Naturism in South Africa

Although naturism has quite a long history in South Africa, the country never really appeared on any naturist map because the clubs and resorts mostly focused on a national public. But those days are gone, more and more South African naturist resorts are attracting an international public and thanks to the warm(ish) weather year-round, they are becoming pretty successful at this. Most naturist resorts are within easy driving distance from the largest cities (and airports) … Read more

Nudism and naturism in the Philippines

Naturism in the Philippines

Naturism definitely isn’t a big thing yet in the Philippines, but it’s growing. The first naturist resort is already there, it’s just waiting for new ones to open up. Social nudity is still very much frowned upon though in the Philippines, so don’t expect any social nudity unless you can find specific naturist groups or visit the resort. And make sure to not get caught, because the authorities won’t appreciate your nude butt. General Blogs … Read more

Naturism in Greece

While Greece is still quite a religious country, naturism has been common on its beaches for a very long time. Especially on the islands it’s not uncommon that a nude beach is right around the corner. Naturist resorts in Greece are few, especially compared with other Western European countries, but the ones that are there are definitely wonderful. The great weather and magnificent beaches make Greece and amazing naturist destination for the summer.  Previous Next … Read more

Naturism in Croatia

Croatia was one of the first countries in Europe to embrace naturism and also the first to have commercial naturist resorts. Today, Croatia is still heaven on earth for the naturist traveler. The huge naturist campings on the Istria peninsula receive many thousands of naturist visitors every summer. If you’re looking for more peace and quiet, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the smaller resorts on the Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea. Official … Read more

Naturism in Spain - The Ultimate Guide 2020

Naturism in Spain

Spain is an all-time favorite when it comes to naturist beach vacations in Europe. The popular Vera Playa naturist village attracts many thousands of naked guests every year. Naturist campings, hotels and guesthouses can be found at any budget around the Mediterranean coastline of Spain. Because Spain doesn’t have a specific law against public nudity, technically every beach can be considered clothing-optional unless otherwise defined by the local laws. This does happen, for example in … Read more

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park near Toronto, Canada

Naturism in Canada

When we think about Canada, we think of wild animals, amazing nature and landscapes with mountains and lakes. And we think of ice and snow. Lots and lots of snow. Honestly, we were surprised when we heard that Canada is also a naturist vacation destination. We didn’t know that parts of the country have warm summers which make it perfectly possible (and very comfortable) to be nude outside. Several regions of Canada have great naturist … Read more

Nude Beaches around Lisbon

Naturism in Portugal

Portugal was much later than most other European countries to embrace naturism, but during the last decades, the country is definitely catching up. Naturist resorts, mostly in the form of naturist campings and guesthouses can be found all over the country. Because there isn’t a specific law against public nudity, every beach is by default clothing optional. But there are also some magnificent dedicated nude beaches specifically for naturists. Because of the year-round great weather, … Read more

Clothing Optional Resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya

Nudism in Mexico

Mexico is quickly positioning itself as one of the top destinations for clothing-optional vacations in the Americas. The laid back magical village Zipolite at the Pacific coast has been attracting naturists for decades and is home to Mexico’s only official public nude beach. The many nudist guesthouses make sure that you can enjoy your naturist vacation without any clothes at all. At the Caribbean side of the country, you’ll find the idyllic clothing-optional resort Playa … Read more

nudism and naturism in Turkey

Naturism in Turkey

Because of the local culture, traditions, and religion, naturism or nudism in Turkey is pretty much non-existing. At least not in an official way. There are rumors about beaches at the Aegean Sea which are sometimes used for skinny dipping, but the reports are scarse and few people seem to be able or willing to provide detailed information. A very popular form of social nudity in Turkey, albeit gender separated, can be found in the … Read more

Naturism in Thailand

For a long time, Asia seemed to be the missing continent on the naturist vacation map. But recently, one country is quickly emerging to be the next top tropical nude vacation destination: Thailand. With a quickly growing number of top class naturist resorts, Thailand is putting itself on the map. From the beach to the bustling city of Bangkok to the country side, naturist resorts are popping up around Thailand. Public nude beaches are still … Read more