14 Ideas to Enjoy being Nude at Home while Social Distancing

If you are reading this blog post within a couple of weeks after it was published, there’s a very high chance that you’re doing so from your own home. The terms “lockdown” and “social distancing” will probably compete for first and second place of the word of the year for 2020. For most people, this will be the first time in their lives that they stay in or around the house for weeks in a row. Only going out to get the bare necessities (pun intended).


Every day we get to see a bunch of numbers before we even had our morning coffee. So many people got sick, so many died, so many hospital beds are taken. It’s a tragedy how this virus destroys people’s lives. Yet there’s one number that we are really looking forward to seeing (although we doubt that it will ever be researched): How many people will become nudists in quarantine?


When you think about it, the circumstances are excellent. It’s just you and your family, you don’t have to go out and there’s nobody who can ring your doorbell. Why on earth would you put on clothes? Psychologists are already speculating on a possible baby boom or divorce-pandemic, we are hoping for a nudist-boom instead! In case you already know about the joys of being nude, here are 14 tips to make your nude social distancing times even more fun.

1. Relax

Here’s an interesting thought: How scary and daunting the current situation may be, it’s also giving you a very precious gift. TIME. Lots and lots of time that you can spend in any way you wish as long as it happens on your own property and doesn’t include any others than your own family. Many of the ideas in this blog post are things you normally just don’t find the time for. Let’s start with a very important one: Relax!


The idea of the daily rat race is so 2019. This year will be the year that you’ll learn again about how to relax. You have the time for it and nobody will disturb you. How you prefer to relax is something you have to find out for yourself, maybe it’s even something you’ll actually have to learn. You could read a good book, or a very thick one (Tolstoj-style). You could have a nap, or even better, introduce daily nap times. Yes, times, with an “s” at the end.


Watching all the latest movies is definitely also a good way to relax, or check out the new series on Netflix. Or you could really relax in a fancy style and have your own spa night. Do a facial at home, take a warm bath, give yourself a mani pedi and you can probably come up with other things to get yourself pampered. Needless to say, relaxing works the best without clothes.


2. Improve your home

The truth about owning or renting a place is that if you really want to change something, you have to do so before you move in. Once you’re actually living there, billions of other things will get priority over that last wall that still needs to be painted or that family portrait that never made it to the wall.


Now is a great time to pick up all those projects. Rearrange your furniture, then rearrange it again. And again. You can only be sure about the perfect place once you’ve tried all possible combinations. Do the same thing with your decoration and try to find a place for all those pictures, paintings and whatever other things you have waiting in the basement. Give your closet a good cleaning, now that you’re nude most of the day anyway, it might be easier to throw out some old clothes.

3. Start cooking

Another popular nude activity is cooking. Think about it, how many times have you seen an amazing recipe in a magazine but never really found the time to keep something in the oven for three hours? Now is your chance. Your chance to try new food, your chance to be creative, your chance to mess up something completely and just start over. Culinary magic is waiting for you.


New Cambium intext 1
You can also make this more exciting and have a cooking challenge with your partner. You each get to pick a couple of ingredients and the games are on. If you’re not into cooking, this is also a great opportunity to have a wine tasting. A big one. You don’t have to drive home afterward, you even don’t have to order an Uber.


Lots of cool restaurants are doing delivery these days. This is also a great opportunity waiting for you. Decorate your table and have your date night at home. You don’t even have to dress up. Or dress at all. You could also do the combo. Have you ever wondered how that great steak in your favorite restaurant would taste with your own mash potatoes?


4. Get artistic

Hobbies are the things that suffer the most from your lack of time. You have plenty of them when you are a child, less when you’re a young adult and often not more than one or two once you get a job, a mortgage and a family. Think about what you loved to do when you were young(er). Did you have some drawing skills? Did you like painting or photography?


If you have a partner, this is an extra advantage because he or she will be stuck at home as well. You could have your personal nude model, how cool is that? Creating nude art is definitely fun, but creating art in the nude even more. Especially when painting or creating pottery. You can make a complete mess on your body and be just a shower away from being clean again.

