Dia al desnudo, Mexico's First public nudist event

Día al Desnudo: Mexico’s First Public Nudist Event

Angela de la Cruz Angela is a promotor of naturism and organiser of naturist events in Mexico. In this guest blog post, she will share her experiences at the “Día al Desnudo”, Mexico’s first public nudist event that happened in Guadalajara on July 2nd, 2022.     Back in 2020, Caro and I visited our friends Hector and Andrea at their home in Guadalajara to record some videos, and I remember that Héctor was talking … Read more

Travel sustainably, travel naked

Travel sustainably, travel naked

This blog post has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of France4Naturisme. A group of 6 naturist campsites in France that are living proof that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.   Is there anyone who still believes that global warming and climate change are nothing but myths? Summer after summer, the newspapers are filled with reports about wildfires. They seem almost unstoppable. This isn’t something particularly new, but it does seem … Read more

What's the problem with nudism?

What’s the problem with nudism?

For almost 6 years, we have been publishing at least one blog post a week and a question we regularly get is where our inspiration keeps coming from. The answer is simple: From you. From the people we meet online and offline. From long talks and intriguing social media conversations. One of the platforms that never fails to inspire us is Reddit. Like this recent post about what people see as the biggest problem within … Read more

10 Naturist campsites in France that are VERY popular among families

10 Naturist campsites in France that are VERY popular among families

The summer months have finally arrived in the northern hemisphere and many European naturists are looking forward to their well-deserved nakation. Maybe you have already arrived at some tropical destination. Or maybe you’re reading this blog post while stuck in one of those infamous traffic jams on the “Route du Soleil”.   A question we really get a lot is which naturist campsite in France would be best to visit as a family. Because travelling … Read more

The best websites to find naturist resorts and beaches

The Best Websites to Find Naturist Resorts and Nude Beaches

We are regularly asked for a complete overview of all the naturist places in a certain country or region, or even in the world. This is something that this website is indeed lacking. That’s not because we never thought about it, or because we are too lazy to create this, but rather because we don’t think this fits within the concept of Naked Wanderings. The core of our website is still a blog in which … Read more

The clothing policy at naturist resorts

The Clothing Policy at Naturist Resorts

We have recently been asked to do a short Q&A with a number of non-naturist content creators who were going to visit a naturist resort for the first time and report about their experience on their blogs, vlogs, and social media. As one of the reasons why we started this blog was to inform people about what’s really going on at a naturist resort, we happily said yes.   One of the questions that came … Read more

What do campsite stars mean in France

What do Campsite Stars mean in France?

This blog post has been made possible thanks to the sponsorship of France4Naturisme.   Over the years that we’ve been blogging about naturist destinations, some of you have asked us to put actual ratings in our blog posts. A scale from one to five or to ten. This would make it easier for you to pick out the best places in the world for your future naturist vacations. But the thing is, there’s never a … Read more

The naturist microculture

The naturist microculture

There are these moments when you really feel as if you fit in. As if everyone is on the same wavelength. As if you’ve found your peers, your tribe. This may happen when you have a gathering with your old school friends or your besties. After an evening full of chats and laughter you wonder why it has taken more than two months to arrange this. Why your agenda is full of things you don’t … Read more

5 Reasons to Return to Naturism

5 Reasons to Return to Naturism

We often jokingly warn people that naturism can be addictive. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be wanting more. That’s only half a joke because very few of those who tried end up not liking naturism and returning to a fully clothed life.   And even among those very few, not all of them are lost. During our travels, we also met quite some naturists who quit naturism at one point in their lives but eventually … Read more

Tayrona National Park Colombia Nudist Beach

Tayrona National Park: Colombia’s Only Nude Beach

Nude beaches have the tendency to be hard to get to. You’ll rarely find them near very urban areas or where all the action is happening. Even if there’s a parking space, there might still be quite a hike to be done before you can finally take off your clothes. This does have its advantages though. This is one of the main reasons why nude beaches are rarely crowded, less polluted, and why they tend … Read more