6 Things the nudist should always carry along

Nudism is all about freedom and relaxation.
You don’t have to care about what to wear, no spare clothes to carry, no cell phones, nothing.
Not a single worry in your mind.
But before you step naked into your car there are a couple of things you better consider taking to your favourite nudist place.


sunburn_72212Bring sunscreen to your nude spot

Every naturist will tell you that there’s only one reason to wear clothes: Protection from the elements. Everything else can be considered conventional.
But it’s warm and you want to get a tan, so clothing is no option.
That’s why you need sunscreen. Lots of it. You may not think about it at the moment, but when you’re totally naked some body parts will get some sunshine which they normally never get. Even though you can walk around the beach in your swimsuit wearing only factor 10 and not getting burned, remember that when you take off the swimsuit, you should increase the factor.
Just remember: If you burn your butt, you’ll spend a lot of time standing.


Even if it’s not clothing optional, a T-shirt is always handy

Probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re going nude sun bathing, but a t-shirt can become handy in several occasions.
If it gets a bit chilly in the evening you can stay longer outside.
If you did forget your sunscreen and you’re getting burned, first of all, TOLD YOU SO! But secondly you can cover yourself with the t-shirt so it doesn’t get worse.
If the sand on the beach starts to annoy you, you can sit on it.
You can put it on your head when it gets too hot.
Or you can use it as a flag in case you have to search for  your place on the beach.


New Cambium intext 1

Avoid an itching butt by bringing mosquito spray

When the evening falls, the mosquitoes will start to attack (except when you’re in the Amazon rain forest, then they will attack you every moment of the day or night).
The weather is still nice, you’re having a good naked time and you don’t want to put on your clothes already. That’s when you’ll thank us to remind you to bring the repellent.
If you have a good one it might also protect you from other insects like ants in the grass or sand flies on the beach.
And if someone gets too close you could even use it as pepper spray.


Show your identity (or at least the card)

Some naturist places will require your ID to do a background check. We have no idea how that actually works (it’s not that they have access to the police database or anything), maybe they share a certain blacklist or probably it’s just to scare you so you would behave. In any case, they might ask for your ID. Especially when you’re a single man.
Bringing an ID can also be interesting when buying drinks. If you don’t want to carry your wallet everywhere with you, you’re more likely to get a bar tab if they can keep your ID as security.


The number one nudist gadget: A towel

Nothing feels better than sun drying your body, so why would you need a towel?
Among nudists it’s considered polite to put a towel between every piece of furniture and your body, because nobody wants to sit where only minutes before your sweaty ass has been.
Even if you don’t care about other people, there are enough other reasons to take a towel anyway. If you can’t think of any, give us a call after you’ve spent an afternoon naked in the sand.


Forget about Facebook and WhatsApp, read a book

On many nudist places, especially the private ones (like saunas, camps,…) all electronic devices containing a camera are forbidden. So no cell phones, computers or tablets.
Why were you thinking of bringing them anyway? You came here to relax, remember? You don’t want to spend your afternoon answering e-mails and since you’re naked you won’t be posting many selfies on Facebook either.
Our advice: Bring a good old fashion book or a paper that’s actually made of paper.
Or if you have company, bring a deck of cards. We can’t count the hours that we’ve been playing cards in nudist camps.

So much fun! Except for strip poker, somehow that one got pretty lame.

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  1. Of course they have access to police records, at least in the US. There are phone apps that will tell you all the sex offenders in your neighborhood. So yes, they are checking you out to make sure that the community is safe. That is why problems in nudist communities are so rare.


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