The Naked Selfie Issue

The Naked Selfie Issue

Exhibitionism has existed for ages, in many different forms. Every village had its local looney who loved to drop his pants whenever a woman passed by. And even the not so loonies have regretted the times when they pulled out their business in the bar after drinking too many shots of tequila. Those things happened and more often than not they didn’t harm anyone and neither was there any serious harm intended.
Today, exhibitionism has been taken to a whole new level because of that little device in our pocket which has two cameras… You’ve guessed what we mean.
Our smart phone in combination with the availability of the internet has made the action of exposing ourselves to others a lot easier and the risk of getting caught doing so a lot lower.


If you’ve been following us on Facebook, now and then you’ve been seeing a very polite message popping up with the request to stop sending us penis pictures. Really, it’s ridiculous, the amount of those pictures we receive on a daily basis. And we wonder why people keep doing this. We are nudists and our goal in life is to visit as much nudist places around the world as possible. Needless to say that we see lots of nudity. In fact, while we were in Thailand, we’ve probably seen more naked people than clothed ones. Then why does someone send us a picture of his penis? It doesn’t shock us, it doesn’t impress us and it’s not like we haven’t seen ten of those in the last half hour. Maybe they think that it’s the standard introduction among nudists, that we just wave our genitals at each other instead of shaking hands… Well… It’s not.
But that’s not what we’re going to talk about.

Why would we take naked selfies?
More and more we see articles in the newspapers about nude selfies that have gone wrong. It goes from teenagers being humiliated among their friends to fully exposed pictures of yourself on some kind of dark porn website. It causes stress, depressions and in some cases even suicide.
And then you wonder, aren’t kids smart enough to know that these things can go wrong? Why do they feel the need of taking naked pictures of themselves and sending them around?
In fact, when we were kids, we did kind of the same.
Even in our very young years, when we weren’t yet sexual active at all, we played doctor with the neighbouring kids. Just because grown ups made such a big deal about hiding what’s in our pants, we were curious about what the others had to hide.
Later at school we dropped our pants behind the gym to compare ourselves with the others and after our first couple of beers we played strip poker or went skinny dipping.


If you want your kids to hide something, the worst way to do so is to make a big deal or a mystery of it. This is a huge advantage for naturist kids by the way, they know what’s in other people’s pants, they’ve seen it and for them it’s nothing special anymore. It’s just human.
Today kids are taking naked pictures of themselves and send them around, it’s the same principle as what we used to do. The big difference is that our exposure was on the moment, now you see it, now you don’t. A picture can last a long time and travel far, now you see it, tonight you see it again, tomorrow you show it to your friends and a week later a jealous friend or angry ex puts the image online. And you have no idea where that’ll end up.

The pressure
The need to explore our body and the one of others is very human. The question is whether doing so by sending and receiving naked pictures is a good way to do so.
Teenagers are often very insecure, they want to fit in, they want to be accepted and they are willing to sacrifice a lot for that. In the gangs in South America it’s a custom that new members, often not older than sixteen, have to receive an incredible beating from the other members before they are accepted. Blue and bruised they become part of the gang. And that’s exactly why they stand through this torture, they want to belong. We see a similar thing among student clubs where newbies often have to go through a series of humiliating things before they are part of the club. It’s the group pressure that does the trick.


The insecurity of teenagers in combination with their need to belong is one of the major reasons why they decide to send nude selfies to others.
Unfortunately, the number two reason is love. Teenage love can be huge, it can take over someone’s whole life and it completely stops rational thinking. Teenage love is forever, although it rarely lasts. When a teenage girl receives a late night message from the love of her life to show him “a little bit more” before going to bed, it’s often hard to resist. Even when they doubt or reject the first time, often a little bit of pressure is enough for them to cave in. They want to satisfy their lover and they want to hear how gorgeous they are. And of course he’s going to delete the picture immediately after he’s seen it and even if he doesn’t, they’re going to stay together forever, right?

Should we stop sending nude selfies?
Maybe nude selfies are part of evolution? Maybe eventually they will help normalising nudity? It’s hard to tell. Ask us again in a couple of hundred years and maybe we can give you an answer then. And who are we to say something about it anyway? Almost daily we’re putting naked pictures of ourselves online on Instagram.
But there are a couple of things we keep in mind and we think you should do so too.


Never ask yourself the question “Who will see this?”, because you just can’t be sure about this. Yes, she’s the love of your life and of course she won’t share the picture with anyone else. Today, maybe tomorrow, but what about in a couple of months when things between you too have gone terribly wrong? Always keep in mind that there might become a day that everyone can see the photo. Your ex-partner, your friends, your grandma and a number of perverts on the internet. Just consider this before you hit the send button.


Never let pressure be the reason. Although we’re strong advocates of the normalisation of nudity, you should always do so from your own will. That’s really important. Share with others as much as you want, but only because you want it, not because someone tries to convince you to do so.


