Getting naked in the Dubrovnik Riviera, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city, a wonderful city. It’s not a big surprise that it’s a famous city trip destination for many Europeans. But in summer, tourists tend to flock here for longer vacations. Of course, Dubrovnik is not a Rome or Paris, where you could spend weeks if you wanted to, so people are looking for other opportunities outside of the city as well. The Dubrovnik Riviera is where they usually end up. It’s a connection of small villages each with their own beach or several beaches, resembling a little with the French Riviera, where it obviously got its name from.


When we arrived in the Dubrovnik Riviera, we weren’t exactly that thrilled, to be honest. It was only the start of the holiday season and yet the towns were already overcrowded, the beaches even more crowded and the prices in the bars and restaurants had skyrocketed. But we were there on a mission, to find out about the FKK beaches (nude beaches) near Dubrovnik.
Spoiler alert: We were a bit disappointed.



The village of Plat is in the middle of the riviera, about 15 kilometers from Dubrovnik city. This was the place where we decided to set up camp, not on a nudist campground, because those, unfortunately, don’t exist in the area, but we found a nice little place called Laguna. The main reason why we decided to stay in this village was that it was said to have a nude beach. One of the only three nude beaches in the riviera. We wouldn’t smile for long.


On our first day, we went directly on a search for the nude beach. It didn’t take long before we found it, at least, what was left of it. Next to the main beach, there was a small secluded beach that was supposed to be used by nudists, although it was crowded with textiles. We knew we were at the right spot because the word “FKK” (which is German for nudism, Frei Korper Kultur, but is used all over Europe to point out nudist places) was written with graffiti on a rock. But someone else had made a big red cross through the word… By this, we knew we wouldn’t be welcome. Talking about a bad start.

Nudist beaches in the Dubrovnik Riviera in Croatia

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Of course, we didn’t give up that easily, there were two more places to explore. The next morning we went to Cavtat, one of the major tourist attractions in the area, except for Dubrovnik of course. In Cavtat it was said that part of the beach of Hotel Croatia was nudist, so that’s exactly where we went. There are two ways to reach the hotel’s beach, either all the way around or straight through the hotel. Because it was a hot day and we already took the wrong road twice, we chose the latter option… Through the main entrance, upstairs, past the swimming pool and down the stairs. Actually we don’t think we were supposed to do that, but we must have looked confident enough so nobody asked us any questions.


And yes, here we found our first nude beach in the area, one with an actual sign pointing to the nudist part (which is quite uncommon in Croatia). And it was a pretty cool nude beach as well, there were several concrete terraces between the rocks where we could chill out and relax in the sun. There’s also one access to the sea, but because the water was quite rough and there were some pointy rocks nearby, we decided to stay dry this time.

Nudist beaches in the Dubrovnik Riviera in Croatia


Save the best for last, they say. Our third and last stop on the Dubrovnik nudie trail was in Mlini village, about 2 kilometers closer to Dubrovnik than Plat. Just like Plat, Mlini is not much more than a couple of vacation houses, some hotels, bars, restaurants, and of course a beach. While traveling through Croatia, we had a theory that the nude beaches are always on your right when you’re facing the sea on the main beach. Mlidi proved us wrong.


When you arrive at Mlidi beach, you have to walk to the left towards a place called Beterina. There are no signs about this on the main road, you really have to go to Mlidi to find directions. Anyway, we started walking. When we were close to the nudist beach we started noticing graffiti signs on the ground saying either “nudist” or “FKK”, so we knew we were on the right way. And this time they weren’t crossed through. We have to admit that when we finally arrived at the nude beach, we were a little disappointed. It was a concrete platform of about 15 square meters and that was it.


There were already three Croats and a German couple on the platform and with us joining them, the place was literally full. Luckily we soon noticed that next to the platform there was another, much longer beach with lots of more space. With its easy access to the sea and the much calmer water than in Cavtat, this was by far the best nudist beach in the area.

Nudist beaches in the Dubrovnik Riviera in Croatia


First, we have to set something straight. During this article, we have been talking about three nudist beaches in the Dubrovnik Riviera, but in fact, there are four. The ones we’ve visited are on the mainland and the fourth one is on an island called Supetar, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to visit this one as well.


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All in all, if you’re researching your perfect nakation, the Dubrovnik Riviera might not be what you’re looking for. But if you find yourself in the area you do have a couple of spots to enjoy an afternoon with your naked ass in the sun. Just know that Plat is not one of them.


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17 thoughts on “Getting naked in the Dubrovnik Riviera, Croatia”

    • Ofcourse. This authors know nothing yet still dare writing a “guide”! Btw Supetar is not an island, it’s a town on island Brač, with more famous part of it Bol, with Zlatni rat beach, where is also a nudist beach… They don’t even use google I guess🤔

      • Apparently, there’s more than one place in Croatia called Supetar. Sorry for the confusion.
        The one we’re talking about, you can find by Googling these coordinates: 42.596135, 18.201879

  1. We have found a lot of great places in Croatia, but none of them are near Dubrovnik. Hvar, Rab, Krk, and the Istrian peninsula all have great options. Sorry your research didn’t reveal more good news.

