Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club in Auckland, New Zealand

Review: Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club in Auckland, New Zealand

Before we went to the Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club, AONC in short, we visited our first nude beach in New Zealand. This wasn’t a huge success. Ladies Bay was an okay beach, if it had been in another country we might have even called it “a nice beach”. But this is New Zealand… Come on, we’ve watched enough National Geographic Channel to know what this country is supposed to have to offer.   What worried … Read more

Kiata Naturist Resort in Sydney, Australia

Review: Kiata Naturist Resort in Sydney, Australia

City naturist resorts can be a hit or miss. Some are among the best in the country, benefiting from fresh ideas and modern thinking that typically comes from a city rather than from the countryside. But there are also those that get lazy. When millions of people are within easy driving distance, a flow of new visitors can be rather a mathematical thing than that it says something about the resort.   We were wondering … Read more

Twin Falls Naturist Retreat in NSW, Australia

Review: Twin Falls Naturist Retreat in NSW, Australia

Something we quickly learned from travelling in Australia is that this is a country of extremes and contrasts. We had seen cold and rain and hot and sunny, sometimes all in one day. We left the dry outback behind us for a short drive down the coast. Well, that’s short by Australian standards, eventually it would take us several days and more than 1000 kilometres before we got to our next destination. Hidden in a … Read more

Nude Beaches of Sydney, Australia

The Nude Beaches of Sydney, Australia Explained

Sydney has three official nude beaches, and if that isn’t choice enough for you, there are three more that are not officially recognised but nude nonetheless, and then there are another two official nude beaches at about an hour’s drive from the city. Are you confused? Well, we were when we first tried to create our naked itinerary. So for everyone’s convenience, here’s a map: That is a lot of nude beaches for one city. … Read more

Bare Camp in Queensland, Australia

Review: Bare Camp in Queensland, Australia

The Australian outback is a rough place. At times it almost seemed apocalyptic. When it warms up, it gets really hot. When there’s a storm, there’s thunder and lightning anywhere. The wind seems to come out of nowhere and leaves just like that. Yet, it also has its charm. The idea of going to rough wilderness tickled our sense of adventure. But we knew that as ignorant Belgians we probably would never survive. So we … Read more

Get Naked Australia: Sydney Harbour Cruise

How to Organise a Controversial Naked Event

Around 10 am, the first guests start arriving. Some still looking sleepy, recovering from yesterday’s night out, others already enjoying their first beer of the day. Most are roughly between the ages of 25 and 50. An Uber arrives to drop off the DJ. Several days earlier, she was still spinning records in Ibiza, but she seemed to have recovered surprisingly well from the jetlag. Or she just got very good at hiding it.   … Read more

Must-Visit Naturist Destinations for Every Month of the Year

Chances are that an invisible virus has seriously messed up your naturist travel plans for this summer. Maybe you were already on the lookout for a new destination, or for another travel period. It may not always seem like this, but in normal circumstances, it’s possible to get naked somewhere around the world at any given time. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips for excellent naturist destinations for every month of the … Read more

22 Amazing cities to join a World Naked Bike Ride in 2020

22 Amazing cities to join a World Naked Bike Ride in 2020

The World Naked Bike Ride is interpreted differently by different nudists and naturists. For some, it’s the heyday of naturism, where naturists get the chance to come out of their fenced of zones and ride their bikes nude through the center of some of the world’s most fascinating cities. Others see the WNBR rather as the heyday for voyeurs, bringing out their tele lenses to take pictures of the nude people on bicycles. And others … Read more

The Best Places to Practice Nudism in December

The Best Places to Practice Nudism in December

It’s often said that the naturist season in Europe and North America starts at about half of May and doesn’t run much further than the end of September. Which leaves the obvious question: What do naturists do the rest of the year? Do they just remain dressed until next summer? Do they turn into home naturists? Of course not. Naturism doesn’t come with a button that you can just switch on and off, depending on … Read more

Nudism and Naturism around the World: Africa, Asia and Oceania

Nudism and Naturism around the World: Africa, Asia and Oceania

This is the third and last part of our blog series about nudism and naturism around the world. In previous chapters, we’ve talked about naturism in Europe and nudism in the Americas. These are the regions where naturism and nudism are the most popular and we kept going on and on because the options are plenty.   Today will be a bit more difficult so we decided to merge three continents in this last part. … Read more