Getting naked in Mexico

Honestly, we didn’t have the highest expectations when it came to finding the options for nudism in Mexico. Our experiences in Asia had shown that countries who are closer to the equator don’t necessarily provide more options when it comes to getting comfortably naked (except for Thailand of course) and in fact, if we hadn’t become virtual friends with Hector we might have skipped the country altogether. But the fact that a 26-year-old was running for president of the national nudist federation drew us over the line. Well… That and we had to find a place to get our budget back in line after the expensive USA and before the equally expensive Canada.


When we noticed that we could get a 30 dollar flight from Los Angeles to Guadalajara, our minds were made up. We were going to Mexico. What the country would have to offer for the naked traveler was still something we had to find out, but it was worth the try. In the end, if this would prove to be another geographic mistake of ours, at least being there wouldn’t cost us a huge amount of money.
It’s funny how these things tend to go… When you only have the slightest expectations, good things often happen. And Mexico was another proof of this theory of ours. We’ve had an amazing naked time in this country and we’re sure that you could too.

Nudists in Guadalajara

Getting naked like the Mexicans

Nudism in Mexico is still pretty new, especially if you compare it with Europe where social nudity has been existing for about a century. So the Mexicans started at a point where we (the Europeans but also other western countries) are currently struggling to keep the flame awake. Activities that are often not recognized by the western federations like the WNBR, naked yoga, naked bar nights, naked parties or whatever are exactly what’s pushing nudism in Mexico.


The Mexican federation is doing a great job in combining the nudist philosophies and ideas with activities that can actually attract a 21st-century crowd. The first time we went to a nudist gathering in Guadalajara we couldn’t believe our eyes… Almost everyone else was about our age. Yes, some were in their fifties or sixties or maybe even older (we didn’t dare to ask everyone’s age) but the majority were twenty or thirty-somethings. A complete opposite of our previous experiences where we were always, or most of the time, the youngest.



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We believe that we can honestly say that nudism is booming in Mexico and this is something you can experience as a tourist as well. The federation is very open to accepting guests and they like to learn from you. Although we think that we can learn a lot from them as well. Nudist gatherings around the country are often organized spontaneously via WhatsApp, so the trick is to gain inside info. But that’s easier than it sounds. You can get in touch with the Mexican Federation via e-mail or Facebook, tell them who you are, what you’re looking for, and in which part of this huge country and they will get you in contact with the right persons. We have been to meetups of both the Guadalajara group and the Playa del Carmen group and both times we had wonderful experiences. And we hear that there are other groups around the country that are equally fun people to hang out with.


FUN FACT: Nudists in Mexico call themselves “nudists” because the term “naturists” has already been taken by an eco-friendly movement. It’s funny to see all those Naturist Shops around the country but don’t expect to find there what you’re looking for.

The Pacific coast

Most tourists in Mexico focus on the Caribbean coast (see later) and the other coast of Mexico, at the Pacific ocean, is often forgotten. A real shame as they’re missing out on some magnificent scenery and not to forget a couple of great nudist opportunities.
One part of the Pacific that is often visited by Americans is Baja California. We’ve all heard stories or songs about Tijuana but “Baja” has much more to offer. Unfortunately not yet for the naked traveler. The only nudist opportunity we know in the area are naked cruises around the Cabos. We haven’t tried them out so we can’t tell you whether they’re worth it or not, but if you have, please let us know.



Near Guadalajara, at a coastal town called Tenacatita, there used to be the nudist resort Hotel Bluebay Punta Serena. Unfortunately, they’ve changed their policy lately and are now only a couple of times a year clothing optional. We didn’t find this worth a try because we prefer to promote places that go for a nudist audience 100%. But for the sake of completeness, we still wanted to mention them.


But then… there is… our all-time favorite nudist place (for now)… Zipolite. Really, we just can’t stop talking about this town. If you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time you might already be bored about our constant references to Zipolite and if this would be the case we are very sorry because we’ll probably keep talking about it for years to come. It’s just one of the best nudist places in the world. First of all, it’s the only official nude beach in Mexico. This country has hundreds (if not thousands) kilometers of beach and these 1.5 kilometers are the only where you can wander around naked knowing that you’re completely allowed to do so.


If that’s not enough reason for you to go there, listen to this: More and more hotels are embracing nudity and there’s something for every budget. We’ve been to Brisa Marina, Hotel Nude, and Casablanca Guest House but there are several others which you can easily find on the website Zipolite Mexico. And last but certainly not least: Every year in February the town hosts the National Nudist Festival which attracts thousands of naked visitors.
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The Caribbean Coast

Although Mexico is a huge country that has so much to offer to those seeking for culture, friendliness, a cheap place to backpack through or another nakation destination, the Caribbean coast, or otherwise called the Maya Riviera still attracts the majority of the tourists. Even though we are such big fans of the Pacific, we can truly understand why many prefer the riviera instead. First of all, it’s very easy to get to. The main airport in Cancun has direct flights to major airports all over the Americas and Europe. Secondly, it’s right at the Caribbean sea, which doesn’t only promise great weather but also very nice waters to swim in and not to forget that the Mesoamerican Reef passes by at some tens of meters in front of its coastline so it’s a perfect destination for those who like to snorkel or dive as well. And of course, the nudist tourism industry is booming here as well.


