Following our Naked Dream: A journey to create a new naturism campsite in Tuscany


Remi & Sandra

Remi and Sandra are a Dutch couple who decided to follow their dreams instead of the rat race. Dreams that would take them to Italy, to open up a brand new naturist campground in the picturesque hills of Tuscany. Food, wine, nature, history, and nudity… We can’t wait until they open their doors!


We are Remi & Sandra, an energized couple on a quest to fulfill our dream of starting a unique naturist campsite in Tuscany, Italy. We found an idyllic 9-hectare piece of land, beautifully overlooking the sea and near stunning places like Lucca, the Bolgheri wine region, Pisa, and Cinque Terre. Our goal is to establish a warm, inviting naturist campsite, a place where everyone feels like they belong.


Our Background: Our Roots in Hospitality

We both graduated from the Maastricht Hotel Management School in the Netherlands. After our studies, Sandra began her career in the hotel industry, later expanding her horizons in the business world. Meanwhile, Remi completed a master’s degree at Nyenrode and joined KLM’s management training program. Our world trip in 2019 was a turning point, leading us to realize that a traditional career path in the Netherlands was not fulfilling our true aspirations. We longed for a life grounded in hospitality, nature, food & drink, reflecting our hotel school roots. This led to our shared dream: starting a naturist campsite in Italy.

The Naked Dream

Naturism for us

Remi has been a naturist for all of his life, initially with his parents and for the past twelve years with Sandra. For him, naturism is the ultimate expression of freedom. When Sandra first experienced naturism, she immediately felt an overwhelming sense of ease and respect for others. We were both struck by the peacefulness, cleanliness, and spaciousness of naturist campsites, a stark contrast to traditional clothed camping. Naturism offers us freedom and a deep connection with nature, facilitating open and honest conversations. As we are both in our early thirties, we would like to invite many young people to experience naturism for the first time. We would like to create a campsite where both experienced and new nude lovers are welcome.


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A Quest for the Perfect Location

Our search for the perfect site began in 2021, initially torn between France, Spain, and Italy. After exploring different countries, we fell in love with Italy and focused entirely on “Il Bel Paese”. In 2022, we searched online for available camping grounds and started learning Italian. In early 2023, we took a significant step: we left our jobs and rental home in the Netherlands to move to Italy and devote ourselves entirely to our dream. From March to June, we extensively researched various regions, including Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, the Marche, and Tuscany. We also visited various existing naturist campsites for inspiration and learning.

The Naked Dream

The Challenge of Finding a Campsite in Italy

Finding a camping site to take over in Italy is no easy feat. Compared to European countries like France or Germany, Italy has relatively few campsites, particularly naturist ones. This is partly because Italians prefer short, luxurious vacations, often in tourist villages or B&Bs. This is different from the North Europeans who, on average, prefer to have longer simpler holidays with their own means of camping such as tents, caravans and campers.


Additionally, the cultural and religious modesty in Italy also affects the prevalence of naturism, evident in the limited number of naturist campsites (13 in Italy versus 148 in France). Therefore, acquiring a camping permit and starting from scratch is a significant challenge and thus we are looking to buy an existing campsite including permits and convert this into a naturism site. Funny enough, for the naked/naturism part of our plans one does not specifically need a permit.


Finding the Ideal Location

After numerous site visits, we found the perfect terrain in Tuscany, close to Livorno. Imagine….. a captivating nine hectares nestled in Tuscany’s vibrant nature, where ample space and privacy blend perfectly with a sense of community. We plan to create a medium-sized campsite with a hundred unique camping spots and atmospheric safari tents, most with a fantastic sea view and near popular destinations like Pisa, Lucca, Cinque Terre, Florence, and Volterra, as well as beautiful (naturist) beaches.

The Naked Dream

More Than Just Accommodation

Our goal extends beyond just providing accommodation. In our restaurant, we will embrace the rich Italian food culture, offering a surprise menu twice a week. We also plan to organize special dinners and party nights with various themes. And of course, homemade pizzas will be a staple at the campsite. The terrace will be set up as a cosy spot where guests can fully enjoy the Italian tradition of aperitif with delicious snack platters.


Creating a Family-Friendly Environment

We are committed to developing a child-friendly environment with seasonal animation and a pool that offers fun for both young and old. The campsite will be a vibrant community, where people feel connected to nature and each other. Whether participating in organized sports activities, such as guided hikes with Sandra, mountain biking with Remi or enjoying a local wine tasting, we aim to ensure you have a rich, authentic, and relaxed experience.


