Can a naturist resort be successful while maintaining its values?

More than often when we visit a nudist resort we are asked for our opinion about how they can attract more young people, or at least more people our age. We always try to give them some tips, but unfortunately we don’t carry all the wisdom either. If that would be the case, we would start our own perfect resort and become millionaires. But clearly we haven’t gotten to that point… yet. One thing we’ve been believing more and more during our travels was that naturism as it has been known for about a century really has to move on. The typical nudist camp where you’re being presented a huge set of rules even before you have set foot on the grounds is so old fashioned and these are often the ones that fail completely in attracting new members. Naturism today is about so much more than the traditional values and ethics and that’s exactly what we have been telling several resort owners. Expand your horizons, focus more on the nudity and less on the naturist philosophy, maybe even try clothing optional to see if it might attract a different audience. Honestly, we believed that the original idea of ethical naturism was dying a slow death…


You can probably imagine what we felt when we first visited Bare Oaks resort in Toronto and were asked to watch a 10 minute introduction video. REALLY? A video? Wait, it’s getting worse… This video was nothing like the new stuff the airlines are successfully using these days to make people finally watch the security instructions. (if you haven’t been on a plane lately, you really have to see these. They are often hilarious and work extremely well. But we digress…) Oh no, this video must have been created in the late eighties. Our expectations kind of tumbled down. Until we walked in.

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Toronto, Canada

Marketing for naturist resorts is key

A bigger controversy between what we had started to believe and what we saw is hard to imagine. We had rarely seen a more diverse crowd at a naturist venue. Not only was the place packed (okay, it was a Sunday during a long weekend), there were people of all ages. Kids, teenagers, some of our age and some older. Had they all seen that same video and had to agree on that same list of rules? We could barely understand it. And yet it was happening.
Why is this place so successful while many other resorts who do exactly the same thing are failing? The answer is pretty easy, from the surface it may look like all these resorts are doing the same, but they certainly are not. Holding on to the naturist traditions is one thing but it doesn’t mean that you have to be old fashioned in the way you work. Marketing has never been more important than in the 21st century and especially because it has gotten so diverse. Paying some monthly fee to the national naturist magazine or newsletter to have your ad on page 24 might sound like the perfect way to promote your business but believe us, it is not.


Don’t get us wrong, these magazines and newsletters are a great source of information for the members of a certain club or federation but they rarely reach further than that. Few people in Canada will have a subscription to a German magazine for example or the other way around. When people want to visit a new place, guess where they’re doing their research… exactly… the internet. Unfortunately still a dark and unknown place for many in the naturist world. Especially when it comes to social media.
Long before we had even considered visiting Canada, we knew of the existence of Bare Oaks. Once in a while they appeared in our Twitter or Facebook feed, sharing interesting information about naturism, and slowly the name got stuck in our heads. They got us curious, we visited their website and learned that they are a naturist resort in Canada. We started to recognise their Facebook pictures which all have a specific type of censorship. Their information got passed around the online world and thousands of others learned about their existence. Just like us.
Long before we had even considered visiting Canada, we already knew the Bare Oaks logo.

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Toronto, Canada

New Cambium intext 2

Modern nudism and ethical naturism go hand in hand

Marketing is important, that much is sure, but good marketing is no solid answer for running a successful naturist resort. The place itself has to be attractive as well, for all generations.
The traditional naturist values come in different kinds. On one hand are the pillars of naturism: it’s about non-sexual nudity, it’s about respect for others, it’s about respect for nature and it’s a social thing.
On the other hand are values that have more to do with the lifestyle of the early adopters. There would be no smoking, drinking or eating meat. Living in harmony with nature meant to refuse all new technology, to leave electricity and hot water behind.
At Bare Oaks they found a perfect middle way in keeping the traditional naturist values while modernising on the other points. Just like many places around the world they have embraced modern technologies like wifi and electronic gate openers while holding on strictly to the non-sexual part, the respect and the social contact.


With “holding on” we really mean that they are strict. The rules are there to follow and those who misbehave often don’t get a second chance. Being kicked out of the resort usually means for life. Although we’ve never been big fans of strong rules, we did notice one of the advantages while talking to the other visitors. Especially to women and families. At Bare Oaks they felt safe. They knew that the chance that some misbehaviour happens is rather small and if it would be the case that immediate matters would be taken.
We happened to be there during the annual art week and several of the artists were women in their twenties. It was their first encounter with social nudity and all of them said the same. They felt comfortable being naked because it’s such a safe environment.

