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For the 6 month birthday of our baby called Naked Wanderings, we were wondering if we were going in the right direction. Well… not really wondering… but it’s always interesting to hear what our readers (Yes, You!) like about this website…
So we created The Naked Survey, a list of 9 questions, which has been online for about a month.


First of all we’d like to thank everyone who participated! Very very much!
We learned a lot from your answers! Some came as a surprise, some cheered us up and some even made us blush a little.
With about 100 people who completed the survey, we think we can call it a huge success!


But we don’t want to keep the responses all for ourselves, so here’s a short review.


Q1. How often do you visit
This first question actually had 2 purposes.
One was to check how many times our average visitor comes back to the site. It was really nice to see that more than 60% comes back either several times a week or at least several times a month. And it was even nicer to see that 15% visits us every day! Wow!


The second purpose was to get an idea of how to evaluate the other results of the survey. If most of the participants had only visited the site once, the results may not have been very representative.
Luckily that’s not the case! About 80% visits Naked Wanderings regularly!


Q2. Which articles do you like the most?
Actually, this one came as a huge surprise!
The Naturist Talks came out as the big winner. Some time ago we started thinking of this series that it may had become a little bit the same every week. Of course there were different participants with different opinions and we had some amazing insights because of these interviews, but the questions were always the same.
But no fear, we never thought of quitting the series! We were just playing with ideas on how to differentiate. Anyway, we’re very happy to see that it’s the most popular part of our website!


Another very nice surprise was that 15% of you thought that our new series Naked Travels was the best one, even though we had only published one article. Of course we’re going to keep that one going as well!


New Cambium intext 4
And our weekly posts about nudism in general got a good score as well, we believe we’re going in the right direction with this.


Q3. What would you like to see more on this website?
An open question, which means a huge variety of results. We’re not going to list all of them here, but we’ll try to make a representative summary.


Many of you asked for more of what we’ve already been doing, that’s exactly what we were planning!


Several asked for more photos. That’s a bit of a tricky one, because we don’t want to end up being a website which is only visited for the nudist photos. There are several other sites and tumblers that are already doing that. Also, because we don’t have the necessary photos to accompany our articles, we often use ones we found on the internet. We’d prefer to use photos which we can credit, so if you have any which you’d like to see on our site, feel free to send them to us and we’ll try to fit them into our articles.


We got some requests for more info on specific countries such as Australia for example. We’d love to do that too, but the thing is that we don’t know much about nudism in Australia as we have never been there. But we’ll try to inform us (or book a flight down under!)


More about events and activities is also something that came up several times. The thing is, with this blog we want to give information suitable for everyone, so it’s hard to write about very location specific events. But we’ll see if we maybe can do that via our social media.


We also got the request to publish a bigger variety in The Naturist Talks. And it’s true, most of our interviews are with men from the USA or UK.  We try very hard to engage people into taking an interview with us, really, we do the best we can… The fact is that more men than women are willing to take the interview and that most participants are from English speaking countries.
So here’s a warm request: Any women or families who like to talk about their nudist experiences, please get in touch!


And further we got several good tips for future articles, e.g. more about naturism and sexuality, something about the discrimination against singles, more insights from young adults, more about health and fitness, and several others.


Q4. How many articles have you read on the website?
Most of our participants have read between 2 and 5 articles on our site and many others have read between 6 and 10 articles.
We think we can conclude from this that most of our visitors really pick out the articles that they’re interested in. That’s a pretty good accomplishment. Because we try to reach a big range of nudists, it’s perfectly normal that some are only interested in our general information articles and that others prefer to only read the travel articles or the Naturist Talks.


Maestra Banner
About 30% have read more than 10 articles and 13% of those have read everything we wrote. WOW! That’s pretty amazing, it seems like we’re attracting an audience which is interested in exactly the same things as ourselves…
We are very happy with this!


Q5. How do you like the frequency of 2 articles per week?
Well, not much to analyze about this… More than 80% thinks that our current frequency is perfect, so no doubt we will stick to it.
16% Thinks that 2 articles per week is not enough. Well, we’re very happy that you’d like to read more of our writings, but to be able to keep delivering quality we can’t increase the amount of articles at the moment.


