Why You Have to Try Nudism While in Your Thirties

What’s a good age to start with nudism?
Maybe the best timing is just from day one. The moment you’re born. You’re nude anyway, so why don’t just stay like this for the rest of your life? It’s a great idea, but unfortunately at that age the choice isn’t yours. If you’re not born in a naturist family, someone will take away your nude freedom within the next minutes.


The following years aren’t much easier. Until you’re three or so, your parents will allow you to run around butt naked under the sprinklers in the garden or at the beach on hot summer days. But sooner or later also this won’t be part of the options anymore. Then come the awkward puberty years when things start to grow out of proportion and hormones confuse your mind endlessly. By the time those hormones get a bit tempered you’re twenty-something and in college or university. All your time is spent with boyfriends and girlfriends and BFFs and hobbies and studying and getting hammered at the bar.

When life starts getting over your head

If you thought your twenties were heavy, wait until you get to your thirties. That’s when the really scary stuff comes. Mortgages, marriages, children, careers and everyone telling you that it’s about time to take life seriously. Fun-time is over, honey. For us, those early-thirty years were the most suffocating ones in our lives. It seemed like every bad decision we made could be haunting us for the rest of our lives. Interestingly, it was also around that time that we rolled into naturism. Why? Maybe, because we were looking for an emergency exit.


Life was going too fast, the rat race was sucking us up and we needed a way to escape from all of that. Even if it was just for an hour. Or maybe an afternoon. A different world where things would be different than everywhere else. Spending some time in the nude among other naked people proved to be a great relief. As if, with our clothes, we were able to shed our worries and doubts as well. Those moments we didn’t care about the rest of the world anymore. And neither did the rest of the world care about us. Nobody was telling us which dental plan or pension investment scheme we should take. In fact, nobody was even telling us to put clothes on.

When the future starts to be important

All that long term thinking that comes with being a thirty-something isn’t necessarily bad. We like to think ahead. If we’re planning to make babies, at least we want them to have a bright future as well. And we hope to remain on this planet ourselves for some decades to come. So why not strive for a better place for all of us. How about the environment and the hole in the ozone layer? What if the world is really warming up? Will consumerism will eventually kill us all?


All those questions might one way or another direct us towards naturism. Maybe not in one straight line, but it does create a desire for the simple life. A place where we can enjoy nature instead of concrete. Where we don’t need 200 inch TVs or 2000 dollar purses. Some kind of paradise where people like us for who we are instead of what we own. A place where we can be ourselves again. Like a naturist campground.

When our body discovers gravity

The perfect body doesn’t exist. That much is sure. It’s something unreachable. It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You may run for it, you may search for it, you may dedicate your whole life trying to reach it… but you never do. All the way through puberty you hate how your body looks. For the rest of your life, you wish you had that body again like when you were nineteen.


Your thirties can be a huge attack on your body. The stress, the long days at the office, the lack of exercise, the dinner parties, the late-night stops at McDonald’s and your firstborn all have their influence. Meanwhile, you see all those tight bathing suit models pass by in the magazines. Yes, you know that they are photoshopped, but why doesn’t anyone photoshop you?


Maestra Banner
The answer to all these doubts and anxieties aren’t found in diets or the gym or the fashion store. Because also those keep changing the way rainbows do. You may be on the good way to reach this summer’s expectations, but who knows what the next season will bring? More investments from your side, that much is sure. The real answer is right there in your head. Why would you want to compare yourself with a brainless image from a commercial or a magazine? Why not check out what real people look like. As a nudist, it doesn’t matter at all how you look. You’ll never stand out as the thinnest or thickest or longest or shortest. People come in all different shapes. At nudist resorts, you realize that your shape is nothing bad at all, in fact, it is what makes you YOU.

When it’s time for the family

“My child arrived just the other day, he came to the world in the usual way. But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay, he learned to walk while I was away.”. These are just some of the reasons Ugly Kid Joe points out, in his famous nineties song “Cat’s in the Cradle”, for missing out on most of his son’s life. Your thirties are the years when society expects you to start working on your offspring. But let’s face it, is there any worse timing? With all those planes to catch and bills to pay?


Spending time with your kids is something you really have to put on your agenda. You could go for the easy way and spend the afternoon at the playground. Little Jimmy will be on the swing for hours in a row while you can continue answering your e-mails on the terrace. There you go, another three hours of parent-child time. Or you could really invest in spending time with your children. By taking them away from everyday life to some paradise where the artificial influences are reduced to a minimum. Where you spend the evenings playing cards in a tent instead of staring at the TV. Where you can (re)connect.


Do we still have to mention here that a naturist resort would actually be a good place for this? You already knew that, right? Take some time off from laundry and work and everyone else. And spend this time together. You don’t even need kids for this. Also as a couple, naturist vacations have proven to be excellent for bonding. And if you do have kids, this might also be the perfect time to introduce them into naturism. Maybe your grandchildren might then become the lucky ones being nudists from day one.

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12 thoughts on “Why You Have to Try Nudism While in Your Thirties”

  1. “If you thought your twenties were heavy, wait until you get to your thirties. That’s when the really scary stuff comes. Mortgages, marriages, children, careers and everyone telling you that it’s about time to take life seriously. Fun-time is over, honey. For us, those early-thirty years were the most suffocating ones in our lives. It seemed like every bad decision we made could be haunting us for the rest of our lives”

    Haaa, this is so true, .. why? cause the “society” made things be this way, its a pattern, and if u dare to pop out of it, well .. ur fucked.. either by that same society, or when it comes to $$$ , or, actually both.
    I dont know if u guys have seen the move called THEY LIVE, but ,you should, it pretty much says it all how it is.

    Wow, i might have said it already for a few blogs before , but this one deffo is the best and most serious one made so far.
    You can even exclude the naturism part, and put in anything else u desire there, it still fits 100% cause of the same thing i mentioned after the quote.

    • Well… there’s another thought behind this…
      We are not exactly living the most conventional life, and yet, we’re still alive and having a lot of fun 🙂

      • Well you are, but what did u do to get there?
        Didnt u actually do the exact same thing i described?
        Being in the pattern?
        You couldnt have do all of this without making a nice ammount of money before..while being in the pattern.. all that traveling, hotels,resorts, food, rent-a-cars, internet domain, it costs money ,+ now ur making some money as well with this, or at least, having few free resorts i suppose as a promo for them on the blog.

          • Well it depends, the system doesnt work the same for everyone, so not everyone can use it, altho i actually think that the system uses you.

  2. I enjoyed reading that article and can relate to most of it although my life was never like that. I completely agree that everyone should try naturism at least once in their lives, I certainly never regretted it.

  3. Love the idea that you were “looking for an emergency exit” and discovered naturism…I totally identify with that, and 18 summers after my first nudist beach foray, and now at nearly 50, I love the freedom of summer days being naked at the beach….swimming, reading, walking, even working at the beach.
    So when are you going to come and review the naturist options in Australia….summers here! (even though it’s snowing in some parts of the country!!)

    • Australia has been on our to-go list since the very beginning of this trip… Yet we haven’t made it yet to down under. At the moment, the cost of living over there is what’s holding us back. A couple of months in Australia and NZ might require a one-year travel budget in other places around the world.
      So the first plan is to work on a sustainable income. Then we’re coming over


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