9 Great Naturist Content Creators that Deserve Your Support

When we started with Naked Wanderings, we felt that there was a gap in the information about naturism that could be found online. There were static websites, often in need of an urgent makeover. You could subscribe to newsletters from clubs or federations. And there were not much more than a handful of naturist bloggers, whom we happily joined.


After more than 4 years of blogging on Naked Wanderings, we’ve seen many other naturist content creators come and go. Few managed to stick around for more than a while. One of the reasons is that being a naturist content creator takes a lot of time and effort for which the compensation is little to none. The friendly comments, the pats on the back, and the kind messages are heartwarming, don’t get us wrong, but they don’t pay the bills.

Content is never free

The internet has completely changed the way that we find information. We still remember the days when, if we wanted to learn more about a certain topic, we had to buy a book, a magazine, or at least a library subscription. When a 24-volume encyclopedia covered the bookshelves of many living rooms. Today, most of us have a small device in our pockets on which we can consult pretty much all of the world’s knowledge. For free, or so it seems.


But content is never free. In the past, we used to pay for information with dollars, euros, pesos, or rupees. Today, we pay by clicking on links, by looking at ads, and by giving small but very valuable pieces of personal information to the corporate world. Savvy content creators literally get rich while sleeping. Instagrammers with more than 100 000 followers charge up to $1000 USD for one sponsored post. Advertising companies regularly pay bloggers about $5 USD per 1000 page views. Similarly, YouTubers can earn about $5 USD per 1000 video views.


We’ll share some more numbers with you. Naked Wanderings gets between 250 000 and 350 000 monthly page views on average. The YouTube videos about naturism that Hector Martinez made, before his channel was banned, often got several millions of views. Yet, Hector nor ourselves ever made a single penny through mainstream advertising platforms. All because of nipples and butts.

Why naturist content creators need your support

We fall in a very unfortunate gray zone when it comes to earning money with naturist content. On one side, the advertising companies are terrified of every piece of bare skin. Staying away as far as possible from anything that has to do with nudity. On the other side, not a day goes by that we aren’t contacted by companies that sell porn or sex toys. Ready to put green bills on the table in exchange for promoting their products. But, of course, we rather stop blogging than advertise penis enlargers and fake vaginas.


Basically, the only way for naturist content creators to earn some income or at least offset their costs is via the traditional ways. By donations or paid subscriptions. But why would you pay for something that’s freely available? Without your donation, the Naturist Living Show will keep creating podcasts, Hector Martinez will keep making videos and we will keep writing blog posts. At least for a while to come. The thing is, unlike a book or magazine, you wouldn’t be paying for the content. You would be supporting what we stand for. Just like you probably wouldn’t join a naturist federation for its monthly newsletter or quarterly magazine. Instead, you support them for what they do for naturism.

9 Naturist Content Creators that Deserve Your Support

There are different ways to support naturist content creators and all of us have our own preferred way. Patreon, a monthly donation platform, is becoming increasingly popular, but also the old fashioned donate button can still be frequently found. In many cases, you even get something in return. An alternative to the quarterly naturist magazine, so to say.


Hector Martinez

Hector was one of the first genuine naturist content creators to embrace Patreon. We said “genuine”, because just like there are many obscure naturist websites, there’s also a growing number of obscure Patreon accounts, promising uncensored and sexual content for your money. This kept many content creators (including ourselves) away from the platform at first, afraid that people would start questioning our trustworthiness. But Hector went for it and proved to the world that if you stick to your values, you can make it work on this platform.
➡️ Check out Hector’s Patreon


Naturist Living Show

Stéphane Deschênes has been a naturist content creator from the very beginning. He started his Naturist Living Show podcast back in 2008, which happens to be the year that we took our first steps into naturism. It would take several years more before we would learn about the podcast though. Stéphane and his team have been publishing an episode a month ever since. But he’s a busy bee and when you do something for free, the resources are limited. Supporting the Naturist Living Show on Patreon would give them the chance to expand.
➡️ Check out the Naturist Living Show Patreon

