Why we need more naked beach parties

Why we need more naked beach parties

Many established naturist organizations are seeing black snow at the moment. The average age of their members is increasing and they struggle to attract new, younger members. So they came to a conclusion: Youth is not interested in naturism anymore. They have become prudes, they are too much focused on the beauty descriptions from the fashion industry or they are just too busy with their work, social lives and families.


This is old news, we already wrote a three piece series of articles about it with the Future of Nudism Part one, Part two and the unofficial Part three.
The time has come that they realize that youth might not be interested anymore in naked gardening days, yearly volleyball tournaments or organized afternoon walks on the beach.
Maybe what they want, what we want, are skinny dips, festivals and beach parties.

naturist beach party

How our BBQ turned into a beach party
An afternoon activity when we were staying at Vassaliki Naturist Club in Greece was a BBQ. Agreed, that doesn’t sound like the most spectacular thing to do during your afternoons on Kefalonia island, but the fact that it would be organized on a deserted beach, only accessible by boat pulled us over the line. Us and about ten other couples.
The setup was simple, we were driven with a mini van from the resort to the harbor and from there Mark, the owner of the resort, took us by boat to the beach. The resort’s cook was already there setting up the BBQ and preparing some lamb sticks and shish kebab.


It was a great afternoon, the sun was high in the sky and everyone was naked, except for the cook. He said it was for protection but we secretly think that he just got bored of the “make sure to take the right sausage”-jokes.
In any case, we had good time. People were chatting with each other and eating delicious food and the wine and beers were flowing. The staff brought holla-hoops and a frisbee so while some were practicing their body movements in order to keep the ring up, others were in the sea throwing the disk to each other.
An English guy had though about bringing speakers, so soon there was music, soon after there was dancing and everyone was drinking, laughing and having fun. We had a blast. When Mark came back with the boat to pick us up, the whole group started yelling at him “Go away Mark! We want to stay here! Pick us up tomorrow! Or the day after!”
In a couple of hours, a group of 20 naked strangers had become good friends, all trying to convince Mark to let us just stay a little bit longer.

naturist beach party

Why this works
“Oh kids”, you may sigh, but you have to know that we certainly weren’t teens (although we might’ve acted a bit that way). Next to ourselves there was one other couple in their thirties, some in their forties, some fifties and more. Age had nothing to do with this party, we felt like we were all equals.


Afterwards we thought about what it was that made this party work, why we believe that this, or similar events of course as not every naturist club has access to a secluded beach, might be the future for naturism.
Of course the fact that we were all on holiday did its part, we had no job to think about, no house that needed cleaning or clothes that had to be washed. And the fact that there was music and booze was also inevitable to get the party started, but most important was the social factor. We were a group. A group of people that did not care what the other’s background was or how they look, we already liked the others from before we even met them.


And we just did something fun, something everyone can do. Having a party doesn’t require specific skills and there are no winners or losers. There is no task list and there are no rules.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we need more naked beach parties!


IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: If you’re planning to organize a naked beach party, don’t forget to invite us!


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