The benefits of sleeping naked

Depending on which statistics you believe, about 10 to 25 percent of the world population prefers to sleep naked. That’s not much. Of course we can understand that if you’re an eskimo living in an iglo or a nomad sleeping on the floor of a tent in the desert at temperatures going well below zero that you may perfer to put some socks on, but other than that, why on earth would you choose to wear clothes in bed? And yet, more than three fourth of the world population prefers to do so.
We’ll let you into a little secret here… wait for it… YES! We sleep naked!
Since long before we became nudists, or better, since we started to consider ourselves nudists we have chosen the option to sleep naked. We never actually gave it a lot of thought really, sleeping nude always felt natural. Pyjama pants just got stuck in our butts, causing annoying wake-ups in the middle of the night involving pulling and squeezing and turning and meanwhile waking up our partner who was not particularly happy with the sudden energy in the bed either.
At least, that’s how we imagine that things would go, we sleep nude since way before we met each other and here’s why you should sleep naked too.

Sleeping nude is a first step into a healthy life

A lot of research has been done over the years about what to wear in order to have a healthy night’s rest. As soon as the results got pubished, the fashion industry demanded their sponsorship money back. No matter how many tests and surveys were done, the answer was always the same: Nada. Nothing.  Not a single fibre. Sleeping nude was the one and only answer.
This doesn’t really come as a surprise, our skin has to breathe. All day it’s stuck in layers of t-shirts and socks and trousers and pullovers and bras and boxershorts and when you get undressed in the evening it thinks “FINALLY, some air!”. But then you put your pyjamas on and your skin gets suffocated again and it can only think of a sweet revenge… “Tonight, when you’re fast asleep, I’m going to start itching like hell!”


New Cambium intext 2
It all has to do with chemicals. While you are dreaming about sipping cocktails in a hammock under a palm tree, several processes in your body are trying to recover the mess you made during the day. Your muscles relax, your heartbeat drops and chemicals are released to set your body temperature to a perfect level. We’re not going into detail here, a quick Google search on the terms “cortisol” and “melatonin” will give you a good scientific explanation which we could never produce, but long story short: if you wear clothes in bed you give your body a hard time finding the right temperature. This results in worse sleep quality, increased stress, increased aging of the skin and many other side effects you’d rather not have.
And you start sweating, your body and whatever you’re wearing gets moist. The perfect breading ground for bacterias and fungi. You may be feeling lonely, but those companions are better not to have in your bed.

Sleeping nude is a first step into a free life

The decrease of your stress levels are already a good start to feeling free, but there’s more. A good night’s nude sleep and feeling awake in the morning are some of the most important factors for having a positive view on the world. Whatever issue you’re struggling with, you’re more likely to tackle it well if you had a good rest.
All nudists will tell you how being naked (both in and out of the bed) gives you a certain level of freedom, a quick getaway from the material world. Even when it comes to sleeping this makes perfect sense. You don’t have to think about what to wear, you don’t have to wonder whether it will be loose or tight enough and if you wake up in the middle of the night with a bladder about to explode you don’t even have to take off your pants when you reach the toilet. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?


Sleeping naked is always a win. You save money by not having to buy and wash pyjamas, you save time by not having to spend hours in the shop searching for the perfect night dress and you could even avoid the discussion with your partner about why you’ve spent so much time and money getting something you’ll only wear when it’s dark and you’re both in another world.
But the fashion industry will tell you a different story. They’ll convince you that sexy (and expensive, of course) night dresses are perfect to spice up your sex life. Baloney. Cuddling skin to skin will get you more in the mood than a piece of fabric ever will.


Sleeping nude is a first step into a nudist life

We’ve told you in previous blog posts that becoming a nudist is often a step by step process. Only a few of us  remember their first time at the nude beach as the most comfortable experience where they dropped their pants, walked over to the beach bar, ordered a beer and had a chat with the other nudies. One important step we advise to aspiring nudists is to get a bit comfortable being naked solo before trying out a social setting.
Sleeping naked is a perfect first step. You’ll feel more comfortable in bed and thus you’ll start feeling better being naked in general. The short walks from the shower to bed to the bathroom and back to bed will be your first nude hikes. After a while you won’t bother anymore to put on clothes to get to the kitchen for a midnight snack or for breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. You’ll find yourself cleaning up the kitchen naked, doing the laundry naked (and be amazed of how little there is lately) and realizing that you were about to walk the dog naked.
That’s when you’re ready to hit the nude beach!