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Toronto, Canada

Listen to the younger generation naturists

Will creating a safe environment and a decent online marketing strategy bring more youth? It will certainly help but again it’s not the one and only key to success. Teenagers and early twenty-somethings are the most difficult group to attract to naturism.
Then how did Bare Oaks manage to attract them?
We couldn’t find the answer. During one of our late night discussions about the topic which again seemed to lead nowhere we decided that we would have ask them.
Who can we ask?
Well… there are the three nice girls at the reception, how young were they? 21, 22?
Oh and there’s that girl who drives around picking up the garbage!
Oh and the guy who’s delivering the firewood!
Oh and oooooooooooooh.
The answer was brilliant in its simplicity. If you want more youth in your naturist resort, you give them a job.

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Toronto, Canada

The fact that teenagers turn away from naturism is something we can barely avoid. Not only is puberty a very confusing phase in life, it’s also the time when kids want to start building their personality. A personality which they often prefer to be different than the one of their parents.
The big question is how to get them back into naturism after this phase. Some of the kids who were raised at Bare Oaks got away from naturism and some didn’t. That’s how it goes, but several who went their own way decided to come back. Instead of just having to hang around all summer they could actually earn some money while being reunited with their old friends.
Generations attract those of the same generation. The more you can keep, the more others will return and eventually, the word will spread and there will be more newcomers as well.


Maestra Banner
Giving youth a job is a great way to keep them in the resort but a more important factor is to listen to them as well. Stop thinking that you know what young people want. We, although only in our thirties, often have no clue about how the younger generation thinks. When you have them available right there at your reception desk, talk to them. Give them responsibilities. Have them involved when choices have to be made. Ask them how they would make the place more attractive. Ask them to help organising new events. Ask their opinion.
It’s an easy thing to say that youth is not interested in naturism anymore or that they lost believe in the traditional values and naturist ethics. During the “volleyball weekend” at Bare Oaks we saw the opposite. There was plenty of youth who had all come down to play volleyball, enjoy themselves at the waterpark that was taken over for the occasion or just to meet old and new friends.


Attracting more new and younger members doesn’t go from one day on the other. An online appearance, a marketing strategy, modern technologies and a young influence, it all takes time and effort. But it works.


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45 thoughts on “Can a naturist resort be successful while maintaining its values?”

  1. I recently found a naturist event full of young people, and there where four things they did differently from everyone else:

    So people can take their time to undress, and take their time.

    People can get naked, but they don’t join the event because of nudity. They will join because we’ll hike, dance, do yoga, discuss about philosophy…

    Young people don’t go in holiday to rest. They go to holidays to make experiences. So we need a schedule, full of different tasks and activities.

    Young people go on holiday to make new friends, to flirt, to have a good time with new people. So you need lots of team building games, discussions, activities…

    On the other side, traditional nudist resorts offer exactly the opposite: calm, relax, free time… And they get the people they want to attract: couples, families and old people.

  2. I’d like to visit Bare Oaks, if for no other reason that my view of the resort as it is now may be changed completely by actually visiting because like you, I can’t quite get my head around it before stepping foot there. It’s old but new. It keeps to traditional values and lots of strict rules but yet people love it. It’s counter intuitive to me because with all my heart I want to see less of venues like Bare Oaks because despite it’s amazing success, I also see it as being quite selfish toward the wider campaign to normaise the view of simple nudity in eurocentric culture. It’s a wonderful place, but it’s a ‘nudist colony’ in exactly the way the giggling non-naturist holds naturism in outdated stereotype. But I feel bad about thinking that. It looks almost ‘cultist’ to my campaigning brain – something that can only reinforce the prejudices of the non-naturist rather than change them. A place that is welcoming but closed off, where the regular world is replaced by a new set of strict rules and everyone is happy as long as they do as Big Brother wants. This is the place where the ‘Sarong is the destroyer of naturist worlds’ in the famous words of the Bare Oaks supremo Stéphane Deschênes. I’m really happy for them, but also sad for them. Cognitive dissonance is raging in my head! But yet, maybe there is a world where both 20thC and 21stC naturism can exist. In a future world where homosexuality is fully accepted there will still be gay bars. People naturally want to congregate with those they find affinity with. If simply nudity IS completely accepted Bare Oaks will still be there.