Show what you want to show. We are nudists and we like to be naked. A lot! Since we also try to show the world that nudism isn’t something pervert or some kind of disease, we often post naked pictures online. But you’ll never see a close up of our breasts or genitals. Because that’s not what nudism is about. It’s about the joy of being naked, with our without other like minded people. It’s not about seeing breasts or vaginas or penises. We can go on and on about this, but we already did so in our article about Full Frontal Nudity.
What we want to say is, that we don’t feel a need to put a close up of Nick’s penis or Lins’ breasts online.


And one last tip, don’t send the pictures of your penis to nudists, really, they’ve seen it all before, in all shapes and sizes. You won’t shock them and you certainly won’t impress them.

16 thoughts on “The Naked Selfie Issue

  1. Would you still hide your privates even if there was no restrictions on social media? Also again this points to the false freedom that nudity offers.

    1. What false freedom?

      FBook is not the totality of social media. There IS social media where one doesn’t need to censor. Blogs like this are one of them. My blog frequently has full nudity when discussing nude activities. Why not?

    2. I post nude selfies on my own photo web site (see profile link) and on social media where its not as censored as Facebook. I post nude selfies on Me-We, Twitter, Similar Worlds, and others. I’m an older gentleman who has battle scars from a long and joyous life. Its not about being young and the perfect model body. Its about being real and being “out” as a real human being who is not afraid of being seen.

      Humans have a deep desire to be seen and accepted by other humans. We are a very social species. We fight the restrictions on being seen, keeping hidden. A lot more of us than many would imagine go out as teens to run naked through the night. In the 1960s we had the streaking incidents. We have naked bum photos at monuments. Monuments are places where nobody knows us. Our fear of social punishment is diminished because nobody who knows us will see us naked as we expose our bodies to many strangers.

      We have teens sending naked selfies to each other. It answers a deep psychological need. We also devote half of the total Internet traffic to viewing nude/porn photos. We desire to see other members of our own species as much as we desire to be seen by other members of our own species.

  2. I live in Thailand, and nudity is a ‘no no’ here.

    Thailand is very very conservative and public nudity is illegal. If you saw ‘more naked than clothed people’ in Thailand, it was probably foreigners who didn’t know any better.

    The police tend to turn a blind eye to a lot of tourist nudity, but it seriously can get you arrested and thrown in jail. Please don’t give people the wrong idea that Thailand is a nudist destination. It is not.

    1. Thanks for your comment William, although we’ll have to tackle this. For the last 8 years there have been naturist resorts in Thailand and the number keeps growing. Today there are already five, by the end of the year there will probably be 7.
      Please note that we’re talking about private resorts, we’re well aware that nudity in public places is certainly not allowed.

  3. Being a naturist isn’t motivated by wanting to show people your private parts – that’s being a pervert.

    Naturism is all about experiencing the joy and freedom of being clothes free, often with other like-minded spirits.

    So you’re being naked for yourself, not to impress/shock others!

    Nick and Lins – i’m glad you post interesting, fun and tasteful photos of yourselves doing cool things in exotic places – which are way more interesting than just more breasts and penises.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. L&N oh nooo not again!! hahah 🙂
    You know these subject always bring out the beast im me .. and well , in every1 else ,cause its a provocative subject.
    You want me to be honest?
    As ive said b4, exi is not only connected to sex .. i dunno why ppl always use that word only when it comes to sexual stuff …
    If a guy pops up an iPhone X on the table here in my Trump`s aka shithole country ,thats exi to me ,cause he wants to show off and see? It has nothing to do with sex or nudity.
    So as i said ,you want me to be honest?
    What you guys are doing is basicly exi as well.
    But not in a sexual way but in a promo way ,promo of your pages, places you been and stuff.
    Cause im like totaly the oposite of it, i dont like being on pics nor anything similar related.
    So what i wanna say is that exi can be sexual,assholish aka the dude with the new iPhone that costs like 3 avg sallaries here, it can be promotional , and such.
    As for the seflie thing, you really got a damn good point there.
    Very interesting and very correct, just that, the thing that young ppl teens or kids do, not only they dont think ahead ,but its techincly also illegal.
    Im one of those ppl that dont like bending/compromiseish things ,laws .. cause one, it can get you confused AF , two ,i find it dumb to treat the same thing differently ,like , on Twitter thats an 13+ app u can have the most perv hardcore porn with no problems to acces, while on as u mentioned FB , u cant even show boobs and its also a 13+ app. So it makes no sence.
    I understand that all these are private companies ,and they are allowed to make their own rules as they wish ,sure, but it just makes no sence to me .. so hence speaking of young ppl trading nudes or lets say it the way it is, trading sex pic of each other, they are using these same apps for that ,or Insta or Snapchat.. so in that sence they are doing something that isnt legal and those apps are providing that as well as they are providing sharing those pic to public, rather they like it – agree with it or not ,but thats what they are doing.
    Its like saying ,hey i made/have drugs .. but its not my fault u are using it ,i didnt force u , u choose to .. true ,butttttt ,why do u make/have drugs then? Cause u wanna sell it …
    So to me things should be pretty clear and simple in general .. either allow it all, or ban it all .. floating in between just causes chaos and can/gets ppl in trouble.

