Review: Campground Bleesbruck in Diekirch, Luxembourg

A little side note may be necessary for this Naked Travels article.
Campground Bleesbruck was the first naturist campground we had ever been to, so our opinion could be a little bit spiced up by first-timer-excitement. Nevertheless, we went back several times to this place, which means we did really enjoy it.


Now we’re going to try to give you a proper description of the place, but you can read everything about our first time at the campground in And then we took it one step further.



The town Diekirch is located north of Luxembourg (the city, not the country). On the map, it looks like a 20-minute drive, but that’s somewhat a false idea. The last part of the road is small hill roads, which are very beautiful except when it’s getting dark and you’re searching for a place to stay (actually then they’re still beautiful but you couldn’t care less…).


The campground is located about 2 kilometers from the town center and is pretty easy to find, even without GPS. just follow the main road next to the river towards Bettendorf. When you get to the roundabout, you’re there.


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Campground Bleesbruck is not a naturist only campground. In fact, the textile part is much bigger than the naturist part. In the naturist part, there are about 20 – 25 pitches for campers or tents. Well, they’re not really pitches, it’s just a big grass field where you can choose where you set up camp.


From our first time, we remember the (possibly imagined) stares from the textiles while we drove to the back of the campground. It was always a relief when we could close the gate separating us from the textiles of the campground behind us.
From our second time, we remember that we didn’t care at all anymore if someone stared at us.



The facilities on the naturist part of the campground are rather… ehm… limited. Next to a very spacious and clean sanitary block, there’s nothing. Just grass and trees. Which is beautiful, but does get a bit boring after a while. No swimming pool, no table tennis tables, not even a jeu de boule court.


On the textile part, there’s a bar and restaurant and a children’s playground, but also here that’s about it.
The is clearly a campground where you come for the rest and peacefulness (even though the textile part couldn’t exactly be called peaceful) and to explore the area rather than spend your days onsite.


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The good news is that there are lots to do in the area.
From the campground, you can walk along the river into the picturesque Diekirch. Other than that there are plenty of bicycle and hiking trails in the neighborhood through beautiful nature in the Eifel region.
The border with Germany is close by and the medieval city Trier is ideal for a day trip.



There’s not very much we can tell you about the staff, as we rarely saw them. A couple of minutes on arrival at the reception and that was about it. We can only say that they were very friendly and that we felt welcome from the first moment. Also the people working in the bar on the textile part were always very nice.



In total, we went 3 times to this campground and we met a variety of guests. Most of them were couples of all ages from the neighboring countries but several times there were also young families.
Most guests though were not the type that stays on the campground all day. They visit the area during the daytime and in the late afternoon or evening, they come back to relax, enjoy the last bits of sun and read a book or have a BBQ.




We always enjoyed our stays at campground Bleesbruck. We wouldn’t recommend traveling a long way just to visit the campground, but if you’re in the neighborhood and you want to have some relaxing nude time, this is certainly a good place to be.


Read more about this place on NUDE
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