Naked in Motion

We joined a Naked in Motion yoga class when we were in New York back in 2018. Willow, the founder, who we had wished to meet unfortunately wasn’t around because she was launching naked yoga in Boston as well. Meanwhile, also Seattle can now enjoy Naked in Motion classes. Naked in Motion is much more than just yoga without clothes. It’s about equality and body freedom. About learning to love your body and respect everyone else’s. Unfortunately, because of COVID, all live classes have been canceled and Willow is facing financial challenges. By supporting Naked in Motion on Patreon, you can help this project sustain.
➡️ Check out the Naked in Motion Patreon


Maestra Banner

The Naked Yogi

Another strong promotor of body positivity through naked yoga is Sarah-Jane, aka The Naked Yogi. She helps people (re)connect with their bodies and to get rid of shame and negativity. Basically, if Sarah-Jane’s classes would be mandatory in high school, it’s likely that the world would look a lot better. By supporting The Naked Yogi, you can help her to create more content and help more people.
➡️ Check out The Naked Yogi Patreon

The Naked Farmer

Many will agree that naturism is about a lot more than just being naked. It’s about liberation, about freedom, about confidence, about comfort, about friendship, and about many other blanks that you are free to fill with your own experiences. For Ben Brooksby, it’s about mental health. Ben has been suffering anxiety attacks since the age of 6 and with his Naked Farmer project, he wants to create more awareness of mental health issues and raise funds to support mental health professionals. You can support his projects via single donations.
➡️ Donate to The Naked Farmer


Exposure Therapy Project

Another topic that’s closely related to naturism is gender equality and the censorship of the body (yep, the exact same reason why many naturist content creators fail to make money). Instead of sitting in a corner and cry, Emma Shapiro launched the Exposure Therapy Project. A guerilla resistance movement to fight against censorship. One of her actions are the famous stickers of female nipples that women can put on their own breasts to be allowed to pose topless on Instagram. If you support gender equality, you definitely want to support the Exposure Therapy Project.
➡️ Donate to Exposure Therapy Project

Get Naked Australia

Just like ourselves, Brandan wasn’t all too happy about how naturism is often represented on the internet. With Get Naked Australia, he wants to completely reshape the naturist culture in his home country Australia and empower people to experience the benefits of naturism in its original setting; unspoiled nature. Within the first year, Get Naked Australia gained over 100 000 followers and people started sending in pictures of themselves, naked in Australian nature. Get Naked Australia doesn’t use the common donation tools, but you can support them by buying their quarterly magazine or some of their cool merchandising.
➡️ Buy Get Naked Australia Stuff


Our Naked Story

We met Liz and Blake a couple of years ago at nudist resort Olive Dell Ranch in southern California, where they live. At the time, they talked about doing more to promote naturism. It was an interesting conversation. They admired us because we had already taken the step to make our naturist lives public. We admired them because they thought about doing this when they were so much younger. Oh, how we wish that we had started Naked Wanderings a decade earlier… Anyway, not too much later, they launched the Our Naked Story Podcast. Showing the world the joys of nudism through the eyes of two early twenty-somethings.
➡️ Support the Our Naked Story Podcast



Naked Wanderings

And of course, there is our very own Naked Wanderings. Our own platform with which we show the world the beauty and joy of naturism. We help people take the first steps into social nudity and help naturists and nudists find all the best places to get naked around the world. Naked Wanderings has grown so much over the years and if we’re not working on new projects, we’re definitely thinking about them. We believe in a bright future for naturism and naturists and with your support, we can do so much more than we already do today.
➡️ Check out the Naked Wanderings Patreon


There are definitely some more great naturist content creators that we missed in this list and many others yet to come. You can help us all survive and grow. And if we ever manage to make a difference, you will always know that it was partially thanks to you.

