to do with that, i just want to conduct myself correctly and know what to expect and again thank you. Btw im not pleasuring myself. *eye roll*

  9. It was an impressive piece of ranting trollery though. In a way it is good that you approve it so we all remember how spectacularly ignorant a few people are and probably will always be. Please keep up the articles Nick and Lins. Most people really aren’t like that.

  10. Mary Clare and I have personally met Nick and Lins at our resort The Terra Cotta in sunny Palm Springs, CA. They are 2 of the nicest, most sincere people around. They give great advice to both first timers and experienced nudists. We can’t wait to meet them again someday. They pretty much know what they are talking about just like we do too after owning and managing nudist resorts for 25 years. keep up the good work Nick and Lins. Tom

  11. What a sour bunch of complainers. I have been at many resorts across Canada and USA and in almost all cases I have felt welcome and respected even though I am a member of the main group of people that are just not trusted by many nudists, I am single male. ( My wife passed a way a few years ago, but I still like nude resorts) Fortunately most resorts that will let me in with my FCN or AANR card and are comfortable after they have met me and have seen I like to talk to others in the pool or walking around. There have been a couple clubs that have not let me visit but they are disappearing.
    I did find the comments about old people and fat people very offensive . I would imagine that many would put me in the old category and I don’t think that makes me an eyesore, or some one that should be considered likely to ruin your vacation, except maybe if going to bed a little earlier than I might have 10 years ago is offensive. But like I said I just have found that the attitude that old people are considered in a poor light is not one that I have experienced at any nude resort. So if you happen to see an elderly single gentleman visiting your resort or the one you are also visiting please just say hello and start a discussion with me. I will be the one with a sunburned dome and possibly walking with a cane.

  12. When Thai people want to try for the first time they go as far away as possible just as you said – we go to Europe. That is why we have a lot of first-timers coming to try for the first time as a couple to be nude. In that situation Thailand is conveniently located as far away from home as possible 😉. I am not sure that Khun Dao would ever have become a naturist if we could not try it first safely outside of Thailand. Now you cannot pressure her into a swimsuit whatever you promise her.

    • We keep telling this to people. If you’re really afraid to run into your neighbor, go to the nearest naturist resort to your home 🙂

  13. Someday maybe I might reach the point to be considered a nudist couple. Or at least a couple who is comfortable with being nude with each other and perhaps even other places.


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