5. get inspired

One of our grandmothers used to say: “Use your time wisely”. How much wiser can you use it than by actually getting wiser? Or inspired. Now is a great time to check out the TED Talks archive, to listen to inspirational podcasts or to browse through some excellent naturist blogs.


When people are talking about the post-COVID-19 period, they’re often mentioning the “new reality” or the “new normal”. Why not prepare for that and become the new you?


6. Learn something new

Some like to gather inspiration, others prefer to see immediate results. Is there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time for? Like learning a new language, learning how to make clothes, learning how to play the guitar or how to do origami? Well, what’s stopping you now?


Most lockdowns will last at least one or two months. You can learn a lot in that amount of time. One day you’ll be back in the office and your colleagues will ask you how you survived quarantine. Imagine the look on their faces once they Google Translated your reply “Je suis devenu un maître de la langue française et j’ai pris tous les cours nus.


If you do want to learn something but don’t really know what yet, check out edX for some amazing online courses in pretty much everything.

7. Get moving

The big downside of all this staying indoors is that your physical condition becomes hard to maintain. Your daily run around the garden pretty much bored you out of your mind after day two and even that new fitness machine you’ve bought on Amazon isn’t anything like a workout in the gym.


Also here, the internet will bring you a solution. Lots of yoga teachers have moved their classes online, even Naked in Motion has free online classes these days. Apps like FitTrack and Aaptiv will help you to get back in shape in no time. And here’s the cool thing, since you’re taking the classes in your own house, you can do all of them in the nude. Even the world’s most renowned yogis won’t mind if you perform their moves without clothes.


8. Enjoy your time with the kids

If you have a family, spend some quality time with them. It’s a common complaint these days that kids don’t do much else than play video games. Few parents will admit that this is because they actually don’t have much time to spend with their kids. Today, time is plenty, so use that to teach your kids that there’s something else than Zelda and Sonic (and whatever non-nineties video games that children play these days).


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A good tip is to play the games that you enjoyed in your pre-video game-times. Play board games, play hide and seek, build a fort, make an obstacle course. The options are endless. If you don’t have kids, your pets will also enjoy some more attention. How about teaching them some new tricks?

9. Go camping

We’re not kidding, you don’t actually need an endless Canadian forest to have a great camping trip. You can do so in your own garden, or even inside the house. If you’ve been wanting to improve your home (idea 2) but didn’t really get to it, now is your chance. Clear the living room, turn off the heat and create your own Mount Everest Base Camp. The last day you can even do the hike, it’s only 6 457 times up and down the stairs, you know.


Catching your own food might be a bit tricky and your pets will probably not appreciate that, but it’s perfectly possible to have an indoor picnic. If you own a projector, you can spend your evenings gazing at the stars. Nude camping has never been so close.


10. Work

We know, these are not holidays. Some of us actually have to work, often from home. As nudists, don’t tell us that you haven’t noticed the opportunities. Remember all those times when you dreamed about how cool it would be to appear nude at work on casual Fridays? How many of you are actually wearing pants when going to the office now? That’s another statistic we would really like to find one day. How many people will have had video calls with their colleagues or boss, nicely dressed in a shirt and tie and nude below the waist?


We bet that there are millions. Another interesting statistic will be the ones who completely forgot about this and stood up, right in front of the camera. That might be one step too far in normalizing nudity though.


Unfortunately, there are also people who will (temporarily) lose their jobs because of this crisis. Finding a job without being allowed to leave the house isn’t easy, but if you want to earn a couple of extra dollars, euros or rupees while you’re stuck at home, check out Fiverr. You’re definitely not going to get rich from it, but it will give you the chance to earn money with whatever you are good at. We even love to watch Fiverr just to see all the crazy ideas people come up with.

11. Get (semi-) social

There’s one thing that we can tell you for sure: You will get bored eventually. You may even get lonely. Humans need connection with other humans, some more than others, but all of us are social beings. No matter how much you love your partner and kids, there will be a time that you want to talk to someone else for a change.