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22 thoughts on “9 Great Naturist Content Creators that Deserve Your Support”

  1. Can I add a tenth one? Topless Topics (toplesstopics.org) is mostly focused on topless equality, but the presenter Cleo is a dedicated naturist. And she could use some support from fellow naturists and genuine sympathizers.

  2. Nice article.
    Altho , id like to make a comparison with music .. as u mentioned about the before and now …
    As u can see ,i mean hear, i mean hear and see, today, .. everyone can be a “star” , “singer” ..or even worse .. an idol.. cause of the internet.
    Music has suffered so much not only as it self but the artists, the real artists i mean, and i cant lie and not say that i contributed to that as well..

    The thing is, the question that is, why are u doing this?
    Do u do it cause u like it? i mean , not the thing it self, its obvious cause u like it, but the internet thing? Do u do it out of the love , promotion? or cause of trying to make a living off of it? Tbh thats the real question, also another id say very good point i have..
    Patreon … now .. i do listen to Stepahens podcasts, but, if id had to actually sub/pay for them, trust me, i wouldnt.
    Not cause they arent worth it, but cause, in that sence , id have to pay for everything else too .. and at the end what would that lead to? And besides, u cannot promote something for the masses if thats the goal, and at the same time want the masses eg. like me thats not a nudie, to understand/get into it or whatever,and say hey come see/hear us, u might like it , and o ya .. u gotta pay for it ..
    To me , that kind of logic/thinking is a nono.

    • Let’s make another comparison with music.
      We love street artists, they create atmosphere in the streets. And they definitely play because it’s their passion. But one way or another, it has to be sustainable. You can be a great performer or entertainer but if you have to work two jobs to make ends neat, chances are that you won’t be playing much. And that you won’t get many chances to grow and improve.

      For you, it doesn’t matter if you give those artists something or not, because they’ll play their songs anyway. But if you do, you’re supporting their work and you’re encouraging them to do more.

      • Hum.. it is a passion, but they pay on the street cause they want money, not cause of the passion ,lets be real.
        Just because a person knows something or loves, doesnt mean he/she has to make money off of it, thats called passion, doing something for money is called a job,even if its not a classic type-o job.
        I would do a more better comparsion .. strippers.
        Ur not obligated to tip a striper in a bar, u can still see her, but shes for sure doing that cause of the money, not cause she likes to flash in front of ppl.
        Those that really enjoy flashing for pps ,they dont do it 4 money, they do it for the joy, or they get a kick out of it,or whatever, but not for the money, we know them as exibisionists.
        Anyhow my point was, if someone wants to promote something and stuff, its really not a good idea to say .. hey , we are …younameit.. , we`d like u to introduce it to you, u might even like it and enjoy it, but .. u have to pay to see/know about it.. hah i mean it just doesnt sound honest or right.
        And you now .. if trends like these continue, most things will be left “behind the doors” ,cause its crazy to think ppl will pay for ever single thing they are interested at, or would be interested at.
        I mean, Spotify,Pateron,Netflix,HBO,Apple + or whatever.. onlyfans lol .. not to mention what else exists or will exist in the future.
        Thats the way i see it.

        • Strippers earn 5 times as much in a strip club than they would working in a regular bar. Street artists earn much less on the street than they would working another job. Trust us, it’s a passion.

          • It dont matter how much money they make off of it, that wasnt the point , the point was that they are out with it to make money off of it. The ammount is irrelevant for the discussion.
            LIke me … i play some guitar .. but i dont play for money ,nor i want to..i didnt learn that to make money , but cause i love the sound of it , and the feeling of the songs while playing it, its .. like a hallway in a way for type of ppl that dont really express emotions trough words, talks, but with songs if u know what i mean.
            Anyway ,my kinda point is, its a passion ya, but when u turn a passion into making money, it becomeslike a snowball, the appetite gets bigger and bigger, and then the whole thing loses its sence.

