Europe's best countries for nude beach vacations

Europe’s best countries for nude beach vacations

If you’re following us on YouTube on our Nick and Lins channel and especially our Destination Clothes Free channel, you may have noticed that we’ve been spending a lot of time on nude beaches recently. It wasn’t always like that. For much of our naturist-history, we have been prioritising nude resorts. Mostly because the variety of things to do is just so much bigger than on a nude beach.   Only after visiting some spectacular … Read more

Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort in Krk, Croatia

Review: Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort in Krk, Croatia

We have been to many naturist resorts. Some in the most scenic places, some in the most vibrant places, and some in the most unpronounceable places. And sometimes, we get to one where we can check off all three.   We had first heard about Bunculuka years ago, but only when we stepped into the reception a couple of weeks ago and a friendly face said “Welcome to Bunculuka”, we realised that we never got … Read more

The Nudist Camp of 2024

The Nudist Camp of 2024

The other day, an ignorant friend asked if we found any nudist colonies in Ibiza. He didn’t mean any harm, but literally every hair in both our necks went straight up. If there is one term we have detested ever since we’ve taken our first steps into social nudity, it was “nudist colony”. We know the word “colony” mostly from history class and immediately link it to imperialism, oppression and slavery. Pretty much the opposite … Read more

The Nude Beaches of Ibiza and Formentera

The Nude Beaches of Ibiza and Formentera

If there is a place where nudity on beaches is even more accepted than in mainland Spain, it must be on the Spanish islands. Several years ago, during the period of the virus-we-don’t-talk-about-anymore, we got the chance to spend some time on the Canary Islands and found more places to get naked than we could ever wish for.   Now was about time for us to have a look at what the other islands have … Read more

Why Social Nudity has Never Been Bigger than Today

Why Social Nudity is Larger than Ever

Is the end of naturism showing up on the horizon? Are we all becoming more prude than ever before? Are drones, smartphones, TikTok, and Instagram forcing our youth to put on another layer of clothing rather than take one off? Will new technology make sure that soon babies are born wearing pyjamas? Well, it is according to this article (except for the pyjama baby, we just made that up) and it’s the biggest bullshit we … Read more

How to Find your Clothes-Free Style

How to Find your Clothes-Free Style

If there’s one thing we learned from diving very deep into the naked world for almost 7 years in a row now, it’s that there’s there’s no one-size-fits-all. Or, as we like to say, there are as many naturisms or nudisms as there are naturists or nudists.   The other day, we received a message from a couple who had their first clothes-free experience in Resort X and very much disliked it. It came as … Read more

6 Steps for Planning and Booking the Perfect Clothes-Free vacation

6 Steps for Planning and Booking the Perfect Clothes-Free Resort

In last week’s blog post, we talked about a lot of new online tools that are helpful for booking and organising vacations, and about how they are often limiting to us, who like to go to places where clothes are not part of the dress code. We received a lot of responses to this post, confirming how it can be hard to find naturist, nudist, or clothing-optional destinations.   Especially for first-timers, finding your way … Read more

A New Way of Clothes-Free Camping

A New Way of Clothes-Free Camping

Before we started our Naked Wanderings journey, we once took a gap year to go backpacking around Latin America. Thinking back of it now, the way we used to travel couldn’t have been more different than it is today. And not just because we wore clothes at the time.   Back in the day, we didn’t have apps or international sim cards. When we arrived at a new destination, we had to figure out how … Read more

The Splendid Nude Beaches of eastern Algarve, Portugal

Portugal hardly ever makes the charts when it comes to naturist vacations. This has a lot to do with its history. When naturism started booming around Western Europe in the sixties and seventies, Portugal was locked in a dictatorship that completely banned nudity. After democracy returned in the mid-seventies, it would take more than another decade before the first Naturist Law was approved by the government and naturism was legalised.   By that time, France, … Read more

INSIEME - A Naked Dream becomes Reality

The Naked Dream becomes Reality

A few months ago, we introduced you to Remi and Sandra, who dreamt of creating a brand new naturist campground in Italy. Today, this dream is taking huge leaps towards becoming a reality. There is a name, there is a place, and most of all, there is a unique opportunity for everyone to become part of this. So we asked them for an update.     Ciao tutti!   A lot has happened since our … Read more