Imagine this crisis happening in pre-high speed internet-times. That would have been so much worse. Today, although not physically, you can connect with pretty much everyone who has a phone or a computer. Our friend The Meandering Naturist told us all about his online naturist cocktail party for example. Indeed, the one that we weren’t invited to…


Just kidding, but the options are endless. Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook all have a video chat function. Zoom, a company that probably nobody had ever heard of before is now one of the most searched words in Google. Other than having “just” a video call, make sure to arrange it well. Have coffee time or Pictionary night. Order the same wines and do virtual wine tastings. Invite all your friends from the naturist club for virtual drinks at 5 PM. Or even your international friends, no matter where they live. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…


12. Become a naturist blogger

If you’ve been struggling through this blog post and you think “damn, those Nick and Lins are boring”, or if you just want to share your own opinion about naturism or nudism or your own nude life, why don’t you start your own blog? The naturist world is in urgent need of more promotors of our wonderful lifestyle.


You can really set up a blog in 1-2-3 with WordPress or Wix and if you want to do it well and have your own MyAwesomeNudistBlog.com address, have a look at Hostpapa or GoDaddy (yeah, we also find it weird that both of them are about male parents, but hey, they provide a good service).
If you have any questions about becoming a naturist blogger, just contact us or any of the other nude bloggers and we’re sure that everyone will like to help you.

13. Start planning

This crisis is not going to last forever. Do you have any idea what you’re going to do when those quarantines and travel bans are lifted? How are you going to enjoy the new reality and the new normal? To us, it seems like a waste of an opportunity to try to go back to life as it was before. Unless that was the most perfect life you could ever imagine, then please do try as much as you can.


For all the others, it might be a good idea to think ahead. Now that you got this amazing life lesson of being stuck by yourself and making excellent food and finding the perfect place for your family portrait and creating art and music and indoor camps and having virtual nude cocktail parties that lasted for two days and a half. What’s next?


Now is a good time to think about the future. How about creating a bucket list? How about planning your next naturist vacation destinations or how about making a budget plan so you can finally have that amazing nude vacation that you’ve been dreaming of for so long?


14. Enjoy the moment

Last but not least, it’s important that you recognize the beauty of this unique situation. We know, it’s scary, it’s boring, it’s lonely and you would much rather spend these sunny spring days on some nude beach or at a naturist resort in a faraway country. But you have to remember, this is very likely the only time in your life when you will experience a situation like this.


Don’t waste that opportunity. Live in the moment. Enjoy the everyday things that life brings you. Soon, this will be nothing more than a memory. Let it be a good memory!
Now that you’re an excellent cook and artist, that you’ve seen everything Netflix has to offer, that you’ve had a 14-day camping vacation in the living room and that you’ve become the world’s most famous naturist blogger, we have one more task for you.


We would like you to create a Time Capsule. Write yourself a letter (not an e-mail but like a real one with paper and ink and stuff) about how you feel today. How you feel in this situation. About what you’ve learned and have accomplished and about what your future plans are. Then put it in an envelope, seal it (preferably with candle wax, that looks cool) and write on the envelope “DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 2030”.

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  1. After Reading g the 14 points, id like to vote for you as president and vice pres of usa 2020….now what an awesome world we’d have on our hands!!!

    • That is very correct 🙂
      The thing is, we’re currently stuck in Mexico for probably several months because of the virus. Since we’re not traveling and not meeting many other naturists, we think that it will become hard to keep coming up with new topics twice a week. So we’ve decided to switch to one post per week for the time being.

      There are currently about 375 blog posts on Naked Wanderings, we’re sure that you can find some that you haven’t read yet 😉

      • I like to relax. Since my wife is working until 2 pm, I just sit on the back porch, nearly nude. Not much activity happening with the neighbors. Wearing my speedo and making is real short is my relaxed enjoyment and reading blogs like yours!
        Thank you.


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