The Naturist Talks: Mark and Tracey from the UK

Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle that we try to enjoy as much as possible. In as many places as possible. Most of the time we share our own views on the different aspects of nudism but once in a while, we like to pass the mic to hear about how someone else’s experiences. Via this Naturist Talks interview series, we listen to naturists from all over the world. They share their experiences, tips and stories about naturism and thanks to them we keep learning about the different aspects of life in the nude.
Today we’re listening to Mark and Tracey, a naturist couple from the UK.


Naturist Talks: Mark and Tracey from the UKHello Mark and Tracey, please tell us something about yourself

Hi, we are Mark & Tracey and we have been married now for 31 years. We have two sons and a daughter and Bob the dog. I (Mark) am also a petrol head and race myself. Our eldest son and Daughter are both now married which just leaves our youngest son still living at home. Tracey is now beginning to feel comfortable while nude and is a Hammers fan. She is also now an amputee of the left lower leg for 5 years.


How and at what age did you become a naturist?

For me (Mark), even when I was growing up I always liked the idea of going naked. I just never did until later in life – or call it a mid-life crisis – when I hit the mid-forties and started being more and more nude around the home. I’m also an avid barefooter and can be seen most times in whatever weather with bare feet.


I got Tracey to try a naked day at home which she did and liked (I’m so glad she did). As they say, the rest is history too, it took a couple of years as beginning home nudies before she felt comfortable enough going to a naturist club. Once there she was the first one stripped off, sat down in the chair with a drink in her hand and said: “It’s good here”.


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Naturist Talks: Mark and Tracey from the UKIs naturism allowed in your country and what’s the public opinion?

Yes, it is allowed here in the UK. Most of the people that know that we are naturists don’t have any issues with that.


We used to keep it a secret, but we found that in the end, it caused more issues than if people would know, so we told both of our families and some of our friends. Even my colleagues at work know that we live the clothes-free lifestyle.


What do you think is the best and worst thing about naturism?

For us, the best thing is the freedom that you feel when not having clothes on. Unless you’ve tried this, it’s something very difficult to explain. Going nude has also helped with Tracey’s self-esteem. Before, it was pretty low, but now she has accepted the way she is and also knows that others accept her as she is.


The worst thing would be that when we told our kids, our eldest son still doesn’t like the idea of us going nude. Even though he has now accepted the fact. I do also get fed up and frustrated with those so-called naturists that post the wrong type of pictures playing into the hands of those that don’t like the idea of living clothes free.


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Naturist Talks: Mark and Tracey from the UKDo you find it easy to make naturist friends?

We like to think that we are fairly easy to get on with and so far all the people that we have met have been friendly, as you would expect. We love social nudity, when time allows it, and have hosted at our home a few gatherings including film nights, dinners, game evenings or just regular get-togethers.


What’s the best tip you have for beginning naturists?

Just be yourself and enjoy.


Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?

We just wish that the naturist way of life would be more accepted by those that don’t so right now. Before you judge us, give it a try first. Also, there are unfortunately so many places that say that they are disabled friendly, but are not.


For me (Mark), if I could live and even work naked 24/7 I would and I don’t care about how we can be found on most naturist websites. We are also now on MeWe social media, where we have several naturist groups like The naturist Community UK, East Anglia Naturists and Naturists With Disabilities.


Thank you so much for sharing your story Mark and Tracey!


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