Naturist Vacations on a Budget

One of our biggest passions is traveling. Those of you who have been following us for a while have probably heard this a thousand times, but it’s true. We love traveling! But traveling costs money, lots of money, and is therefore often seen as a luxury product. It’s true, two weeks at the nude resort, a room for you, one for the kids, food, drinks, excursions… It can easily set you back a couple of thousands of dollars. When we tell people that on average we travel about 2 months a year, they think we’re millionaires.
but we’re not.


Actually, we don’t spend more money during those 2 months than others do in 2 weeks. If you travel for the sake of traveling, you can limit a lot of costs. On the other hand, if your perfect holiday means laying all day next to the swimming pool, drinking margaritas and being pampered, we’re afraid that this article will be totally useless for you.


Camp nude with a tent

The first nudist holidays were all about camping, especially in Europe. Still, there are lots of nudist campgrounds all over Spain, France, Germany, and Croatia. These campgrounds differ a lot from each other, some are very basic tent camps and others are almost villages with cottages and shops.
But everywhere there will be a place for your tent.


People often see the disadvantages of camping: Back pains from the hard ground, changing clothes in such a small area, having to use a public shower where changing clothes is even more difficult (and where they, without doubt, get soaking wet), the noises of your drunk neighbor, and so on.
Well… that’s all bullsh*t!


At the moment there are top quality air mattresses, some will be self-inflatable and otherwise, there are several types of automatic pumps so without any effort you get a bed almost as good as the one at home.
Changing clothes in a tent or a shower cabin is indeed very annoying, but don’t forget: You’re on a nudist campground! You have the whole place to change clothes (if you even decide to wear them).


New Cambium intext 3
The same thing goes for loud neighbors. On a textile campground that’s indeed often an issue, but it never happened to us on a nudist campground. Nudists are often more relaxed and quiet people, they are less yelling and they don’t have loud televisions. And there’s often much more space. The tents are not cramped next to each other but everyone has their own area.


Sleeping in a tent also means being close to nature. We can assure you, there’s no better way to wake up than hearing the birds sing, opening your tent door and stepping outside, feeling the wet grass between your toes and the sun on your body. That’s waking up as it’s supposed to be.


Cooking in the nude

For many people cooking is a burden.
You have been working the whole day, you get home, you’re exhausted, you’re hungry and there are a couple of hungry mouths waiting for you to feed them. So you have to prepare something. Quick!
You don’t want that when you’re on a holiday.


However, cooking can be very relaxing and social, if you take the time for it. Get some fresh vegetables and spend the morning with the family preparing them. Have a drink, have some chats and enjoy the moment.
Many B&B’s and campgrounds give you the opportunity to cook for yourself, take advantage of that. Open a bottle of wine and start cooking. Even if you’re not a great cook, there are lots of easy recipes for salads or basic meals available on the internet. Give them a try. But most important, do it together! Cooking is a great family time. If you’re not traveling with a family, invite a stranger. Whether you’re on a campground, a resort or a B&B, you will always find someone who wants to have dinner with you.


You will end up with great food and great conversations, at a minimum cost.


Surf a couch

Couchsurfing is often seen as something that enables the broke student to travel a bit. But it’s much more than that. For those not familiar with the concept: Couchsurfing is a community based on free accommodation. If you have a spare room or bed and you like meeting new people, Couchsurfing is a way to get guests from all over the world. And if you like to travel but you don’t want to spend much money on accommodation, you can stay at someone’s house. For free.


Maestra Banner
Saying that Couchsurfing is something for the broke teenage traveler is a misconception. We would rather describe it as a way of traveling for those who want to get local insight in a place. You are staying with someone who doesn’t want your money, only your company. You get a glimpse of how people live and your host is the best person to show you the spots the other tourists don’t get to see.


We have Couchsurfed all over the world and never had a single bad experience.
Many tourists in Brazil skip the city of Sao Paulo because it’s too big and too dangerous. We had a blast in Sao Paulo, but only because of our Couchsurfing hosts. They took us to meet their friends, to see how people live and work in the city, to hidden bars and restaurants and importantly, they told us exactly which places we should stay away from.
When traveling, the local’s advice is gold. When Couchsurfing, it’s free gold.


A naturist weekend not away

We are well aware that not everyone wants to travel the way we do. For many, a holiday is an escape from all-day life and to give their body and mind some rest.
What if we told you that you can do that without spending money?
The trick is to have a nude vacation at home.
Beware! It’s sometimes not as easy as it looks…


The trick is to change your mindset about “home”. Often home is the place where you still have to do some laundry, where the alarm clock is set, where food has to be ready at 1PM, where the grass has to be mowed, the garbage taken outside and the dishes washed.
For one or two days you have to think of home as a place that is fully yours, where you can do what you want and when you want it. Where you don’t have to worry about a single thing.


To make this work, you’ll need some preparation. Make sure that your agenda is totally empty (you don’t do conference calls when in Jamaica either) and make sure all groceries are done. You shouldn’t have any reason to leave the house.
Think about what you’re going to eat and drink that weekend and get it up front. Decide to order food or to make it together (as mentioned above). The night before, you shut down your smartphone, tablet and laptop (maybe even the tv) and you go to bed. No alarms set.
The next morning you wake up in your nakation at home. Don’t put on clothes and start your day naked, have long breakfasts, long showers, read a book, workout, do whatever you like to do on your nakation. Leave the dishes for after the weekend. Relax. Be naked from when you get out of bed until you get in again. This is your naked time.


If you do this well, the first morning you will really awake with a holiday feeling. You will feel the sensation of being naked around the house and doing exactly what you want to do. The last night will feel like the end of a holiday, which went way too fast…


Picture credit: The photos in this post are coming from Google and Twitter. If you find one of yourself and you don’t want it to be on our blog, let us know and we’ll remove it.

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5 thoughts on “Naturist Vacations on a Budget”

  1. Well said! My type of holiday. In a tent with some mod cons, communal showers and facilities, if everyone is naked there’s no embarrassment, bare feet touching the earth,wonderful.

  2. my wife and I would like to do a nakation, but she is a little apprehensive. are there places were we can go which are secluded enough that she will feel more comfortable?


    • This is a difficult question to answer… on one hand we would advise you to search for smaller places with cottage style accommodation where your wife can be naked in and around the cottage with few people having insight. But of course the smaller places tend to be more social, so chances are that once in a while people will come by to have a chat.
      In fact, it’s often easier on large places, there it’s easier to blend in and nobody will take offence if she wraps herself in a towel or so when she doesn’t feel comfortable.


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