The social nudie

The social nudie

There are plenty of reasons why people chose to become nudists, we have already discussed some in our article 7 reasons why you want to be a nudie so we’re not going to repeat them all. But shortly summarized it’s mostly about comfort, self esteem, liberation or the connection to nature.
Those are the same reasons we use to explain our nudie lifestyle when people ask about it and more than often the other party understands, agrees or even gets tickled to give it a try themselves.
But recently someone countered our answer with: “Yes, but why do you need to do that in group?”
“Well… well.. yes… good question!”


As a matter of fact we couldn’t really think of a good reason at that moment. And the person was right. We all have our own reasons to be nude, whether it’s because we don’t like tan lines or because we prefer the touch of a summer breeze over the touch of fabric on our bodies. Those reasons explain why we like to take off our clothes, but not why we like to do so among others.
We had to think about this because this question kept playing in our heads (and because we hate to stand speechless).
Why do we sometimes travel far to (and often spend money on) just being naked in group?


People are social animals
At first we tried to laugh the question away with the idea that we were actually just looking for places to be nude and that we didn’t care about the others, they just happened to be there. But we knew that wasn’t the case.
Why did we chose to spend our holidays in a nudist resort instead of a private beach house where we could also get naked?
Why do we drive for an hour to the nudist club for an afternoon of sunbathing when we could do that in our own garden?


The thing is that we humans like to spend time with other humans. Well at least most of us. And of course we prefer to spend time with our close friends, but most of them aren’t nudists. So it’s often a hard nut to crack, especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Do you want to spend time with our friends or do we want to be naked?
When our nudie souls take over, we have to replace our friends. Well, not really replace them, just for the afternoon.


And we also like to make new friends, but how do you do that at our age? As a kid it was easy, your parents took you to the playground and you started playing with the other kids. But when you have the same partner, job and sports club for years, you don’t make that many new friends anymore.
At a nudist club, at least you know you’ll have one common interest with everyone. The love for being naked. And other than that you know that nudists in general are friendly and social people. It happened quite a lot that we just said “Hello” to someone and ended up talking for ages.


No more boundaries
Another important factor why we don’t make that many new friends as we used to is because we often hesitate to talk to someone based on how they look or what they own. We’re not going to start a conversation with the guy in the suit when we are wearing some scruffy training pants and neither will we try talking to the woman who just stepped out of her Aston Martin. It’s a shame really, but it’s who we are. We don’t like to be rejected or looked down upon so we try to avoid situations where such a thing could happen.
And the sad thing is that this works in both ways. Many of the rich and famous are actually pretty lonely because nobody even tries to get in contact with them. We’ve all heard stories about the very pretty girl who couldn’t get a boyfriend because all guys thought she was out of their league. Well, same thing.


As soon as you get passed the “No clothing allowed from this point” sign, all those superficial boundaries disappear. You’ll have no idea whether the person you’re talking to is an artist or a doctor or a lawyer, whether they are millionaires or completely broke. They are just persons. Just like you.
And you may have spotted a Porsche on the parking lot, but you have no idea whose is it. Actually this is good material for a guessing game as it turns out that most of the time you’re completely wrong. At least we are.


Learn something new
The things we do in the nude are often quite few when we limit ourselves to our home. Even though we’re pretty inventive, it didn’t take long before we got completely used to naked cleaning, cooking, sleeping or gardening. Remembering the fact that we loved skinny dipping when we were teenagers we soon started looking for places where we could do that again. Nudist places.


It’s also in nudist places that we learned that practically everything is possibly naked, as long as someone does some organisation. More or less every sport is practiced naked somewhere, the most common are table tennis, regular tennis, volleyball and jeu de boule but there are also nudist clubs organising nude 5k runs, nude hikes, nude surfing or nude horseback riding. For those who really like it rough, there’s even a nude Rugby club in New Zealand.


This is not limited to sports either, several nudist clubs organise art workshops for those into drawing or body painting. There are nudist dance classes, quizzes, karaoke evenings, parties, you name it.


Brave new world
A final reason we could think of is that from time to time we like to exchange our “real” world for a more perfect one. A world of equality, harmony, peace and friendliness. A world where people are happy and nice to each other. A world without noise. A world without violence. A world without cell phones. A world where nobody’s the boss and everyone gets along.


