How to Have a Safe Naturist Road Trip during COVID-19

How did COVID influence naturism

Next month, it will be three years since COVID was first discovered. Can you imagine? Three years! How much has happened since then? Who would have guessed that this little bugger would turn our lives upside down and back. We still haven’t gotten rid of it, and as things seem now, maybe we never will. But if there’s one thing that humans are good at, it’s adapting to new circumstances. We just found ways to … Read more

The uprise of luxury naturist vacations

The uprise of luxury naturist vacations

This blog post has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of France4Naturisme.   For the longest time, naturism was very much connected to the “going back to basics” principle. Camping was the only way to have a naturist vacation because the goal was to get as close to nature as possible. An additional advantage of this concept was the price tag. Camping is cheap, compared to most other types of vacations. Even today, a … Read more

Desire resorts in Puerto Moreles, Mexico

Why do non-naturist resorts hide behind the name “naturist”?

The other day we asked in our Naturist Travel community on Twitter what people’s most important factor is when deciding on a new naturist destination. As expected, the answers were very varied, but a number of people answered that the most important thing is to check whether it’s a “true” naturist resort.   Of course, we can interpret this in different ways, because naturism means different things to different people. Maybe they mean a resort … Read more

The Future of the International Naturist Federation

The Future of the International Naturist Federation

Canada, August 2018: We were sipping a glass of wine under the warm sun with Stéphane Deschênes, owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort near Toronto. The resort where we were staying at the moment. We told him about our plans to visit the World Congress of the International Naturist Federation and how excited we were to get an idea of how naturism is organised worldwide. Stéphane had experience as a board member of the … Read more

U Furu naturist campsite in Corsica, France: Review

Review: U Furu naturist campsite in Corsica, France

Naturism in Corsica is very beach-oriented. The three large naturist resorts, Bagheera, Riva Bella, and La Chiappa, are right at the coast with direct access to a nude beach. This is not surprising, because Corsica profits from warm sea water and magnificently beautiful beaches.   Of course, the island is more than just water and sand. Those of you who can appreciate some splendid nature, high mountains, forests, waterfalls, and wildlife, can find their thing … Read more

Our Favorite nude beaches in Europe

Our Favorite nude beaches in Europe

Europe is no doubt the best place in the world for naturism. You can find all types of naturist resorts, ranging from small 2-bedroom guesthouses to actual naturist villages, and everything in between. Most European countries have at least one and probably more (if not a lot) nude beaches.   To give you an example, Spain has over 400 official nude beaches. That is more than all non-European countries together. We’ve been travelling extensively through … Read more

The different types of naturism

Somewhere around late 2008, we had quite some questions about naturism. We had just been naked among complete strangers for the very first time, and we had enjoyed it very much. But the feeling was double. On one hand, we were longing for more, because it had been such a great experience. But on the other hand, there was nobody in our circles who seemed to do this as well. It felt difficult to talk … Read more

La Tuquette in Provence, France: Review

Review: La Tuquette in Provence, France

Naturism isn’t one size fits all. At least not anymore. There used to be a time when every naturist club or resort looked quite similar, at least in the way how things were done and organised. But those days are long gone. Every naturist has their preferences of what the perfect resort looks like. Some like beach and others like forest. Some like small cosy campsites and others like huge naturist villages. Some like an … Read more

Being Lesbian and Nudist: Is it compatible?

Being Lesbian and Nudist: Is it compatible?

Angela de la Cruz Angela is a promoter of naturism and organiser of naturist events in Mexico. Angela is also lesbian. Not that this matters to us, or should matter to you, but it does to her. In this guest blog post, she will share her experiences of being a lesbian nudist, the good and the bad.       I have been in nudism for about 5 years and during all these years I … Read more

La Plage Des Templiers in Ardèche, France: Review

Review: La Plage Des Templiers in Ardèche, France

There are more than 200 naturist campsites in France and every single one of them is unique. They all have their own atmosphere, their own nature, their own facilities and activities. Yet, when we walked through yet another row of pitches and past yet another jeu de boule court on our way to yet another swimming pool, we couldn’t stop thinking that we’d seen this many times before.   Have we been travelling too much … Read more