    1. Yeah… We’ve had this discussion before 🙂
      Indeed , exhibitionism is more than just the sexual part, but for the sake of this blog post we’ve purely focused on that part.
      And there isn’t of course it’s not simple nor clear. And even if it was, people would always find workarounds. Illegal businesses work best in grey zones and will make sure that those zones never cease to exist. But of course these things give us stuff to write about 🙂

      1. I know haha ,but ya ,i didnt mean just illegal ,i ment more like things that are floating.. its legal but its not ,depends who does it how u look at it ,when its done how its done … it just bull… like ,how hard is it to say yes or no? …

  5. The reason for naked selfies is because you don’t have someone else to take your photo. Sharing ourselves and being appreciated is a very deep human desire. The harder the culture works to block it, the more people want to share themselves with each other. We are a very social species.

    I started sharing naked selfies a while ago. I’m an ordinary old gentleman. If you don’t want to look you don’t have to visit my photo web site.

  6. Nick & Lin’s, This is a very nice article and once again it’s relevant and timely! ~ The current touristy trend is naked “Bum photos” with people posing in front of scenery and well-known landmarks. How are they able to take these pictures? The opportunity must be EXTREMELY rare that a well-traveled, frequently visited landmark be unoccupied or nearly so, with the exception of the person’s appearing in the photograph! Did they awaken extra early in the morning in order to “beat” the tour groups in arriving at the location? This appears to be the case since more and more locations of cultural significance are being monitored by video surveillance to capture unwanted, abusive or illegal behavior – SO my point is maybe people are “looking for a challenge” in finding unmonitored places to bare all! And this may also be one motivation for younger people to pose for naked selfies, not because they were asked, but because the act is perceived as daring, audacious, bold, or unexpected – and will be tantilizing to the recipient! If the very last thing we would expect of someone is to “see their butt” (a.k.a. your ass is showing; a derogative comment, typically) then is all of society outright DARING them to, in fact, do it?? Maybe that is the underlying definition of the exhibitionist impulse and the urge could be applied to practically ANY behavior. Drinking? Yes. Driving fast? Yes. (for some, anyway) Skydiving? Absolutely. The impulse to “push the envelope” or “live on the edge”, some edge, any edge, is commonly described as life-affirming, or something people do to “feel alive” and we humans certainly have a penchant for doing these things! Once a “social envelope” or expectation is defined and well-known, the next most likely thing to happen is for someone, somewhere, to find a way to surpass it! ~ Our tendency to question these behaviors, put up signs forbidding various acts, and in some cases enact laws banning the SPECIFIC behavior is the other half of human behavior – concern, caring, or a rationalization the majority’s judgement is more favorable than the individual freedom, and part of me thinks that is completely wrong. The good of the many may be the basis of Vulcan logic, but the healthy acceptance of the few is Naturist logic!

    1. Yeah, the bum pictures are a real hype. How do people do this? Waking up early is indeed a very good trick but also, it only takes a couple of seconds, so often very few will even notice or when they think they saw something the moment will already be gone. Although we agree that it’s quite a funny hype, it does create some controversy. Many of these shots are taken at holy places, temples, ruins, etc where it’s not really appropriate if you respect other people’s culture.
      Why do they do it? We completely agree that it’s the adrenaline that probably does the trick. The effect of the dare. Is that a good reason to do such a thing? We’ll leave that in the middle.

      1. AH this kind of reminds me of .. porn.. what do i mean with that?..
        Well,im not saying and a im NOT like a religous freak or anything, i dont go to church unless its a wedding or a funeral ,but ,i can compare with what u wrote with porn, in sence that , we all saw that there are porn movies based on let say Santa .. or Easter Bunny ,or some cartoon caracter n such .. im not a fan of porn in general, but even if there is porn, must they make one with Santa? LIke ,we all know who believes in Santa and whats the point of Santa when its xmas .. must they make Santa be a dude gives lolipops to big girls or boys? .. i mean , for real , like i even saw some pic in Aussie where there was a bilboard on the street with obvious sexual connotation towards Santa .. like what will kids think of it? Let alone if one manages to see somehow a Santa porn will that kid react when he/she seez Santa ..i mean like ppls should chill and have some dignity and respect towards some things, cause if not, i already said last summer hah, that the next thing will be all around public nudity ,sex .. like where do we stop?
        Of course, if all this ,is some future world we are heading towards to, if its a future aim, then it should be said like that ,we may not like it or we may do, but at least that way we know on wich road we are on.

      2. That’s why streaking as once big. You get the double thrill of adrenaline and very publicly ‘sticking it to the man’. It was also a demonstration of chutzpah and moxie to your friends. Doing it just to show you could get away with it. Counting coup.

        Bum photos are a very pale and subdued copy of a streak.

  7. I wouldn’t need to do “naked selfies” if I could find someone else to hold the camera. 😉

    Seriously, the risks of being photographed nude decline rapidly as you age. My sad carcas is not going to end up on some porn site and if someone “leaked” the picture to my friends, they’d laugh.

  8. Why is it called exhibitionism and frowned upon if you’re naked but not if you’re Clothed ? Surely it’s more the suggestive nature of the photo rather than what you are or aren’t wearing ?

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