Live Q&A January 16 2022

Live Q&A

January 16th 2022

2021 has been a crazy year, but in a good way.

We got stuck in Spain for months, we started vlogging, we traveled through Italy, went on a naturist Cruise in Croatia, traveled through France and eventually ended up in Spain again. Luckily this time we’re still traveling.

During this Live Q&A, we will be talking about what happened, what changed, and what you can expect in the future. And, of course, we will be answering all your questions.

Join this Live Q&A at:

➡️ Brussels: January 16th – 8:00 PM
➡️ London: January 16th – 7:00 PM
➡️ New York: January 16th – 2:00 PM
➡️ Los Angeles: January 16th – 11:00 AM
➡️ Rio de Janeiro: January 16th – 04:00 PM
➡️ Bangkok: January 17th – 02:00 AM
➡️ Sydney: January 17th – 06:00 AM

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The event is open for all and can be accessed via the following link:


Naked Wanderings Live Q&A

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5 thoughts on “Live Q&A January 16 2022”

  1. I love Naked Wandering and your blog.
    Question: To your knowledge, are there any nudists/naturists beaches, parks, clubs or resorts in Barbados WI?

  2. Don’t forget Mrs b_n’s recommendation = hiking shoes from L.L. Bean. We want you to continue to take us “down the beaten path” … but, safely!


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