How to tell your significant other?

We can consider ourselves lucky about this as we’ve discovered nudism together and we both enjoyed it equally. (if you want to know how, see here and here)
But what if you’re already a nudist and your significant other isn’t?
Or you’ve been wanting to give it a shot but you don’t know how to tell him/her?


The key to failure
You know the saying “Throwing a kid into the water is the best way to make him swim”? Well, we don’t know how it works out for those kids, but we can assure you that it’s a bad idea when it comes to nudism.
Seriously, surprising someone into nudism is really NOT done.


“We arrived at our holiday resort baby. Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you before but it’s clothing prohibited so please take off all your clothes”

Naked captive woman in anguish --- Image by © Miguel Sobreira/ /age fotostock Spain S.L./Corbis

Really, we can’t stress this enough, NOT done!
Going naked for the first time in front of others is a big deal and takes you way out of your comfort zone, so everything else should be as comfortable as possible. Having a husband or wife who suddenly pronounces to be a nudist doesn’t add to the comfort at all.


So we’ll say it again: NOT done!


New Cambium intext 3
A variation to this is to be naked when your husband or wife comes home. Then you have already an ice breaker for saying that you’re actually a nudist and love being naked around the house.
This may sound like a good idea, and it is way better than the previous one. However, there is a big chance that when your partner comes home and sees you naked, he/she will link this immediately to sex. Because for many people who don’t know about nudism nudity equals (at least a desire for) sex. And you will have serious troubles removing that link again.


The key to success
If you only remember one word of this article we want it to be “conversation”.
Now say that out loud! “CONVERSATION”.
Conversation, conversation, conversation!

In our relationship everything can be talked about as long as there’s no pressure, but things like this do need a bit of preparation.
A good way to test the water is by asking if your partner has ever gone skinny dipping. Many people have done that at least once in their life. If so, you can talk a bit about that before announcing that you would like to try it again. If not, at least the ice is broken and you can tell about your experiences.
Even before you’re actually saying that you’re a nudist you’ll get an idea of how they stand against it.


Once the ice is broken, you’ll need to address many questions, so be prepared for that. But lucky you, you can find most of the answers on this site!
It all depends on who your partner is.
If you know that he/she is not very happy with their body shape, you can tell them that there will be people of any shape and that naturist places are the only places in the world where literally nobody cares.
If he/she has been raised up conservatively, you can talk about how nudity has no direct link with sex.
And so on, we’re sure you can find this out by yourself.


She said yes!
Congratulations! He or she wants to give it a shot!
What do you do now?
A good way to start is by being naked around the house. Don’t be afraid by making some kind of event of it, pick a date when you both have nothing to do and agree to spend the day naked in and around the house together.
Or just take off all of your clothes right after the conversation if you both feel like it. It doesn’t really matter.


The next step will be public nudity.
A good way to start with this is by going to a clothing optional (not clothing prohibited) beach, campground or resort. In this way your partner can first adjust to the nudity around you and then decide when he/she is ready to take off some clothes.


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cs5cikdwyaaxgz_-jpg-largeHe said no!
Unfortunately there is also a chance that your partner really doesn’t want to try nudism. Or did give it a shot but didn’t enjoy it.
If they don’t feel comfortable being seen naked by others, you could agree on only visiting clothing optional places where you can go naked but your partner can remain clothed.


If, on the other hand, your partner doesn’t want YOU to be seen naked by other men or women you will have to ask about their concerns and try to address them.


Did you ever have this talk?
How did it work out for you?


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23 thoughts on “How to tell your significant other?”

  1. Yes I have had this talk and received an big No. I have tried to explain this is not a sexual affair or anything to do with sex,just freedom and free from clothes. Anwer is still NO

    • Sorry to hear that Calvin.
      What were the reasons for the “No”? An idea that it’s something sexual?
      We are strong believers of the idea that one should not have an opinion about something if they don’t give it a try.
      Of course not everyone thinks that way…

  2. A clothing optional resort would be a good way to start if the partner agrees to try. That way he or she can be clothed or take off as much as they are comfortable removing. We did it this way and my wife started off taking off her top, but was nude in no time. Actually, she said she felt out of place wearing her clothes when others were nude.

    • Totally agree! Many people, especially first timers, don’t like the idea of being forced to be naked. Therefore a clothing optional place is perfect. You can take your clothes off at your own pace and if you don’t feel comfortable anymore you can put them back on any time.

  3. There are basically two conversations: Before marriage, I told her I always sleep nude and am nude around the house in the morning. She was fine with that – and knew about it before we got hitched. Later, I let on that I was interested in trying social nudity. That one is not going over so well. But at least we have a place to start the conversation, so it isn’t cold turkey!

