Do We Really Consider Nudity as Normal?

We are nudists. Or naturists if you will. Or just people who enjoy being nude outside of the bedroom and bathroom. Alone or in the presence of others. And this habit of ours has absolutely nothing to do with sex or some kind of fetish. We just enjoy being nude.


This is how we often describe our lifestyle to others who don’t know anything about it. We don’t really care about how they call us (unless it’s “creeps” or “pervs”) and we don’t really like to use one specific term for our clothing-less habits either. We’d like you to respect that. Because if there’s one thing on which our lifestyle is 100% reliant, it is respect. The reason why we can spend time nude in all comfort, around a bunch of other people, is because we know that nobody will make a remark on how we look.


This is very liberating. Feeling comfortable while being completely exposed. Finding strength in our vulnerabilities. Being able to see full nudity without sexual desire. That’s because we consider nudity as something normal. For us, a bit of fat is not different than a bit of muscle. A scar is, just like a tattoo, a story written on your body. A breast, penis or vagina are nothing more or less than any other body part.
But is that really true?

Is it ok for nudists to sell their nude pictures?

A couple of weeks ago, we published a blog post asking the question of whether we can justify nudists who sell their nude pictures online. Most of that blog post was about the struggles of earning money as a nudist influencer in an anti-nudity world, but yet we received some very interesting responses. So we’d like to tackle that topic again. Why should a nudist never sell nude pictures? Why shouldn’t this be any problem at all? Can the selling of nude pictures be anywhere related to nudism at all?


New Cambium intext 4
We talked about how nudist influencers try to earn some lunch money by selling “uncensored” content via websites like Patreon. Most of you agreed with our conclusion: Being an influencer comes with a responsibility. Our goal is to show the world what social nudity is all about. Since that world is often already very much confused about how nudity and sex are for us not linked together, the last thing we want is to confuse them even more. We can’t just give the speeches about how wonderful and non-sexual nudism is and then ask money if they want to see our funny bits.


Wait a minute. What funny bits?
Didn’t we mention earlier that for us, a vagina or penis isn’t any different than a nose, an elbow or a toe? Are we admitting now that sudden body parts do have a different connotation than others?

Can we use our strength to exploit the textile world?

We probably all agree that as nudists, we wouldn’t buy pictures of other nudists. Why would we do that? We get to see nude people all the time. It’s like trying to sell a picture of a burger to the kid that works at Mc Donalds. Yet, nudist pictures do sell. So who buys them? Textiles do. Because for them, pure nudity is still very much linked to sexual pleasure and thus nudist pictures are worth something.


As nudist influencers, the last thing we want is to confuse the textile. We want to educate them. So we’re not going to mess with their minds by making them pay for pictures that give them sexual pleasure. That’s not what nudists do.
But what with the non-influencer? What with the nudist who doesn’t have a blog, Facebook page, Instagram feed or YouTube channel? What with the nudist who doesn’t promote nudism at all? Is there anything wrong with them selling their nudity?


On one hand, we could say that this is basically selling your body. It leans towards being a Playboy Bunny. On the other hand, if we do believe in “body part-equality”, so to speak, why should it make a difference? If we would be able to make a living by selling pictures of our nose or fingers, would anyone NOT do it?

Dick pics and other people’s nude wives

Talking about selling pictures, we are planning to publish a book soon called “Penises from around the world”. Just kidding, but if we had actually saved all the dick pics that we received in recent years, we’re pretty sure that we could make a whole encyclopedia with all possible shapes, sizes and colors. The sequel would be called “Pictures of my wife (that’s not really my wife)”.


Maestra Banner
We always wonder, what do those people expect from us? Keeping in mind that as nudists, we’ve seen quite a lot of penises already. And other people’s nude spouses as well. Do they want to shock us? (Oh No! A picture of a penis! The horror!) Do they want us to congratulate them? (Wow, that’s the largest penis we’ve seen in the last 25 minutes) Or maybe they want us to shock them? (Dude, that’s definitely gonorrhea, go see a doctor quick!)


We have to admit, when we wake up in the morning with another two dick pics in our inbox, we do get pretty disturbed. Not as much anymore as we used to, but still, we find it annoying. But why? You can probably guess where this is leading. If they would send us a picture of their left eye, would it bother us as well? We’d think it’s pretty awkward, yes, but it wouldn’t disturb us as much as a picture of a penis.