    It really gets me thinking about how all types of naturism can co-exist. I’m still not convinced Bare Oaks is ‘the answer’, but maybe it is part of the answer. Maybe the best solution is a wide spread of different types of simple nudity. Maybe the best lesson Bare Oaks teaches me is that choice and respect are the ultimate goals, but I’m not convinced we can achieve that culture goal with its approach alone.

    Oh, and a word about giving young people jobs. More generally, what Bare Oaks gets very very right is representation, and certainly in the UK this is where a lot of venues fall down. Many times I hear of venues wanting to attract new people, younger people, families, the next generation. They’ll even go as far as providing for them. Lots of appitite for that, but not so much to let those demographics have a real say. They want them to come in…but want to keep control. I took my family to Vassiliki in Kefalonia this summer and my despite the resort not really catering for children specifically the owners solution was to give her a staff polo-neck top and put her to work! Back at home she said it was the best holiday ever! So maybe too little trust and responsibility is another reason as to why the younger generations and families continue to only trickle in to venues.

    Another fabulous blog right on the money. Huge thumbs up.

    • Interesting that you mention “Big Brother”, Stéphane often refers to himself as a dictator. Which is only half jokingly, he has his ideas about how to run the place and will make sure that they are executed. And yes, Bare Oaks does seem like a nudist colony as we used to know them in the eighties because their values are merely the same.
      Can all types of naturists co-exist? Of course, but not at the same place. While naturism is already a niche on its own, it might seem not very business minded to focus on one type of naturists uniquely, but while spending time at Bare Oaks we got more and more convinced that this is actually a very smart move. By creating a community of very like minded naturists, the group feeling is even stronger and this is all part of the success of the place.

      • In any society, we have rules to ensure we all get along. The rules at Bare Oaks exist to create and maintain a naturist environment for those who are looking for it.

        But interestingly, most of our rules are rarely enforced. They’re not laws as much guidelines so that people know what to expect and can opt not to visit if they don’t agree. That way everyone is happy.

        When we do enforce a rule, it is usually because of harassment or inappropriate behaviour — something which in my opinion should be against the rules everywhere.

    • I am very much for normalizing nudity in the mainstream world. But that is not what naturism is about. The nudity in naturism is not the objective but a tool to achieve its purpose. I won’t go any further on this as my point of view on this topic is well known.

      The issue with nudity in the mainstream world is that it often falls victim to some problems in society. In Ontario, women have been legally allowed to be topless in public for more than 25 years. Yet it is an extremely rare sight because to do so is to subject yourself to sexual harassment, objectification, and general verbal abuse. We can’t just fight for nudity. We need to change attitudes too.

      BTW, I will admit that the “destroyer of worlds” title was a bit of hyperbole. But part of the objective was to generate discussion. Simon you make good points and I am always glad when people are thinking and discussing.

  3. The problem is that many Nudist resorts that are stuck with their old ways and they will age out to the point that the young won’t replace them. It’s why many Nudist resorts now are trying to come up with a combination that helps attract the young and sell the mindset to the couples, families and old people, that they need to change with the times to attract the young.

    The other is that the Young are not so hung up on sex, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation issues. They are so open about anyone who’s a nudist and LGBTQIA and many of the Nudist resorts are still hung up on the LGBTQIA and limit their admission. Which is why many of the resorts that don’t accommodate the LGBTQIA are aging out and are collapsing because they don’t make it a point to include the LGBTQIA that the young are so into.

    It’s why if many of the Nudist resorts are going to survive in the 21st century, they need to seriously include the young. Change the mindset of the membership system. Make the place more open, tolerant and accepting to the LGBTQIA and those with a different Sex, gender, Gender identity and Sexual orientation. Evn change how they include the young in Nudist groups such as allowing the young to have a say in Nudist resorts.

    • Youth are the most idealistic people in society. We find that youth like Bare Oaks because it stands for something. Not all youth of course. But those who come here are passionate because they have found a place that espouses a philosophy for a better world; not just a place to get naked.

      • The problem is, that most Nudist resorts are not inclusive and welcoming towards LGBTQIA and that in results turns off the Young to Nudist resorts that most of the couples, families and old people like. It’s why many Nudist resorts today are aging out and are desperately trying to get young people in and whatever they trying to get the young to come, isn’t working because the rules that Nudist resorts have are what turns the young off.

        • Agreed. We have a rainbow flag on our front page as we participate in The Welcoming Project. We define a couple as any two people who present themselves as such and it says so on our rates page. The operator of our restaurant is a woman who has a wife. We have had several trans people visit including one on staff two years ago. None of our toilets are gender-specific. In fact, nothing is gender-specific.

