The Best Clothing-Optional Honeymoon Destinations

The Best Clothing-Optional Honeymoon Destinations

Any vacation is better when you can spend some time without clothes, but a honeymoon is a whole other category. It’s the time to celebrate that the two of you became one YOU, and why on earth would you want to do this with clothes on? It’s often said that spending time naked together creates a special bond. Is that not exactly what you want after the rings have been exchanged?   With more than … Read more

Nudity as a Tool

Nudity as a Tool

We took our first steps into social nudity at a wellness centre. For those of you who are not from Belgium, Germany, or The Netherlands, wellness centres are like water parks for grown-ups. They offer a variety of swimming pools, saunas, hammams, hot tubs, cold tubs, massages, and other things that are meant to give you total relaxation. Nudity is the dress code at these places, for reasons that we’ll get to in a moment. … Read more

Naturism in Australia

Lessons from going naked Down Under

What is naturism?   It’s one of the questions that popped into our heads when we were watching the sunset one night. We were all alone on an island at the coast of Australia. No phones or computers to distract us. We had snorkelled, sunbathed, and just devoured our one-pan dinner made on our one-pan camping stove. Even though we weren’t at a naturist place, we were naked anyway. There was nobody who could stop … Read more

Harmony Creek Naturist Retreat in the Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Review: Harmony Creek Naturist Retreat in the Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Is it just us, or do you also immediately think about the Amazon when someone says the word “rainforest”?   We often seem to forget that there is more than one rainforest. Like the Daintree in northern Queensland, which is 10 million years older than the Amazon, making this the oldest rainforest in the world. In size, Daintree definitely can’t compete with the Amazon, but it can in biodiversity. In fact, it is home to … Read more

Review: A Private Naked Island in Queensland, Australia

After almost 7 years of continuous travelling to naked places around the world, we think that we’ve seen our fair share of what’s on offer. We’ve been to naked cities in France and Spain, visited the largest naturist domain in the world and the busiest nude beach in the USA, went high-end in the Caribbean, on a naked cruise in Croatia, visited clubs, resorts, and nude beaches in pretty much every continent. The list goes … Read more

The Nude Beaches of Auckland

The Nude Beaches of Auckland

New Zealand has no official nude beaches. Okay, now that we have the bad news out of the way, here’s the good news: New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world that don’t have specific laws against non-sexual public nudity, making every beach a potential legal nude beach.   Of course, this comes with a side note: You are allowed to be naked anywhere as long as your nudity doesn’t offend anyone. … Read more

Wellington Naturist Club in Wellington, New Zealand

Review: Wellington Naturist Club in Wellington, New Zealand

When we started planning this New Zealand trip and more and more naturist clubs found their way onto our itinerary, we wondered whether we weren’t overfilling our bucket. We would literally hop from one naturist club to another, all within just a few hours driving distance. How different could they really be? Will we not end up seeing the same things over and over? Will it not all become a blurry mix of memories that … Read more

Hawkes Bay Naturist Club in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Review: Hawkes Bay Naturist Club in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

One of the things we enjoyed a lot about naturism in New Zealand is not just that there are quite a lot of naturist clubs, but also that they are very well spread across the country. No matter where you live or where you’re staying, there’s always a club within less than a 2-hour drive.   For tourists like ourselves, no matter which region we wanted to visit, we could be certain that we could … Read more

Rotota Naturist Club in Waikato, New Zealand

Review: Rotota Naturist Club in Waikato, New Zealand

It’s interesting how naturist clubs around the world have a lot of similarities. Obviously, you’ll find naked people in all of them, but there will also be a central building (often called the clubhouse), there will be some sports facilities, there will be events and social gatherings and most often there will be lots of greenery as well.   Yet, every naturist club is different. Some are very tranquil places where peace and quietness are … Read more

Bay of Plenty Sun Camp in New Zealand

Review: Bay of Plenty Sun Camp in New Zealand

It’s fair to say that naturism in New Zealand has surprised us. Not just the possibilities, the abundance of unofficial nude beaches and the more than 20 naturist clubs spread around the country. But also the variation in what’s on offer. Some clubs are located in suburbia while others are in the middle of nature. Some are on quite large domains, while others are cosy with just some handsful of campsites. Like the Bay of … Read more