15 Everyday things that are better done naked

Our slogan is: “Because life is better without clothes” and we truly mean that. First of all it mentally changes you, taking off your clothes truly makes you a different person. And secondly because being naked is just a lot of fun and many things are better done nude. Probably because they were meant to be done nude from the very beginning.


1. Cleaning
Some people love to clean. We can’t understand that… For us cleaning is a burden and we like to get it done as fast as possible. Until we decided to give it a try without any clothes. It wasn’t so bad anymore, we enjoyed the sight of ourselves running around the house nude with buckets and brooms and the vacuum cleaner. We also noticed that we didn’t have to think  anymore about getting wet or dirty, a quick shower afterwards and we were as clean as our house.
Suddenly we noticed how much time and energy we used to spend trying not to get wet.


2. Dancing
The local club may probably not appreciate you taking off your clothes, and if they do you might attract the wrong kinds of people. But we’re not really talking about clubs here…
Turn on the music in your living room, take off your clothes and practice some moves. Without the restrictions from tight jeans or expensive fragile blouses you’ll experience a great sense of liberty while dancing. It suddenly goes so easy. See how many new moves you can do without clothes on.


3. Meditation
Like we said in the introduction, being nude changes you mentally. Many people underestimate the impact clothes have on our mood and our mindset, but you can’t ignore that you will behave differently when wearing a suit than when wearing shorts. You’ll be in a different mood with colorful clothes than when you’re all in black. That’s just a fact.
When you take off your clothes you remove something that pushes you in a certain direction and you make place for new ideas and new insights. This is the perfect mood for meditation.
If you’re not into meditating, you could also try to think about complex issues or thoughts you got stuck with. Chances are that you will see things from a different perspective.


4. Cooking
Cooking in the buff is fun for more or less the same reasons as for cleaning. You can make a mess without having to worry about stains that won’t come out of your clothes anymore. Feel the freedom and if the mess afterwards is too big, do some naked cleaning.
Caution: Watch out with food that splatters and with open fires!


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5. Eating
What you’ve cooked has to be eaten of course. Have your own naked diner or invite some friends over.
If you’re in an experimental mood, see if you can use any body parts to serve the food or eat the food from. In Japan, body sushi (where sushi is served on a naked body) already exists for quite some time, why not try this at home?
Again caution: watch out with hot food… Drinking soup from a bellybutton may sound like a genius idea, but certainly isn’t.


6. Reading
Reading is one of our favorite activities when on the nude beach. Personally, we prefer to be as comfy as possible while reading and when it comes to clothing, there’s nothing more comfortable than no clothing at all.
How about reading a book about nudism while actually nude? No better way to get really into the story.


7. Camping
We often go camping and sometimes a tent can be very uncomfortable. There’s not enough space to stand up so you have to get dressed and undressed while seated… It’s annoying. On a nudist camping you don’t have this problem.
One of the best feelings in the world is to wake up naked in your tent, you hear the birds singing, you zip the tent open and step out feeling the grass between your toes and the sunlight on your body. If there’s is a heaven it must look like a sunny morning on a nudist camping.


8. Swimming
There is a reason why so many nudist places have a swimming pool… Swimming without a swimsuit is so much fun! Every nudist will tell you, as soon as you tried skinny dipping once there’s no way that you’ll ever want to wear a swimsuit again.
Feeling the water on your body without any sticky clothing is fantastic and after a refreshing swim you get on the sundeck and dry from the sun… Mmmmmmm.


9. Be creative
We’ve mentioned it before, being naked makes you more open minded. That’s perfect if you want to do something creative. Make a drawing or a painting, write a story or a poem or a song. It has occurred to us that writing articles for this blog goes so much better when naked, it’s incredible.
While you’re at it, think outside of the box. Why stick to the canvas for your painting?
Why not include your body?
If you’re not the creative type, you could help others. Be a nude model and become an artwork.


10. Do something you don’t like
This list doesn’t have to be all about fun things, as a matter of fact the things you don’t like are often much more fun when done naked. The reason for this is that you’re likely to be a bit distracted by your nudity and thus aren’t 100% focused on what you have to do.
This can be anything… Whether you don’t like to polish your shoes, clean the garage or make the bed, try to do it naked.
There are some restrictions here though. If you don’t like to do grocery shopping, it might not be a good idea to do it naked. The same counts if you don’t like video conferencing with your boss.