Do we really consider nudity non-sexual?

The reason why we’re not selling uncensored content of ourselves and why we still get annoyed when we receive headless nude pictures is the idea behind it. The fact that we do consider every body part by default non-sexual only works within a nudist environment. There’s the respect from our introduction again. In a nudist environment, we can expose ourselves to others without having to fear sexual remarks on how we look. Or without having to fear that some guy will flash his penis in our face to get sexual satisfaction. Well, those things might happen at nude beaches, but not by nudists who agree with our definition of the lifestyle.


In the outside world, we know that the large majority still links nudity to sex. And we know that the people who buy nudist pictures or videos rarely do so to enjoy the beauty of nudism in its most genuine way. So to answer our own question in the title: No, we don’t always consider nudity normal. We’ve been comfortably nude among others many times, often even when everyone else was dressed. But only at places where nudity is accepted and respected. Outside of those safe places we know that our nude bodies would be objectified.


During our lives as nudists, we’ve been through many phases. We had to learn to feel comfortable being nude and we had to learn to feel comfortable being among nude strangers. From volunteering at a clothing-optional camping, we learned to feel comfortable nude when others are clothed. At nude beaches, we learned not to give a damn about the guy looking at us from the dunes. Will this be the next phase? Feeling comfortable nude in front of others who don’t know what nudism is about or respect our nude body for what it is?
Time will tell.

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12 thoughts on “Do We Really Consider Nudity as Normal?”

  1. Once when a group of us were at a traditionally clothing-optional beach on a Colorado reservoir, two teenaged boys walked by. They weren’t sure where to look, as I remember. One of my best friends, a fearless lady who was then in her thirties and well shaped, called to them, “Come in and join us!” They actually swam near us for a little while. 🙂

  2. As a long-time nudist I reject the idea that nudity is non-sexual or asexual and that all parts are equal. A breast is far nicer to look at than an elbow. A 25 year-old, fit, trim woman is far more pleasing to the eye – and sexually stimulating – than a 65 year-old man with a beer belly.
    HOWEVER, that doesn’t matter. That is, the visual attractiveness of a person is only one part of who they are. In the textile world we see people of varying attractiveness all the time. We don’t flip out because we see someone “hot” or turn away in horror if we see someone “not”. Nor do we claim that everyone looks the same.
    Yes, good looking people are “good looking”. They have good looking bits. And now move on. A person’s appearance need not dominate their entire presence, but neither does it need to be ignored.

    • Very true. When I’m having a drink at the terrace of a cafe, I enjoy looking at attractive people. But while I’m looking at people, I of course try to be reasonably discreet, I don’t want to annoy the person. Why should that be different on the nudist beach? Well in my experience it’s not. I enjoy looking at people at the nudist beach too, and of course I find some of them sexually attractive, same as every other place.

  3. Being creative with your photos and coming up with fun ways to frame them is a great approach. What I never got is people blurring their genitals, like they are ashamed of being nude. It’s better not to post any photos if you are not comfortable or worry about abuse than to self-censor.

    • Well, not everyone is as creative as we are 🙂

      No seriously, there are many places on the web where nudity has to be censured. We have our own way of censorship but there are others who prefer blurring or black squares. We do think that blurring looks ugly but we don’t think that it sends a different message than we do. It’s about the perception. Some people will say “ok, we can see that they’re obviously nude but they will have some reason to hide some body parts“. others will say “this looks like they are ashamed“. We get the same reactions.

  4. Hello. My name is Gilbert and I want have the experience of being nude around othes. I don’t know where to go or how to do it. I have been for walks totally nude for miles. I have crossed paths with people and they would be very to some not saying anything. I enjoyed it so much. My wife will not go and don’t believe in it. I do. Can anyone help me with being a first timer?

  5. Yes, we should consider nudity as normal activities. We should only see positive side of nudity example , being nude is good for skin health.

  6. As a professional Male model and nudist/naturist advocate I would prefer to share my naturist images for free so I post on instagram, twitter and Flickr. I haven’t joined the patreon or onlyfriends group as I prefer to get my message across to everyone not the select few who can or want to afford to pay.
    I would hope that all true nudists would do the same to show that simple nudity is natural and inoffensive in non-sexual contexts ???


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