Review: Olive Dell Ranch in Colton, California

Olive Dell Ranch was going to be our last stop in the USA, well, nudism wise, we had another week planned in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon but we kind of estimated that the bouncers at the Bellagio or the rangers at the world’s most impressive canyon would probably not be too happy seeing our naked bodies appear on their premises so we considered the Olive Dell our last nudie stop in the country. … Read more

Getting naked between San Francisco and Los Angeles

During our trip through southern California, several people had told us to take highway number one if we would get the chance. Basically, it’s the slower but much more scenic road that starts north of San Francisco and goes all the way down to Los Angeles. Along highway number one several nude beaches can be found. These would give us another experience than the nudist hotels and campings we had visited earlier in California. If … Read more

Review: Lupin Lodge in Los Gatos, California

After spending almost a month in California we kind of thought that we had seen it all. We had visited Deanza nudist resort in the desolated desert near the Mexican border, we had gone hiking naked towards Deep Creek hot springs, we stayed at two magnificent bed and breakfasts in the two equally impressive cities Los Angeles and San Diego, we stayed at the top notch luxurious nudist resorts Terra Cotta and Desert Sun Resort … Read more

Review: Living Waters Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California – CLOSED

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately Living Waters Spa closed business in September 2019!! Palm Springs is by far the most popular city to visit in the Coachella Valley and many forget that there are eight other towns as well. One of those, Desert Hot Springs, was high on our list because… It has a place where we could get naked of course! Living Waters Spa is not your regular nudist resort. Yes, you could come here to soak … Read more

Review: Desert Sun Resort in Palm Springs, California

One of the things we’ve noticed during our trip to America is that the word “resort” is used in a different way than in Europe. In the states, every type of accommodation can be called a resort, even campgrounds. In Europe, resorts are the type of accommodation where the visitors rarely leave the place because everything is available inside. There are often different swimming pools, bars, restaurants, and lots of organized activities to keep guests … Read more

Review: The Terra Cotta in Palm Springs, California – CLOSED

Our trip around California continues, we have explored Los Angeles, San Diego, the Mexican border and now it’s time to hit the desert. Surrounded by the Santa Rosa Mountains, the San Jacinto mountains, the Little San Bernardino Mountains and the San Gregorio mountain we found the Coachella desert. A name that until recently only rang a bell because of its yearly world famous music festival but which was about to bring a whole new range … Read more

Review: Boho Canyon Home in San Diego, California

Ever since the launch of the NaturistBnB website, which made the world news last month, we have been wondering whether this is such a good idea or not. Our major concern is of course that the nudist community is more fragile than the textile one and that a negative experience could have many more consequences for the guest. And let’s be honest, how thoroughly are these places checked before they are added to the website … Read more

Review: DeAnza Springs Resort in Jacumba, California – CLOSED

Oh boy, how much would we have loved it if someone had said “How you doin’ cowboy” when we arrived at the DeAnza Springs Resort! This truly is the wild west. An open desert full of rocks, cactuses, and coyotes, and only the sound of the wind. Every moment we expected some tumbleweed passing by, or maybe a couple of cowboys or Indians on a horse. This is the place you’ve seen in so many … Read more

A Nude Day at Deep Creek Hot Springs

Remember that time when we made a video with the announcement that we were coming to America? The move from Asia to the USA was a really huge one for us and we just wanted to make a really big deal about it. We had never imagined though how many responses we would be getting. So many of you have sent us lists with their best tips, the best spots to get naked, the best … Read more

Review: Arroyo del Sol near Los Angeles, USA

After more than a week in New York, it was time to get away from the cold weather and move to the other side of the USA, to California. Well, at least half of that plan worked out, we did get to California. We shouldn’t complain though, the temperatures weren’t as tropical as we would have wished them to be, but we had a great place to go to: nudist B&B Arroyo del Sol.   … Read more