    • Most people who write or blog these days make no effort to learn about what they write about. There are many nude places. Plus Croats are different. We never frequented FKK beaches, we just get nude in secluded places by ourselves or our friends in our favorite secluded places we will never tell tourists about so they do not ruin it for us locals, lol.

  2. Good to provide this entry along side all the others. Finding naturist venues isn’t all rainbows and unicorns as other naturist blogs sometimes make it sound. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s ok, sometimes it’s a bust.

  3. There was a feature done for another travel blog, total Croatia, saying that the number of Croatian naturist camp sites and beaches over the last few years have gone down. But there are some lovely ones still, like the Island of Jerolim of Hvar town (catch a ferry across) with its naturist café/bar lovely beach and Naturist massages. Also on the Island of Hvar is Vrboska where there is a simple but lovely Naturist camp site located in pines and secluded beaches.

    • Despite naturism tourists being “loyal” they tend not to spend much locally so former naturist haunts are transitioning to “glamping” places. As a typical Croat, I do not like naturism beaches and the westerners they attract, I prefer to swim nude in my favorite secluded places away from other people like most Croats who enjoy being nude also do.

  4. As someone mentioned previously, the island of Lokrum has quite a large rocky beach area which many naturists frequent. Fifteen minutes from Dubrovnik’s old port with regular sailings. The island also has a cafe, restaurant and walks. The nudist area is 3 minute walk from the small harbour.
    We have also visited nudist beaches on the islands of Lopud, Mljet, Korcula and Hvar.

  5. Mlini – nude beach Beterina is the next small bay, not the one shown on the photo! The beach on the photo (partly visible in background, not only the concrete platform), the first bay, could be called optional because you are able to find both, textile and naked.

    The next bay, which is larger, was an official nude beach with the basic facilities (sunbeds, restaurant, shower…) in the prewar period (till the nineties) and was very popular among visitors of the area. Now it is an unofficial nude beach (without the mentioned facilities), this happened due to unsolved ownership issues in the transition period…

  6. In May 2018 I stayed some days in Babin Kuk (Dubrovnik) near the Valamar Hotel. There was supposed to be a nude beach by the hotel according to web naturist guides. I turned out to be a spot for five or six persons. I was fine for my wife and I in the evening. I looked for other advertised naturist spots around Dubrovnik, but only small niches between rocks. My conclusion is that Croatia no longer encourages naturism. Croatia is now a conservative, catholic country. Gone are the free-minded, atheist ways of old Yugoslavia!

  7. Revised: In May 2018 I stayed some days in Babin Kuk (Dubrovnik) near the Valamar Hotel. There was supposed to be a nude beach by the hotel according to web naturist guides. It turned out to be a spot for five or six persons. It was fine for my wife and I in the evening. I looked for other advertised naturist spots around Dubrovnik, but only small niches between rocks. My conclusion is that Croatia no longer encourages naturism. Croatia is now a conservative, catholic country. Gone are the free-minded, atheist ways of old Yugoslavia!

    • We notice that naturism in Croatia concentrated at the Istria peninsula and several of the islands. On the mainland the options are much less.

    • Sadly, some of the “naturism” tourists have been coming to our country and having literal s*x on the beaches. A few years back a western couple tried to have a threesome and when they approached to say public sex was not legal claimed of course it could be on a naturism beach. If there has been any backlash, it is because of some tourists coming to our country and showing no respect. Like the British man who came up and pulled his p*nis out to two local girls and asked them to pleasure him. You do not live here, you do not see what we see everyday from disrespectful tourists who urinate in our streets, try to defecate, start fights. We are a welcoming people until you show you have no respect for us as a people, country and culture.

      • Misbehaviour unfortunately happens, and nude beaches have a tendency of attracting people with the wrong intentions. Add to that that some tourists think that they can do whatever they want in another country and we can very well imagine that many Croats are not looking forward to the high season.

      • I fully agree with you. People should show respoect in general, whether or not in beaches. Unfortunately, perverts seem to visit nude beaches all over the world. They should undergo psyciatiric treatment!

  8. In 2018 we’ve visited Budva and Dubrovnik. In Budva (Montenegro) we’ve found a really nice beach called Crvena Glavica, or red small rocks, that was our first naturist experience for me and my girlfriend with nice people from all ages and gender.

    A couple of days later in Dubrovnik we went to the previously mentioned Lokrum Island, with was another great experience with people even from Brazil there.

    On the other side of Dubrovnik (and it’s small peninsula) near a hotel we’ve found an other beach with FKK graffitis on the rocks, which is easier to access from the bus stops above. It faces West, so the even in the later hours it’s a perfect match for people looking for sunshine (unlike Lokrum’s beach which is better in the earlier hours but turns shady by 6-7pm in the summer).

    I hope I could help with these three, will try to find out the third beach’s name.


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