Naturism in Mexico – The Ultimate Guide 2019

Have you ever considered Mexico for your naturist vacation? Given the fact that you just started reading this guide, you probably have but if that wouldn’t be the case, we’re pretty sure that you will after let’s say the 4th or 5th paragraph.
Public nudist beaches in Mexico are not that common, but in exchange, you’ll have a great variety of nude resorts, some of them even with their private piece of beach. Not only does Mexico have a year-round perfect naturist climate, but the country is also heaven on earth for foodies, nature lovers, and culture enthusiasts. Not to mention that it’s a pretty decent place for the wallet as well.


By the way, have you noticed how we’ve been switching between the terms “naturist” and “nudist” in this introduction? Although our guide is called “Naturism in Mexico”, the official term in the country is “nudism”. Because “naturism” (“naturismo” in Spanish) has already been picked up by another movement. You’ll find plenty of naturist shops in Mexico, but don’t expect them to sell sarongs or sunscreen.




IMPORTANT! This is the 2019 guide.
Find the updated version for 2020 here!

Nudism in Mexico - The Ultimate Guide 2020


Naturism in Mexico - Guanajuato

Best time to visit

Mexico is just massive and has different climates depending on the region. But we can give you some tips about the best times to visit the country. The coolest and driest months are between December and April and this is also the time when most tourists find their way to Mexico. Especially the beach areas can get pretty busy during this period and prices of hotels and resorts tend to rise.


From May to October, the rains start to come in certain regions although it rare if it rains all day. Sudden showers can happen while during the rest of the day there might be a clear blue sky. August and September are the hottest and wettest months and at the coasts, there is a chance of a hurricane passing by. Many hotel businesses close down during this period.


Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter are particularly busy so make sure to book upfront if you’re planning to visit Mexico around these dates. Also during the Nude Festival in Zipolite in early February, the nudist hotels tend to get full very fast.

Naturism in Mexico - beach

Where to go

The Pacific Coast

This is the wild coast of Mexico, located right at the Pacific ocean. The beaches might not be as idyllic as on the east side of the country but the opportunities of having a great time are just as much. The huge waves and bohemian atmosphere attract surfers and other water sports addicts from around the world.


Baja California

This small peninsula in the north of Mexico is because of its location a favorite for many American travelers. Its border town Tijuana has been the setting of more movies than anyone can remember and further down there are mountains, valleys, pristine beaches, giant cacti, whales, sea lions, and lots of tacos and tequila. Baja California could be the perfect place to start a nudist resort but unfortunately, we seem to be the only ones who have thought about this. There is another way to explore the region naked, however…
Fun activities in Baja California:


Nudist Sailing Cruises in Baja California, MexicoNudist Sailing Vacations
Captain Cactus and his mate Betsy welcome you onboard their Stargazer for tailor-made cruises on the Sea of Cortez. During your trip, you will have the opportunity to dive, fish, kayak (also check blow up kayak), watch whales, wakeboard, or just get a wonderful equal tan under the Mexican sun. The 75ft yacht can take up to 6 guests.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices



The Jalisco state is home to some of Mexico’s most famous: Tequila and Mariachis, no wonder this area is often called the “real Mexico”. The state’s capital Guadalajara has one of the most vibrant nudist communities in the country and we’ll tell you all about this later in the “In the city” part. Let’s focus on Jalisco’s beach now.
Fun activities in Jalisco:


Nudist Hotel Bluebay La Serena in Jalisco, MexicoHotel Bluebay Punta Serena
This adults-only (21+) hotel is a haven of tranquility and the only all-inclusive resort on the Pacific coast which focuses on a public that likes to sunbathe naked. Two different types of rooms both come with satellite TV, private balcony, and room service. Note that nudity is not allowed in the hotel but only on its private clothing-optional beach.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices



This little beach town in the Oaxaca state could well be Mexico’s best-kept secret. Since the early seventies, this town was best known as a hippy hangout where surfing and smoking mind-altering substances were the order of the day. The free atmosphere had a big advantage because soon Zipolite beach was declared the first (and still only) official nude beach in Mexico. Don’t expect large all-in resorts here but cozy posadas and homestays. Also very popular are gay holidays in Zipolite.


Zipolite nude beach in MexicoZipolite beach
A heaven on earth for surfers and nudists visiting the Pacific side of Mexico. Although the beach is officially called “clothing optional”, in town it’s often referred to as a “free beach”. You can literally wear whatever you like: a bathing suit, a clown suit or your birthday suit, nobody will care even a little bit. Prices in Zipolite are only a fraction of those at the Riviera Maya making this 1.5km stretch of white sands the perfect spot to have cocktails while enjoying the sun on your naked body.


