How to Keep Your Belongings Safe at the Nude Beach

Naturist places tend to be very safe and naturists are known for keeping an eye out for each other. And for each other’s belongings. Especially in private resorts, we can honestly say that we’ve never heard stories about theft. On the other hand, there are several times when we’ve forgotten something and found it back at exactly the same place the day after. Or in the case of something valuable, at the resort’s reception desk.


Also on most nude beaches, we feel that our stuff is safer than on textile beaches. But of course, nude beaches are public and are more likely to be visited by those with less genuine intentions. So it’s definitely important to be a bit careful. Here are some tips to keep your essentials safe on the nude beach.


1. Only bring what you need

As nudists, we already learned to carefully select our stuff before walking out the door. We don’t have pockets, remember, so either we have to take a bag or take everything in our hands. Especially when visiting nude beaches, this is something you want to consider. “Do I really need this?”.


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When we’re clothed, there’s lots of stuff in our pockets that we don’t really need. The car keys could easily have stayed in our room. Our wallet as well. Driving license, passport, jewelry, none of that belongs on a nude beach (or any other beach), so there’s absolutely no need to drag all that stuff along.

2. Be discreet with your stuff

We’ve all heard horror stories about people who got robbed during their vacations. But honestly, people are often asking for it. They get on crowded subways with their wallet in their back pocket. They wander dark alleys late at night tapping on their expensive smartphones or they visit busy markets with their purse wide open. This is something we’ve learned a long time ago when we backpacked through South America: If it doesn’t look like you’re carrying a lot of valuables, your chances of getting robbed are reduced significantly.


This is also something that can be applied to nude beaches. Make sure to hide your valuables under clothes or in a bag and only take them out when you absolutely need them. Only take out your wallet to pay the icecream vendor.


3. Go with friends

One of the best ways to keep your stuff safe is by having something who takes care of it. If you’re going to the nude beach with friends, you can take turns to go into the water/to the toilet/get a beer so there’s always someone watching everyone else’s stuff. Just make sure to bring the right friends. We know people who are absolute experts in losing their things.


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4. Get a waterproof pouch

When on the nude beach, the most common time when you leave your items unattended is to go skinny dipping. Most of what you bring to the beach is probably not waterproof. A waterproof pouch really comes in handy here. This way, you can keep your phone and your money close to you even when you’re underwater.


Waterproof pouches and bags come in different sizes and at different prices. They don’t have to be expensive but don’t buy the very cheap ones if you want your stuff to survive.

5. Rent a kayak

Or a paddleboard, a surfboard,… Rental offices almost always have lockers where you can leave keep your belongings safe. You don’t even have to use the kayak. Some bars and restaurants also have this service. Get a beer or a burger and ask if they can watch your stuff for a while when you’re at the beach. It often works.



6. The diaper trick

This is definitely one of the best tricks in the book. Buy an (unused) diaper and use that to put your belongings in. We can promise you, nobody will ever pick up a diaper that they find on the beach. What also works (but less funny) are empty food packages.


There is a side mark though: Naturists respect nature and often clean up nude beaches. So when you go into the water, it’s best to put a towel over the diaper. Someone who’s cleaning the beach will never move other people’s towels. Someone who purposely moves other people’s towels will never clean up their trash.

7. Know what to do if your stuff does get stolen

Even if you follow all these tips, there is still a minor chance that your things do get stolen. Make sure to have an overview of everyone you have to contact in this case. This doesn’t just count for beaches, by the way, this can come in handy everywhere. Write down the number to get your credit cards blocked, get the number of the embassy in case your passport gets stolen, learn how to block your driving license, and so on. It’s also interesting to get a PayPal account, so friends or family can quickly send you some money in case everything is gone.

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15 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Belongings Safe at the Nude Beach”

    • Oh we’ve been to so many… If you’re looking for a vacation place, let us know and we might be able to point you to a great nude beach

        • Unfortunately, we haven’t been there, so we can’t give you first-hand info. But we hear that the Norfolk and Virginia Beach tend to be visited by nudists.

          • Y’all need to check this out on your travels. I lived near there for a while and never heard anything about that.

  1. Car keys not essential? Only if you are staying within walking distance to the nude beach. I usually put my valuables in the car trunk and bring my car keys, watch and glasses in my back pack. I go alone so there is on one with me. So going in the water is a problem. When I go in I look back at my backpack which I place close enough to the water so |I can see it but on dry sand not so close as to risk being hit by a wave. And I do look back a lot when I’m in the water. Sometimes I sit next to someone on the beach who would know if someone came by to steal. I especially like to choose to sit next to someone with an umbrella or some other tall object that I can see from the water to mark where I am near in case the tide pushes me down a bit. Not foolproof but . . .

    • This is a great practical article! I take a similar approach to you, Will. Car keys are the important thing, and I leave a spare change of clothes in the car. The keys themselves I carry in a wrist pouch.

      One trick I’ve been using for a while is to discretely bury the pouch with the keys just under the sand/shingle when I go in the water. Sometimes directly under my bag or towel, sometimes with a memorable stone placed on top. Anyone snatching a bag will not have time to start digging up the beach without attracting attention from other beach-goers.

      It sounds a bit paranoid, but I have heard tales of bag-snatchers at my favourite beach and the idea of being stranded at the nude beach is even more awful than usual!

  2. You missed one: wearing some clothes! 😉
    But let me explain. I live very private, lots of land around. Yet in one of the very few subtropical climate areas of Europe. At home, or in the garden, we wear clothes when there is a reason for it. Not the other way round. It is very nice because it sort of eliminates the need to explain why one is suddenly naked. Our naked is our normal.
    We wear clothes for basically three reasons. 1. When we go out. 2. When it gets a bit chilly, like now in the evenings. Or 3. when we just feel like it.
    My experience is, when my partner wears clothes, it is a lot more beautiful than it was in the past. It becomes an adornment, rather than a cover. It even goes beyond simply looking sexy. It becomes art.
    So when I need to carry my phone, I put on a shirt with a pocket. Or when I need to keep my keys, I put on shorts. For the pockets. Our freedom is more like, why would we wear clothes when we do not need them? But when it is more practical, we put something on. From my point of view, that actually looks a lot more beautiful, no matter what piece of clothes is put on. It becomes more fun to wear clothes sometimes, actually. I wonder if others have the same experience.

    • That definitely makes sense. One of the big misconceptions in naturism is that all naturists want to be nude 24/7. This is only a small part of the spectrum though. Most naturists we meet (including ourselves) largely focus on what’s more comfortable. If the comfortable choice is to wear clothes, then they wear clothes

      • Closest is probably Playalinda. Part of Canaveral National Seashore that you access from Titusville. Just take the Beachline (toll road) from Orlando. Lots of information on WWW. Search for the beach, not the town and note that some GPS have the beach listed as being in Orlando! ??????

        A clothing optional beach that is well attended and mostly undeveloped except for park service toilets at parking areas. Nude use is generally the beach north of lot 13.

      • As far as we know, Florida doesn’t have nudist beach resorts. You could check out Cypress Cove, it’s a very popular nudist resort near Orlando

      • Apollo beach it’s north of Playalinda and also part of Canaveral National Sea Shore. You access it through New Smyrna Beach. Take I-4 to Daytona Beach then south on I-95. It’s very primitive so stock up ahead of time.

  3. Haulover Beach is a state sanctioned nude beach just north of Miami. There is Haulover park but it is on Google maps.


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