Naturist Resort Sessions: Barefeet Naturist Resort in Thailand

Naturist Resort Sessions: Barefeet Naturist Resort in Thailand


On Naked Wanderings, we often talk about naturist resorts from the perspective of the guest. With the Naturist Resort Sessions, we want to show you the side of the owner(s).

In this session, we talk with Dao and Gregers, the owners of Barefeet Naturist Resort in Bangkok, Thailand. We want to learn why they decided to open a naturist resort, how naturism is experienced in Thailand, the cool activities that they organize, and of course, what their visions and dreams are about naturism and the future of naturist vacations.

At the end of the session, there will be a Q&A part in which you can ask Dao and Gregers anything we didn’t cover.

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This session has ended, watch the replay below

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7 thoughts on “Naturist Resort Sessions: Barefeet Naturist Resort in Thailand”

  1. Near the end, a questioner asked Dao and Gregers if their family members are also involved in social nudity. With a laugh, they said yes.

    Dao and Gregers are open about their nudism. I don’t know if their family are equally open, but it’s easy to check and see that their adult daughters both work in media, one in TV and the other in the family news magazine business. There’s a huge problem with lack of women and lack of minorities in social nudity, but Gregers said unlike Europe where nudists are often older, many in their country are younger and there’s more gender balance. Maybe they’d make great ambassadors for social nudity in Thailand and elsewhere?

    Maybe Nick and Lins could do an interview with them, or with the whole family, on what it’s like to be young adults in social nudity, how they started, challenges they face, etc.


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