Naked Wanderings banned from Instagram

Some of you probably already noticed that our popular instagram account @nakedwanderings has disappeared…

Just like that.

We already received several e-mails and Facebook messages to ask why we have shut down our account.

Well… We didn’t.

We were as surprised as you when on Friday the 15th of February we woke up and noticed that @nakedwanderings was gone.


What happened?

Apparently, we’ve done some things that were not conform with Instagram’s Terms of Use. We’ve read these terms over and over and really can’t find a single thing we’ve done wrong. We didn’t spam, didn’t follow/unfollow and didn’t schedule posts and we’re definitely over 13.

There’s of course the nudity… The terms clearly say that there should be no genitals, no female nipples and no close ups of butts and we don’t have any of those in any of our posts.

So we don’t know what happened and nobody seems to be willing to give us an explanation.


Now what?

Getting into discussion with Instagram is not easy, as some of you may know. It’s pretty much impossible to even get in touch with a human who works there.

The internet does give some advice in the form of different ways to send complaints and we’re trying every trick we can find in the book.

Until now without any success.

But we keep believing that one day @nakedwanderings will be back!

Meanwhile we decided to open a new account: @n_wanderings .

We’re now filling it up with something like a “best of the last 2 years” and then we’re going to start add our new pictures as well.

If we can’t get @nakedwanderings back, the @n_wanderings will be our new account.


So our new Instagram account is: @n_wanderings !


What can you do?

If you happen to be close friends with Mark Zuckerberg, ask him to please please pleeeeeaaaaase give our account back.

If you aren’t, please follow our new account and ask your friends, family, colleagues and everyone else you know to do so as well.

Help us grow this new account so we can continue spreading the naturist word in the Instagram world!

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