17 Amazing Nude beaches in Europe You Have to Visit in 2020

Most European nudists have already exchanged their birthday suits for a slightly warmer outfit. Many of Europe’s naturist resorts have closed their doors, not to open them again before April. The nude beaches are empty and abandoned. It’s that time of the year again. When the leaves on the trees turn different shades of yellow and shop owners start decorating their stores (way too early) with Christmas decorations, we know that we’ll have to wait to get naked outside for several months to come.


You could sit down in a corner and weep until spring. You could turn up the heater, cover the windows with posters of beaches and palm trees and pretend we’re at some tropical island. Or you could decide to escape the winter and actually move to a tropical island (that’s kinda what we did). Maybe the best way to embrace coming winter is to sit back, close your eyes and cherish the wonderful nude memories of the summer. And then it’s time to make new plans. After all, next summer will be there soon.
Do you already know which wonderful nude beaches you’re going to visit in 2020?
Here are some tips!



Buhne 16 in Sylt, Germany

Buhne 16 in Sylt, GermanyBuhne 16 nude beach on Sylt island in the very north of Germany can be considered a milestone in the history of modern naturism. It’s Germany’s first official nude beach, and definitely one of the first in the world, established in the year 1920. Exactly, in 2020 the nude beach will celebrate its 100th birthday. That alone could be a good reason to get your naked behind over there.


The beach consists of several miles of fine sand leading towards a clear sea. The dunes in the background and seals in the distance make the setting completely picture perfect. The only way to get to Sylt overland is by train from Niebüll. There are some trains that can take cars as well. Another option would be the car ferry from the Danish port Havneby.
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Es Trenc in Mallorca, Spain

Es Trenc in Mallorca, SpainThe southern tip of Mallorca is often overlooked by the endless stream of sun-seekers who find their way to the island every year. Maybe that’s exactly what drags the naked traveler to this region. At only a 45 minute drive from Palma, the island’s capital, you can find a wonderful Mediterranean nude beach called El Trenc.


El Trenc is a two-kilometer long beach with fine white sand and a shallow emerald colored sea. The nude section can be found right in the middle of the beach. Having a rental car is highly recommended, you can park near the beach behind the dunes.
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Aguas Blancas in Ibiza, Spain

Aguas Blancas in Ibiza, SpainMany of the world’s most famous deejays are proud to call Ibiza their home. The island is famous for having the best discotheques in Europe and for being a place of ecstasy (pun intended). No wonder that many of the tourists in Ibiza opt for a “sleep all day, party all night” formula. If partying to techno music isn’t really your thing, or you want to get a day away from the heath, Aguas Blancas nude beach might be the best getaway.


Aguas Blancas nude beach is a large cove with a sandy beach and shallow waters and impressive cliffs in the backdrop. It’s the most popular nude beach on the island for local naturists. Make sure to go early in the day because the high rocks tend to take away the afternoon sun. Aguas Blancas is only reachable by car.
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Valalta in Rovinj, Croatia

Valalta in Rovinj, CroatiaCroatia is a very popular vacation destination among European naturists and the wonderful Adriatic coast definitely has something to do with that. Especially the Istria peninsula has an abundance of naturist campsites and nude beaches. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if you only have the chance to visit one nude beach in Croatia, you might want to give Valalta a try.


First of all, because Valalta has the biggest sand beach in Istria. It’s man-made though, but still it’s sand. Which isn’t all that common in Croatia. The beach is part of the large Valalta Naturist Campsite, so after a relaxing day at the beach, it’s not even necessary to put clothes on. Valalta nude beach can be reached in a short 10-minute drive north from the town Rovinj.
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Filaki Beach in Crete, Greece

Filaki Beach in Crete, GreeceWhile more and more naturist travelers are finding their way to Greece, the country still doesn’t have much more than a handful of official nude beaches. One of these is called Filaki nude beach and is located on the island Crete. Making it also the only official nude beach on the island.