Zipolite Nudist festivalZipolite Nudist Festival
Every year in early February thousands nudists from all over the world flock together for Zipolite’s annual nudist festival. Three days of sports, workshops, music and nudity are the perfect cocktail to make new friends and have an amazing nude time. The 2019 festival happens from 1 to 3 February, be fast to make hotel reservations as the town gets full very quickly.
➡️ Click Here for more info about the nudist festival


Hotel Nude in Zipolite, MexicoHotel Nude
The first clothing optional hotel in town and still Zipolite’s most famous attracts a variety of Mexican and foreign nudists year round. The hotel has about 30 spacious cabaña style rooms and its own clothing optional restaurant and swimming pool. Because of its location right on the beach this is the perfect place for them who like their vacation 24/7 clothes free.
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Nudist hotel Casablanca in Zipolite, MexicoCasablanca Guest House – RECOMMENDED
For those of you who like western comfort in a little beach town in Mexico, Casablanca is certainly the place to go. Kelly and Sherry have built their four guest rooms as if they were for themselves. Extremely soft beds, air conditioning, fully supplied kitchens and a large balcony overlooking the Pacific ocean. Casablanca has one of the fastest internet connections in town, a salt water infinity pool and a common area with games like darts or the Canadian “corn hole”.
This clothing optional guest house is located in a quiet area at a 15 minute walk from the main beach. Scooters are available for rent.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices
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Nudist hotel Posada Buena Vida in Zipolite, MexicoPosada Buena Vida
Another clothing optional pearl right on the nude beach provides a rustic and relaxed atmosphere. Several types of rooms are available of which some have sea view. The hotel has its own pool, sun beds on the beach and an excellent restaurant. Posada Buena Vida is located in a quiet part of Zipolite, away from the centre.
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Nudist hotel Heven in Zipolite, MexicoHeven
Six fully furnished apartments and two suites with each a bedroom, bathroom and living room. Some also come with a kitchen and veranda. Heven has its own infinity pool overlooking the Pacific ocean and several spots to relax and sunbathe. The place is located at about a 15 minute walk from Zipolite town and the beach.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


Villa Aikia in Zipolite, MexicoVilla Aikia
A boutique hotel with 16 air conditioned rooms overlooking the Roca Blanca bay. All rooms have a private bathroom with rain shower and some have ocean view. There’s an outdoor pool, sun terrace, bar and free wifi. Villa Aikia is located at about a 10 minute walk from Zipolite beach and the town centre. The hotel is adults only.
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The Riviera Maya

An area that once was a backpacker destination has now been turned into a strip of all inclusive resorts and party hotels. The Riviera Maya is the only part of Mexico facing the Caribbean sea with its calm crystal clear turquoise water, white beaches and palm trees. Cities like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum attract thousands of tourists every year who like to get indulged in Mexican delicacies and amazing weather. And there’s more than just sunbathing and partying. Some of the best Mayan ruins can be found in the area including the world famous Chitzen Itza, as well as botanical gardens, national parks and caves. A visit to the islands Cozumel and Isla Mujeres should certainly be included in your trip as well as a scuba course because the Riviera Maya has some of the best diving spots in the world.



The last area of the Riviera Maya which hasn’t been overrun by tourists (yet) is this little village right next to the border of Belize. This is still the riviera how it looked 50 years ago. A sleepy fishing town with only a handful of restaurants, bars and hotels. Located right next to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef makes this town an excellent spot for those interested in diving, snorkelling or fishing.


Nudist hotel Playa Sonrisa in Xcalak, MexicoPlaya Sonrisa
Have you always wanted to know how it is to live on a deserted Caribbean island but do you still want the comfort of a good bed, an air conditioned room, a flushable toilet, freshly cooked food and cold beers? Then Playa Sonrisa is where you want to be. Murph and Cindy have created their own little naturist paradise in the middle of a national park where they invite you as their guests in one of the 4 guest rooms, a villa room or the whole villa. All rooms have sea view and direct access to the 100m private nude beach. Since Playa Sonrisa has no neighbours, it’s perfectly possible to roam some kilometres of nearby beaches in the nude as well.
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One of the latest towns in the Riviera Maya where mass tourism has gotten its grip on. During the last several years Tulum has been converted from a bohemian town to a fancy boutique hotel city. Yet the town has been able to maintain a laid back vibe on its white sandy beaches. Tulum is a hot spot for yoga retreats, shopping and amazing nightlife. And for naturist vacations as well.
Fun activities in Tulum:


