Naked Wanderings goes to the USA!

Normally we don’t spend whole articles about our future plans, only on birthdays or the end of the year we like to give you a sneak peek of what’s coming next. We do this mostly because we think that you can appreciate the surprise.
“Oh now they’re here… and now there…” We imagine your reactions.
But we’re not going to lie about it, another reason why we don’t talk much about our plans is that there’s often not much of a plan anyway. Often we have no idea where we’ll be in two months and our plans keep changing from week to week.


But this time it’s different!
If you’ve been following us on social media or if you’re receiving our newsletter, you already know of course. We are going to America!
We also thought that this news was the perfect occasion to start with our brand new YouTube channel, so if you missed the video, check it out here:

Why the USA?
We’ve been having an amazing time here in Asia for the last 4 months, we’ve seen so many beautiful and interesting places we can hardly believe it ourselves. Amazing beaches, centuries old temples, interesting culture and very friendly people all over the place.
But we were missing something…
The places where we could be comfortably naked were very limited. Much less than we had initially imagined anyway. In fact, other than at the one resort in Bali and five resorts in Thailand, we had to stick to hiking to far away places to get a quick skinny dip hoping that nobody would see us. This is fun and we can’t say that we didn’t enjoy the adrenaline rush from time to time, but we have the feeling that after Thailand we’ll have seen most of the nudist opportunities in the area.
So we were wondering… Will we continue this trip through Asia? What are our other options? Back to Europe? The Caribbean? North America?


A very hard choice and luckily not one we had to make ourselves.
Faith can move in strange ways, we had noticed this before when we ran into problems getting a visa for India and ended up in Bali where our options for getting naked were suddenly much higher.
When life gives you lemons…
Some time ago we received lemons again via an e-mail from a friend inviting us to a party in New York City in the end of April. The choice was made. We are going to the USA!

Where in the USA?
Of course the USA is a huge country and we certainly can’t cover it all. Especially because we had budgeted staying about a year in Asia, where the cost of living is of course a lot lower.
So we have to be careful not to blow our money too fast. We figured that about one and a half to two months in the country won’t do us that much harm and at least we’ll get the chance to experience some nudist opportunities.
Because the end of April probably isn’t the best time to get naked in and around New York City, we’re planning to stay there only about a week. During this time we hope to get a taste of some indoor nudist opportunities the city has to offer, we’re thinking about yoga, fitness, maybe a gathering here or there, things like that.


By the end of April we’re going to search for warmer weather, we had a really hard time choosing between Florida and California, but in the end the west coast won the battle. We’re going on a road trip of about 5 weeks through California.
Here’s basically what we have in mind:
We’ll arrive in LA and spend a couple of days in the city.
Then we’ll go south towards San Diego and from there take interstate 8 passing by DeAnza Springs Resort.
From there we’re heading north again towards Palm Springs, which seems to be a mecca when it comes to nudist resorts in California.
Our next episode will be towards Las Vegas, not to gamble away our money but to stay at the Sea Mountain Nude Resort.
From Las Vegas we will do a side trip towards the Grand Canyon and hopefully get the chance to do a naked hike over there.
Then we’re heading back west, through Death Valley, Sequoia National Park and Yosemite where we’re going to search for some opportunities to get naked as well…
From there we’d like to end up in the San Francisco area, home to most of the nude beaches of California, where we’re going to camp for a couple of weeks.
And from there we’ll follow the coast back down to LA.
Sounds pretty much like a plan, doesn’t it?

We want you!
You’ve already heard it in the video, if you happen to be in California during May or early June and you happen to have a fridge of cold beer you just can’t get rid of or you have some steaks which are waiting to be barbecued, we’d be happy to help you out with that!
But that’s not all.
Although we’re getting better and better with researching our destinations, the best tips always come from the locals. So if you have some good advice about our itinerary (or you think we’ve made a very stupid plan), we’d be happy to hear. If you know about nice events for nudists during that period, nice places to get naked that haven’t found their way to the internet yet, must see spots, amazing nude beaches or whatever you think we might enjoy, please get in touch via our Contact Form or directly via e-mail: [email protected]


We’re also looking for advice about getting naked in national parks, is it really allowed? What are the rules? Do you happen to know any great spots which are on our route? Please get in touch!
If you’re planning a visit to any nudist resort or beach or campground in May and you’d like to be there together with us, let us know and we’ll send you the exact dates when we will be there.
Also tips for New York are appreciated by the way, although we’ll only be there for a couple of days, we do hope to have some great nude experiences.


This is going to be an epic trip, we’re looking so much forward to it!
See you in California!


