What You Need to Know Before Having a Nude Massage

We love massages. They are so relaxing, and if they’re done well, we feel like a different person once we walk out of the massage room. Our muscles feel as if they’re brand new and that sweet smell lasts until your next shower. If we were rich, we would probably have massages every day. In fact, that’s pretty much what happened in Thailand. We didn’t get rich there, unfortunately, but the massages are amazingly low priced. In parts of the country, you can get a one hour massage for about 5 dollars. It often happened that when we had a free hour before dinner or before taking the overnight bus, we just had a massage to pass time. It was actually cheaper than having a couple of beers.


But this blog post isn’t about Thai massages, especially because they’re not nude. As Europeans, we found this a bit surprising. We are used to nude massages. The birthday suit is pretty much the basic dress code for massages in Europe. Although the clothes they make you wear in Thailand are definitely comfortable, it’s still not the same.

What You Need to Know Before Having a Nude Massage

Where to get a nude massage

A great place to get a relaxing massage is obviously a massage salon. These can be found around the world. What the dress code will be completely depends from place to place. Some may ask you to keep your underwear on, some will give you a special outfit (as is the case in Thailand) and some will prefer that you are nude. If you want to avoid awkward situations, it’s better to ask upfront.


In Europe, it’s also very common to get massages at wellness or spa centers. These have a couple of advantages. Because those centers often receive many guests, they also have several massage therapists, each with his or her specialties. Therefore the list of options often goes much further than the default foot, shoulders, or full body massage.


An even bigger advantage of having a massage at a spa center is that the experience lasts longer. Instead of walking in, getting a massage, and going back home, you can spend half a day or a full day relaxing in the sauna, pool, or jacuzzi.


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In the spa, the dress code for the massage will be the same as in the other facilities. If the spa has a no-nudity policy, you will be expected to wear a bathing suit during the massage as well. If it’s a nude obligatory spa, you’ll be expected to be nude during the massage as well.

What You Need to Know Before Having a Nude Massage

Tips for your first nude massage

The idea of spending an hour butt naked on a massage table can be scary. Even for naturists. Because let’s face it, it rarely happens that a stranger comes this close to you at a naturist resort. Let alone that they rub your body with oil from head to toe. Lots of first-timers balance between the question “Will they think that I’m a perv if I just walk in naked?” and “Will they think that I’m a prude if I like to keep something on?”. The answer to both questions is “no”. The most important is that you feel comfortable.


It’s always a good idea to have a short chat with your massage therapist or anyone else from the staff. They will set your mind at ease and tell you everything you need to know. Especially if you mention that it’s your first time. This is also a good time to talk about your preferences and worries. If you have any specific pains, it’s important that the therapist knows this. If you tell these things upfront, you avoid disturbing their work and your relaxation halfway through the massage.


It’s also a good idea to have a shower right before your massage. The warm water will warm up your muscles and your smell might be more agreeable for the therapist. Keep in mind that those people need to touch pretty much your whole body and that they’ll appreciate it if you’re not sticky or stinky.


Maybe the most important of all, make sure to turn off your phone. This really is the last place where you want to receive a call. And it’s also incredibly annoying for the massage therapist.

What You Need to Know Before Having a Nude Massage

Nude massages and sex

Just like swingers sometimes hide under the name “naturism” or “nudism”, brothels sometimes hide under the name massage salon. This phenomenon is not something you’ll find at large salons or spa centers, but rather at smaller places. In any case, it’s best to double-check this if you want to avoid a (really) awkward situation.


The fact that you’ll be laying naked on a table might make you a bit uncomfortable and some people feel the urge for an ice breaker. We can tell you this: Jokes about a “happy ending” are NOT the way to go. Not only have the therapists probably heard these jokes a million times before, but it’s also derogatory to their job.


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Your full moon won’t be out in the open all the time anyway. In most cases, your therapist will cover the body parts that are not being massaged at the moment with a sheet. Also keep in mind that those people are doing this as a job and have seen and touched many naked bodies before. They have seen it all, so there’s no need for worries or shame.


A special note for the men

A lot of men are worried that they will get an erection during the massage. Similar to the worry of getting one at a naturist venue. The etiquette on both occasions is quite the same: It may happen but don’t make a big deal of it nor be too proud of it. The difference is, of course, that unlike at a naturist venue, you don’t really have many options to hide an erection if it should occur.


Massage therapists also know this and they’ve all had a customer with an erection before. In fact, they are used to working around other awkward situations as well. Lots of people fall asleep during a massage and start snoring, drooling, or letting off some gas. Remember, these people are professionals and you can count on them to handle these situations in the most professional way.

What You Need to Know Before Having a Nude Massage

Who will give me the massage?

Most of the time, the therapist performing the massage is assigned to you based on the time of your appointment. This can be a man or a woman. Everyone has their preference, some people love it when their therapist is the same gender, others prefer being massaged by someone of the other gender. If this is really important to you, you can often specifically ask for a woman or a man. But generally, it’s the best idea to just go with whoever is assigned to you.


