8 Epic Nude European Road Trips

Previously on this website, we’ve given you an abundance of tips for planning a nude European road trip. In that blog post we briefly talked about the different European countries and their naturist options. If all of that wasn’t enough inspiration yet, today we’ll present to you some epic nude European road trips. Covering some of the most beautiful places in Europe and of course some of the best places to get naked.


Previously published Naturist road trip examples


In the past, we’ve already published reports of some of the nude road trips we’ve taken through parts of Europe. It would be a bit crazy (or lazy) to just repeat those once again. Just follow the links to get to the original posts:

Nude Through Italy: This road trip takes you from the north of Italy, past the Mediterranean nude beaches and Rome, all the way to the very south of Puglia.

Nude Through the south-west of France: Starting from the wonderful Dordogne region, we travel south towards the foot of the Pyrenees mountains and follow the Mediterranean coast towards the famous nude village Cap d’Agde.

Nude Through the south-east of France: We leave from the French Riviera, going into the mountains of the Gorges du Verdon towards the Mont Ventoux peak. From there we discover the naturist resorts in the Gard region, ending up in the most exclusive naturist resort of Europe.

Nude Through Portugal: Leaving from the hilly north of Portugal we travel through the desolated Alentejo region, visiting the nude beaches of Lisbon along the way and ending up at the amazing Algarve in the very south of the country.

Important to mention here is that the above examples focus for 100% on naturism, skipping many of the tourist spots. The next examples will rather be a mix of exploring European naturism and the many other highlights of the continent as well.


My Big Fat Nude Greek Peloponnese Tour


Take at least a couple of days to explore beautiful but frenetic Athens and its nearby nude beaches and move on to Greece’s former capital Nafplio.


Get off the beaten track at the small village of Levidi, before getting to the rocky Mystras, a former Byzantine capital that was once mistaken for ancient Sparta.


In the very south-east of Messinia, you get the chance to stay at the wonderful naturist resort Fig Leaf Villas, from where you can visit the excellent nude beaches in the region and skinny dip in the Polylimnio waterfalls.


End your trip with a couple of relaxing days next to the swimming pool of Vassaliki Naturist Resort on Kefalonia island or on one of the nearby nude beaches.


Clothed Highlights
⭐ Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Athens, Mycenae, and Mystras
⭐ Walk through the olive groves in Laconia
⭐ Have a delicious Greek salad (or two)
⭐ Hike to the castle in Nafplio for excellent views


Naked Highlights
⭐ Relax on the nude beaches of Athens, Nafplio, Messinia, and Kefalonia
⭐ Skinnydip in the Polylimnio waterfalls
⭐ Discover the wonderful Vassaliki Naturist Resort


Italy Coast to Coast


Start off at Venice, the queen of the Adriatic and explore its wonderful architecture and many canals. Head south from Venice towards Bologna before moving deep into rural Romagna for a relaxing stay at naturist B&B Borgo Corniola.


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After some days of sauna and refreshing river skinny-dips, move on to Florence. Home of some of the world’s most renowned artists.


Enjoy the wonderful Tuscan landscape on your way to Sienna and then further south towards naturist campsite Sasso Corbo. Of this campsite it’s said that it has some of the best views of all of Europe.


Visit the lovely Suncave naturist resort and the nearby nude beaches before ending your trip in ancient Rome.


Clothed Highlights
⭐ Take a typical gondola on the canals of Venice.
⭐ Check out the art of the ancient Italian masters in Florence and Rome.
⭐ Eat the world-famous Bolognaise sauce in its hometown Bolognia.
⭐ Visit the Vatican City and think about how cool it would be if you were naked.


Naked Highlights
⭐ Enjoy an augfuss in the sauna at Borgo Corniola
⭐ Awe at the amazing views of Sasso Corbo.
⭐ Get naked with the Romans on the nude beaches near Rome


The Highlights of Andalucia


This road trip starts in Granada, home of the thousands of years old palace Alhambra. But also one of the last places in Spain where you get free tapas when you order a drink.


From Granada, you drive south towards the Mediterranean coast, make a stop at Nerja for some excellent seafood before continuing towards Naturist Campsite Almanat. One of the most popular naturist centers in southern Spain.


More nude time can be found around Malaga, where the naturist options are plenty.


Heading back inland you can make your way to Alora, where you can relax at Finca Natura, a wonderful all-inclusive naturist resort, from where you can explore Ronda with its famous 100-meter high bridge.