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The Etruscan Coast of Tuscany

Our campsite is situated on a hill near the sea, just below Livorno, and 1350 kilometres from Utrecht. This lesser-known region, known as the Etruscan coast, is renowned for its rich history, named after the ancient Etruscan civilization that flourished here before the Romans. It’s the perfect combination of the rugged coastal area with wild forests and beaches and the inland with rolling hills, elegant cypresses, and dozens of medieval towns. The local cuisine is a delightful balance between land and sea, offering a versatile taste experience. Coastal dishes feature fresh seafood, while inland focus on savoury meat dishes and agricultural products, complemented by exquisite olive oil, truffles, and wines.

The Naked Dream

Local Activities and Attractions

Nearby, you can relax on various naturist beaches, including two picturesque rocky beaches just a five-minute drive from the campsite and an extensive sandy beach 45 minutes away. Besides sunbathing, the sea offers other activities like stand-up paddling or boat rentals. The undiscovered city of Livorno entices many with its lively covered market and the cosy terraces of ‘Little Venice’. For culture and history enthusiasts, cities like Pisa, Lucca, Florence, and Volterra are perfect destinations for inspiring day trips.


The Bolgheri wine region, famous for its excellent wines, is a must-visit for wine lovers. In the vicinity, there are various local restaurants, some within walking or cycling distance from the campsite, offering everything from pizza to traditional Tuscan to something more luxurious. For adventure seekers, the Apennines offer exciting activities like canoeing and canyoning. Cinque Terre, one of the region’s most beautiful spots, is definitely worth a visit. Overall, this region offers a rich mix of relaxation, culture, culinary delights, and adventure, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

The Naked Dream

Laying the Foundation for Our Project

Currently, we are taking significant steps in realizing our dream. We are staying in a rental apartment near the intended site and have assembled a strong team, including an experienced Italian commercialista (accountant), an Italian lawyer, a geometra (expert in technical measurements and property information), a Dutch financial planning agency, and Dutch and Italian tax advisors.


We are proceeding thoroughly and thoughtfully, for example, we checked whether all camping, restaurant, and bar permits are in order. Yet, many aspects of the camping still need modernization, thus we will need to renovate the campsite first. Recently, we presented our plans to the local tourism councillor, who responded enthusiastically. The idea of a natural-looking campsite aligns with the goals of the municipality, and they see synergy with the two nearby naturist beaches. This foundation of local support and expert collaboration forms a solid basis for the success of our project.


We’re Not There Yet – Investors Wanted!

As we edge closer to realizing our dream of launching the campsite by May or June 2024, the financing phase becomes increasingly crucial. We’re actively seeking investors and enthusiasts to join this unique venture, welcoming both domestic and international contributions. Understanding the complexities of international investment, we are ready to collaborate and navigate the best methods for such partnerships.


Our experienced financial planners ensure all potential investors are well-informed, offering opportunities starting from €30,000 with attractive returns. While our website,, is in Dutch, we eagerly anticipate connecting with global interests through (video) calls to explore mutual benefits and share our vision. We invite you to be part of this journey in creating a naturist paradise under the Italian sun. Your involvement in building this dream is invaluable to us, and we look forward to discussing possibilities at [email protected].

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11 thoughts on “Following our Naked Dream: A journey to create a new naturism campsite in Tuscany”

  1. Good luck with your new venture. Italy is a beautiful location with natural beauty in abundance, delicious food and wine and really friendly people. Especially Tuscany which I visit at least once a year. I generally go further south, Volterra, Florence, San Giminano and south of there normally. But I have driven the Etruscan coast from Livorno down to Piombino and the naturist beach there.

    Good luck. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for you opening.

    • Ciao Stephen,
      The naturist beach in Piombino is lovely! One of the bigger ones of Italy as we understood. Great that you visit Tuscany every year – obviously we love it as well. Hopefully we can welcome you soon on the camping.
      Warm regards,
      Remi & Sandra

  2. Vi facciamo tantissimi auguri per il vostro progetto. Non vediamo l’ora di poter venire da voi a goderci il naturismo che da 15 anni e diventato il nostro modo di vivere il tempo libero.
    Buona fortuna
    Stefano & Susanna

  3. Ciao Stefano & Susanna, è bello sentirlo! Se tutto va bene, saremmo felici di accogliervi nel nostro campeggio. Vogliamo sicuramente attirare anche ospiti italiani. Se avete consigli in merito, saremmo lieti di sentirli.
    Il nostro indirizzo email è [email protected]

    Cordiali saluti,

    Remi & Sandra

  4. Hello Remi & Sandra,

    If you guys have already decided on a brand name and logo, then we would like to offer them advertising slot in our Happy Nude Year 2024 calendar, for a nominal cost of 1 USD!

    This calendar is releasing soon and the limited inaugural offer is for upcoming and promising nudist ventures..

    The Nudist Calendar


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