  4. Dear Nick & Lins,

    Michelle and I both feel that “truer words” have never been said in your opening comment about Bare Oaks. Bravo! Mes amies! You never cease to impress us with your “say it like it is” dialogue.

    Bare Oaks was our first Nude home away from home and there is so much more to it than meets the eye. It is truly a wondrous place where you can be naked and free! I know this because I saw it with my own eyes the morning after our first overnight stay. I woke up to the smell of bacon cooking and realized my wife was already up and out of bed before me. In fact she had already left the room and after I was presented with a piece of freshly cooked bacon for our daughter’s dog by the cook. I found Michelle sitting on the couch in the living room area sitting comfortably on the plush sofa reading a book and listening to the news playing on the tv in the corner counsel.

    Well I was in complete disbelief! Glancing over T her while making my morning salutations to the staff and a couple of guests who were in the now names Bare Buns Cafe. I noticed this glow about her. I recognized it to be one of comfort, confidence and sheer bliss on her surroundings. I have never had a more enjoyable morning after in my whole life!

    It was the morning after Bare Oak’s Annual Valentine’s Day Dance and what a good time that was! People were barely dressed and definitely not dressed to impress. Women danced heartily the entire evening and others were happy just to socialize and listen to the DJ spinning some of their favourite tracks.

    It was our first ever visit to Bare Oaks and our second was to the Spring Dance as memebers. We were that impressed by the friendly people and welcoming staff. It was only home for a year or so before I got swept up with the volleyball craze and wanderlust to find out if all other Naturist Resorts were the same. They were not!….Not even close!

    If Naturism represents the human body then Bare Oaks is the heart and “home is where the heart is!” So this beautiful place and its memebers will always be home to us. Cheers! Thanks again for the kind words?

    • Thank you Jimmy for sharing that story. Your experience and that of thousands of others each year is what keeps us going. We want to make a difference in this world by realizing the ideals that early naturist philosophers first espoused nearly a century ago.

  5. Visit Rock Haven Lodge in Murfreesboro, TN. This is a family nudist park that will celebrate 50 years next year! They keep it simple -family! All ages visit and come back because they are welcomed!

    • Yes! Yes indeed! We have made friends from Rock Haven down at the Super Bowl of the South @Lake Como and have been dying to visit.

      Them boys are some of the friendliest folks we’ve ever met and they have invited us to come down for years! Now that we know it’s your 50th we just gotta! I wanna see if it’s as beautiful up there in the mountains as I’ve been told and envisioned!

      Cheers MLS and shouts out to the gents that represent your wonderful place so admirably!?

  6. Another nice one.

    I cant really say anything, i was never there ,or anywhere else lol ,tho id like to ask … if making nudity a mainstream is a goal, or social nudity ,wouldnt that take away the essence of nudism/naturalism? Like the being nude part ,if like every1 would be nude then it wouldnt be that special?
    Almost like that forbidden fruit ,if its normal, its not forbidden anymore… or .. like when u are waiting so much for something, and then when u finally get it, its like bahh …ok..
    Anyhow tho, i woudlnt go that far that nudism would make the world a better place and sweet talk like that …

    • Here’s the thing Iceman! When you find paradise you can’t help but want to tell your friends who you’ve been missing, while making new friends, having the time of your life being naked and free, of the bullshit part of wearing clothing. Like what jeans brand you are wearing or If your running shoes are the latest on the market, etc. I remember standing toe to toe with a well off lawyer who I know had a nice Mercedes in the parking lot and all that stuff but here at Bare Oaks it didn’t matter.

      I tell people I care about “once” on how they should try the Nudist life and how much I’d love to share the feeling of body and societal freedom with them. If they balk at my offer I just say to myself; “Jim! Why do you wanna spoil a good thing you got going by overcrowding it? Just leave them be. You tried!”….But I still miss my friends who aren’t Nudists at times and wish they could watch me playing volleyball in the buff. I love it so much! Sand slips through your butt crack and you don’t have to wear it home! ;)..

      • Um im not sure this answer had anything to do with what i wrote lol but…
        As u prolly know im not a nudist, and chances are ill never try it, i dont see the point nor im motivated by anything.
        I dont mind ppl that do it, but im not interested at all to try it, tho i like to talk about it or read about it.. it makes no sence maybe but then again , to me it makes no sence why does one feel naked better so …

        Im one of those ppl that doesnt give 2 shit about brands, i hate them actually and feel sorry for the sheeps that are brand addicted like to apple or starbucks or nike or gucci .. i dont even know other stuff cause i just dont care about it.

