The future of nudism – Part two: The possibilities

Last week we tried to build a general idea about what nudism is today and what is necessary to secure our future. Even though those were just our ideas, many of them have been proven and we strongly believe that there’s a beautiful future ahead for nudism.
Last week were the facts, mixed with our own opinions, but let’s now focus on the future. In this article we’ll talk about our beliefs, hopes and dreams.


Robert H. Schuller, an American televangelist, once said that the key to happiness is to ask yourself the question “What would you do if you knew you could not fail” and make the answer your goal in life. That’s the philosophy on which this article is based.


The beginning of nudism started over 100 years ago, and since then we’ve gone a long way. Today, in many places, nudism is not something to be ashamed of anymore, not something secret, not something to do in the woods behind a huge fence. Today we have our own beaches, our own 5k runs, our own cruises, our own restaurants and one day each year we are able to ride our bikes through the centre of many European and American cities, nude.

Summer Solstice Parade, Fremont - by Joe Mabel -CC BY-SA 3.0

And we are truly happy with this, especially here in Europe. In Belgium, where we live, the weather doesn’t exactly benefit our lifestyle. More often than not it’s either cold or rainy or most likely both. But we have indoor spas where we can be freely naked, at least once a month a swimming pool is “hijacked” by the nudists and we have several other events indoor as well. And when the weather gets better, we have nude beach and several clubs where we can sunbathe, play some pingpong, have a nap, have a chat, have a beer, all without the restriction of clothes.
But that’s Europe we’re talking about, the birthplace of modern day nudism.


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In many other parts of the world nudism is still a big taboo. It’s seen as unethical, unreligious or something for the “less developed”. In Africa for example where, in most countries, the weather is perfect for nudists and where the indigenous tribes have a tradition of wearing clothes only for protection, nudism is in general completely unaccepted.
Via this website and via social media we’ve gotten in touch with many people from India as well, a country where nudism is prohibited by law, telling us how nudism for them is restricted to their homes. Which makes us quite sad…


General acceptance of nudism should be the first thing to strive for. In our own country and in others. We need to show the world that we’re not just hippies or perverts, that we’re not the strange kids on the block. For a long time we have been happy with our secret areas but those days are gone. We are aching to be accepted, not because we want to show our naked bodies to everyone but because we want people to see that we have a unique lifestyle, based on confidence, respect, harmony and equality.


But how can we do this when we restrict ourselves to our secluded areas? Clothing optional beaches are the first step. This is the perfect way for textiles to get in touch with nudists without having to become a member of a club or without being forced to get naked from the first minute. Here in Belgium, but also in other countries around Europe, nudist clubs are organising “open days”, so textiles can come over and have a look. And it seems to be a great success. In the beginning there was some fear for “monkey watching” but most visitors did show a lot of interest in the lifestyle and quite often decided to undress as well.


This is what we should focus on, less “us and them” and more just “us”. Respect is the keyword here, we want to be respected for our choice of being naked and on the other hand we have to respect those who decide to wear clothes.
Some people like to wear jeans, some like to wear a suit, some like to wear nothing at all.
Does this mean that everyone should be naked at all time? Of course not. We don’t stick to the same dress code all the time either, we wear different types of clothes for different occasions. We shouldn’t expect to be able to go to a job interview naked.  But wearing a suit for that job interview should be considered the same as wearing nothing on the beach, or in your garden, or in the park, or when you go shopping on a sunny day.
Nudity should become a style of casual clothing.


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The day after tomorrow
Once public nudity is finally accepted, the options are unlimited. Just think about the many things that you would like to do naked, that would actually be a lot better if done naked.
When we promote nudism, we often talk about swimming and the joy of not being restricted to wearing a bathing suit, but there are so many things where clothes are actually redundant. Yoga has picked up the trend, but think about going to the gym. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could work out naked?


How about going to a party? How much time do we spend deciding what to wear? Should we wear a suit? A shirt? High heels? Correcting underwear? With naked parties all those sorrows are gone, no more thinking what to wear. Will this also take away the jealousy? Probably yes. When we see a clothed beautiful person, we tend to think that they must be hiding some flaws. When we see them naked and they still have a “perfect” body, will we be jealous? Probably not, because it is what it is. Everyone is different and “beautiful” is probably the broadest term existing.


Just think about it, if society didn’t expect you to wear clothes, at any time, what would you do? Shopping? Of course! How many times didn’t we take the first shirt and pants we find to go to the bakery in the morning? Just to wear something. We could as well go naked. And there are many small things like this, getting something from the car, taking out the garbage, asking the neighbours for some milk and two eggs.