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If you want to get naked at the Maya Riviera, you do need to have some spare money on your bank account. This place is not cheap. But other than that, the options are impressive. We’ll list them out for you from south to north.
Just near the Belize border, you can find Playa Sonrisa, a small resort which is the name “paradise” completely worthy. There’s no place in the Caribbean we know of where you can be more off the beaten track than here. Lost in the Maya jungle you’ll have your cabin on the beach, the nude beach, where you can feel like Robinson Crusoe without having to worry about what to have for diner (or where to get a cold beer).
Fun activities at the Riviera Maya:

Few people go as far down though, the last city that can count itself as a proud member of Maya Riviera tourism is Tulum. This used to be a hippie hangout but has now been transformed into a real tourist destination. At Tulum you’ll find two nudist resorts, one is Azulik which we didn’t have the chance to visit and the other one is Intima. Unlike the name might suggest, this is a genuine nudist place and we have been there on a day pass with a bunch of local nudists. We were happy to be able to tag along with them because we were more or less the only guests at the moment. Although the place is really beautiful, we believe that a lack of decent management is currently killing them. This could be a top-notch resort if they would put the right persons in the right place.


More up north and closer to Cancun you’ll find the real big shots when it comes to luxurious nudist traveling. In Playa del Carmen is the top class Hidden Beach resort, to us still the number one destination if you’re looking for a genuine nudist resort in Mexico which has an all-inclusive formula. And even more up north are the Desire resorts. They are not particularly focused on a nudist audience but we have to say that we had a great time in both of them and especially in the Desire Pearl. Whether you like this kind of atmosphere or not, that’s completely up to you. In the end it doesn’t really matter, there are nudist spots in Mexico for everyone.
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    • That’s a very good question Sarah and unfortunately we can’t give you a 100% proof answer. We think that the more upscale resorts at the Maya Riviera would certainly be okay and when it comes to Zipolite, it’s a very accepting town. We found people there friendly and patient. The biggest struggle will probably be taxi drivers who could see deaf nudists as an easy prey. Better arrange transport before flying in.

      • Thanks, Lins! That extremely helpful! I’m intrigued about the festival in February – beats the traditional romantic dinner at a steakhouse! ?.

        It was awesome meeting both of you during your stay in Toronto!

        • It was great meeting you too Sarah!
          If you want, you can get in touch with the Mexican nudist federation with our greetings ( They will certainly go to the festival, know a lot of people and most of them speak perfectly English. They could help you arrange some things.

  1. Ok now i have to say im supriced! About the nudism being a new thing in Mexico!
    I always tought that ,well.. judging by Brazil,the carneval andaaa ..the other stuff hah, that the Southis Americans, and well Mexico is between but much more closer in menthality to SA then USA , that they are very open in that sence, but wooow ,id never guess that this is a new thing to them.

    • Well, here’s some news about Brazil: Nudism is also pretty new over there!
      Less is more in Brazil and especially when it comes to bikinis, but there will always be something. There’s also a very strong link in the country between nudity and sex, so nudism really isn’t big over there. But it’s growing quickly

      • Well that is crazy, i mean like Brazil is pretty much conisdered as a home of nakedness, considering those carnevals and well … to my knowlege that sex isnt taboo there even amongst the pretty young.
        Well i kinda should correct my self, i ment more about nakedness in general then nudism ,aka that its not odd for ppl to see others naked.

        • Oh it’s very odd. As we said, Brazilians connect nudity very much with sex. What you see during carnaval is different than the other 51 weeks in the year.

          • Ya thats why i found it odd.. considering that sex isnt a taboo there, one would thing that nudity should be even less then + considering some old school movies they use to make ,or still do ,i have no idea.
            Its really odd how ppl`s brain works tho .. its same in USA but at least i know about that, they freak out if they see someone nude and start to buzz all of a sudden about harassment ,but nevermind all the sexuality their “singers” and “celebs” offer on their social acc ,in their music or reality shows ,mindblowingly hypocrite.

  2. The Desire resorts have a focus on sex, and public sex, so people need to be prepared for this. I suppose they could discover it on some forum, but no doubt it will surprise some guests.

  3. It’s really too bad about the complications with nude bathing at Tulum. There was no mention of Azulik, and as far as I know, you need to get further south, into the biosphere area to be able to stroll nude along the water.

    • In this blog post, we mostly talk about the nudist places we personally visited. And none of them happened to be in Mexico City. We do know that the city has a strong nudist community that often organizes happenings, but since we have no personal experience with them (yet) we didn’t include them.

  4. Can anyone suggest a nudist resort or places that are in Mexico city. I understand you haven’t been to one there but do you know of any?


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