Getting naked in Argentina

Buenos Aires may well be considered one of the most European cities outside of Europe. The Porteños (inhabitants of BA) lovingly call their city the Paris of South America. But there’s one thing which is still not that very European… The lack of naturist options. Things started out pretty well though when lots of German immigrants arrived in the 20th century some of them imported the naked lifestyle which was quite booming at the time in their home country. A naturist community on an Argentinian island is said to be the first sign of organized naturism in the country.


Today there’s no more naturism on that island (we don’t even recall the name) but there are still some wonderful places to get naked though. The amazing Yatan Rumi camping for example or Playa Escondida in Mar del Plata.
But let’s not get ahead too much.

Getting naked in Argentina: A guide for naturism and nudism in Argentina

Naturist Quintas

Argentina is a huge country, have a look at the map, it’s impressive. A downside of such a vast piece of land is that travel times tend to be very long. For Europeans like us, this is crazy. Our readers from the USA, Canada, and Brazil will probably understand better what we mean. Anyway, if the amount of naturist options is limited, one often has to travel far to be able to be naked in a naturist atmosphere. For people in Buenos Aires for example, the nearest nude beach (read about this later) is a 4-hour drive away. Not including traffic jams.


The answer to these distances came in the form of “quintas”, which are houses where you can be naked and which often have a nice garden and swimming pool. You can probably best compare this with a naturist B&B. You have the option to stay for the night, especially during weekends, but most of the guests visit a Quinta just for the day. It’s a way to get out of the city, spend a lovely afternoon naked in a relaxed place, and then return home in the evening all refreshed.


New Cambium intext 3
The two best-known Quintas around Buenos Aires are Eden and Pachamama, both in the town Moreno.
On the eastern side of Argentina, in San Juan (famous for its wine) you can find a Quinta called Nudis-Mat. It’s only possible to contact them via phone or Whatsapp: +54 2645 668 152


Other top activities in Buenos Aires:


We have to mention that there’s another place in Moreno, Buenos Aires called Palos Verdes. We haven’t been there so this information is not first hand, but several of the people we met say that it’s a swingers place. The fact that they have huge price differences for single men and single women and that we truly trust our contacts was enough for us to skip this place. And you might want to do so as well.

Getting naked in Argentina: A guide for naturism and nudism in Argentina


In total, Argentina has a coastline of 5 000 kilometers. The sad news is that only a couple of hundreds of meters are designated for naturists. By the way, an interesting thing we noticed in Argentina was that both the terms “naturist” and “nudist” are used next to each other and that there doesn’t seem to be a specific difference like we see in Europe or the USA. Or we missed it. So we’ll just keep using the term “naturist” for the sake of convenience. That makes five thousand kilometers of beach and only two small parts where you can get naked. Both located near the popular beach city Mar del Plata.


We have to admit, Mar del Plata was not exactly… ehm… our cup of tea. It’s busy and it looks like some coastal cities around the world we’ve tried to avoid for most of our lives. But that’s a personal choice of course. We were happy to see that both nude beaches are not exactly in town.


The most popular nude beach of the two and the easiest one to reach is Playa Escondida at some 35km south of the city. For some reason, the girl from our hotel told us we would be able to get there by bus 221 but that was not the case. After spending about an hour and a half on the bus we got dropped off halfway. From there we had to take a Rapido bus for the last part.


Maestra Banner
The best way to get there is to take the Rapido directly from Mar del Plata. Tell the driver to let you off at the last stop before El Marquesado. Or just follow on your maps app.
Unlike what we kind of expected, this beach is not hidden at all. A huge sign along the main road will let you know that you’re there. The beach is sandy with dunes and has facilities like toilets, a small shop, and a beach bar. If you decided to rent a car from Mar del Plata, there’s also a paid parking.
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Getting naked in Argentina: A guide for naturism and nudism in Argentina

The next day the weather turned its back to us. It was still quite early in the season and clouds prevented the sun (and heat) to get through. Therefore we can’t tell you much about Argentina’s second nude beach, Playa Querandi, other than that it’s located at about a 100km north of Mar del Plata, so closer to Buenos Aires city. It’s not as easy to reach as Playa Escondida, to get there you’ll have to take a bus from Mar del Plata towards Villa Gesell and get off just before Mar Azul. Or you could go all the way to Villa Gesell and take a taxi back.
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Organizations and events

It doesn’t feel right that so many paragraphs have already been written and we still haven’t said a word about the place that is head and shoulders the most wonderful naturist spot in the country: Yatan Rumi. On one hand that’s because we’ve already written a full report about them but also because they’re unique in their kind. We just couldn’t categorize them. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this is a place you just HAVE to experience if you like naturism in nature. It’s a national park for naturists, so to say. And a cool camping with a great atmosphere. Check out our review for more details.

Getting naked in Argentina: A guide for naturism and nudism in Argentina

Another reason to mention Yatan Rumi here is that they organize several events as well, of which we participated in their annual naked run. Before mentioned Eden also organizes events albeit more limited to gatherings and barbecues.
One great organization in Buenos Aires city is Color Natural which organizes naked yoga and body movement classes. We’ve been to one of their yoga classes and enjoyed it a lot.
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Argentina also has a national nudist and naturist federation (remember what we said about the names?) called Apanna: Asociación para en Nudismo y Naturista Argentino. They don’t organize events but they are a source for more information and reply in English on your mails. We’ve met one of the board members, Florencia Brenner, who told us all about the history of naturism in her country. Let’s just hope that their membership will start increasing so they can do more for naturism in Argentina.