11. Exercise
The Olympics (and pretty much every sport event 2000 years ago) used to be fully nude. Why you ask? Because it’s much more comfortable. If you exercise you want to get the best out of your body, then why restricting it? You don’t put a fridge on your stomach when you do sit-ups, then why putting on clothes. It just goes better without.
Another advantage (which they already knew 2000 years ago) is that an exercising body is beautiful, you can see every muscle move. Why hide that.
Naked Yoga is very upcoming lately, for other types of exercise counts: if you don’t practice them at home, do check with the others if they’re okay with you taking your clothes off (off course your nudity could also be good to distract the other team).


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12. Taking a nap
It can be as simple as that. We’re both nude sleepers, for a very long time. Actually from way before we realized that we were nudists. But this isn’t about sleeping at night, it’s about dozing away on the couch, in a chair or everywhere else one dozes away. Nothing more annoying when your half asleep and suddenly your clothing gets sticky or itchy or scratchy or whatever clothes often do when you don’t want them to. No clothes, no misery.


13. Gardening
Whether you call yourself a naturist or not, being naked brings you closer to nature. It’s just that when clothed, you’re not used to the feeling of soft sand, warm seawater, a cool breeze or tickling grass along your whole body. When thinking about the touch sense, many people think of their hands. But you can feel things with every part of your body. Clothes restrict most of our body parts from touch anything but fabric, once you get rid of that it’s like you’ve gained a whole new sense. Being outside in the garden is a great way to experience this “new sense” with your whole body.


14. Shower outside
Our shower at home is quite a good one, but still it’s nothing more than a glass cabin. how big your shower may be, it will always feel like you’re in a tiny place.
When the weather is nice, get outdoors to shower. You don’t need anything, a bucket with water or a hose is more than enough. You don’t need to worry about the bathroom floor getting all wet, enjoy the liberty of no walls and no restrictions. When there’s two of you, you can make each other wet, from the other side of the garden if you like (Yes, our inner child is still very alive…).


15. Get a tan
Whatever the fashion industry will try to tell you, there is NO WAY that you can get a decent equal tan when you’re wearing clothes. Even if your bikini bottom is nothing more than a couple of cords and your top covers about half a nipple… You will have tan lines. Even if you wear a different type of bikini every other day, you will have tan lines (and the chance that people start calling you “50 shades of tan”).
There’s only one way to get a decent tan and that’s the nudie way!


What are your favorite activities while nude?


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15 thoughts on “15 Everyday things that are better done naked”

  1. I basically live naked indoors (since I cannot do so outdoors as much as I want too). So on days in which I work, nice to wake up (sleep nude), climb out of bed and always enjoy my ‘morning naked coffee’ time in front of the computer (hence the nifoctn, naked in front of computer)

  2. I was just thinking this week how much I hate yard work. But I’ve noticed that doing it nude is so much more enjoyable.

  3. I guess I am like many others that if they could would
    Be totally naked the rest of their lives. So I do the
    best I can that is to enjoy resorts and nude beaches

  4. I am more of an outdoor nudist than an indoor one, so I guess I would be considered a naturist. I have slept nude for many years, but I am mostly clothed indoors, partially due to the fact that I get too cold being nude indoors, except in the summer. Swimming and sunbathing would have to be my favorite recreational activities to do nude. You are correct that once you have swam without a suit, you never want to wear one again. Other things that I have tried and enjoyed doing nude are: running in a 5k clothing-optional race, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, outdoor nude yoga, hiking, bicycling and massage.

  5. This is a great selection of activities to do nude, in fact ive done all of them but never put it all together. Bravisimo for your championing of the naked lifestyle. Putting clothes on was the retrograde step. Now, we just need to unlearn it. Big love and lots of luck. We need you xxx

  6. I love putting things together in the nude. I have done 10 of these , but the one I want to do is be a nude model for a painting or drawing class. My favorite thing to do in the nude is cooking then eating the delicious food I just made.

  7. One of our favourite things is hot tubbing nude. Even our friends who are not nudist will usually take their clothes off and realize how freeing of an experience it is.

  8. This is a great list of things to do naked. I would to try them all well as many as I can. I would add richard’s as well someday I will drive naked.


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