Nudist resort Azulik in Tulum, MexicoAzulik
A clothing optional resort which focuses on spiritual retreats? Yes, it does exist in Mexico. At Azulik you will reconnect with yourself and find the essence of happiness. Accommodation is in beach front eco villas with a focus on comfort, energy and nature. Azulik has its own wellness centre and avant-garde restaurant.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


Nudist resort Intima in Tulum, MexicoIntima Resort
Intima provides a naturist complex on the outskirts of Tulum city, surrounded by Caribbean jungle. The luxury rooms come in 4 different types and all have air conditioning and complimentary wifi. Some rooms have a swim-up terrace and others have a private pool. Day visits are also allowed at Intima.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices


Playa del Carmen

Some love it, others hate it. Playa del Carmen has certainly become the party town of the Riviera Maya with lots of bars and clubs. Because of its location it’s also a great hub for travellers who want to explore the whole Caribbean coast of Mexico and it’s the gateway towards the lovely Cozumel island. If you’re staying at Playa town be prepared to sleep all day and party all night. But you could also opt to stay out of town, at a wonderful nudist resort for example.
Fun activities in Playa del Carmen:


Nudist resort Hidden Beach in Playa del Carmen, MexicoHidden Beach Resort
The only top class all-inclusive naturist resort at the Riviera Maya has become well known among the naked traveler who prefers a luxurious getaway. The resort has four different types of rooms and one beach front villa. All come with extreme luxury, some have a swim-up terrace and an indoor jacuzzi. The resort has a great restaurant and swim-up bar and guests have access to all the amenities of the next door textile resorts. But then you’ll have to put some clothes on.
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Puerto Morelos

Although located right between the popular cities Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Puerto Moreles has somehow remained off the tourist radar. This sleepy fishing village with several decent restaurants is perfect to get away from the crowds and to keep yourself busy for a couple of hours. The town also has two resorts which don’t exactly classify under the term “naturist” or “nudist”. They are “sensual resorts”. The reason why we decided to add them is because we can vouch from personal experience that they provide a top class clothing optional atmosphere where harassment is certainly not done. But keep in mind that sex is allowed at the public spaces.


Nudist Hotel Desire Riviera Maya Pearl in Puerto Morelos, MexicoDesire Riviera Maya Pearl
The Pearl resort is the new one of the two Desire resorts. The place is very spacious and has two pools of which one is more relaxed and the other one has a more party atmosphere. The Desire Pearl has 88 villa style rooms, suites and lofts, a spa center and several on-site restaurants and swim-up bars. Of both Desire hotels, this one is the better choice for the genuine nudist. Of course this resort is adults only and it’s also couples only.
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Nudist Hotel Desire Riviera Maya in Puerto Morelos, MexicoDesire Riviera Maya
The Desire Riviera Maya is the party place of the two. It’s smaller and has more rooms which makes it a bit more cramped but nevertheless it’s still one of the most top class all-in resorts in Mexico. Just like its little sister it has several incredibly good restaurants, swim-up bars, a spa centre, a fitness area and lots of entertainment programs. Also this resort is adults and couples only.
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Naturism in Mexico - Teotihuacan

In the city

Mexico City

With almost 9 million inhabitants, Mexico’s capital is one of the largest metropoles of the continent. Its historical centre is rich of ancient Maya culture and great for a day of exploring. The city has some magnificent museums, great shopping opportunities and amazing restaurants with both local as international dishes.
Day trips should certainly include the San Angel neighbourhood, where you can visit the blue house where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera used to live and which has now been turned into a museum. For foodies the Coyoacan market and the Jardin Chapultepec are a must if you like to try some authentic local delicacies. But of course the number one day trip is to the historical city Teotihuacán to watch the remains of the splendid Maya culture. Go early to avoid the crowds and have the best views from the pyramid of the sun!
In between all these activities you’d like to relax a bit of course, naked perhaps? Yes you can!
Fun activities in Mexico City:


Nudist hotel El Pistache in Mexico CityEl Pistache
This adults only, couples only, boutique hotel provides the oasis of well deserved rest for the traveler to Mexico City. A clothing optional place in a green environment with bungalow style accommodations. Have a skinny dip in the swimming pool, relax in the jacuzzi and get a bite in the hotel’s restaurant and you’ll be all fresh in the morning to explore another part of the city.
➡️ Click Here to check availability and prices