  4. My wife and I enjoyed being naked everywhere,,,,in the house, in the yard, in the car, at a nude beach, and once at a nude resort. After 10 years and the birth of our second child, she began to shy away from it. She said it felt awkward, embarrassing. Childbirth had not changed her previously beautiful body, but it seemed to have changed her mindset about nudity. She stopped going naked in the house, started wearing T-shirts and shorts to bed, even refused to allow me to see her naked anymore, then after all that, told me she would prefer me not to be naked in front of her anymore. We have tried talking about it but she remains steadfast in her desire to be almost anti-nude. After much effort and gentle persuasion, I have resolved myself to her wishes and given up. I practice my own nudity now alone, and after everyone has gone to sleep.

  5. Thank you for the link to this article! I’ve got a few ideas now on how to approach the subject with my wife. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  6. Ed, start going to nude beaches by yourself. Tell her you are going and invite her along. She won’t go but don’t let that stop you from going alone.

  7. The problem with many so-called clothing optional resorts is that guests are expected to “ease into” nudity, and many women simply do not want to go nude in public. They don’t want to be in a situation where everyone stares at them or gives them dirty looks because they want to keep their bathing suit on.

    If your wife doesn’t want to feel pressured to disrobe herself but is not dead set against your being nude in public, my suggestion is to go to a clothing optional beach. It is very common at c/o beaches to see couples where the man is nude and the woman isn’t, not even topless. If you explain this to her, that she will probably see many other women there in swimsuits with their naked husbands or boyfriends, she’d probably agree to go with you and be inclined to return again and again.

  8. I have a slightly odd situation. My wife and I have been ‘holiday’ naturists for 12 years visiting European nudist beaches and a resort. She enjoys it.
    In the summer she will often go nude in the garden to get a sun tan. However she wont take it any further in the home at other times of year – though in fairness the winter months are hardly conducive. I try and go nude in the house periodically but this is met with disapproval which seems contradictory to her attitude on holiday.

  9. I rarely leave a response, but i did some searching and wound up here How to tell your significant other?
    – Naked Wanderings. And I actually do have 2 questions for
    you if you do not mind. Could it be simply me or does it
    seem like a few of the remarks look like written by brain dead visitors?

    😛 And, if you are writing on additional online social
    sites, I’d like to follow everything fresh you have to post.
    Would you make a list of all of all your shared pages like your twitter feed, Facebook
    page or linkedin profile?

    • Hi! Our policy is to approve every comment that’s not completely off topic, even though we sometimes completely disagree. Just like we prefer our visitors not to be called “brain dead” 🙂

      We do have a widget on our site called “Follow us”. If you’re on a pc it should be in the right sidebar, on mobile it will be somewhere at the bottom. There you can find our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube links!

  10. My wife is kind of a religious person I am not that religious . If I could I would be naked most of the time. I sleep nude when I can and clothed when grand kids are around. I wish they would legalize it in Minnesota.

  11. My wife tolerated day trips in the past. I’ve asked her many times to join me but she has always refused. Two of her big concerns are that 1.) we might see someone we know, 2.) that being naked is gross and she doesn’t want to be where naked people have been sitting or leaning against.
    I’d like to try camping at a facility only a cpl hours away for the end of summer and she has put her foot down. My little get-aways mean a lot to me and I fear she is pulling away from her initial consent.

    • We think that it’s best to explain that this is important to you.
      You respect her opinion by not dragging her along and she respects yours by letting you go on yourself

  12. My wife thinks that our “special parts” should remain special between us. So she doesn’t want to accept the idea that someone else sees me naked. I can only go to a nudist beach when we are on vacation. But if I go, I feel sad for her because of her disappointment.

    • Hi Leo, this is something very common and requires a change of mentality to work. Personally, we believe that what’s special between persons should not be physical. But that’s of course our own opinion.

    • i think my spouse and me to some extent feel the same. I would love to experiance social nudity but I think this would be the hard stop for her.

  13. This is a very interesting read. My partner knows that I’m a naturist, but would never go nude herself. I usually just go to spa’s, but this year I want to venture into the great outdoors. As someone who doesn’t like to always go to nudists venues alone, is it appropriate to seek a nudist companion , as I would like to do. I’m guessing that this type of arrangement could work for both parties..

  14. i have been sleeping nude for a couple years now. I jokingly said I was getting naked to come down for lunch one time. I did. She laughed but we sat side by side me naked and her clothed. Another time both kids were gone. I know I know but I am late to the party so not going to start going nude in front of my teenage daughter and son. Not so worried about the son but anyways off topic. The kids were both gone, and I spent close to 36 hours naked one weekend. Naked from Friday until Sunday. She was clothed in the same room and around me the entire time. I feel like that it is a big step. I am not sure about public nudity, but she seems okay with me being naked around her. 🙂

  15. I am always naked if the weather allows. I started to be naked at home – even on the balcony. The neighbours were a little suprised but we still talk from balcony to balcony. So, no problem. Then I started to be naked in nature. Now, I am hiking, roller-skating, running and biking in nature naked. I never had problems with the autorities. My wife goes hiking with me. She let her clothes on and I am fully bare. The Germans are very tolerant as far as nudity is concerned.


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