Q6. Which article(s) did you like the most?
As we could’ve expected from the result of question 2, our Naturist Talks series got a high score for this question as well. Other than that, following articles were mentioned several times:


This gives us quite a good idea of what type of articles you’re expecting from us and we’ll keep this in mind when thinking about our future articles.


Q7. Which are your other favorite nudist websites?
Someone answered here: “Do you want to know who’s the competition”? Smart thinking, but not true. We don’t see other websites as competitors. On the contrary, we think there aren’t enough “real” nudist websites (with “real”, we mean sites that actually generate content, not the ones that only publish photos or articles from other sites).


The reason why we asked this question was to get an idea which other sites are popular among our readers, so we could possibly cooperate with them, and to get to know a couple of new ones.
The list of different answers was large and very interesting. Some we expected like AANR, British Naturism and The Nook.
Some were very country specific like France4Naturisme (FR) and PuurNaturisme (NL)
And some were completely new for us like OhNaturist, Be Nude Today or LiveNaturism


Here’s the top 5 of most popular nudist sites according to the participants of our survey:
  1. AANR
  2. British Naturism
  3. Clothesfreelife
  4. The Nook
  5. Young Naturists America


Q8. How would you rate
This question summarizes it all… If you could give a score between 1 (poor) and 5 (great), how much would you rate us?
We were stunned!
On average we got a score of 4.37 out of 5. AMAZING!
And what we loved even more was that nobody rated us lower than 3 (average).
Thank you so much!


Q9. Any last comments, questions or remarks?
In this part we received lots of positive comments, thank you very much for that (by the way, if you’d count the number of “thank you’s” in this article, you get an idea about how happy we are with the results.
We’re not going to list every comment here, but some require a response:


Do you need any contributors/columnists?
Because we’re still a relatively new website, we prefer that all articles are our own voice. The only exception of course is The Naturist Talks but that one has a strict format.
But who knows what the future will bring? Stay in touch with us on social media or via our newsletter, if we’re looking for contributors we’ll give a shout.


Would also be great to see this great site evolve into some form of merchandise too.
We have been thinking about this, but again, we’re quite new and for now we’d like to stick with what we currently are doing. Running a website is quite intensive and we don’t want spend less time on our content because we’re working on 100 other things at the same time.


Make you page for both long time nudists as well as new ones.
We thought we were already doing that 🙂
But yes, we mostly focus on a younger generation (that’s also what our About page says) and lots of the stuff we write about is probably old news for the more experienced nudists. But because of our variation in types of articles we think that no matter the experience, everyone can enjoy our writings.


Please don’t cut away the Naturist Talks completely away with time, it’s one of the best things about your site, evolve/perfect it with more different questions, try to keep a word limit and introduce more interviews apart from it too. Maybe a special interview theme every month or so, even involving people you’ve already interviewed, discussing different things like youth, nudist rights, families, sex, libertines etc would do good.
Don’t worry, The Naturist Talks is not leaving in the near future. However it depends a lot on the candidates for new interviews. If nobody wants to share their ideas anymore, we’re stuck…
And yes, we are thinking about restyling the format, but to be honest, we haven’t gotten very far with that yet 🙂


I sometimes wonder if maybe your blog is more about trying to make some money than about really having something to say. This is why I think fewer, more interesting, posts might be better. I rate the blog as GOOD because I do appreciate the original content. Would prefer to see fewer generic photos from Twitter, etc.
We’re not going to lie to you, we are indeed trying to make some money with this blog (we did explain in detail what we’re trying to do in one of our newsletters). But the dollars, euros or yens aren’t exactly streaming in. And making money is certainly not the purpose but rather something on the side.
We would also like to be clear that nothing on the site will ever be payable. If we make money it will only come from publicity.
With “more interesting” we hope you mean “more in depth”? We have been thinking to do a really in depth article once in a while, but at the moment this still is an idea…
About the photos, see Q3. On one hand we’d like to get rid of the generic Twitter photos, but on the other hand we think that the images give a certain atmosphere to the articles which we can’t get with only our own photos or without any photos at all.

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