Review: Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort in Krk, Croatia

We have been to many naturist resorts. Some in the most scenic places, some in the most vibrant places, and some in the most unpronounceable places. And sometimes, we get to one where we can check off all three.


We had first heard about Bunculuka years ago, but only when we stepped into the reception a couple of weeks ago and a friendly face said “Welcome to Bunculuka”, we realised that we never got the name right. A feeling of shame fell on our shoulders when we tried to remember how many times we must have mentioned the name incorrectly. This is our job, for heaven’s sake.


Then again, Croatian is not an easy language and we’re probably not alone in this mistake. So if you’re looking for a trick question for your next quiz or if you want to impress the friendly faces at the reception desk, it’s pronounced: boon tsoo loo ka. The first and third syllables are stressed.



How to get to Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort

Bunculuka is located on the Croatian island Krk, in the Kvarner Bay. As Croatia is a popular camping destination, most guests will arrive with their own transportation. Coming from Germany or Austria, the best way is through Slovenia towards Rijeka. A bit south on the A7 you can take the bridge to Krk island.


Coming from Italy, you take the A70 via Trieste and continue to Rijeka from there. Coming from the south of Croatia, just follow the E65 coastal road until you reach the bridge to Krk. In case you’re island hopping, there are regular ferries from Cres and Rab to Krk.


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If you’re not coming with your own transportation, a great advantage is that Rijeka international airport is actually located in the north of Krk island at just a 45 minute drive to Bunculuka. This airport connects to plenty of southern and western European countries. If you’re arriving from further away, it will be best to fly to Zagreb.


Both Zagreb and Rijeka airports have car rental offices. Technically, you don’t need a car because everything is available at the resort. But if you’d like to explore a bit of this lovely island, having your own transportation is recommended.

Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort in Krk, Croatia

Where to stay at Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort

With a capacity of around 1000 guests, Bunculuka can be considered a medium-sized naturist resort by Croatian standards. Most guests prefer to camp on one of the 400 camping pitches. These come in different price categories, depending on the size and location. The pitches closest to the beach and central area are the most premium, but as Bunculuka is conveniently located on hill slopes, many of the pitches in the back will also allow you to wake up with a sea view.


Rentals come in the form of about 30 mobile homes for two or four guests. We stayed in a 4-person mobile home which had other than two bedrooms also a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a large private terrace with shade and sun beds. Obviously, these too come with a splendid view over the Kvarner Bay.

Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort in Krk, Croatia

What to do at Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort

The main highlight of Bunculuka is its large nude beach that is partly sandy and partly pebbles. Unlike in most other places in Croatia, water shoes aren’t a must because there are no sharp rocks and sea urchins don’t like the sand. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent.


There are a variety of sports options in the resort. Kayaking and paddle boarding are by far the most popular, but we also noticed that the tennis courts often ran full. In that case, you can still play volleyball or mini golf, have a walk around the resort, or, why not, lift some cocktails. It’s a holiday after all.


The latter can obviously be found in the bar and restaurant, where you can also get a taste of delicious local wines. If you thought that “Bunculuka” was a mouthful, try to pronounce the names of the wineries. From experience we can tell you that it goes significantly better when the bottle is almost finished. The restaurant also serves delicious food, we can very much recommend the tuna and t-bone steak, but there are a variety of other options. In the morning, you can also have your coffee and breakfast here.


Takeaway breakfast is also an option, at the restaurant you can find freshly baked bread, croissants, pain au chocolat, the usual suspects. But make sure to also try the burek, it’s a local Croatian pastry and very yummy. Stuff to put on your bread as well as any other groceries can be bought at the onsite grocery store, and toys and souvenirs in the shop next door.


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To top off your day without a seaside cocktail, we highly recommend a seaside massage. Pro tip: Ask for Luka.

Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort in Krk, Croatia

Around Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort

If it wasn’t 100% clear in the previous paragraphs, Bunculuka is the kind of resort that you don’t really have to leave unless you really want to. But as weird as it may sound, you may actually want to.


Just outside the resort are several hiking trails. The one that goes along the coast will bring you to three other beaches where clothes are optional but an option that’s hardly ever taken. The trail is at times pretty steep and rocky, so shoes are a recommendation. We did it on flip-flops and our toes have been angry for weeks.


Another trail will take you up the hill where you can watch ancient stone structures and get magnificent views over the resort and Baška town. And yet another easy 20-minute walk will take you into the historical centre of Baška.


Then we haven’t even mentioned the rest of the island. There are several more nude beaches to discover, endless hiking and cycling trails, and an abundance of activities. If you ask kindly, the receptionist will provide you with a pile of brochures that will keep you busy for months. Or you can just spend your time on the beach, reading about all the stuff you could be doing. The choice is always yours.



Staff & Guests of Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort

We already mentioned the friendly faces at the reception and Luka the masseur. More people who definitely deserve a shout-out are our amazing waiter at the restaurant, the guy who does the coffee art, the super friendly cleaning lady and several others who were always smiling and making us feel welcome.


During our stay in early June, the very large majority of the guests were German, Slovenian and Austrian, which is quite typical in Croatia. We heard that once the high season starts, also a lot of Italians, Dutch, and Hungarians find their way to Krk Island.


It’s an ideal destination to visit if you like a combination of naturism and outdoor activities, but if you only want to be naked on the beach all day, that’s totally fine too. If you only like outdoor activities, however, this could be a great place to give naturism a try!

Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort in Krk, Croatia

Book at Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort

The best ways to book at Bunculuka Naturist Camping Resort are:
The resort is open from the end of April to the first week of October.
Most of the staff members we met spoke Croatian, German, and English.



Let us guess, throughout this review, you have continuously been trying to pronounce “Bunculuka” right, haven’t you? Good for you, because it may be the most important Croatian word you’ll need when you’re hiking in the hills of Krk island and suddenly crave for a local wine or a big T-bone steak. Or just for taking off your clothes and having a dip in the warm Adriatic sea.

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