        Everone has their own paradise, mine is music.

        • I was just kinda agreeing with you about making Nudism mainstream. In a selfish way lol…

          After all; “You could lead a horse to Lake Como…
          But you can’t make him take his clothes off and have a beer with you while you set up your tent!” ;).. Or as a fella living down there likes to say; “It could happen!”

          Cheers to the music! “I’m Young! I’m Wild! and I’m free!” Hard to explain the magic of being socially naked!

          • Ooook ur kinda confusing me now lol ..

            Now thats a good song, my type of music more or less ,tho im not either of those in the liric hah.

    • Again we come to the point that there isn’t just one nudism or naturism. For some the simple fact of being naked is indeed the essence, for others it will be the comfort that comes with it and for the more traditional naturists, being naked is just a way to get closer to nature.
      Those who practise naturism because they see it as the forbidden fruit have probably yet another reason, but we’re not going to speculate about that. We believe that the ideas behind naturism could certainly be a basis for a better world, but as always the difficulty is in the implementation. Communism was also a good basis for a better world…

      • A Utopian dream much like Kubla Kahn’s Xanadu! I guess we’re all just looking for a “good” or better place to be…. Cheers!

      • Ah nanana.. when i ment forbidden fruit ,i ment as ….huh.. i explained after those words, gave more examples .. what i mean is that, if nudity in general would be normal,then even ur blogs, or nudist camps or videos, or whatevers would make no sence anymore.

        I didnt say ppl do naturism cause of forbidden fruit just made a paralel between the feeling of the two.
        What im trying to say is that when u normalize something, it loses its power, or specialness or ..u know what i mean.

        Do u wanna lose that feeling of being different? Or ,at least pretending if u ask me hah, that feeling of being more free then the others?

        ps i forgot to mention ,like on the second picture.. is it me or i always find it like when i see nudies with tattoos ,i find it 99% sure that they are swingers?

        • Swingers? You mean the young couple by the playground?…No swings there man! Just some very cool and art focused monkey bars I believe!

        • Indeed, normalisation of nudity is one of our goals and if it would become like that one day… our goal would be reached. Would that be the end of our story? We highly doubt it. We would still be able to educate about naturism and the different aspects of it and we could still write travel advice. Which is about half the content we write today anyway. So we’re not worrying 😉

          The idea that nudies with tattoos is very old fashioned. Tattoos and piercings have been frowned upon in the nudist community for quite some time indeed, but that ended about a decade or two ago.

          • Well i know there still would be places to go , just like any place so ya there would be writings about resorts camps prices and stuff of course, and when i asked that, i didnt ment like just u personally ,but nudies is general,cause i see that nudies are damn proud to be nudies, and very often they/you let everyone know about that hah.

            About the tattoo stuff, well i dunno .. im not talking about if its ok to be allowed to have tattoos and resorts but about that for some reason i think, every time i see a man and spec a woman with the entire arm in tattoo, i cant help to think that they are … well more open minded then normal if u know what i mean.
            Cause, im pretty sure no male of female with a tattooed arm leg or some even head, will be a bank official or i dont.. tbh i honestly dont like tattoos, i mean its ok , a lil sign, like almost hidden, u know its there, it means something to u and thats the beauty of it ,cause not many will see it yet its always there, but cover ur self in a tattoo … looks fkn ulgy tbh.
            And at leat here in Euorope, most likely if u see 1 with huge tattoos, u can tell hes a criminal ,drug dealer, most likely a nazzish kinda of attitude and stuff .. and of course as i said, i cant help to think that in the nudie world ,they are most likely swingers, today even in the porn industry, many of them have tattoos, big ones.
            And of course, speaking of naturism, there isnt really anything natrual about a tattoo.

  7. Hi- 22 year old naturist here (who previously worked at BO)- I personally think making it clothing optional is not going to encourage more youth. It’s akin to putting meat on the menu at a vegetarian restaurant. I love the pure atmosphere of BO and the community we’ve cultivated because it is NOT trying to appeal to the wrong types of folks (voyeurists, sexualized atmosphere etc.). What you do in the privacy of your own tent/trailer is totally valid but this is a family park through and through and it is a safe and welcoming park at that. BO welcomes newcomers to naturism all the time, and they will tell you – it not being clothing optional might be intimidating for the first 5 minutes but it creates a culture where everyone ie equal and no one stands out. If it were clothing optional it’d feel like a tiered system.. gross. THAT is what keeps people coming.