What if we could go naked to the restaurant? What if we could go jogging naked in the morning? Visiting our parents? Even buying clothes would be much more efficient if we could arrive naked.
How about work? If you have an office job, like we do, there’s really no need for clothes. And if we have to give an important presentation we already picture the crowd naked… Wouldn’t it be so much better if they actually were?


Read part one of this article here: The future of nudism – Part one: The facts

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17 thoughts on “The future of nudism – Part two: The possibilities”

  1. I too wish public nudity were widely accepted, allowing everyone to dress or go nude as we wish as we go about our daily tasks. I believe such acceptance would lead to much less strife and conflict among neighbors as we would know the person beneath the clothes, the real person and not a perceived image based upon what is covering the other person(s).

  2. Imagine how much quicker airport travel would be if you could turn up naked. No need for drawn out security checks. Then imagine how much more comfortable the flight would be without restrictive clothing.

  3. I posted a reply previously but it appears to not be here. Others have suggested nude airport screening and I concur. Also, I’ve read of nude flights before but the small airline apparently didn’t survive. It’d sure make the flight more comfortable and relaxed, I believe, if we could fly nude.


    • Indeed, we heard about this as well. It was a German nudist tour agency that wanted to give their clients a “full experience” by allowing them to fly nude to their destination. Therefor they had chartered an airplane.
      Unfortunately this didn’t last for long… But it has already been 10 years ago and nudist vacations are booming these days. It would probably work if they started again… or we… who starts a crowdfunding project? 🙂

      • Nick&Lins I also think we could via Whatsapp which seems a safer way of communicating here in Africa form a whatsapp group and we could make simple private campsites of our own and make vacation plans to enjoy our way of life. Africa especially Zambia has generally a very favorable weather pattern and beautiful sites to see.

  4. I am new being in a place where all of the other people are naked.
    I am naked at home most of the time .
    I would like to go on a hot U.K. break to both get over my nervousness of being around fellow naturists also gaining new friends

  5. I am from North Carolina, I have been a home nudist for six years and didn’t start till I was 23 years old. This year I turn 30 and I do like to be naked outside, but the laws around here are fuzzy when it comes to being in your yard and nude. The cops will still come say if a neighbor sees me and my 10 year old daughter outside, and my wife likes to sunbath nude as well. People around here are not very accepting of a family being nude with a child, so we can’t enjoy the outside as much as we want. I have only found 2 campsites that are naturalist and family style, in Asheville NC, and right above Myrtle Beach in SC. There is a nudist resort in Reidsville NC but only for 18 and up and kids can’t go onto topless beaches. But those are just for perverts in my own opinion. So it is difficult to find a place here to be nude as a family, it has taught my daughter body acceptance and I feel she will be a better women for that. It seems like it is slowly getting better around here, but people are still raised as seeing a naked body as something sexual. Hope opinions on that change because you have nothing to hide behind when you nude, you are y your honest self and people know your true self right off. I believe that scares people so much about nudism.

  6. is curious but here in Peru nudism is associated with the tribes of the jungle, I think that is one of the reasons why nudism is not popular here
    also is that the new generations have this idea of success or worse prove that “success” wearing expensive clothes so the idea of being naked do not care

    • This is indeed the fact in many cultures, clothing (and jewellery, cars,…) are used to give yourself a status, even one that you don’t deserve in many cases. We’ve noticed many people who’d prefer to skip a meal a day in order to by an expensive suit.
      We (and many nudists in general) believe that success has nothing to do with wealth and that statuses only create gaps between people.

  7. This is a great article. Making the world a nudist paradise sounds so awesome. I would be naked all the time if I could. Swimwear has shrunk so much in size since its invention a little more than a century ago, and now thongs are acceptable. In the future let’s make nudism even more frequent and that it is known to everyone. Going nude should be big and common at home, in parks, in beaches, in swimming pools, for swimming anywhere where swimming, at appropriate workplaces for nudity, in events and doing it socially among the family, couples and friends. I hope we get many more nudists in the world in the future, especially as the world warms.

    • in our ideal world, nudity is considered the same as casual clothing. You don’t go casual to a job interview or a wedding, we completely agree. But to get the mail, walk the dog or have a quick stop at the grocery store.. come on.. that should be possible naked.

  8. I too am a great follower of nudism and wish everyone could accept it especially here in Africa beginning with my wife, and I know it is possible to achieve this through setting up certain private resorts and camp drives. If someone is willing to advance nudism especially in southern Africa you can reply to my comment and we can chat further.


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