Because Filaki is just down the road from the famous nudist resort Vritomartis, you will always find a fun naked crowd on this pebble beach in the western part of Crete. Getting there by car from the capital Heraklion takes about two and a half hours, so you probably want to consider staying a bit closer to the beach if you want to get that great equal tan.
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Praia da Adiça in Lisbon, Portugal

Praia da Adiça in Lisbon, PortugalLisbon is mostly known as a city trip destination. Few visitors of the city know that additionally to watching historical buildings, eating codfish, and listening to fado music, they could also have some excellent beach time. Correction. Excellent nude beach time. Just south of Lisbon lays a splendid Atlantic coastline called Costa da Caparica where you can find three nude beaches. Our favorite one is in the middle: Praia da Adiça.


All three nude beaches mostly attract naturists from the city trying to escape the noise of busy Lisbon. The main reason why we picked Praia da Adiça is that it’s the quietest one. The seemingly endless white-sand beach next to dramatic cliffs and wild (and chilly) Atlantic ocean is a perfect example of a powerful nature. Praia da Adiça is located at a 45-minute drive from downtown Lisbon. Of course depending on the traffic.
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Praia Do Barril in Tavira, Portugal

Praia Do Barril in Tavira, PortugalSometimes we see those amazing beaches in TV commercials and say to each other: “Damn, I wish there was a nude beach like that”. Is that just us or do you also do that? Anyway, in fact, there is such a nude beach! Just like in the commercials. It’s in the very south of Portugal, on an island near the city Tavira, and it’s called Praia Do Barril.


To get to Praia Do Barril you have to cross a lagoon. This is only possible via a cute tourist train. We know, this does sound a bit cheesy, but once you get there a wonderful sandy nude beach will be waiting for you.
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Morfa Ganol in Wales, UK

Morfa Ganol in Wales, UKSomeone must have spread a rumor once that naturism isn’t big in the UK. Because many people seem to think that the country has very few options for naturists. Well, they are wrong. The UK has a large variety of naturist resorts and nude beaches. Like Morfa Ganol nude beach in Wales for example.


The kilometer of unspoiled coastline at Morfa Ganol nude beach, on the west coast of Wales, attracts naturists from all over Great Britain and beyond. The nude beach itself has no facilities, but toilets can be found near the parking. It’s best to come by car, but if you like a good walk you could also hike the 3km from Dyffryn Ardudwy train station to the beach.
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Blackgang Beach in Isle of Wight, UK

Blackgang Beach in Isle of Wight, UKNot convinced yet about naturism in the UK? Alright, here’s another great nude beach for you, on the Isle of Wright. The huge emptiness and the large cliffs in the background make this pebble nude beach one of the most scenic ones of Britain.


Ferries are going from Southhampton to the Isle of Wright, it’s recommended to bring your own transportation to get to the beach. Although Blackgang is the most common name used for this nude beach, it’s actually called Rocken End beach. This may lead to some confusion for first-time visitors.
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Hawk Cliff in Dalkey (Dublin), Ireland

Hawk Cliff in Dalkey (Dublin), Ireland

Is there really a nude beach in Ireland? Yes, there is! Hawk Cliff is one of Europe’s youngest nude beaches, only officially declared as such in 2018. It’s a milestone for the Irish Naturist Federation and a unique chance for you to get legally nude on an Irish beach.


Hawk Cliff nude beach can be found just outside of Dalkey. The nudist section is well signposted. The only thing you might need to worry about is the typical Irish weather.
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Ågesta Beach in Stockholm, Sweden

Ågesta Beach in Stockholm, SwedenMore chilly waters waiting for your skinny dip can be found on the southern tip of Lake Magelungen, near the Swedish capital Stockholm. The Ågesta nude beach is well equipped with public restrooms, fresh water, and picnic tables.


There are several easy ways to reach the Ågesta nude beach. Coming by car you can park in the parking lot at about 100m from the beach. By bus from Stockholm, you want to take line 742 or 833 to the Rödmossevägen stop. And by subway, your destination is the Farsta Strand stop.
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Narva-Jõesuu in Ida-Viru, Estonia

Narva-Jõesuu in Ida-Viru, EstoniaIf you’ve been following Naked Wanderings for a while, you probably already figured out that we love to explore naturist places which aren’t that well known yet. From that point of view,  Narva-Jõesuu in Estonia is very high on our bucket list. We just hope that it’s well signposted because we wouldn’t have a clue about how to pronounce that name.