    • Although we are strong believers in the fact that clothing optional will be a big help to normalise nudity, we did saw at Bare Oaks with our own eyes the kind of protective environment that can be created by banning clothes altogether. And of course it keeps out most of the voyeurs because they’re often reluctant to get undressed themselves.

      • Interesting isn’t it. There are seemingly two paths towards settling in a brand new nervous newbie to social naturism, and both have costs and benefits. There’s strictly nude, with the benefit of homogeneous ethos that lets the newbie fit in almost straight away once undressed. And then there’s clothes-optional, that lets a newbie get used to simply being around nudity first, and has a less urgent, more gradual approach. Both can be right and both can work. Obviously there are costs too, but underneath the decision as to which is preferable is a philosophical state of mind and Stéphane is right on the money with this. Bare Oaks offer a philosophy and not just nudity; a persuit of happiness through a communal vision for how life should be together. However I, and other clothes-optional advocates just have a different philosophy rather than simply having nudity as an end in itself. This is one of harmony with the rest of society, a harmony that is more important than strict harmony with each other in being naked. A harmony in tolerance as well as respect, and a philosophy that says “If you want to be nude whilst all others are clothed then you CAN”. And this is still called naturism. It just differs from the naturism at Bare Oaks. I do think looking at it closely that Bare Oaks are closer to the original intent behind the definition of naturism, and it is modern 21st c-o naturism that has shifted the philosophical goal posts. I think the latter now exists where it never used to because there is a growing belief that the new philosphy is working. We are seeing c-o naturism grow into society and culture and we see a reaction from society becoming more tolerant and respectful of us. Now I agree that much of the culture change is independent of our efforts; that culture continues is steady lilt leftwards and maybe the c-o naturism could not have been even considered in the past. Maybe c-o naturism is simply a group of nudies jumping aboard a cultural bandwagon! So in conclusion what do we all want? Acceptance and happiness. Bare Oaks shows another way to achieve it with the same tool: being naked.

        • Interesting views for sure there.

          This is kinda the thing i commented about.
          I actually just listened a few poadcast by Bare Oaks, i mean on the app it isnt named as Bare Oaks but its SD talking cause he introduces him self. So i kinda understand what he wants, i listened one about ppl that work there, how he doesnt want just some person that wants a job just for it, but he wants ppl with passion to work there.
          So what i wanna say is that now we have Simon, that thinks that c/o is a better way to go and that ppl are more respectful and being tolerant, that i dont agree with tho, cause just cause one doesnt say anything ,that dont mean they like it or that they respect it.
          I mean thats a nice way to put it, but theres a difference between not saying anything and respecting something … ex. some do of course but many dont mind if they see ppl baniging in a park downtown where every1 can see them.. that dont mean they accept it ,its more like woooo wtf ,they get shocked by seing it and dunno how to react cause it aint something u see every day.
          But then again, with social media, nudeness has really become an every day normal, so to me its still funny and odd when news articles,soc media pages put up that magical 18+ sign ,cause they are showing a nude person doing something ,or when a celeb soc media page posts a pic of Kim or Emily R. showing boobs they put or even write “strictly adult material” 18+ ..
          So with this ,its proven that once u force upon something , sooner or later it will be accepted as a new norm, and it has no limits what it will be, everything can be it ,everything, just some things will take more and some less time to become a new normal.
          But Bare Oaks from what i`ve learned is ,i dont wanna insult lol but its almost like a cult hah , like strict rules, kinda of a dictatorshipish with no bad intentions in it lol.
          But ill say one thing, there should be DEFFO a new version of nudism and naturism ,where nudism would mean just simply being nude ,at a beach, resort .. while being a naturist is more like something Bare Oaks promotes.

        • We believe that this is also location dependent. When we had only traveled through countries like France, the Netherlands and Croatia, where naturism and recreational nudity are pretty well accepted, we could barely believe the fears of others that their places should get overrun by textiles. Most nude beaches in Europe are clothing optional by default and yet the large majority of the visitors is naked. In countries where naturism is still much more of a taboo, the clothing optional scene will attract more “curious” people (and certainly not always for the right reasons).
          Choosing for nude obligatory also provides an initial shifting in new visitors. Voyeurs for example often don’t feel comfortable being naked themselves.
          We believe that an important message to send out to the world is that it’s not just about the nudity, like you say, the nudity is part of a philosophy and helps enhancing other facets. Like Stéphane says: It’s a tool. By being nude obligatory, one does send a message to the world that the nudity is very important. Would it be better to send this message through a clothing optional environment? We’re not sure, because also there the most obvious division is between the clothed and the naked.

