How nudism will save the world

When we look back to what we’ve been writing here on Naked Wanderings during the last months, it appeared to us that we have been complaining a lot. Facebook doesn’t like us anymore, people think we’re perverts, textiles are invading our beaches and we are not allowed to live our lifestyle outside of designated areas.
It can be hard being a nudie.


So we started thinking…
Would the world ever be happy that nudism exists?
How can we do something back for the world?
What if… we could actually save the world?


We’re warming up

Global warming is a hot topic these days, and as with every topic that hasn’t been 100% proven there are believers and nonbelievers. Many people still think that the result of global warming will be that the world eventually gets too hot to live on. But when will that happen, right? What those people don’t see is that global warming is a very broad term and that some of the causes are not good for us anyway, whether we’re warming up or not.
Pollution for example. It’s a so much bigger problem than just a cause of global warming, it also causes so many diseases, it’s terrifying. Pollution comes for example from factories, factories built in places where there used to be nature and we all know… less nature equals less health. Pollution also comes from traffic, we don’t think we have to convince you that traffic is also the main cause of fatal injuries.
Meat production is another example, next to polluting our grounds and drinking water, it’s also a cause of many weight problems.


And then there are the results of global warming, the floodings, the storms, the bad air we inhale day after day after day. We can’t ignore this anymore, whether you believe in global warming or not, you have to agree that we’re messing up our environment, big time.


What are we going to do about it?

Really, there’s only one way to get things back in balance, that’s by completely changing our whole lifestyle. We will have to shift our focus from wealth and power towards awareness and harmony. Instead of rating each other on how big our houses are or how much money we earn, we’ll have to admire those who leave the smallest footprint.
Of course, these things always sound good in theory, but how do we get started?
Well, there are a couple of important points which can help you take a huge step in the right direction.


Reconnect with nature

Over the years, people have lost most of their connection with nature. We’ve been moving to the cities and we’ve been putting concrete wherever we could. One would be surprised how many children only know forests or natural lakes from TV, they’ve never seen it with their own eyes.
We need to get back to nature, we need to remember the smell of nature, we need to feel nature, we need to see nature. Instead of watching that soap opera every day, we should make it a habit to spend at least a little bit of time every day in a green environment. To touch nature, with our hands, our feet, our whole body. We need to learn to love nature again.


Eat healthily

This one really is a big win-win.
The most natural food also leaves the smallest footprint and is also the best for your body. How cool is that? Eat lots of fresh vegetables and other organic food, by doing this you’ll keep not only your body but the whole world in better shape.
And this doesn’t mean we all should become vegan or vegetarian, you can eat meat, no problem. But don’t overdo. There’s really no point in eating a half a kilogram steak.


Try to differentiate in what you eat. We don’t have to tell you that the emissions of a cow farm are much higher than those of a chicken farm. So leave that steak for a couple of days and have some chicken, fish, pork or sheep. And once in a while, have a day without meat.
Needless to say that produced “meat” is the worst. Yes, we also love Burger King but try to keep that to a minimum. Your burger actually tastes better when it’s for a special occasion only. If you do decide to stop eating animal products, options for food are limited when it comes to vegan. Especially when you are always traveling. Here is one good vegan superfood powder that you may consider bringing it along with you.


Live healthy

Thinking about what you eat is a great step towards a healthy body and world, but you can do even more.
Now everybody shouts: “Sports”
Well, not completely wrong, of course, sports are good for you, but if you’re driving your car to the gym, have a workout and then drive back home, you’re not really helping the world a lot.
The trick is to think with a healthy mindset. For every distance, you have to cross, think whether there’s a more healthy alternative than the car. For every action, you have to make, think about what benefits yourself and the world the most.


Some time ago we read about a study about when people decide to take the car. Apparently in Belgium, when the distance is more than 600 meters, people opt for driving. 600 meters! That’s about 7-8 minutes walk. That’s about 1.5 minutes by bike. It’s crazy.
Yes, you’ll save yourself a couple of minutes in possibly not ideal weather, but you also cause pollution, traffic jam, and a lazy body.
So what’s worse?

Focus less on money

Money makes the world go round and it has been doing so for ages. We’ve gotten so used to the idea that money is the main source of happiness, that we all became unhappy because we don’t have enough of it. And the crazy thing is… We’ll never have enough. If you have 100 euros, you want 1 000. If you have 1 000, you want 10 000, and so on.
We use this money to buy things we don’t need. Things that will make us look prettier, we think. Things that will put us higher on the social ladder, we think. Things that will make us happy… But they never do. At least not in the long run.


We’re not asking you to give away all your money, to quit your job, and to go live under a bridge. Just try not to make money a top priority, not your money and not someone else’s.
Think in terms of friendship, love, nature, and relaxation, and happiness will come to you.


If you’re not getting the point of this article, re-read the tips we gave here to change your lifestyle into a more world-friendly one.
Then think about the nudist lifestyle. Do you see the comparison?
Exactly! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we’re going to save the world!


Stop global warming! Get naked!


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10 thoughts on “How nudism will save the world”

  1. Yes. .is tough being a nudist…try Iowa. …pure hell here. But I have my private area. .and know that I have to accept that. Would love to have someone close to talk to. Even nudist get lonely. But is what it is. Stay naked..

  2. I can’t believe we don’t push the carbon footprint more strongly. How much pollution is created shipping and transporting all the pointless fashion clothing from the factories to the shops? Think of the savings on resources if we all went nude!

      • What if we make a commitment to not buy anything from China for one year. That is my new year resolution. What is yours?

        • Since we might be visiting China next year, not buying anything there could be a bit complicated… But we’ll make out some resolutions for ourselves, we still have 2 weeks 🙂

      • Without the current trillion dollar #USgovt wars subsidizing fossil fuels with all our earnings (in the US), there would be a better market for greener energy sources and modes of living: and naturism would be far more common and accepted. It’s why Conrad Schmidt started the #WNBR demonstrations in 2003.

  3. While I admire and agree with your thoughts on this subject, one of the biggest pollutants of our planet comes from air travel. You guys seem to do more miles by air than many people. Maybe you should consider taking your nude vacations closer to home to do your part to “save the world”? Much love from the UK xxx

    • Indeed, you’re completely right. Even though we’re considering the environment at many things we do, we do often fly to our destinations. But in our defence, once we get on location we travel by public ground transport only.

  4. I agree with having a clothing optional world!
    Just think about all the gas your family uses to go buy clothing, all the Cole burned to generate the electricity to pump the water and run the washer and dryer every time you take off those clothes .
    Using less water and power will also help the planet.


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