The Naturist Talks: Tadej and Tamara from Serbia

As you may have read in the very first post of this blog, one of the main reasons why we started this project is to show the world that naturists are not some strange dark commune but that actually everyone could be one… Or could enjoy being one if they took the first step.


Our main example of “everyone” is of course ourselves, we write posts about naturism in general but also about our own experiences. But some of you might be thinking “Yes sure, those two are probably just the strange kids in the block…” (nah, we know you’re not thinking that about us, but we’re trying to write an introduction here). So we decided to let other naturists have a word as well.


So please sit back and get inspired!


Meanwhile we already published several interviews with people from all over the world. You can find them in the The Naturist Talks section.
Today we’ll be talking with a Serbian couple, Tadej and Tamara, 32 & 25 years young and fellow bloggers on


Hello Tadej and Tamara, tell us something about yourself
We are a hedonist couple from Serbia. Every day we seek joy and pleasure in the little things around us, things people often forget due to the fast pace of modern life. We have a never-ending desire to satisfy our wants and needs, and of course all of our senses.


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Tamara: Sea side is a place where I feel the best and the most fulfilled. I love the scent of the sea, and everything the sea brings. I have a special relationship with the sea, towards the fish and all seafood, ships, sun, salt, olives, as if I lived by the sea in some past life.


Tadej: I love it when the sun is very strong and I close my eyes and feel my whole body absorb that energy with every inch of my skin. It relaxes me, and makes me feel overwhelmed at the same time. My mind is always full of thoughts and ideas, and the only time when I can turn it off is in a sauna or in a Jacuzzi, when I feel like I’m floating on the clouds. In a sauna I melt like butter, I dissolve, I have this intense burning sensation and my breath gets shorter and shorter from the heat. Then I begin to fight-of this strong urge to leave immediately. This is what I enjoy the most, the struggle, the staying.


How and at what age did you become a naturist?
Tadej: My first nudist experiences were with my parents as a kid, but as a teenager I became bashful and didn’t want to be a nudist any more. By the next time I removed my swimwear again more than 10 years had passed.
In my early twenties I went to the island of Hvar with some friends who liked to sleep late, so in the morning I used to go alone on a wild beach composed of isolated rocky plateaus. There I overcame my internal resistance, exposed the whole of my body to sun and water, and fell in love with nudism. There were lots of young nudists scattered on several kilometers of this wild rocky beach. And then, again almost ten years had passed before I went regularly to nudist beaches with Tamara. We loved it so much we decided to spend all our future summers on nudist beaches.


Tamara: Nudism is probably the most liberating experience I’ve had in my life. I’ve always wanted this, but none of my friends were nudists. And then I met him. We spent our first summer in vicinity of Ada Bojana. This vacation has probably determined all my future summers.


How did it all begin? I remember our first time on the island of Ada Bojana. The closer we were to the nudist beach I was feeling more nervous, but didn’t tell him anything. Behind the fence you have to get naked, so as soon as we passed it we came across beach guards who told us this. I remember thinking how unfair it was, because they themselves weren’t naked. I was really really nervous, but I took my clothes off. I was stark naked. We’re both naked. We smiled to each other and continued to walk down to the nudist beach.


Everyone was naked. I felt more relaxed every minute. I noticed we are one of the youngest couples on the beach, but regardless, people were naked, free and beautiful. The beach is beautiful, sandy, quite wide and very long. Wind always blows on the island of Ada Bojana… it makes waves and raises sand. I was thrilled. We walked endlessly, all the way to the border with Albania and back, and as nudists-beginners we just repeated over and again how pleasant it is, how wonderful it is.


It felt amazing walking naked in the sun. I was liberated. Ada Bojana has the best views. Endless open sea merges with the sky, and in the sunsets the whole sky burns out and becomes red and orange, coloring the whole sea. And you can feel infinity and shivers, while you become one with that nature. Incredible.
It bought me forever. Salty water, sand, the smell of the sea, the wind and the freedom.


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Is naturism allowed in your country and what’s the public opinion?
IMG_1703We were born in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), one of the most nudist-friendly countries in the 60ties, 70ties, and 80ties, and one of the most popular nudist destinations of all time. Every summer, year after year, literally millions of nudists from all over Europe were coming to Yugoslavia, to the Croatian or the Montenegrian coast.


Despite violent disintegration of Yugoslavia, there are still naturist camps and beaches in Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. We recently made a detailed interactive map of Nudist beaches and tourist centers on the Adriatic Sea, so if you are interested please take a look. There is a number of older people all over the region, who were young during the 60ties – 80ties who still kept the memory of their nudist youth close to their hearts.


The two of us live in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, one of the ex-Yugoslav republics. After the fall of socialism and civil wars of the 90ties, society is much more conservative than 30 or 40 years ago. It’s not uncommon during the summer to see media and tabloids putting public figures on the pillar of shame for nudism, accompanied by big color pictures shot by unscrupulous paparazzi. In the whole of Serbia there is only one legal nudist beach, in Belgrade, and handful of unofficial beaches by big rivers.


What do you think is the best and worst thing about naturism?
We are nudists. We love to be naked. We also love nature and think naturism is something really positive and progressive, but one has to be cautious because there is a number of people who often confuse freedom you experience through naturism with their own new age hippy “philosophy”. This is something we really don’t like.


Do you find it easy to make naturist friends?
Well, we do have several naturist friends but we haven’t seen them in the nude because we never went on a vacation together, or to any naturist place. We know they are naturists, and they know we are, but we usually talk about other stuff.
On the other hand, on our nudist vacations we haven’t met someone yet who would be interesting enough to become friends with. Hopefully we will…


What’s the best tip you have for beginning naturists?
No stress.


Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
At the end of last August we laid naked on the hot sand of Ada Bojana island and talked about our new love, nudism. To our astonishment we’ve found out that there isn’t one good online resource about naturism and nudist beaches in our language, Serbo-Croatian. We can’t remember who was the first to suggest it, but we returned from the vacation with a decision to start a website dedicated to nudism and naturism. Soon we bought the domain and our great blogging adventure has begun.


We really enjoy every article we write or translate, and our main goal is to portray at least a part of the beauty and the freedom of nudist beaches, and to encourage those who haven’t tried it, especially youngsters, to try nudism. The first and most difficult step is actually quite simple: undress yourself!


Thank you so much for your participation Tadej and Tamara!


Do you also want to tell your story and experiences in naturism? Please get in touch via the CONTACT page! As long as we have people who like to contribute, we can keep The Naturist Talks running!

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3 thoughts on “The Naturist Talks: Tadej and Tamara from Serbia”

  1. Great testimony! My first nudist experience was precisely in Croatia, in the island of Lokrum in the seashore of Dubrovnik. It was amazing to enjoy the sun and the sea in a beautiful landscape. This was 30 years ago and I am longing to return.

  2. I wish I could contact Tadej and Tamara. I am very happy to have read this. I am a naturist living in Belgrade (American by nationality), and I get concerned about attitudes here. As free-spirited as this city can be in some ways, in others you can see a far more conservative approach. I wish to walk around naked, and I realize that even in many more “progressive” cultures, this can still be a topic of some controversey, but I hope there will be more discourse and minds will open towards the fact we all have our bodies, we’re born naked, and forcing prudish behavior on others isn’t really so great in the end (my two cents, anyway – or two dinars if you wish).


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