This city is not only the capital of the Jalisco state, but the Guadalajarenses (people from Guadalajara, also called “Tapatíos”) will be happy to tell you that their city is the authentic Mexico. Tequila and mariachis come from this region but there’s also lots of delicious local food and arts to be found. Although it’s Mexico’s second largest city, it’s probably also Mexico’s most underestimated city.
While in Guadalajara you certainly want to visit the picturesque Tlaquepaque neighbourhood with its lovely street art and many galleries. Great day trips include Tequila town where you can take the José Cuervo Tequila Train on Saturdays. Make sure to have your address written on a paper which you can hand over to your Uber driver because this train includes unlimited Tequila… Less mind altering but much more interesting is the Interpretive Center Guachimontones where you can learn more about this early civilisation.
Fun activities in Guadalajara:


Naturaleza y Nudismo GuadalajaraNaturaleza y Nudismo Guadalajara
The arts, the culture and the Tequila are things you’ll also find in the average travel guide, but what you won’t find is that Guadalajara is also home to the most lively nudist federation in the country. They often organise meet-ups and activities where you can meet Mexican nudists. The kind you’ll rarely encounter at resorts at the Riviera Maya.

➡️ Click Here to find out more about NNG


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Naturism in Mexico - tacos

What to eat

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Mexican food? Tacos, nachos, quesadillas, ceviche,… if it sounds Spanish and tastes delicious there’s a high chance that it comes from Mexico.
Mexico is a country where you just HAVE to eat street food and where it’s actually pretty safe to do so. Taco stands are widely available but why not start your day with something you can’t find at home? Chilaquiles are a traditional breakfast dish including lightly fried tortillas with green or red sauce. On top of it you can have cheese, pulled chicken, onions and sour cream.


For lunch you want to try Mole. It’s a rich brown sauce that you can find all over Mexico but which flavour tends to differ from region to region. So make sure to try it everywhere. It contains at least 20 ingredients such as garlic, chilli peppers, tomatoes and… chocolate. Yes, that’s lunch and desert in one! Mole is often served with chicken and rice.


A great snack especially at the seaside regions is ceviche. It’s a dish you’ll often find in other South American countries as well and the raw fish has disturbed many tourist’s stomachs. Well, here’s some good news! The Mexican ceviche typically doesn’t contain raw fish. Shrimp ceviche is very often to be found but the typical Mexican one is with “pescado ahumado” (smoked fish).

Naturism in Mexico - breakfast

Why not leave the tacos for what they are and try a torta? It’s the Mexican variety of a sandwich and often includes different types of meats and cheeses. But yes, we know, you are in Mexico and you want to eat tacos. You are right! They are delicious. Tacos come with all different kinds of fillings but make sure to try the fish tacos at the coast and the “tacos al pastor” which contain meat that has been cooked on a spit.


So far the street food, you can of course find all kinds of international cuisine at restaurants as well and you could even have burgers at McDonalds. But why would you?
➡️ Click Here to find some great restaurant tips in Zipolite

Naturism in Mexico - AeroMexico

Getting there

Getting to Mexico is fairly easy because of its 2 major international airports. If you want to travel to the Pacific side of Mexico or to one of its major cities you’ll want to fly to Mexico City where you will arrive at Benito Juarez international airport. If you’re planning to stay in town you either have to get an Uber (the easy way) or take the Metrobus (the cheaper way). If you’re going somewhere else in the country, make sure to have some time between your connecting flights because this airport is huge. Try to figure out before from which terminal your next flight will go. There is a great transport system called Autotrain which goes from one terminal to the other. For free.


When you’re going to the Riviera Maya, it’s much better to get a flight directly to Cancun International Airport. This one is much more relaxed than the one in Mexico City.
Coming form the USA or Canada, you’ll have certain other airports to which you can fly directly, such as Guadalajara or Santa Maria Huatulco if you want to visit Zipolite.
You can use below form to find the best prices for your flight:


Here are some important things to know when flying to Mexico:

  • On the plane you’ll get a tourist card to fill out. In any other country you have to give these to immigration, in Mexico they will let you keep it. Or at least part of it. Don’t lose that part because they might ask for it on your way out.
  • At customs you will be asked to press a big button. It’s pretty weird, we know, and don’t expect to win any prizes. It’s just the Mexican way to randomly decide whose bags are going to be checked.
  • Exchange rates at airports tend to be the worst, but not always in Mexico. Make sure to know the current rate and you might be able to get a decent deal.

