The Naturist Talks: Om from India

As you may have read in the very first post of this blog, one of the main reasons why we started this project is to show the world that naturists are not some strange dark commune but that actually everyone could be one… Or could enjoy being one if they took the first step.


Our main example of “everyone” is of course ourselves, we write posts about naturism in general but also about our own experiences. But some of you might be thinking “Yes sure, those two are probably just the strange kids in the block…” (nah, we know you’re not thinking that about us, but we’re trying to write an introduction here). So we decided to let other naturists have a word as well.


So please sit back and get inspired!


Meanwhile we already published several interviews with people from all over the world. You can find them in the The Naturist Talks section.
Today we’re getting to know Om, who’s 29 years old and will tell us about naturism in India.


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Hello Om, tell us something about yourself

Hello I’m Om, I’m an aircraft technician by profession. I’m married and blessed with one kid. I am a “real” and my wife is a home nudist so far. We are living and working in India.


How and at what age did you become a naturist?

I think I became a naturist at the age of 17. Frankly, I wasn’t aware of the term “naturism” at the time, but I felt most comfortable with no clothes on.
Some time later I had my first naturist experience with a colleague of mine, strangely enough he never joined me again afterwards… He probably didn’t enjoy it as much is aI do. All in all I think I can say it was the internet that inspired me.


Is naturism allowed in your country and what’s the public opinion?

Naturism isn’t allowed in India at all. Some saints or Sadhus do follow a naked lifestyle but that’s more something religiously and hasn’t much to do with naturism. Once I tried to convince a friend of mine, it seemed to work out well and I thought he was convinced, but later he refused. Afterwards I have never talked about it with anyone else. Now I try to get in touch with naturists all over the world via the internet.


We hate to divide people into groups, but we’ll do it anyway…
Do you consider yourself a naturist, a nudist or an occasional nudist?

I’m pretty sure I’m all of three… I pretty much appreciate the naturist lifestyle, I’m a nudist because I like to be naked as much as possible but that’s only possible on occasion.


Do you find it easy to make naturist friends?

It’s certainly not easy to find naturist friends, especially not in India. But thanks to websites like I get to meet naturists in other places.
Once u know the person is a naturist, it’s no longer a problem to talk about these things.


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What’s the best tip you have for beginning naturists?

Don’t be shy!


Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
Be healthy, eat fresh, work out, look good, get naked.


Thank you so much for your participation Om!



Do you also want to tell your story and experiences in naturism? Please get in touch via the CONTACT page! As long as we have people who like to contribute, we can keep The Naturist Talks running!


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12 thoughts on “The Naturist Talks: Om from India”

  1. Hi Om, I enjoyed reading this.

    In particular, the bit about having been inspired by the internet resonated with me. I am able to be open about my nudism. It’s important to me to have an online presence for the sake of new nudists and those living in cultures where legal or social pressure makes it challenging to reveal one’s preference for nudity. I agree that the internet can be a great inspiration and a strong tool against closed minds. The more we read about nudism, and the more photos we see of people living naked, the more it becomes normalized. Thank you for contributing to that by sharing your story!

  2. Dear All,
    Good day to All.
    I like to be naturist, but one thing which strikes to my mind is still if a fruit, vegetable or any food is open we don’t like to eat it example Banana without its upper skin so the creator made everything perfectly clothing the human and an naturist cant be free of clothes in all seasons. Hope it sounds understandable.Thank you All.

  3. I am a 74 years male living in Dehradun who is looking for nudist friends in Dehradun. Can someone help me?

  4. Hi all
    I am Vivek from Pune.
    I am naturist since I was 15 but in my bedroom or when nobody was at home
    Since last 35 years I never slept with my cloths on
    I am married, my wife knows about my naturism.
    Anyone from Pune or in Maharashtra likes natuism?
    Please let me know on

    • Hi vivek m bittu,, i like naturism… I used to be naked when alone, but now i wanna experience group nudity.. or outdoor nudity below the open sky..

  5. Hi om. Nice talk about naturism. You said it is difficult to find naturists in India. But see how many naturists given comments.


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