          • Ya its like i got it i lost it kind of situation lol.
            Tho as i said, im not sure that nudity is really that much accepted in general, or u might say it is, but for what reason?
            I dunno about NL or FR, but Croatia since is closer to home, you have to know that, nudism there has a pretty long tratidtion, and thats only at the sea, try to be nude or promote or talk about being nude closer to the border with Austria or the more mid EU countries .. ppl will be like ,whattt?!
            So the question remains in that sence ,are they in the sea part accepting nudism ,or are they used to it cause of the old days, or they just “dont mind” seing them.
            Im not really sure but i take it that prolly 80% of the nudies on Croatians resorts are not Croatians.
            So buissnies, seing naked ppl , like u know .. u can see anything u like right? wide range .. . is that acceptance? Im not sure. But evenso ,that too can help or be used as a tool ,but i dunno if acceptance would be the right word ,at least in Croatia.
            As far as CO beachers, im not sure but id say that in the western world its maybe all CO, cause ,eventho im not a beach guys, im pretty sure there is 0 CO beaches in the a .. eastern block.

          • Well could be i dunno, but its always easier where u have sea, ppl are used to it, that still dont mean they are into it or that they like it.

          • True, and naturism is not a religion so we don’t actually want to convince anyone to try naturism when they’re totally not interested in it. What we try to work towards is mutual acceptation. We like to be naked, you don’t, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends or go to the beach together.

          • Ya i can agree with that , tho you know how it is.. ppl dissown their own kids cause they are gay ,let alone friends over a similar different thing then the way majority is.
            I think i kinda know why that is, cause all of the rules that are “made” , that we are born and raised with, thats how rules and laws and norms are made ,so everything else besides that looks like not normal, moronic , imoral, sick,perverted ect.
            I think that will never change, and im not talking about nudism only but in general.

  8. The answers are fairly easy really. How many younger people actually mix socially with people who are their parents age ? We didn’t,they don’t. Who tends to run things and make the rules? People who are more that not over 50 and want things done their way and don’t budge.

    • In general, it really seems that way that people prefer to mix with their own age group. We believe that’s mostly because they know that there will be more common grounds. When there is already a shared interest, in this case naturism but this could also be some kind of sport or arts or so, people mix much more with all ages. Because the common ground is already there.
      But of course if everyone is 30, 40, 50 years older, one starts to feel in the wrong place.

    • Thats a pretty good point there @David Anthony

      Nick Lins ya, its kinda the thing i mentioned about a football game .. u can have babies there to ppl that are 80yo.
      But the thing is that at a football game u only watch , and well there are no rules who can watch it, but .. if u wanna play football ,its not high likely that a 50yo will want and the other way around to play football with a 10yo lets say.
      Make no sence if u really play a competitive game and not just goof around.
      No solution.

  9. I am a nudist and I know and interact with many young nudist. The activity issue is good most places should have activities to keep everyone entertained and interested. The problems are the younger generation wants different activities than the older ones.

    Just like taste in music activities are not for everyone. But the option should be there.

    I do not agree with clothing optional because why go to a nudist resort and gawk at people. I see it all the time at the clothing optional beach and many people sit amongst us just to gawk week in and out plus they loosely have other cell phones out and you can’t tell if they are recording. I have seen people facetiming live and then pan the phone so their friends can see the nudes but they have clothe on.

    Younger people are very free and do not mind getting intimate in front of others meaning outside not in a room or tent. Unless the older people are swingers even if they were hippies back in the day they may not be ok with open sex.

    It’s best if there is simple space to have the younger nufist in one part of the resort the rest in another. Hopefully the rest can’t exactly see what the young ones are doung and hopefully the young nudist will not be having sex in common areas like pool hot tub Asian etc.

    In my opinion the two groups need space. I am OK with the younger nudist doubt what ever in front of me but trust me that is not how the older nonevswingers are.

    There is much more things I could go into but walking that line between the two groups I see separation as the key to success in running a nufist resort.

    It’s that way all along when the adults eat for a holiday the kids want their separation and so do the adults its in us from the get-go.