          • We disagree. We believe that it’s a wonderful thing if you are able to make money with something you’re passionate about. About playing the guitar, there’s a huge difference between playing for yourself and playing for others. There are many musicians that don’t like to entertain people. That’s a different passion. But if you like to entertain and you are able to make money from it, it’s great. And we’re sure that many street performers would still play on the streets if it didn’t make money. But probably less.

            It’s very similar with content creators. Most of us would still do so if it didn’t earn anything. In fact, for most of us, it actually doesn’t earn anything. Look at the Naturist Living Show, they’ve created podcasts for 12 years without any revenue. And even without our Patreon, we would still be blogging. But if we had to combine it with jobs, there would be less time to write, take pictures, make videos,…

  3. It’s a breath of fresh air to see so many new content creators. I know it’s a passion.

    It’s definitely a passion for me. Unfortunately it takes money two make things happen. I, myself, was at Glen Eden nudist resort with my father when I was 12 years old. I have been part of it for all my life. I was on the AANR West board for many years. I am a member of AANR, TNS and INF and others. I was voted “Man of the Year” at AANR. I believe in 100% wholesome, family oriented values. My goal is to keep it as wholesome as possible, which, of course, it is.

    Thank you all for your hard work! Together we can improve our world.

  4. I think you are doing a fabulous job with your blog and I do agree that if this is your passion you are always right to monetize this passion, as you get to be your boss and also earn by doing what you love to do most.
    I am not sure how you earn your money now other than donation through patreon but I do feel that any naturist resort or hotels that you promote should give you a commission if a customer do go there after getting reference from your blog
    I have been to Italy many times and was not aware of any naturist place till the time I read about them in your blog. So next time when I visit Italy I would surely like to stay in one of the recommended resorts and give your reference and the resort should pay you commission for that

    • Hi, thanks for the kind words!
      We have a couple of ways to earn money. Patreon is, of course, very important. And then we have our guides, our shop, advertising and some consultancy and writing projects.

      We have been looking into a commission-based system for quite a while, but it’s much more complex than you would additionally think. With you, it would perfectly work. You have read about the naturist places in Italy on Naked Wanderings and you remember it. But many people just google “naturist resort Italy”, and read maybe 10 websites (which may or may not include ours). They don’t know which website eventually inspired them to visit a certain place. Nor do they care.

      You see, for every person who knows that they found a certain place via Naked Wanderings, there might be 5 who don’t know/remember.

      Nevertheless, it is very much appreciated if you do mention to the management that you found them via us. We won’t get a commission, but it will strengthen our relationship with the resort and create opportunities for future advertising or collaborations.

      By the way, if you’re planning to go to Italy again, make sure to check out our youtube channel. We’re in the middle of publishing a video series about our naturist travels through Italy.

  5. Super tricky! Just in recent months, we have visited several naturist places SPECIFICALLY as a result of your endorsements, (and have made a big deal about that at each place,) but unless there is some sort of direct referral piece in the reservation system, there’s no clear way to track that. (Maybe a promo code could help? 🤷‍♂️) In any event, I think we share the core value that promoting the ideals of naturism is SO much bigger than promoting a particular place, and there’s simply no measure of the value of your words when somebody decides to take a chance in nakation as a result of your unceasing efforts, regardless of the fact that they can’t even remember where they read the recommendation. 🙄

    Just another voice to say thanks for your unrelenting energy and ingenuity. We’re experienced naturists, (OMG… so experienced! 😂) but we still keep learning from you. 😀

    • Thanks a lot for the kind words!

      We’ve looked into the promo code option as well, but the big question is always: Who’s going to pay for the discount. Few people care about a 5% discount, so that needs to be at least 10%. Add another 10% commission for ourselves, and the resorts are looking at a 20% cost on their accommodations. Many will be happy to discuss this for the low seasons, but few will agree for the summer months.

      And, as you mention, it’s about much more than promoting certain resorts…


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