Live Q&A – April 27, 2022

Live Q&A

April 27th, 2022

A lot of things happened since our last Live Q&A. We’ve traveled along the south of Spain, tried naturist van life on the Canary Islands, and then crossed the Atlantic Ocean to participate at the Latin American Naturist Congress in Colombia.

During this Live Q&A, we will be talking about what happened, what changed, and what you can expect in the future. And, of course, we will be answering all your questions.

Join this Live Q&A at:

➡️ Brussels: April 27th – 8:00 PM
London: April 27th – 7:00 PM
New York: April 27th – 2:00 PM
Los Angeles: April 27th – 11:00 AM
Rio de Janeiro: April 27th – 03:00 PM
Bangkok: April 28th – 01:00 AM
Sydney: April 28th – 04:00 AM

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The event is open for all and can be accessed via the following link:


Naked Wanderings Live Q&A

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4 thoughts on “Live Q&A – April 27, 2022”

  1. Brilliant Q&A once again, thank you so much.
    Barecamp is run by the folks that used to run Nudefest, before BN decided they wanted professionals to run it. Barecamp is a smaller (about 150 people) for a week at Thorney Lakes, the same venue as Nudefest. It’s slowly building on its popularity year on year and is run as a not for profit organisation, so prices are kept low.
    If you are interested, Nigel and his team can be contacted via
    Thank you once again for a great Q&A, look forward to meeting up one day.
    Kind regards, Tony
    Tony Campbell
    [email protected]

    • Awesome! Thanks a lot for the info!
      As mentioned in the Q&A, our plans for the summer will largely depend on the political situation in Europe. But who knows, maybe we find the opportunity to cross the channel.


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