A massage is all about relaxation and it’s very important that you feel comfortable to completely enjoy the experience. We hope that the above tips will help to set your mind at ease. We’ll leave you with two important DON’TS of the nude massage:


1. Massage therapists touch a lot of your body, but not your genitals. If this would happen, there’s probably something shady going on and you better mention this to the center’s responsible.

2. As a client, you are not supposed to touch the therapist at all.


PICTURE CREDIT: Elina Sazonova and Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels.

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14 thoughts on “What You Need to Know Before Having a Nude Massage”

  1. Twice I have been in Finland textile spa treatment ace naked.
    Once at Baldarin Naturist Cammping naked in a massage. There, because of my almost non-existent language skills, not much was discussed. The female masseuse played soothing music, it soothed that no erection was possible. The masseuse covered my genitals and didn’t accidentally touch me. A very pleasant experience

  2. I got into massages years before I became a nudist. Getting nude for a massage is no different than getting nude for a medical professional. In fact, massage therapists are medical professionals.

    • We had actually written something like “you can think of massage therapists as medial professionals”. But decided to cut that part out because we didn’t want our readers to feel like they were undergoing a medical exam the next time they get a massage 🙂

      • Massage isn’t a medical exam; it’s therapy.
        I need a therapeutic massage every couple of weeks to wring the knots out of my calves and shoulders. When I go on vacation I look for a massage everywhere I go. Mostly those massages are for ‘relaxation’ rather than therapy and produce the pleasure you describe. In North America, the local licensing authorities seem to (prudishly) require the massage therapist to cover the parts of the client’s body not being worked on. Sometimes, negotiation with the therapist will allow the ‘rule’ not to be observed. The pleasure for the client of having one long stroking movement from heels to head can only be experienced to be believed. I wish client nudity were required!

    • You never “get nude” for a medical professional. You are always required to wear a gown and all body parts not being examined at the moment are draped. When the exam is over, the areas get re-draped. Always.

  3. Nude massages come in many varieties! My first nude massage (therapist and client both nude) was at a small spa in North London, England. The massage was great, but the nudity of the therapist was wasted – I’m not wearing my glasses, my face is stuck in the horseshoe-shaped cushion on the therapist’s table and the lights were dimmed. The therapist had great feet!

    Years later at a nudist resort in Croatia, massage was provided by a very skilled therapist in a tiny wooden hut; the door needed to remain open to allow the air to pass through. I enjoyed the massage and the conversation and I went back within the week.

    A few more years later I was at a C/O beach in Spain. Strolling Asian massage therapists offered their services for very reasonable prices. ‘Privacy’ was provided by a wash-cloth placed over the genitals. I think the oil used was primarily intended for frying. The wind blowing the sand ensured the massage was more of an exfoliation. Once was enough! Leaving the beach at the end of the day, I was at the edge of the ‘O’ part of the C/O beach, standing on my flip-flops on the really hot sand, trying to stand on one leg to put my shorts back on, when I hear a female voice from behind me: ‘Massage?’ I politely declined the offer.

  4. As a professional massage therapist (from Finland) I think I need to point out that nude massage – be it the client or the provider being nude – is the exception and not the norm here. When I was training as a massage therapist we were instructed that some (male) clients could try to come in nude – especially if the person giving the massage was female – and we should tell them that is not appropriate and provide a pair of boxers for them. This was also the norm in all the places I’ve worked at.

    • This indeed depends a lot from region to region and has been a cause of confusion for both therapists and clients. In Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, it’s very common that the client is not covered in anything else than a towel. In many other places in the world, it’s customary for the client to wear at least underwear or a bathing suit.

  5. Thank you!!

    Ive been a naturist for many years but have had relatively few opportunities to visit naturist resorts. I’ve only had one massage at a spa with my wife. I’ve often thought it makes sense to be naked and how great a full body massage must feel, but I have been put off by the thought of getting an erection. Whether the therapist was a man or a woman wouldn’t matter, it’s the fact that they would be touching my body like that, and now I know, it IS a worry for other men, and I won’t have been the first person, or probably the last. But you make a good point in that really, the only thing you could do about it is be mature and try to forget it

    • Erections are the number one concern for men in naturism. Because sometimes they just happen but do have a sexual connotation. The thing is, massage therapists know this. Just like doctors know this. The best thing that you can do when it does happen is not turn it into an awkward situation. If you just ignore it, the massage therapist will as well.

  6. My first foreign massage was in Thailand. Our hotel included two per guest during our stay. My experience was terrible! The masseur was wearing a g-string, which I happened to be wearing too. This guy dry massaged me to the point I cried out in pain and stopped it. I think he was a retired kick boxer from his physique. He was entirely clueless and very confused when I not only didn’t tip him but refused to schedule the second session!


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