    • Thanks for your response, we agree with most of it except that young nudists feel a need to have public sex. This is the first time we hear such a thing and we’re sure that’s not the case. Anyway, maybe you have different experiences.

      About clothing optional, meanwhile we’ve figured out that this is really something location dependent. We’ve been to wonderful clothing optional places where there was a lot of respect between the clothed and the nude and where most visitors came with the intention to strip off (eventually). Then again we’ve also been to places like you mentioned, full of gawkers.

      We also agree with giving younger naturists their space. Not their own resorts but a section within the resort where they can have their own activities and make noise after 10pm.

  10. A nudist resort must:
    1. Allow you be naked anywhere, 24/7.
    2. Be respectful.
    3. Be a safe place.
    4. Cater for younger clients and their needs and not end up looking like a retirement home.
    5. Not be super-expensive just for allowing you to go nude. That’s the other reason younger people avoid nudist resorts.

    • We 100% agree!
      And we also noticed that many resorts are giving discounts lately for younger generations. Often more than 50%

  11. Hi Nick and Lins, very interesting article. I can’t wait to see you again. Mary Clare and I always love what you write.
    My personal feelings are the future of nudism/naturism/clothing optional recreation is the vacation market, not the club market. Couples are way too busy with their lives. They don’t want to go places where they’re expected to help out cleaning, etc on weekends. Further, the weekend market is not where it’s at. It’s the vacationer.
    I always say we are in competition with the Ritz Carlton, Celebrity Cruises, etc. Nude resorts are in competition for vacation time not vacation dollars. However, if you provide affordable luxury then you have a leg up on all the textile competition.
    20 and 30 year olds are great, but they normally only vacation in the summer in the US. You really need the 40-80 year old market too as they will book 1 week to 1 month long vacations. That is that segment that will allow you to have a resort that can compete with the top textile hotels. Because of that market, we have had the highest occupancy rate of ALL resorts (nude and textile) in Palm Springs except for the first 8 months when the new Terra Cotta was started.
    I am a CPA by background and am always happy to talk with nudist entrepreneurs. We heavily support them as for instance we supported nude comedy night in Palm Springs 3 times already in the last year and nude art in LA at the end of March.

    • Hi MC & Tom! We hope as well that our paths will cross again soon. And we know that this is mostly up to us 🙂
      We certainly agree with your points. Couples our age, in their thirties, like to designate their time. Work time is work time and relax time is relax time. We work hard and like to play hard so the combination of holidays and work don’t seem that interesting anymore as it used to.
      The problem with our generation is that they’re even lacking money or time.

  12. Can a naturist resort be successful while maintaining its values? Yes, undoubtedly it can.

    The question of clothes or no clothes is of little or no relevance to a resort’s success. It has to offer what its customers or potential customers want. It follows that the more that is on offer, the more likely it is it will succeed. If it wishes to attract families with children, it will need to provide plenty of things to keep children occupied, but this will not attract those individuals, couples, or groups who simply want to to relax quietly. Therefore it will need space to provide both these opportunities. If it wants to attract only campers, it needs only provide sites and camping facilities; if it wants to attract people who dislike camping too, it will need the space to provide more conventional established places to live. This much is obvious. However, should the resort be dedicated in principle to the creed of Naturism, this will be an overlay that will limit the numbers of potential clients to those subscribing to, or tolerant of, this creed. If the resort is hard-line nudist, it will limit its potential clientele even more, but none of this detracts one iota from what has been already said.

    If the problem is seen as basically how to attract younger people, this is a mistake. That is a far broader problem, which will (in my view) require education, in the general sense, about both nudity and Naturism, to improve. This is my hobby horse, so I won’t get on it here other than to say that when I was at school, in the UK, there was plenty of communal nudity whereas now, it appears that era is sadly gone.

    • Thanks for sharing your insights Allen!

      It’s important to mention that we have written this blog post during our travels in the USA and Canada.
      In Europe, we notice a decline in clubs that take the traditional values and rules too seriously. Places that have a more loose approach tend to do much better. But on the other side of the Atlantic, it almost seemed vice versa. The best example is Bare Oaks in Canada, the most popular naturist resort in the country still holds on strongly to the traditional values. They even made us watch a 15-minute video about naturism when we visited for the first time.

      Another example is the dress code for the staff. In Europe, it’s very common that the staff at naturist resorts works clothed, whereas in the USA and Canada the staff was often supposed to be nude as well.


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