The Narva-Jõesuu nude beach can be found just out of town, at about 5km from the main beach. The 400m sandy stretch where clothing is nothing more than an uncomfortable option is popular among Estonian nudists as well as Russians looking for a place to get naked.
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Zandvoort in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Zandvoort in Amsterdam, The NetherlandsNaturism in The Netherlands is pretty popular and the country has an abundance of nude beaches. We can’t impossible list them all, so we picked for you one of the most convenient ones. At only a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, you’ll find the beach of Zandvoort, where nudity is the dress code between poles 68 and 71.


Other than its proximity to Netherland’s most famous and infamous city, Zandvoort nude beach has 6 beach bars where you can get drinks and food. Coming from Amsterdam you can take the train to Zandvoort aan Zee, from there you take bus 81 to the final stop. If you come by car, you can park in the southern part of Zandvoort Village.
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Montalivet Naturist Beach in Montalivet, France

Montalivet Naturist Beach in Montalivet, FranceMost of the French Atlantic coastline south of Soulac-sur-Mer is often considered clothing optional and the main reason for that is the two naturist villages in the region CHM Monta and Euronat. For this article, we specifically picked to Montalivet beach because of its historical significance. This is where modern naturism in Europe was born.


Montalivet Naturist Beach is part of campsite CHM Monta but is free to enter if you just walk south of Montalivet village. The nude beach itself has a beach bar and several sports options like volleyball or surf classes. Having your own transportation is quite a must, although during the summer months there’s a bus service connecting Montalivet with Bordeaux.
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Sérignan Plage in Beziers, France

Sérignan Plage in Beziers, FranceDid you already notice that Cap d’Agde is nowhere to be found in this list? That’s mostly because we didn’t have such a great experience with the place. But if you do want to get naked at France’s Mediterranean coast, we have another excellent option for you. Sérignan Plage Nature, located just south of its infamous bigger brother.


Sérignan Plage nude beach is directly accessed from the naturist campsite Sérignan Plage right behind it. if you prefer not to stay at the naturist campsite, the beach can also be accessed from the nearby parking. Unfortunately, Sérignan Plage does not have a beach bar.
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Ada Bojana beach in Ada Bojana, Montenegro

Ada Bojana beach in Ada Bojana, MontenegroAda Bojana island, in the very south of Montenegro, has been attracting European naturists since many decades. The island is almost like a different world (islands tend to do that often). Officially the nude beach is only about 400 meters, but nudity is also very common at the other kilometers of beach. Unlike most other nude beaches in Europe, nudity is obligatory at the official naturist section.


Ada Bojana nude beach has a beach bar for which you don’t have to get dressed if you don’t want to.  There’s a (quite basic) naturist campsite nearby which also has the option for rental accommodation. Public transport is only available until Ulcinj city. From there you need to take a taxi or hitchhike if you don’t come with your own transportation.
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Nido dell’Aquila in Livorno, Italy

Nido dell’Aquila in Livorno, ItalyItaly has been a late bloomer when it comes to naturism in Europe. Of course, there have always been naturists, but for a long time, their nude habits had to be kept a secret. Until 2006 when nude beaches finally became legal in Italy.


Nido dell’Aquila just south of Livorno is a perfect example of how wonderful naturism in Italy can be. A white sand beach at the Mediterranean sea with rolling dunes and pine trees in the background. Getting there is almost like a treasure hunt, read the complete description in the blog post about our Italian Road Trip.
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Picture credit: Some of the photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.

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  1. Want to see them all. We did visit Praia do Barril, which people called Praia do Homen Nu (Beach of the Naked Man) and loved the cheesy train! I wrote about it for the NUSA Sun. We stayed at Pedras dEl Rei across the estuary, which was really convenient for daily visits to the beach.

  2. No mention of Studland Bay naturist beach near Poole in Dorset in the UK?
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