To go or not to go?

We would love to tell you to cancel all your current travel plans and buy a couple of tickets to Argentina, but we have to be honest. Except for Yatan Rumi, the country doesn’t have that much to offer for the naked traveler. If you happen to find yourself in Argentina, for whatever reason, and you like to have some naked time, do know that you have some options.


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7 thoughts on “Getting naked in Argentina”

  1. So amazing to me that nudism isnt popular or hm .. that much tolerated in SA!
    I totaly had a different view on it ,specially considering those ya .. its in Brasil but u get the point ,those carnevals, and generally they way their dress/fashion is, + at least those older movies from SA`s like before 2000 .. would make one think, well .. that …. lol…

    • South America suffers from previous colonisation in a similar way as many Asian countries. But we do see a difference. Religion is not that deeply involved in people’s lives anymore which makes them more accepting of nudity than for instance Buddhists or Muslims (although we’ve met quite a lot muslim nudists as well).
      A big reason why naturism is not very popular is because it’s something not very much known and because the options are few. As you can read, Argentina has a very limited amount of naturist spots and this country is huge. A nudist in let’s say Bariloche city has to travel by plane to get to the nearest naturist spot in his or her country.
      Also the organisation misses some influential people in order to create some movement.

      About Brazil, when we were there 6 years ago we noticed that the country in general has a very sexual atmosphere. It’s a lot about seducing and being seduced. You could compare it to southern Italy where it’s still common to shout “Ciao Bella” (hi beautiful) to women on the street. In other countries you could end up on the #MeToo list for doing so. Anyway, men like to seduce and women feel bad about themselves if they haven’t received a “ciao bella” one day.
      Similar in Brazil. The tiny bikinis are a way of seduction. They show almost everything, but never everything. That’s way more sexy than being naked by the way. Plastic surgery is also huge in Brazil.
      What we’ve learned is: the more attention people pay to physical appearance and to adjust that appearance, the more difficult it is to push naturism through.

      But we’ll give you a sneak preview… we just arrived at our first naturist resort in Brazil (for this trip) and we noticed a lot of positive things. You’ll read all about that next month 😉

      • Ya i know we talked/commented about it here when u were in Brazil ,but its still odd to me ,if u understand what i mean .. as u say , in Brazil ,sex is in the air lol ,yet ppl freak out about nudism?
        More or less same i guess in Argentina or Mexico ,so on ..
        But honestly i prefer more that, as u mentioned ,Italian style hah, i mean, that metoo thing is horrible .. things like that can literally destroy a nation, not to overreact and say humanity ,but ya .. i mean, pretty soon ,im gonna have to write a letter to ur lawyer signed by mine, i ur allow/conesnt for me to post msgs on ur blogs lol .. i mean is that the kind of world we wanna live in? I dont ,as far as these subjects go.
        But anyhow, those plastic surgeries and similar crap, thats sick tbh.. i understand if some1 had an accident, or is born in a sertan way and a surgery would help both in apperance and mentaly ,but to do all that and spend tons of money just to have boobs and ass like a basketball, or to wanna look 20 when ur 65? ..
        No1 wants to be old, but its natrual ,and normal,and thats the way it should stay.
        The only thing about that that can be done , is for ppl to have less judgments and prejudice towards older ppl ,cause many societies consider the old useless, waste of air, they dont give them jobs cause naaaa ur too old u cant do that … ok but this is a diff subject anyhow.
        But anyway im still odded out that in a way ,i just dont get the ,is it that nudism is not popular there, or they are ashamed of it or its considered as sick or what? Whats the reason?

        • It’s a mix of things. Religion has some to do with it, the sexualisation of nudity as well. But mostly we notice that it’s just something unknown. The nudists don’t really go tell all their friends and family that they like to spend some time naked and the naturist federations are nothing compared to Europe. Very rarely nudism hits the main stream media. A bit comparable with Europe in the eighties. If something was said about nudism it’s in some human interest program which often makes it all look a bit weird.

          We’ve heard stories about how a TV crew comes to a nudist resort to make a “documentary” but when it’s published they just talk about awkward stuff and make fun of the naked people. If you watch that, you don’t want to go to that resort because you think they’ll make fun of you as well. It’s pretty sad.

          So decent promotion could do a lot. After we’ve published photos of Yatan Rumi on Instagram we received messages from people who live nearby but had no idea this place exists. So we, the Belgians from more than 10 000km away showed what’s possible in their neighbourhood… Something must be not right with their advertising strategies 😀

          • Yea but sexualization of nudity .. if they are so open about sex, then how the hell they arent about nudity? It makes no sence to me .. its literally like u have a job and they offer u a payraise and u say no thanx .. lol…

          • That’s something hard to explain to a non-nudist 🙂
            Look at it like this: There are two packages under your Christmas tree which you will receive next week. One is a new iPhone, the other one is wrapped in paper. Every time during this week you’ll see both when you pass by the tree. You might be very happy with the iPhone but the other one is the one that will be on your mind the most. Although it could as well be just an empty box.
            In a mindset where nudity is sexualised, the nude person is the iPhone.

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