How to find a great naked hiking trail

How to Find a Great Naked Hiking Trail

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, or maybe it’s because we’re meeting so many naturists around the world, but we truly have the feeling that naturism is growing. Within naturism, especially naked hiking seems to become more and more popular.   This doesn’t really come as a surprise to us. Many naturists we talk to like to be active, and the options are often a bit limited. Hiking or walking is an activity that can be enjoyed … Read more

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park near Toronto, Canada

Revisited: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park near Toronto, Canada

Humans are social animals. Since the very beginning of our existence, we’ve been living in tribes and we are known to be at our best wherever our tribe is. As naturist bloggers, obviously our tribe consists of naturists and we should seek for them at naturist places. But one place is not the other. Meanwhile, we’ve gotten used to being recognised when we visit naturist resorts, but at Bare Oaks, it seemed like almost everyone … Read more

Happy birthday to Naked Wanderings

Happy birthday to us!

7 years… and a week. On the 25th of August 2016, we published our very first blog post. We really didn’t have a clue of what we were doing, let alone what this little project would turn into. What we did know back then was that we couldn’t find any online information about naturism that we could identify with.   That summer of 2016, we visited several naturist resorts in Europe. Finding them had been … Read more

Casablanca Guest House in Zipolite, Mexico

Revisited: Casablanca Guest House in Zipolite, Mexico

For the 4th time in 6 years of continuous travelling, we made our way back to Zipolite. The small coastal town in Mexico that is home to the country’s only official nude beach. Only when we arrived there, we realised that we haven’t spent as much time in a single place as here. Not just in Zipolite, but in Casablanca Guest House.   Truth to be said, not all of that time was by choice. … Read more

How to find a great naturist hotel

How to Find a Great Naturist Hotel

For the longest time, going on a naturist vacation meant that you had to go camping. There was no way around it, naturist campsites were the only places in the world where you were allowed to stay and mingle with others, without clothes. But those days are over, for quite a while already. As nude vacations started to gain popularity, the need to accommodate those who don’t feel much for staying in a tent or … Read more

How to find a great naturist campsite

How To Find a Great Naturist Campsite

Naturism and camping have been going hand in hand from the early beginning as they both emphasize a close and harmonious relationship with the natural world. Not too long ago, the most commonly used term for a naturist resort was “naturist camp” (or nudist camp). Today, as the options for naturists are wider than ever, naturist camping has not lost its popularity. You can find naturist campsites in Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, in … Read more

Intima Clothing-Optional Resort in Tulum, Mexico

Revisited: Intima Clothing-Optional Resort in Tulum, Mexico

The last time we visited Intima Resort in Tulum was literally just weeks before COVID would shut down the world. It was one of the last nude resorts that we would visit for a long time to come. Obviously, we didn’t know that at the time. What we mostly remember are the very luxurious accommodations, the lovely swimming pool, and the fun atmosphere. More than three years later, we return to Mexico and we are … Read more

How To Find a Great Nude Beach

First-time experiences can not be overestimated. They are often a decisive factor that may influence the rest of your life. A while ago, we were talking to friends about naturism and they told us that they had once visited Cap d’ Agde and decided that naturism wasn’t something for them. When we dug a bit deeper, it became obvious that their perception of naturism was nothing like ours. Well, it could have been, if Cap … Read more

Why more people than you think support naturism

Why more people than you think support naturism

A couple of years ago, we were hiking with friends in some woods in France towards a creek. The idea was to have a small picnic and a skinny dip once we’d get there. It was really a spot in the middle of nowhere, but luck wasn’t on our side and when we arrived, two women were fishing for crayfish.   “So far the skinny dipping”, we thought, but one of us did walk up … Read more

New Cambium in Dominican Republic

Review: New Cambium in Dominican Republic

What do you do when you found the perfect naturist resort and you don’t ever want to leave again? More and more resorts have started to offer the option to buy your own place at the domain or to rent a piece of land on a yearly basis where you can put down your camper or caravan. Your own place at a naturist resort, where you can come to live or that you can retreat … Read more