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18 thoughts on “The benefits of sleeping naked”

  1. All of the info in this article is true.I started sleeping nude when my AC went out in 1987 and never stopped.It did lead to spending more time nude simply because it felt good.It’s interesting that sleeping and swimming seem to be a gateway to being nude more.It makes sensethough,because those two activities are definitely more enjoyable nude.Great article.

  2. Funny thing : we are a nudist couple but don’t sleep naked. She is always too cold. And sleeping naked is too… ‘arousing’ for me !!! I guess my skin is extremely sensitive (also why I enjoy nudism so much..)

    • As a guy and a naked sleeeper I can honestly say that it is only ‘arousing’ at first. I think that you need to try sleeping nude for longer, you’ll quickly get used to it and it won’t be arousing anymore.

    • Welcome. I also loved to be naked. Lately. That’s why I go to Naked Yoga too.And Mauri Massage as well. Where my masseuse allowed me to be uncovered. I’m completely naked! I live with my parents even so only in my own room, and in the bathroom. I can be naked. I can sleep naked.

  3. It’s the only way to sleep! I have been doing so for many years, unless its really cold when camping. let your skin breath and have a great nights sleep. It was a friend at secondary school who first talked about how he slept naked, I thought it sounded odd but decided to give it a try. Looking back I remember may parents used to sleep nude so it should not have been so odd to me, but I was a teenager at the time and Teenagers are funny things

  4. I’ve been sleeping naked since I was 13, my parents didn’t know though, when I heard them getting up in the morning I’d quickly put on my abandoned pjs!. I think it’s wrong that parents assume that their children will want to continue wearing pjs. I think that dads should speak to their sons at the time of puberty and tell them that they can sleep nude if they want to.

    When I was 10 my dad’s business partner’s son came to stay with us for several nights a week. It became clear that he slept shirtless, he was 21 at the time and a good role model for me. We got on well and I started sleeping shirtless influenced by him. It wasn’t long before I ditched the pj bottoms.

    I always hated wearing pjs, they bunch up and make you hot and sweaty. I think wearing any clothing to bed is totally unhealthy. Sleeping naked is wonderful. I’ve heard negative comments from people who claim that you’ll mess the sheets by sleeping naked, there’s absolutely no problem if you always shower before going to bed. My advice is ditch the nightwear, save money by not buying PJs, do less laundry, sleep better than you’ve ever done before.

  5. I have been sleeping naked for years and love doing it ,you feel free,also have always done the ironing naked you don’t sweat. when you are wearing clothes you need a shower after not when you are naked

  6. Although both my girlfriend and myself are nudists, funnily enough only I sleep naked. She’s always cold for some reason when sleeping but not when nude outdoors lol 🙂

  7. Naakt slapen, Ik weet niet beter. Als tiener ging de pyjama definitief uit en toen ik uit huis ging, verdween de onderbroek voor altijd. Naakt slapen is heerlijk. Je voelt geen enkele beklemming. En inderdaad het werkt positief in bed. Daarbuiten ben ik sinds 1973 naturist en strand en zee kennen mij alleen bloot. Als je dan weet, dat ik in de tuin en ook in huis vaak naakt ben(Ook nu ben.ik naakt), dan kan ik iedereen die twijfelt, alleen maar aanmoedigen om de kleren uit te laten.

  8. I have slept in the nude, since I was in my twenty’s I am now seventy five old I have been a naturist since late sixties. I agreed there’s better than nothing than being naked. Please keep up the good work you both do.

  9. Actually, Eskimos do sleep nude in their igloos. They lay out furry animal skins on the ice floor, or on ice platforms, and then strip off to sleep on the skins. They use other skins to cover themselves if needed.
    The term Eskimo is not seen as politically correct these days. The Eskimos of Canada and Greenland are now generally known as Inuit. But of those who live in Alaska, some are Inuit and some are very proud of not being Inuit.
    And incidentally, the ice-built shelter is called an igloo (not iglo). It is usually occupied on hunting trips, while the permanent homes of Inuit and other Eskimos are in areas that do not ice over in winter.

  10. One of the big differences in sleeping naked is whether the sheets are 100% cotton.
    Really it can make a big difference. Cotton is cooler when you first get into bed, but it feels souch better. Of course the thread count of 300 to 600 makes a difference also
    Mixed fiber sheets feel warm at first but seem to hold the body heat longer


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