Naturism in Mexico - bus

Getting around

In the past, traveling around Mexico used to be either very expensive (when flying) or very boring (when taking public transport). This country is huge and getting from one place to another by bus will often cost you a day and a half. Today, Mexico has evolved a lot. On one hand there are many low cost flights which (if well planned) will take you from one place to another for little more than nothing and on the other hand the country got full of speed bumps. Those are two reasons why you don’t want to take long distant buses.
If you do prefer to travel overland, make sure that your bus takes the highway. We once took the “scenic” route from Mexico City to Zipolite which goes via Acapulco and all the way via the coast. We wouldn’t recommend it to our worst enemy. The coastal road has a bump about every 100 meters, there’s no way you will sleep and because of the dark there’s little scenery to be seen either.


Renting a car is certainly an option you want to consider in Mexico and especially if you’re traveling to the Riviera Maya. Most of the resorts and the beautiful beaches can’t be reached via public transport and you will spend a lot of money on overpriced taxis. Especially if you want to explore the wonderful area around Tulum or remote places like Xcalak, having your own ride is a must!
➡️ Click Here to find the best car rental deals


Visa regulations

For most visitors of Mexico there’s no need to be worrying about visa. Citizens of 66 countries including Canada, the US, all of the EU, most of South America, Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries are allowed to stay in the country visa free for 180 days (tourist & business).
Visitors from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey are able to get an electronic visa and all others have to apply for one at their local Mexican embassy.
➡️ Click Here for the current Mexican visa info on Wikipedia
Naturism in Mexico - Beds on the beach


Have you seen the Extended Version of this guide?
Find it HERENaturism in Mexico - The Ultimate Guide 2019


Stay safe

When Mexico gets in the news it’s rarely positive. Gang wars, drug cartels, corruption and immigration, we hear little else. But do keep in mind that most of these issues are centred in certain areas of Mexico, areas where you as a visitor will probably never come. We do recommend you to take precautions, but not more than what you would do in Paris, Barcelona or Los Angeles. Pickpocketing happens everywhere, so do take care of your valuables. Also when going skinny dipping, make sure not to leave money, watches or your brand new iPhone unattended on the beach.


Most central areas are okay day and night, but if you really want to be safe it’s better to take a taxi or an Uber when it gets too late. They don’t charge more than a couple of tens of pesos and it’s much better than losing your wallet.


We do have to mention that there have been reports of travellers getting drugged at all-in resorts. Although these cases are very rare, it’s always safe to not leave your drinks unattended.


It’s recommended to have Hepatitis, Typhoid and Tetanus vaccines when traveling to Mexico but no specific vaccinations are required. Malaria is not common in the country at all.
If you’re traveling during August or September it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Hurricanes are better to be avoided, if it’s not for your safety, you won’t get much fun during those windy and rainy days either.


Your worst safety risk by far will probably be the “Revenge of Montezuma”. Westerners are generally not used to Mexican food (well, the kind you actually find in Mexico) and the spiciness in combination with some bacterias might have you end up on or around the toilet for a day or two. This sh*t (pun intended) happens. There’s no way to stay safe from it and it could happen from eating in the most fancy restaurants as well. Keep it calm for a while and in no time you’ll be having tacos and tequila like nothing happened.


To have a completely worry-free experience in Mexico, the smartest thing is to get a travel insurance. World Nomads is a popular choice among travelers, enter your information below to get a FREE quote!

Speaking the language

Technically, Mexico has 68 recognised languages, so good luck trying to learn all of them. Interestingly the country doesn’t have any official language, although Spanish (which is not one of the 68) is most widely spoken. In most of the country and especially in tourist areas many Mexicans will know enough English to help you get around. But it won’t hurt you to learn some basic sentences in Spanish, you’ll see how much it’s appreciated!


Hola = Hello
¿Cómo estás? = How are you?
Buenos días = Good day
Buenas tardes = Good afternoon
Buenas noches = Good evening/night
Por favor = Please
Gracias = Thank you
Disculpe = Excuse me
¿Dónde está…? = Where is…?
el baño = the bathroom
la playa nudista = the nude beach
my towel = mi toalla
the bar = el bar
¡Salud! = Cheers!
Adiós = Goodbye


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