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30 thoughts on “Naked Wanderings goes to the USA!”

  1. While you are in California you might want to visit the Olive Dell Resort in Colton and the Glenn Eden resort in Corona. They both are close to Los Angeles. Also Death Valley National Park has some nice hot springs. Santa Barbara still has some free beaches too.

  2. Basically, you’re staying in the small southern part of California, and missing the very best parts. You’re not going to see anything really, of California. It’s like if I spent the whole of a visit to the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, and saying I saw the Netherlands.

  3. Interesting choice. FL has by far the most nudist resorts in the USA. And it has at least four official CO beaches. Basically it’s the capital of nudism in the USA.

    But you’re going to CA. Orr Hot Springs is a hidden gem in northern CA. Harbin Hot Springs is a few hours away – I don’t know their status after all the fires.

    I don’t know about SFO having a lot of nude beaches. There’s maybe two or three?

    Enjoy. Hopefully some locals will steer you to good places. I’d hate to read about you getting arrested.

  4. One of the more popular nudie places is Deep Creek Hot Springs. It’s about 2 hours west of LA. It’s an hour or so hike down a somewhat steep trail, but it is a beautiful spot (in an arid CA desert kind-of-way) and you can do the hike nude. Also, depending on the weather you should hit Black’s Beach in San Diego. If it’s too cold to actually go to the beach you should at least experience the trail to witness first hand what Southern Californians are willing to endure just to get a little legal nude beach time!!

    • Second this, Deep creek is one of my favorite places to hike nude and it has the added benefit of having a hot spring at the end of the hike. On April 14th a local nudist group called naturists in the OC is leading a hike down to the springs so that might be the time to go assuming you’re in the area at the time. Additionally, the nudist resort olive dell ranch is hosting the bare burro 5k run on April 22nd which you might also want to check out, once again assuming you’re in the area at the time

      • I have to agree (since you are not coming to the Sonoron Desert in Arizona) DEEP CREEK absolutely is a must… as to deanza, I would by pass it. There are many more places to visit in and around Palm Springs.

        National Parks ~ there are no rules against being nude in National Parks or Forests. That said, individual areas are allowed to set an exception to not allow nudity, but in a very specific area. Outside the area you’re fine. Check Felicity’s blog where she learned about National Forests during her recent visit to the Verde Hot Springs:

      • Oh that’s 2 weeks too early… We’ll be in CA at the end of April… But we’ll get in touch with naturists in the OC, maybe they have other events.

  5. Guy’s…….

    If you’re in the US it would be a pity to miss Florida. The state is really a nudist hotspot with Pasco County having 8 or so nudist resorts. Nude beaches and even a clothing optional rooftop bar in Key West. We whiled away a few hours ther last month.

    Enjoy the journey.

  6. I agree about Florida, Haulover Beach is one of the best. But I think your real mistake is starting in NY. You should end there considering the timing of your US trip. If you spend a week in NY at the end of May or early June, you can visit Gunnison Beach or Fire Island (Cherry Grove area).

    • Yep, we know, but we have a party to attend in NY at the end of April which was one of the reasons why we decided to come to the USA.

  7. Have you ever used couchsurfing? There’s alot of nudist couchsurfing hosts in the US, even if you don’t need a place to stay they are a great resource for the area and sure most wouldn’t mind help with a BBQ!

    • Yep, we’ve used couchsurfing before but never at nudist’s places. That’s something we’ll have to look for in the US!

  8. At The Terra Cotta Nudist Resort in sunny Palm Springs, CA, we are so excited that the Naked Wanderings couple Nick and Lins will be staying with us May 7th-11th.
    And you are invited to meet them. Give us a call at 1-760-567-8067. We still have some rooms available and day use available too. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet them in person. Hope to see you soon!

  9. Nick & Lin if you can’t be bare naked in California then us clothing optional folk need to move to Europe. Internet is go to source for info. Lived in Santa Barbara late 80’s to 1994. Rincon had nice 3-4 mile nude beach. Carpinteria/Summerland as well. Discovered a place in Goleta that had nice nude beach. Must be one near UCSB college. Cool thing about California is summer time ‘marine layer’ = fog. I was born in FLA so this was very unique. I would hike nude up above SB. Landscape wise i’d rather hike bare up in North California/Oregon. Just saw Pinterest pic of nude hiking in Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP. San Luis Opisbo area i saw maybe month ago has nude beach areas. I myself switched to Thong swimwear two decades ago. That glowing white triangle on my Fanny is quite kinky IMO. Happy Travels !


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