Travel slowly towards Seville and make sure to stop at the typical white villages like Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra. In Seville, there will be more architectural beauty waiting for you. The Real Alcázar, Plaza de España and the Seville Cathedral definitely need a place on your to-see-list.


The trip ends like it starts, with an ancient building of amazing beauty. In Cordoba, you will find La Mezquita, a cathedral built inside a mosque. Or was it the other way around?


Clothed Highlights
⭐ Explore the amazing Alhambra and La Mezquita
⭐ Watch a flamenco show in Seville
⭐ Eat crunchy churros with hot chocolate


Naked Highlights
⭐ Explore the nude beaches of southern Andalucia
⭐ Spend your days in the nude at Alamat
⭐ Enjoy full luxury without clothes at Finca Natura


Discovering the Ligurian Sea


The what sea? The Ligurian Sea is basically the bay of Genua, right at the border between France and Italy. Although this sea isn’t particularly famous, the surroundings definitely are.


Start your road trip in Marseille, a melting pot of cultures and home of the famous bouillabaisse dish. From Marseille, travel up to the Gorges Du Verdon. An often neglected but wonderful natural area in southern France. You can set up camp or rent a bungalow at naturist campsite Verdon Provence from where you have excellent views of the canyon.


Heading back south will bring you to the rosé wine country. The best place to stay is in naturist B&B La Fenoullière, from where you can visit more than 400 different wineries.


Back at the coast you can enjoy the wonderful nude beaches in the French Rivièra, or take the ferry to Ile du Levant. It’s said that naturism in France was born on this island and also today the whole island is considered clothing optional. If you like to stay overnight, there are several naturist accommodation options.


Further into the French Rivièra it’s well recommended to explore the region of Nice, as well as the nearby Cannes and Monaco.


Follow the coast into Italy and make sure to have some rest at Naturist campsite Costalunga. Only a short drive from the coast but hidden in a beautiful hilly landscape.


Keep following the Italian coast towards Cinque Terre with its colorful cliffside villages. Although this region gets completely overrun by tourists in high season, it’s still one of Italy’s most spectacular places.


This road trip ends in Livorno, where you can spend the last nights of your holiday in naturist B&B Locanda di Terramare and visit the surrounding nude beaches as well as downtown Livorno and Pisa.


Clothed Highlights
⭐ Eat bouillabaisse and drink pastis in Marseille
⭐ Act like a movie star in Cannes
⭐ Explore the wonderful villages of Cinque Terre
⭐ Take a picture in which you try to push up the tower of Pisa


Maestra Banner
Naked Highlights
⭐ Skinnydip in the Gorges du Verdon from camping Verdon Provence
⭐ Enjoy a delicious nude dinner at La Fenoullière
⭐ Explore the nude island Ile du Levant


Nude in Scandinavia


The European Nordic countries might not be the first that come to mind when you’re thinking about a naturist road trip. Or a naturist vacation in general. Yet, if you like amazing nature and a general nude friendly atmosphere, this road trip is definitely worth your consideration.


Start off in Malmö, in the very south of Sweden, and explore its cobblestone square with half-timbered houses and its incredible fortress. Just south of the city you’ll find a great place to stay at Solhejdan’s Naturist Camping.


Head east towards the baroque city Karlskrona where another naturist campsite with an unpronounceable name awaits you: Aplanabben.


Back to the east you’ll drive through the wonderful wilderness until you reach Gothenburg, Sweden’s most vibrant city and your last stop in Sweden before heading into Norway.


While driving towards Oslo, make sure to have a stop at the medieval town of Fredrikstad along the way and set up camp just south of the city in Sjøhaug Naturistsenter, right at the sea.


If you thought that you had seen some impressive scenery by now, the best has yet to come. The Flam region is famous for its fjords and dramatic landscapes and on the way to Bergen you’ll find more waterfalls than you could ever visit.


From Bergen, drive back south to Stavanger before heading towards Sørlandets naturistsenter, another wonderful Norwegian naturist campsite.


Hop on the ferry and make your way towards Copenhagen, depending on the time you have left, there are several naturist campsites in Denmark which you could add to your itinerary.


Clothed Highlights
⭐ Visit the many waterfalls in Norway
⭐ Take the ferry from Norway to Denmark
⭐ Check out the Stone Ship in Oslo


Naked Highlights
⭐ Explore the naturist campsites of the Nordic countries
⭐ Visit a public sauna
⭐ Get naked in some of Europe’s most amazing nature.


Cruising the Croatian Coast


Start your trip in Rovinj, the center of the Istrian peninsula. But more importantly, also the center of Croatian naturism. The naturist options in Istria are plenty and we highly recommend checking out some of the large naturist campsites and the nearby nude beaches before continuing your trip south.