Okay, okay, we might be a bit romanticizing here. A visit to the nudist club is nothing more than a snapshot of life, it’s not life itself. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a happy place. A place where you can take off your sorrows together with your clothes and put them in a locker. At least for a while. And it just wouldn’t feel the same if there was no one else.


When we were just newbie nudies, we often felt different. The fact that we like to spend our time naked kind of separated us from the rest of the world. It was hard to put our finger on. Was it a fetish? A hobby? A strange twist in our heads?

By visiting nudist clubs we found out that we weren’t that different at all. That twist appeared to be a lifestyle shared by many others. And suddenly… we felt normal again.


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16 thoughts on “The social nudie

  1. A most excellent article! It’s been our great pleasure that several excellent nudist/naturist websites have appeared in the 10 years since we created ours, and yours is one of them!

    There is no dearth of sites purporting to be ‘nudist’, but so many are NOT. We all need to support those who ‘get’ what it’s all about!

  2. Many interesting points brought to this question.

    For myself personally, I feel it is a sense of liberation being with like minded people with no judgement.

    Stay Naked


    1. I couldn’t agree more….life is to be enjoyed naturally and even better with like minded people who can just live.

  3. A very well written article,i am a home nudist right now, but the resorts are far from me,plus, I am rather shy,but would like to meet other nudists to associate with, I am 63 and rather lonely

    1. Well Kenny we are in the same situation. I’m an at home nudist and go nude in my fenced backyard also. I’m not really lonely but it’s nice to hang with other nudists and I’m 64. If you’re ever in Florida look me up to hang nude with. Deej

  4. مااجمل المشي بجسد عاري في الأماكن العامة التحرر من الملابس شي جميل انا في بلد لايوجد به أي مكان للتعري انا احب التعري لكن في الأماكن المغلقه وأحيانا في أماكن بعيده عن الأنظار كم أتمنى أن أذهب للدول التي يوجد بها التعري

    1. Translation: How beautiful to walk with a naked body in public places being free from clothes is a beautiful thing I am in a country with no place to strip. I love nudity, but in enclosed spaces, sometimes in places that are out of sight, I wish I could go to countries with Nudity.

  5. أتمنى أن التحق بالعراة في أي مكان لكي أو شاركهم ذالك الشعور الجميل مااجمل أن تكون تمارس مايحلو لك دون قيود والأجمل من ذلك أن يكون البلد اللذي تقطنه هو من يشجع على التعري ويساعد على تنظيمه وطرقه

    1. Translation: I wish I could join the nudist anywhere, or share that feeling. how beautiful it is to be practicing what you want without restriction. What is more beautiful is that the country that you inhabit is the one who encourages nudity and helps organize it and its ways. (based on Google Translate)

  6. هنيئا لكم أيها العراة ذكورا وإناثا ببلدانكم الجميله التي لاتمانع أصول التعري بجميع أشكاله وألوانه ذلك الشعور لايصف إلا من مارسه وعاشه

    1. Translation: Good for you naked males and females in your beautiful countries that do not mind the origins of nudity in all its forms and colors that feeling does not describe except who practiced it and lived it. (Google Translate)

  7. We need to help people to understand that it’s quite normal (natural) to be naked if it’s warm enough or indeed to do things where clothes could be a pain (I once stripped off when doing a painting job in a bathroom on a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic, to keep my clothes clean because I was sweating a ton and what was more natural than to be naked in the showers?). Where I live now, most of my neighbours know I am naturist and will be unfazed if they find me in the nude. But it’s not always easy to bridge the gap and get people to understand.

  8. Very good article. At the moment I’m a home nudist living in the south of England. Have a secluded part of my garden where I can be naked. More recently I have been getting a little braver to be able to sit in the sun more. It is possible I could be seen. So far no-one has complained. I think to myself it is only an offence if you are trying to shock and cause distress which I am not.

  9. What a good article. So often we talk about the motivations for the individual. Here we talk about our collective desire to be together. It may not be for runs or sports or even swimming. Some of the nicest gatherings I have been to involved a potluck and an evening bonfire. Chatting, singing songs, and telling stories are all even more fun nude with friends and new friends.

    1. Indeed, and we really enjoy naturist places which encourage these social gatherings. At Bare Oaks in Canada for example you can buy wood for your own bonfire for 8 dollars per bag but you get it for free if it’s for a communal bonfire.

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