What follows is quite a long ride but definitely worth it as the lovely squares and waterfront vistas of Zadar will certainly charm you.


Continue south to the Murter peninsula where you can skinny-dip at one of the several nude beaches. Further south you will pass by the old Venetian island city Trogir where you can visit the promenades, squares, and splendid seafood restaurants before arriving in historic Split.


From Split, you can do some island hopping towards Hvar and stay a couple of nights at Camping Nudist before continuing your road trip towards Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik is said to be one of Europe’s most magnificent historical cities and is also the place where several scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed. You can spend the last days of your Croatian road trip skinny dipping at one (or several) of the nude beaches in the Dubrovnik Rivièra.


Clothed Highlights
⭐ Roam through historical Dubrovnik
⭐ Visit the wonderful Plitvice lakes
⭐ Go hiking in Krka National Park


Naked Highlights
⭐ Spend some days 24/7 naked in Istria
⭐ Find some secluded coves to go skinny dipping at the Dalmatian coast.
⭐ Visit the nude beaches on the islands Lukrum and Lopud near Dubrovnik


From the Eiffel tower to the Brandenburg Gate


This road trip starts in the city of love: Paris. We can impossibly tell you about all the things you should definitely do while in the city, but make sure to just roam around aimlessly and enjoy the views, the food, and the wines and to visit the naturist section of the Bois de Vincennes parc.


We do recommend you to stay at least a couple of days in downtown Paris, but if you prefer to start your road trip in the nude, naturist campsite Heliomonde is definitely a good option.


From Paris, head towards Belgium. That tiny country in the center of Europe that is often forgotten by tourists but definitely worth some days of your holidays. Top destinations in Belgium are Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp, which are all not much more than an hour’s drive from each other. A great base for your day trips is naturist campsite Athena Ossendrecht.


Head into the Netherlands and visit famous Amsterdam. Roam around the historic town and check out the many museums. The largest naturist campsite in the Netherlands, Flevo-Natuur is located just outside of Amsterdam and there are several nice nude beaches nearby the city as well.


Going east towards Germany you can make a last stop in the Netherlands, staying at the Aamsveen naturist campsite before continuing your trip towards Hannover. One of the hardest-hit cities during the second world war and famous for its timbered houses.


From Hannover, you continue your road trip towards its endpoint, Berlin, where you can have a last skinny dip at the Wannsee, one of Germany’s most popular nude beaches.


Clothed Highlights
⭐ View over the city of Paris from the Eiffel tower
⭐ Drink Belgian beers
⭐ Ride a bicycle through central Amsterdam
⭐ Dive into the nightlife of Berlin


Naked Highlights
⭐ Get naked in Bois de Vincennes in downtown Paris
⭐ Walk nude across the border between Belgium and the Netherlands at Athena
⭐ Visit some of Germany’s popular nude spas


Basque country and Atlantic France


Begin your road trip in the capital of the Basque Country, Bilbao. A city known for its great contemporary art, mainly thanks to the Guggenheim museum, and for its amazing surf beaches. Because public nudity is not against the law in Spain, it’s definitely possible to find yourself a nice place for a first skinny dip as well.


Head east towards San Sebastian, at the foot of the Pyrennees mountains and real foodie heaven before crossing the border into Spain and wander around with the jet set in Biarritz.


From here is where the best of your naturist holiday will start. Drive through the woods towards Arnaoutchot, a relaxed naturist campsite with an excellent spa.


Continue your trip up north towards Montalivet, home of the popular naturist campsite CHM Monta. This place has been significant in the history of naturism as it’s where both the French as the International naturist federation were founded. You could as well spend some time at the neighbors, naturist campsite Euronat. Another one of France’s naturist villages.


Make sure to visit the amazing nude beaches of CHM and Euronat as well. Even further down the official nude beaches, nudity is rarely an issue.


Finish your trip in Bordeaux, the pearl of the Aquitaine region, to walk the café-strewn boulevards and to have world-class wines at a terrace.


Clothed Highlights
⭐ Visit the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao
⭐ Walk with the jet-set and pretend you own one of the large yachts in Biarritz
⭐ Hike in the woods of western Aquitaine
⭐ Visit a chateaux near Bordeaux and drink world-class wine


Naked Highlights
⭐ Skinnydip at the Basque coast
⭐ Visit the naturist villages CHM Monta and Euronat
⭐ Relax in the outdoor spa of Arnaoutchot

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